Posted by: shannynmoore | April 15, 2009

Dem’s Spine Strengthens…W.A.R? W.T.F.!

This just in: The Alaska Senate Democrats have refused to vote on any of the three names submitted by Palin.  A legal opinion issued this morning said it is illegal for Palin to submit more than one name for confirmation.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Hollis French, an Anchorage Democrat, said, “There is nothing for us to vote on, there is no appointment.  The governor has taken an unusual course which is outside the law and leaves us no choice but to ignore what she’s done.”   Ahh, Dems with a SPINE!

Palin’s appointed Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross, said, “It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau…”

REALLY…SO JUST ACT – DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT BEING LEGAL OR NOT??? This guy wants to be the top legal advisor in our state? Tomorrow, the Alaska legislature will vote on W.A.R.’s confirmation. 

He failed two important tests today.  First, he demonstrated he is not capable of being objective or independent when it comes to Palin’s actions.  Second, he thinks action is more important than legality. 

Pssst, that’s the job of Attorney General…determining the LEGALITY of ACTIONS, not just “Get ‘er Done!”


Do you think this comes in a 2XL for W.A.R?

Do you think this comes in a 2XL for W.A.R?



  1. “It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau…” WAR

    This is an opinion by someone who wants to be AK AG??????????


  2. Hey there Bones AK: This is THE best that W.A.R. can do – how he got his JD is beyond me.
    This man is a blithering idiot –

    He wants to Senate to “appoint somebody” – they’ve been trying.

    Logic does NOT work with any of these people.

    You have our deepest sympathy.

  3. Um, yeah, there’s that little problem of the fact that the Senate Ds can only CONFIRM someone there, WAR, not actually appoint. I’m sure if they could appoint and confirm someone all by themselves, they’d have done it on March 3rd!

  4. so why don’t the democrats request postponement of the vote on Ross? Juneau doesn’t have representation and the reason is, at least in part, because the governor who wants Ross to be appointed is drawing out the process. You get a delay in the vote until there is a lawfully appointed and confirmed representative of Juneau AND additional time to look into the serious issues that are arising about Ross. And this also takes away what is obviously Palin’s strategy–to stack the deck on the vote so that it’s more likely her pick for AG will be confirmed.

  5. Donna, the answer to that is: WAR would still be serving as appointed AG at SP’s behest, regardless.

    It’s not like the assistant AG would step back in to the role as an interim AG, as would have been the case before SP appointed WAR.

    Alaska citizens are stuck with WAR until the AK state legislature either confirm him or reject him.

  6. ok–that makes sense (awful as it is). Thanks.

    What are the chances they’ll reject him?

  7. Does W.A.R. even have a law degree? I mean, you’d think you’d want to CARE about the process being legal because when the next governor is a DEM and they try and pull this on a Republican district, how will that turd pie taste?

    How much more insane does it have to get before Alaskans demand a recall?

  8. Is it time to let AG Eric Holder know that Ross doesn’t care if something is legal or illegal?

  9. “To ignor whats she’s done.” C’mon Mr. French, start impeachment. Do your frickin job. You read statements like French gave and you have to wonder, if he needs smelling salt. Such a beautiful state and you have to put up with crap like this.

  10. They should do *exactly* was WAR says.

    The governor is supposed to appoint a nominee and the senate is supposed to confirm. Since the governor has failed to appoint a nominee from the list of named provided by the dems, then they should follow WAR’s instructions and appoint either Beth Kerttula or Dennis Egan and then confirm them.

    Then they should reject the appointment of WAR.

    There. Problem solved.

    Oh, yeah. Then start either impeachment proceedings or collections of recall signatures on Palin.

    Also. You betcha!

  11. seems to me the senate dems are acting properly. they need to insist this appointment be done by the book. they are winning the contest of public opinion, despite what it sometimes appears.
    don’t get too caught up in the madness of all this. we will make it through it. we survived tom fink as mayor, and the second hickel gubernatorial term, with wingnuts running the show.
    as kent jones would say: VIGILANCE!!

  12. ooooo clark: you quoted Kent Jones –

    You Rock!

