Posted by: shannynmoore | April 14, 2009


Grab a Red Bull and a seat belt.  Prepare yourselves for another episode of ERRATIC PALIN BEHAVIOR. (EPB)

Governor Gump has some sort of party dyslexia when it comes to appointing a replacement to the seat vacated by Democrat Kim Elton.  I saw the former Senator in Anchorage this morning.  He’s traveling with his new boss, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. I damn near begged him to come back to Juneau, but knew it was no use.  Kim Elton hates drama.

The procedure is this:

1. The party officials in the district of the vacated seat GIVE THE GOVERNOR SEVERAL NAMES.

2. The governor selects one of the names.

3. The Senators of the party with the open seat vote on confirming the new Senator.

4. TA DA! A NEW SENATOR! Fabulous!

WHAT has happened to Sarah? Seriously. Update? New to this?

1.  The Juneau Dems gave the governor one name.  Beth Kerttula.  Beth is not on Sarah’s Christmas card list…really…so, Sarah said no.

2.  The governor solicited names from the community…and picked Tim Grussendorf (a Democrat for only three weeks).

3.  Senate Dems REJECTED him.

4.  The governor then decided she wanted the entire Senate-Republicans and Democrats-to vote on his appointment…they all said, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

5.  The governor then picked Joe Nelson….

6.  Again….REJECTED.

7.  The Mayor of Juneau,  Bruce Botelho, brokered a deal to nominate Dennis Egan…son of our first Governor.  John Harris-R, former Speaker of the House and Beth Kerttula-D, Minority Leader, supported the nomination.

8.  Today, the governor has ignored THE COMPROMISE of Egan, and BURNED THE OLIVE BRANCH RIGHT ON THE TREE. naughtymonkey1

9.  She has given THREE NAMES to the Senate Dems and demanded they confirm one.  They include Tim Grussendorf and Joe Nelson…two fish already thrown back.

One new name is Alan Wilson.  He is not a registered Democrat – so he isn’t even qualified to serve as an officer for the Juneau Democrats, much less a senator.   He is a former president of the Alaska State Home Building Association, an anti-union organization.

According to APOC (Alaska Public Offices Commission), Wilson has contributed exactly twice to political campaigns. In 2006, he gave $50 to Republican Candidate Sarah Palin. In 2008, Wilson donated $50 to Republican Cathy Munoz in a contentious race against incumbent Democrat Andrea Doll. Munoz won. So score that:

Republican Contributions: 2

Democratic Contributions: 0

And Alan Wilson wants to be Sarah Palin’s pick for Kim Elton’s seat.  This is EPB in classic form.

But ooooh, lookie, he is married to Sydney Mitchell,  the owner of Shoefly.  Yes, the one who sold the Governor a pair of red Double Dare Naughty Monkey pumps that had “Joe the Plumbers” panting and sweating from Florida to Fairbanks.

SOOOOOoooooo, Juneau….are you ready to revolt yet? Why don’t you line up like NAUGHTY MONKEYS and let the governor know what you think of her latest pick.

Dictatorships are easier than Democracies, but we’ve fought a few wars over that.

As the song goes, “Shoe fly, don’t bother me.”


  1. This is SO beyond ridiculous. She is unhinged- seriously losing it, and I am not being melodramatic. She didn’t look “right” at the Friday press conference. She seemed very distracted in a heavily medicated kind of way. Is she getting ‘how to be deranged” advice from Michelle Bachman?

  2. I swear this woman has totally lost her mind!!!
    This is exactly why we have checks & balances in our government, to prevent abuses of power such as this.
    SENATE DEMS…stand up to this woman!!!
    We don’t want Palin’s picks of Wilson, Nelson or Grussendorf.
    Pick from one of the Dem’s list just like YOU picked Keller from the GOP list. Anyone doesn’t like those rules, introduce a bill to change it & see where it goes.
    This is becoming beyond absurd.

  3. I would like to echo the sentiments of HistoryGoddess and JUNOak09 above. Mental health experts around the country are alarmed with aspects of Palin’s public behavior, and they are starting to speak up about the symptoms she displays in public. Palin really needs some help. I hope she gets it.

  4. Mama always said life is like a box of chock-lats…

  5. Professor- I agree that she needs help. For years there was a similar type of woman in our office. She lived for drama and wasn’t happy unless she could feed on fear or anger. She was divisive. A person was either with her or against her. Many of us saw it, but many others made excuses. She looked so sweet. Slowly the people she had burned reached the tipping point and her world started closing in.

