Posted by: shannynmoore | April 16, 2009

Palin Loses the War…Juneau finds the Brakes…

Sarah Palin just suffered a massive defeat.  For the first time in Alaska history, an appointed attorney general has been rejected.  With a bipartisan vote of 35 NOs to 23 YEAs, the Alaska joint House and Senate voted down W.A.R. (Wayne Anthony Ross).

Palin is not a graceful loser. Think lumberjacks performing Swan Lake.

When an legislative aide made copies of an Anchorage Dsily News article last week that reported the governor would be going to Indiana to give a speach at an anti-choice event during the last week of the session, the governor personally confronted and scolded him.  Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle blasted her for leaving Juneau at such a critical time. Stimulus money, the budget, critical bills, legislation the governor herself was pushing, as well as the confirmation vote on her appointment of W.A.R. for attorney general were on the table this week.

The response from Palin’s chief of staff, Mike Nizich, was patronizing at best.  “During the final week of session, legislators rarely want governors around stirring things up.  We did not anticipate that the governor’s political opponents would want their hands held in the final hours of the session.”

A little “hand holding”, also known as lobbying, may have resulted in the confirmation of her Attorney General pick.  Instead, the governor chose to travel  6,000 miles to give a 5-10 minute guest appearance at a Right to Life (Denial of Choice) fundraiser in Indiana.  She put her own political agenda and ambition in front of the needs of Alaskans.

The AG vacancy occurred due to the Troopergate scandal.  Because of many questionable acts by then Attorney General Talis Colberg, including questionable legal advice, the Senate voted 16 to 1 on Senate Resolution 10.  It found Todd Palin and the governor’s aides in contempt of the Senate for ignoring the Branchflower subpoenas. Colberg resigned the next working day.

When Palin appointed Wayne Anthony Ross, I was stunned-I knew his reputation. I’ve been cut off in traffic by his big red Hummer with the W.A.R. license plate.   I knew he ran for governor 10 years ago as the Alaska Independence Party candidate.  I knew of his pro bono work for a criminal defendant who had physically attacked peaceful war protesters-shockingly described today by Senator Fred Dyson as Ross’s pro bono defense of free speech. I knew of his NRA and gun fetish.  However, I didn’t know half of the reasons that led to his rejection today.

I started writing about it, and the emails came pouring in.  One was from a woman named Leah Burton.  I encouraged her to write down the abusive drivel she had witnessed W.A.R. publicly deliver at a DADs (Dads Against Discrimination) meeting.  She was brave and testified at W.A.R.’s confirmation hearing. She told the truth.  She was not alone.

The Alaska Native Federation weighed in with a resounding NO.  The LGBT community said NO.  Women’s advocacy groups said NO.  Child protective agencies said NO.  Alaskans who DON’T want to secede from the Union said NO.  Citizens for First Amendment Rights said NO.

35 out of 58 present members of the Alaska Legislature-Republicans and Democrats-said NO.

Palin’s long distance response to the vote punctuated her out of touch status. “I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted when I selected an individual who is a strong backer of 2nd Amendment rights, a staunch supporter of the state Constitution and a defender of life,” Governor Palin said.

It should be noted to the governor there are more amendments to be protected than just the 2nd.  It is inferred at least one amendment comes before. It’s no accident The Right to Free Speech is the 1st amendment.  It is perhaps the cornerstone of all others.  As far as “defender of life” goes, consider yourself fortunate that W.A.R. will now never be in a position of legal authority to provide council to the governor in the event Alaska adopts the death penalty.  They both support retroactive abortion.

The past month has been one drama after another; a series of erratic, high school mean-girl antics.  Palin’s blatant appointments of unqualified candidates to replace the Juneau Senate seat vacated by Democrat Kim Elton have resulted in an empty seat-no representation for the deserved citizens of Juneau.

As I predicted last fall, the political shrapnel was widespread because of the “Truthiness Seminars” held almost daily by the McCain-Palin campaign.  Every former political ally of the governors was thrown under the Hate Talk Express.  After the election, Sarah came home to the Alaska she had divided and damaged with her unholy quest for the White House.

The most popular governor in the country last August was Sarah Palin.  After the rejection of W.A.R., the Palin Express Bus has no more wheels.  None of us will be safe until that bus is in Wasilla, parked in front of Palin’s home, resting on concrete cinder blocks, covered in a Blue tarp.

I’ve said that the governor’s political ambition combined with her intellect is like a jet engine on a golf cart.

Today, the legislature managed to find the brakes.




  1. Your blog says it all……Thanks to you and all the wonderful people who came forward, this nomination was stopped. If they would of approved, I would’ve started to lose faith in the future integrity of our country. With the likes of these people and their followers the country would be doomed.
    Good Lord, the good guys sure have their work cut out for them.

