Posted by: shannynmoore | April 13, 2009

Shannyn Moore on MSNBC’s Countdown

David Shuster guest hosted for Keith Olbermann.



  1. ‘…jet engine on a golf cart..” awesome !!
    You did great !

  2. Amazing and intellectually stimulating! Wowser…good job Shannyn…

  3. You were GREAT!

  4. LOL … loved the jet engine on a golf cart analogy too!

  5. No TV, but I can’t wait to watch you on the series of tubes* in the morning!

    * Whatever else he did, Stevens will always have a place in my heart for coining the LOLiest term for the internet evah.

  6. Loved the “jet engine on a golf cart” comment!

    I was very happy to hear your response to GINO’s sister-in-law’s problems. You showed grace regarding the complexity of families, and by doing so took away that distraction excuse.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Just read your newest article on HuffPo. Your opening paragraph is fantastic. For style, this could be one of your best. For content- right on. You can really “turn a sentence.”

  8. Shannyn-when those national offers start pouring in you better just ignore them. We don’t want you to go all “Sarah Palin” on us and try to leave. Wait. No. Actually I really, really want Palin to leave. But you can stay….;-) Good job by the way.

  9. Yeah Shannyn! You did everything but sing the “crazytrain” song,lol!
    You go girl!!!

  10. Thanks for being Alaska’s Face of Saving Grace and The Voice of Choice for Reasoned Alaskans.

    I’d like to take a piss in Cary’s boots for taking your weekly voice away from us. But, unlike others… you know no downward trajectory. Thanks for being you.

  11. What a hoot–a jet engine on a golf cart! Excellent job.

  12. What was that? “Palin’s political ambition combined with her intelligence is like a Jet engine on a golf cart!?”

    Laughed so hard I choked! David Shuster is kind of stiff…I would have loved to see Keith’s reaction to that comment-he ALWAYS laughs with you!

    Nice restraint and class when asked about Palin’s newly indicted sister-in-law.

    Great Job!

  13. Oh Shanny!
    That jet engine on a golf cart comment was gut splitting – glad you had the whole weekend to perfect your delivery!

    And … I was SO IMPRESSED that you managed to conclude re Stevens’ set-up:

    “…it was unfortunate, I guess, in some respects that the DOJ really abused their power …”

    I AGREE! A Corrupt Dept of Justice IS IS “unfortunate.” A “journalist” like you could NOT have picked a better ADJECTIVE! Corruption IS a REAL bummer, I guess, in some respects, as long as its victim isn’t a Democrat. Then, I pray, you would be properly OUTRAGED, right?

    Girl, you just keep on doing whatever it is you do, doo-doo … and I WILL SEE YOU AT THE TOP IN THE WORLD OF JOURNALISM!

    FYI – My need-to-remain-anonymous-sources tell me the next Excellence in Journalism awards will be ON A GOLF CART! Isn’t that weird?

    And from one blonde to another, re Gov Palin: Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. That would be, I guess, unfortunate.


    *********NOTE FROM SHANNY*****************
    I spent all weekend in Maui working on my tan. After flying all night, taking a nap, I got a call from the show. “Unfortunate” was not the best word usage, but as I’ve written, it is unfortunate for Alaskans justice wasn’t served in either case. The truly “unfortunate” thing was the stool I was sitting on was tipping and I almost fell off at that moment and was a little distracted. FYI, I AM NOT A JOURNALIST. I AM AN ACTIVIST. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. As far as “beautiful” goes…well, pretty is as pretty does. I don’t hate her, I just don’t want her to be governor. I didn’t get personal about the question on her family…it’s about policy.

  14. Great job Shannyn as always…

    Wowzah is either Sarah Palin herself or some incarnation of a Palinistabot or the jealous has-been weather hack Cari Carrigan!

  15. Hi Everyone:
    Here’s the latest “Huffpo” article about W.A.R.

    Read it and DIGG IT — the word is getting out.

    By the way, she looked and sounded drugged the other day during her interview. Wonder if she’s on something to try and keep her big mouth shut.

  16. Just “snipped” this from Mudflats – it’s just one more lovely nugget from the Legislature questioning WAR:

    When asked if he (Ross) still thinks, as he wrote in an open letter to the Alaska Bar Newsletter some years ago, that gays are “degenerates” and “immoral” he responded:

    “My personal opinions in that regard have no place and I decline to state my opinion.”