  13. Sarah Palin and WAR would look really provocative in matching Team Arctic strait jackets!

  14. As I have been saying all along:
    His misogyny, racism, and homophobia aside – W.A.R. is simply NOT qualified!

    As a legal mind, he makes Clarence Thomas look like Clarence Darrow.

  15. I just got a call from Advantage Research asking if I thought Juneau was being fairly represented when “Anchorage senators” just voted down the appointment of an Alaska native to our senate seat.


  16. Shannyn……do you have any sense of how this will go? what time tomorrow will they make the decision?

  17. I hope W.A.R. gets voted down if only to see Sarah hold her breath and stamp her Naughty Monkeys.

  18. WAR. Epic. Fail.

    The ONLY THING that and AG has to do is UNDERSTAND THE LAW.

    WAR does not. War is OUT.

  19. <– .pdf file of the legal decision relied on by the Senate Democrats … easy enough to read that even WAR should be able to comprehend! 😉

    I know that there are many attorneys who simply don’t like doing legal research, but perhaps WAR *should* do the research (or ask someone to do it, AND explain it to him) before shooting off his piehole.

  20. It’s hard for me to say this, but I know, deep down in my heart, not all Republicans agree with our Governor or with the confirmation of WAR. Hopefully even some Alaskan Republicans will vote for what they know to be right and true and it will be a BIG NO to bigots, racists or sexists allowed as our AG!

  21. In re: Karen J at 10 am today:

    Sorry this is so long, but here’s what happens if the Legislature takes no action. If they don’t act, WAR does not get to be AG.:

    Alaska Statute 39.05.080(3) (3) When the legislature declines to confirm an appointment, the legislature shall notify the governor of its action and a vacancy in the position or membership exists which the governor shall fill by making a new appointment. The governor may not appoint again the same person whose confirmation was refused for the same position or membership during the regular session of the legislature at which confirmation was refused. The person whose name is refused for appointment by the legislature may not thereafter be appointed to the same position or membership during the interim between regular legislative sessions. Failure of the legislature to act to confirm or decline to confirm an appointment during the regular session in which the appointment was presented is tantamount to a declination of confirmation on the day the regular session adjourns.

  22. Looks like WAR is going to get even less mileage than his Hummer. Here’s to water thrown on his confirmation.

  23. W.A.R. is OVER!!!

    Give Peace a chance!

  24. JC, nice find on that law. One thing that worries me is that it starts “Except as otherwise provided in a law relating to the positions or memberships on a specific board or commission, appointment to a position or membership shall be made in the following manner:” I did some hunting around and I didn’t find anything “otherwise provided” in the Alaska Statutes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I was looking at the law starting at 44.23.010 where it talks about the Department of Law and the Attorney General.

  25. Thanks Dirge,
    I didn’t find anything else either, usually if there is actually another section that applies, it is cited in the statute, unless the section is brand new – 39.05.080(3) isn’t new, and I haven’t seen anything this session that related to this topic – although I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking – I guess we’ll know tomorrow unless the vote is postponed…

  26. It looks likely that WAR will narrowly be confirmed. At this point, it would take a miracle if he wasn’t. I’m mentally preparing myself for the disappointment.

    That being said, is there any reason why a recall has not been started yet? Surely someone must have started one by now. And if not, why not? Is it something that I, as an Alaskan resident can initiate? Where would I find out more about starting a recall? Does anyone know? I just don’t believe it’s going to get done any other way. I’m willing and able. And I’m not beholden to the governor and her minions.

  27. Am I being naive? Obviously someone already thought of this, or it would’ve been done already. Right?

  28. I ran into Bill McAllister at my son’s school assembly this afternoon. He looks like he aged 20 years. I really feel bad for the man. But we all make our own choices. Although, as Eddie Murphy once said, “Yo, man! You brought that shit on yourself!”

