Posted by: shannynmoore | April 12, 2009


Did I fall asleep on the beach and miss the vote? W.A.R. is on the official site now….WT?screenshot?



  1. He has been. And I heard he is already returning correspondence on State letterhead.

  2. Uhm… this is unconscionable.

    Good grief, legislators! Nip this in the BUD!

    I only wish I were a resident of Alaska, so I could add my voice to everyone else who is freaked out that this … this creep .. could be verified as AG.

    Dayam, Alaskans, get it together!!!

  3. The official state website has become a political tool. Put Mr. Ross on the website as an indication of how strong Palin’s support for him is (at the moment). If you get in political trouble over a snippy official press release (No.09-42) about Senator Kim Elton’s appointment to the DOI, make it vanish from the state website, including the archives.

  4. Shannyn,
    I wrote Les G. about this last week and he told me:
    “He gets an interim appointment under the constitution”

  5. How soon is the vote? You’re still at least 3 short of rejection. Better make it 5 to be on the safe side.

  6. The Alaska Report is reporting that WAR doesn’t have the votes for confirmation now. YIPPEEEEE!

  7. Vote is on Thursday, April 16.

  8. I would say to Les Gara if the Alaska Constitution provides for an INTERIM APPOINTMENT, then the Alaska Deptartment of Law should say INTERIM ATTORNEY GENERAL!

  9. If he has an interim appt. does that mean he can act as AG and rule on issues?
    And that is not what is said on the web site.
    It appears that he can act as the AG.

  10. Rick Svobodney…WAR…not much difference. I called Svobodney to talk about a prosecutor who had maliciously prosecuted me resulting in my possessions being stolen and my cat being starved(and tortured). He told me no one at the department of law would ever prosecute him or do anything about him. He called me a liar and hung up on me. It is no wonder there is no justice in Alaska and the governor would consider a horror like WAR for AG.

  11. aspiecelia on April 13, 2009
    at 11:02 am- That is exactly why in protesting WAR’s appointment you must also tell them you want a bill to elect your States AG!!!! Now’s the time!
    Most states elect theirs!

  12. Here in AZ, our Atty Gen is an elected official.

    Wow, what’s with the Legislature? Do they not actually see what is happening?

    Everyone (HuffPo. Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast just as examples) is trumpeting the running roughshod over Alaska citizens by the Goobernatoress.

    C’mon people … contact your Reps. We out-of-state peeps won’t do any good!!!!!

  13. I received the same response as crystalwolf from Rep. Gara. Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) further informed me that if Ross (I refuse to call him WAR since he seems to revel in using his initials so much) is not confirmed he will still remain interim AG until the legislature can take up the issue again during the next legislative session….NEXT YEAR!! Sheesh!

  14. AKdennis: so they said “is not confirmed” meaning if they Don’t confirm him he will still be “interim”???
    I don’t see how that can be???
    Its either yes confirm him or no they don’t??
    Do you think that is why GINO is splitting? B/c that is what she is Hoping for???

  15. OMG! He already has a state e-mail address!!!
    Go to and type in ‘wayne ross’

  16. Apparently GINO’s appointment remain seated until confirmed or until another selection is put forward and confirmed. I suppose this is so the AG position doesn’t remain entirely vacant for protracted periods of time.

  17. “… Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) further informed me that if Ross … is not confirmed he will still remain interim AG until the legislature can take up the issue again during the next legislative session….NEXT YEAR!! Sheesh!”

    Under the circumstances, if he DOESN’t get confirmed. wouldn’t that be good grounds to convene a special session? Isn’t that what happened last year?

    While they’re at it, why don’t they pass a bill to make the AG an elected position so they don’t have to go through this crap again? I had heard someone was bringing one into conderation this session, but it appears to have gone nowhere.

  18. I contacted all of the legislators to express my support of a bill to make the AG an elected office. There just isn’t much support for that in the legislature. At any rate they won’t take it up until at least next session.

    Given how evenly the vote is split right now regarding Ross’s confirmation I doubt that they will extend the session just because of him. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. It was back in 1977 or 78 but, hey, I was young and naive then! 😉

  19. I’m SO glad that people haven’t forgotten how ignorant and ill-equipped for public service Sarah Palin is- I was concerned that people would forget about her ’08 election antics as time went on. On the Huffington Post page, I saw a few people say “Limbaugh- Palin 2012”- they must be absolutely out of their minds. It would be the next Civil War if those close-minded idiots were elected to represent our country.

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