    Sen. Bill Wielechowski pressed for an answer. “Do you still adhere to your statement from years ago where you said they were degenerates and immoral?” he asked. Ross: “I was not attorney general at that time.”

    Wielechowski asked twice more and did not get a yes or no answer from Ross.

    “So you’re refusing to answer my question?” said Wielechowski, an Anchorage Democrat.

    Ross replied: “That’s correct, yes, senator, you betcha.”

  17. Hey wowzah,

    Why is it that you Palinbots often refer to Sarah Palin’s appearance as if it has something to do with her ability to govern effectively? Is appearance some sort political lerdership qualilfication? I must have missed that part in my college poli-sci classes.

    Well, I suppose you have to find SOMETHING positive about Palin to justify your blind worship of her. After all, no one want to make obeisance before an ugly idol. Her actions as an elected official sure don’t give you much to cling to, now do they?

    Oh, never mind. Given the articulation of your post this is probably going right over your head.

  18. Great job Shannyn, a real class act – and as usual articulate and well informed. Wowzah maybe Meg S; I don’t think GINO has the stomach to actually read the truth about herself. She did look like she was on some very heavy medication, probably has to stay doped up at this point to deal with everything that has gone wrong with her public image the last three months; and escalating daily. I kept thinking, “OMG, she is going to start slurring her words”. It’s a long fall from the top.

  19. SP looked absolutely STONED. She was really half-lit on something.
    Why should that be a surprise. Nothing this raving loon did would or should shock anyone.

    She’s got a long way down to travel and hopefully when face meets floor, we can all breathe a sigh of relief for Alaska.

  20. I don’t like to hit the “looks” bit because I, too, get irritated when GINO’s qualifications include “beautiful.” It would be wrong of me, then, to comment on how awful she looked at the press conference. I immediately thought she seemed to be over-medicated, but I then again, I have a hard time believing anyone could be as seriously whacked out as she is WITHOUT being on some pretty strong pharmaceuticals.

  21. Nicely done with total CLASS Shannyn! I was so hoping you would give us Adobe-challenged folks the Youtube. Have been chomping at the bit and (as usual) you didn’t fail to deliver!

    That jet engine on a golf cart analogy ought to go down in history, because it’s precisely what’s happened. Keep making those appearances and getting the word out to intelligent folks in the Lwr 48.

  22. Hello Sean!
    WOW! How did you guess my real identity? Gosh, you Palin-haters are ASTUTE!
    GREAT job!!!
    Warmly, Wowzah
    ps – Didn’t catch your response to Shanny’s insightful comment re corruption in the DOJ. You probably just deleted it in error, no prob!

  23. To, um, akadennis – (with a nod to HistGoddess) –
    Gee, I hope I spelled your name rightfgt. (A lot DOES go over my head!)
    I agree, a politician’s looks should have NOTHING to do with his/her “ledreship” abilities. Pres Obama is a good example. And that ties in nicely with the blind worship thing he’s got going on.
    OUCH! Don’t you just hate it when comparisons work both ways?
    But, that’s beside the point. I get distracted, what with the Palin Idolitry & bowing before all things MSNBC.
    Finally – don’t worry those poli-sci classes you cut. Ask someone over 40 where the “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” originated … Hint : TV commercial.
    Finally – a gentle reminder to you, as well : Don’t hate Gov Palin because she’s beautiul. And DO continue to carefully weigh the facts vs. opinions about dear Sarah, as I’m sure you do.
    Most Sincerely,

  24. Sean!

    One more thing! Just figure it out! You ARE
    Sean Hannity, aren’t you? Sorry to blow your cover.

    Wowzah (aka Sarah)

  25. For – akdennis
    Re – articulation

    Listen (again & again, if you must) to Shann’s comments. Maybe even write her words on paper.
    THEN – read my response & use your keen mind to observe I was writing like Shann was talking.

    I, um, guess, it’s unfortunate, but I hope you’ll do this. (see … Shan says re corrupt investigation in DOJ was “unfortunate, I guess…” & I gently mock this by writing like she spoke.)

    OK – we all pals again? Hope so!

  26. “Liberals are very broad-minded : they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side.”
    Thank you for responding to my first comment re “unfortunate.” Anyone can relate to little sleep, last minute call, etc and how it relates to words coming out of our mouths! (Probably even your Governor.)
    Good luck with your activism.
    I’ll troll no more.

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