    She had a nervous breakdown last year. As she began the plunge, I really couldn’t hate her like I had. I only wanted her to be unable to do more damage to us, and I wanted her to get help. There isn’t a thrill to fighting against someone who is no longer capable of functioning.

    That being said, the lawmakers need to step up and hold firm in not letting her cause any damage. No to WAR. No to the demo-challenged senate choices. Their job-both sides of the aisle- is to serve in the best interests of Alaska. It is not a power game being played with a full deck.

  6. Additionally, Shannyn, the residents of Juneau need to step up and say “enough!”

    Sarah accomplishes two things with this shenanigans.
    First, she can blame it on the Senate Democrats. “Oh, I tried to work with them, but they just aren’t reasonable!”
    Second, she has eliminated at least on “Nay!” on W.A.R. At least for now.
    I wonder if she’s trying to use the Juneau seat as leverage for WAR’s confirmation?
    **************NOTE FROM SHANNY************
    Palin is leveraging Alaska for 2012…so you make a great point. The only thing is she needs the
    full House and Senate vote for WAR…and just the Senate Dems for the seat…hmmm…thinking….

  7. Senate Democrat DINOs Lyman Hoffman and Donny Olson are actually complaining and creating tension within the Senate Democratic ranks…They are actually accusing the Democrats of playing partisan politics with the open Juneau Senate Seat! They want to confirm whomever Palin nominates!

    Excuse me??????

    MEMO TO Senators Hoffman and Olson:

    The problem is with Governor Palin…NOT your Senate Democratic Colleagues!!! Time for you boys to GROW UP! You need to immediately do one of the following:

    1. STFU (shut the f*ck up) and support the Juneau Democrats


    2. Turn your D card in and go be with your Republican buddies. We don’t need your sorry Pandering Palinistabot asses anymore…

  8. Question: Aren’t your state legislators part of the problem??? …aside from palin. What strength does she have, that they don’t?

  9. BTW

    Crybaby Complainer Lyman Hoffman’s phone number is: 907.465.4453.

    Crybaby Complainer (and Corrupt Bastard wannabee) Donny Olson’s phone number is 907.465.3707.

    Call them and tell them to Man-up and only vote to confirm someone that the Juneau Democrats actually want. Remind them the problem is with Palin. DO NOT ALLOW HER TO SET A NEW PRECEDENT!!!

  10. She is more and more unbelievable as the days grow longer.

    IMPEACH is not going to happen, not with this group.

    RECALL could though.

  11. This youtube video was recommended by a mudflats commenter. Pretty much sums up Sarah Palin’s supporters. It’s an absolute scream!
    (warning: there is some very salty language in it)

  12. Response to WolfTone — I believe SP will not select an actual D to fill the Kim Elton seat because she, like most in the Legislature is counting votes for and against Wayne Ross. She knows if she picks a D for the Senate seat, she cannot control that person when it’s Thursday and they are taking the confirmation vote. So far she has picked non-Ds; I’d bet these three would do anything she (or the co-governor) demands with no complaints.

    Response to Sean — All three Senators from the rural areas will vote in opposition to the Wayne Ross confirmation.

  13. On Thursday, reject WAR.

    Then confirm Dennis Egan without Palin’s nomination.

  14. If Palin is indeed simply stalling to tamper with the vote count on WAR, is this not an act of contempt towards the legislature? Is it an impeachable offense?

  15. Let her appoint WAR it will finish her both nationally and locally. If you prevent her from having a terrible track record then her chances of National success rise. If she makes a complete bollocks of the Governorship then in the end we win. Alaska may suffer from WAR for a bit but everyone else will become safer. I can say this because I am a European Liberal Troll.

  16. Barbara, what about the rural Representatives? There must be a few more of them than there are senators. I hope you are right about the Senators.

  17. hate to bring this up but, who breaks a tie in the confirmation of WAR?

  18. As the Irish say, “Oh for f#ck’s sake!!!!
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Every time this woman(and to even refer to her as a woman insults women everywhere) opens her mouth this song starts rolling thru my head.
    Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth,
    Blowing down the back roads headin’ south.
    Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth.
    You’re an idiot babe.
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.
    Idiot wind-Bob Dylan-1974
    Needless to say, I’ve been humming it for about eight months now. I really wish you could get rid of her(has anyone tried Orkin) so I could hum somethingelse.

