Posted by: shannynmoore | April 16, 2009

Confirmation W.A.R. IS A LIAR!

The legislature is holding a vote today-like NOW-to confirm Wayne Anthony Ross to the highest position of law enforcement in Alaska-Attorney General.

Many of us reported W.A.R.’s statement in reaction to the Senate Democrats taking no action on the vacant Juneau Senate seat confirmation; Governor Palin operated outside the rules and submitted 3 names to the Senate Dems that were NOT on the Juneau Democrat’s list.

“It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau…” – W.A.R.

This morning he sent out a letter declaring he never said such a thing.  He even wrote it in CAPS! He must really mean he didn’t say it.

The statement was made to the clever Sean Cockerham of the Anchorage Daily News, and he taped it.  You can listen to W.A.R.’s statement to Cockerham and then read his denial of it in a letter to the legislators.

If the legislature confirms W.A.R., they do it knowing they are appointing a LIAR.  If you are caught lying as a police cadet, you’re thrown out of the program.  If W.A.R. lied about this, is he lying about the Burton letter?  How many other lies has he told?  Ethics are paramount.  If the Attorney General appointee lies during his confirmation process, how can he be trusted to take the reigns of the highest law office in the land?

Let’s hope the legislature toss out W.A.R.; a PROVEN LIAR!



  1. Shannyn if they confirm him….especially after this huge lie….they should all be tarred and feathred. He is so darn creepy.

  2. It reminds me of Sarah calling for Begich to step down and then saying she didn’t! We certainly don’t need another liar with is more than enough!

  3. The whole country thinks we’re a bunch of hillbillies based on observation of our Governor’s bizarre behavior. Now the liar AG Ross will be a perfect compliment to the liar Governor. Whata pair! The loons have taken over the asylum.


    Her yes vote ought to be disqualified…

    W.A.R. is her daughter’s GODFATHER!


    Senator Hollis French is taking apart WAR!

  6. Rep Stoltze is up now…


    STOLTZE support of W.A.R. means that he is:
    Against Gays
    Against women
    Against Natives
    Against the Rule of Law
    and what is Rep Stoltze for?


    The natural extension being, of course, REP STOLTZE IS A LIAR TOO!!

  7. Did the legislators have a chance to hear the audio from Sean Cockerham at ADN in response to WAR’s letter before this confirmation started? Hopefully their aides are sending it via blackberry or at least pass them a note. What a blatant liar the AB appointee is.

  8. If he is confirmed, “our great state” government will degenerate from a circus to a three ring circus!

  9. OMG ! …the most princebled person he has ever met !?!
    OMG again
    Where has he been living , a cesspool ?
    G2G is just so painful

  10. is it too early for a beer?

  11. Gavel 2 Gavel is like watching a bad horror flick today.

    I’m finding myself yelling at the TV….”DON’T DO IT!!! DON’T GO IN THAT ROOM! DON’T APPROVE THIS LYING LIAR HATER!!!”


  12. nope, Marlys……I’m headed for the wine!

  13. But he doesn’t even try to treat his WARTS..

    Okay I should of got this said in 1 post .

    Send him back in time in that spaceship…

    Done now

    Thanx Shannyn, & Sean, everyone



  15. The majority of the WAR supporters seem to be his friends whose kids played with his kids. I agree with Sean that seems to taint those votes. AK Natives don’t support him, women don’t support him, LGBT doesn’t support him, others in the judiciary don’t consider him qualified for other state positions.

    Oh and by the way, Stoltze, I don’t want a man to take care of me or protect me. I want an AG that supports my rights as a woman. How paternalistic!

    *****************note from Shannyn*************** No, kidding! He wants to “protect” us because we can’t possibly have a full functioning brain AND a uterus. sheesh!

  16. FAILED to be confirmed. YES!!!

  17. I can’t take the suspence!!!! How much LONGER?!? Is there a final vote? Oh GOD! Where’s the chocolate?????

    I know there is a lotta happy dancing going on !
    Cheers To Us All

    Hollis, Bill W, Les , all neys I Salute you 7 toasting with an Alaskan barley beverage

    Sun is shining on us today !

  19. OMG!

    WAR is….



  20. Sean WTG!! you da man!!!

    I hope the whole world listens to WARs words and then reads his denial!!!!

    You did good, Sean. Real Good.

  21. Kudos all around (clinks glasses across the series of tubes)!

  22. No Alaskans, the rest of the nation does not think you are a bunch of hillbillies. We know you have a hillbilly for governor and we suspect that there are more hillbillies in Alaska, but we know that you are not all hillbillies.

    Shannyn, AK Muckraker, Phil Munger, Gryphen, and others are certainly not hillbillies. You have some great bloggers up there.

    I hope you folks can put your GINO in a position where she can’t bother anyone anymore.

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