  29. What the heck is up with Rep. Jay Ramras?
    “The murmurs around the building is that his confirmation is in jeopardy, but at this point I still intend to be a yes vote for him,” Ramras said.
    “But I think this foretells the larger-than-life relationship that he is going to have with the governor and with the state,” he said. “We’re in for a colorful, bumpy ride. We won’t necessarily be coloring within the lines… There will be more of this to come.”
    So I guess he wants our state to continue living in a soap opera & to become a laughingstock?
    Good God! Put away the crayons Ramras & get a clue! Take the guy out drinking & hunting if you want a colorful bumpy ride but keep him out of the AG’s office where he can really cause probelms…
    Oh wait. Maybe THAT is what is behind his reasoning.

  30. Tres Pinche Huevos on April 15, 2009
    at 11:39 pm
    I ran into Bill McAllister at my son’s school assembly this afternoon. He looks like he aged 20 years.
    You may not know that he’s fighting cancer right now.

  31. Thanks for the scoop, JUNOak09. I didn’t know. Now I feel like a complete ass, as I should. But this explains alot. I was shocked at his appearance. It really caught me off-guard. I figured that the job was taking it’s toll on him.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him.

  32. Tres Pinche Huevos wanted to know how to start a recall of Sarah Palin …. go to this link below :

  33. Here’s a letter from W.A.R. re: gays – circa 1993 – published by Mudflats:

    What Wayne Anthony Ross Thinks About Gay Alaskans.
    16 04 2009

    Here’s a quick reprint from Bent Alaska. The vote on Ross’ confirmation is scheduled to take place today.

    [Sarah Palin’s Attorney General Nominee Wayne Anthony] Ross wrote a letter to the Alaska Bar Rag in March 1993 in response to an appeal from “Lawyers Against Discrimination,” a group that opposed the repeal of a non-discrimination ordinance, approved by the Anchorage Assembly, which prohibited the Municipality from employment discrimination on the basis of “sexual preference.”

    “It was a big messy battle in Anchorage in late 1992/early 1993,” writes Mel Green. “The ordinance was ultimately rescinded.” Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or preference remains legal today in Anchorage and the rest of Alaska.

    This is Ross’ response to Lawyers Against Discrimination:

    “Dear LAD: (LAD??? Intentional, on your part? Or merely a Freudian slip?)
    I received your letter of 23 February 1993 regarding the Anchorage homosexual rights ordinance. While I am not surprised to see some of the names on your letterhead, I am most disappointed in other names thereon. I had more respect for some of you than I do now.
    I am in favor of repeal of the measure. I see nothing involving civil rights in this matter. We all, heterosexual or homosexual, have certain rights. This bill seems to give extra rights to a group whose lifestyle was a crime only a few years ago, and whose beliefs are certainly immoral in the eyes of anyone with some semblance of intelligence and moral character.
    It is a shame that you folks don’t have some causes you could become involved in that are of benefit to society in general. Instead, you support degenerates. No wonder the legal profession is treated with less respect than we wish.
    If, as you apparently believe, morality is not based on long-standing God-given and God-instilled principles, but is something that changes from time to time based on public perception of right and wrong, then that is even more reason for you to allow this referendum to go to a vote of the people. After all, isn’t it your position that public morality is based upon whatever the public decides?
    None of you has done anything publicly (to my knowledge) to attempt to protect the millions of lives of innocent children killed each year through abortion, yet you collectively contribute $5,000 to the cause of sexual perversion. It is quite disheartening to me to see my fellow members of our honorable profession display such a lack of proper priorities.
    Wayne Anthony Ross
    (from page 7 of the May-June 1993 Alaska Bar Rag)

  34. I have sent copies of the above letter to:

    It would help to have reinforcement. There is no point in trying to blog ADN – the C4P pestilence has shut down all dissent and the ADN has complied.

  35. J.C. This is great:

    Alaska Statute 39.05.080(3) (3)

    What this means is the only way WAR becomes AG is is a majority vote to confirm. It also means that if they simply decide not to vote at all, he’s still denied. If the legislature wants to wuss out and especially not be on public record as to who voted him down, not voting at all is the way to do it. And being so close to the end of the legislative session makes not voting on this issue really easy.

    In the meantime…..any word on taking WAR at his word and appointing their own senator to confirm? That would certainly give Palin a taste of her own medicine.

  36. […] -GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered) community comments -Women -Alaska Natives -Recent legal opinion addressing the Governor’s Senate appointment -Assorted other […]

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