  19. Miss Thorazine has come off the tracks hasn’t she? Aside from being medicated to the eyeballs on Friday (and if this “charge” goes viral, she’s totally finished nationally), she has lost complete and total touch with voters in her state.
    Again, you cannot win elections with just wingnutters. This has nothing to do about whether she is pretty or not. It has nothing to do with Obama.
    It quite simply has to do with the fact that Miss Thorazine has probably jumped the sanity track. Please don’t feel bad about the Alaska Legislators. Here in AZ our Legislature is commonly referred to the 90 Dwarfs and the are heavily Republican (SURPRISED???) – they currently are in the process of trashing our schools, and trying to firm up their “support” by pandering to the anti-choice Mormons.
    These are all wedge issues designed to distract from the fact that none of these elected idiots is doing their actual JOB.
    You have Miss Thorazine. This is serious for your state. If your Legislature allows this, it’s time to clean house as we will probably do.
    Remember, McInsane only took his state by 2 points in the election. Our State is already purple. I predict more are on the way.
    Hang tight, bug your Legislature, and stay on top of the situation.
    She is obviously drugged therefore incompetent. This may even get interesting.

  20. Quote from TIME Magazine – courtesy of Americablog:
    The party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, has been drawing headlines more suited to Britney Spears than the party’s heir apparent as she feuds with the father of her daughter’s baby.

  21. Basheert, my fellow AZ rebel!! together we will purplize our state. Now all we have to do is to find a nice Democrat to retire John McCain. I come to Alaska to learn just how to deal with these “Gumps” Good luck and good hunting, Alaska

  22. She is relying on a legal opinion that WAR dredged up and is erroneously telling her supports her actions. If WAR is approved, you can expect more crazy behavior from Palin backed up with a legal memo/opinion from WAR.

    It will probably take a lawsuit to challenge the legality of such action. So if WAR is approved, get ready for greater difficulty in challenging her EPB.

  23. Wow … it’s like watching a nervous breakdown on national TV. Scary stuff. What on earth could she be thinkin’? Or more importantly, what could her advisors be thinking to actually let her do this stuff?

  24. the confirmation vote can’t be a tie because there are only 59 legislators now, with no one in elton’s seat. unless one of them doesn’t vote or something?
    really, this is getting so strange nothing would be surprising.

  25. The latest news:

    Hey, new news on this front:

    Dems won’t vote on Palin’s three names for Senate seat
    Posted by Alaska_Politics

    Posted: April 15, 2009 – 10:21 am

    Comments (28) | Recommend (1)

    From Sean Cockerham in Juneau —

    State Senate Democrats are refusing to vote on the three names that Gov. Sarah Palin forwarded as appointees for the open Senate seat. They obtained a legal opinion this morning saying it is illegal for Palin to submit more than one name.

    “There is nothing for us to vote on, there is no appointment,” said Senate Judiciary Chairman Hollis French, an Anchorage Democrat. “The governor has taken an unusual course which is outside the law and leaves us no choice but to ignore what she‘s done.”

    The governor’s attorney general appointee, Wayne Anthony Ross, said in response that he needs to review the legal opinion by Pam Finley, revisor of statutes. But Ross said he believes what Palin did was legal and appropriate, given the time that he’s had to review it up to this point.

    “It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau,” said Ross, whose own appointment is up for a confirmation vote by the Legislature tomorrow.

    Palin surprised lawmakers Tuesday night by forwarding the names of three appointees to the single open state Senate seat.

    Two of them, Tim Grussendorf and Joe Nelson, have already been rejected by the Senate Democrats. The third, Alan Wilson, is a Juneau contractor who became a Democrat on March 4, and was previously registered nonpartisan.

    Palin must appoint a Democrat from Juneau to the seat, which opened when longtime Juneau Democratic Sen. Kim Elton resigned for an Obama administration job. Palin said Senate Democrats could choose from among the three names.

    Her pick requires approval of a majority of the nine state Senate Democrats.

  26. Her blatant ignorance of the law is appalling to say the least. She should be ashamed of herself, but of course, she isn’t because you would actually have to have a conscience and it seems she is lacking one. On the upside, I do think she has committed “career/political suicide”. I doubt that she will get the GOP presidential nomination, much less be re-elected Governor. She is NOT smarter than a fifth grader and her petty, vindictive, divisive ways are going to come back and bite her in the a$$!!!!

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