  2. Amen to that (says your agnostic follower).

  3. Wonderful post – insightful and thoughtful and a damning indictment of an out-of-control running wild politician who has lost tough with the constituency that elected her.

    Keep up the great work – I fear you will need it when the Steam Roller Queen blows back into town, guns loaded and looking for something to shoot.

  4. Hell froze over today: Even the Fairbanks Daily News Miner came out against him in their morning op-ed.

    Remember that old Elton John song, Bitch? With the line “The bitch is gonna get ya when the bitch gets back”? I think this thing is going to escalate. If it escalates enough, GINO is going to mean girl herself out of office…it would be so much more fun to Impeach than to recall – cause then she couldn’t blame only the Dems…Oh well, I can dream.

    Thanks for your great work Shannyn! And please everyone, remember to thank your Rep./Sen. if they voted NO!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jet engine on a golf cart INDEED!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Shannyn and all Alaska Bloggers!
    Here’s a post taken from Mudflats by Marnie, pretty much says it all…:
    Sen. Bill Wilechowski, one of the key legislators against W.A.R. just told Alaska’s leading independent commentator, Shannyn Moore, that “this could not have happened without Alaska’s bloggers.”

    Here’s partial list of Alaska Blogs that helped get the word out:

    A Bodenstown Perspective
    Alaska Real
    Bent Alaska
    Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis
    Just a Girl from Homer
    own the sidewalk
    Progressive Alaska
    The Ester Republic
    The Immoral Minority
    The Mudflats
    Think Alaska
    We’re Not That Stupid

    Damn right Alaskans aren’t that stupid. Indeed, Also. Too.
    I hope y’all are out celebratin’ 🙂

  7. I need to laugh, when the sun is out
    I got something I can laugh about

  8. Shannyn, about SP’s 5-10 minute speech in Indiana?

    I just got done looking at the segments of her speech set up at some “other blog” (heh), and the segments total up to 30 minutes speaking time.

    She covered EVERYTHING about her personal life, including clothes, Katy Couric, and gave a travelogue about Alaska; and threw in a few Obama-slams, stimulus-money slams, and references to defense and China and North Korea.

    I think the only references she made that actually were about the topic of the dinner benefit were when she was talking about Trig’s birth and the months before…that was one 5 minute segment.

    (pregnant pause, while I get my tongue out of my cheek)

  9. Great blog S.M.! You are the best!!

  10. Shannyn, you really have a way with words! Thank you, and all the other Alaska Bloggers, for all you do for the citizens of Alaska!

  11. I’m grateful Leah stepped forward. She really made a difference.

  12. Well, dang. For once I actually feel like all of the letters I write to legislators are not for naught. Many of them actually responded to me over this issue, even some who were going to confirm. But all in all it’s heartening to see the legislature grow a spine. I think now that they know they can stand up to her she’s gonna get shot down with regularity. I mean really. What can she do? They’re fed up with her but she’s too dense to notice.

  13. Thank you Jesus!

  14. Quyaana, Just A Girl From Homer, Quyaana

    For your efforts to expose WAR for what he is!
    The feeling of fear, in my household ended with a no confirmation vote yesterday.

    My household is very appreciative of all the bloggers efforts.

    I just want to give you a jar of wonderful fish or some of jarred moose meat… so that you can crack it open for a lunch. It is healthy eating and I want you to be healthy and live long.

    Quyaana Ms. Moore Quyaana

  15. Shannyn,
    My whole family submitted emails to our local legislators, Rep. Seaton and Sen. Stevens. We were very happy that they voted against the confirmation of WAR.
    I do have to correct you on one point. Unlike SP, WAR was consistent on his right to life views. He is anti-choice and he is against the death penalty.
    Thanks for your blog.
    *******NOTE FROM SHANNYN**************
    Thank you for taking time to contact Seaton and Stevens…the voices of constituents made the difference.
    As for WAR’s stance on the death penalty or anything else, he showed quite clearly he was unable to have independent thought from the Governor’s wishes. That was the scariest thing about him…on a long, long list.

  16. I saw a headline that stated Azzhat Palin mentioned Ohio energy in her speech last night. Did I read that correctly?? We have our great Gov. Ted Strickland to cover that issue. GINO needs to keep her ever-growing nose out of issues that don’t concern her. Hold her feet to the fire Alaskans. Love your blog Shannyn.

  17. Congratulations to the Alaska Legislature for finding the brakes to the GINO Golf Cart! Keep up the good work, and to all Alaska citizens who cared enough about their wonderful state to stand up and take it back, and to Anonymous bloggers everywhere, it is time to break out the champagne!

    The next 72 hours should be very interesting. Thanks as always Shannyn, you Rock!

  18. I too want to thank Leah for coming forward knowing what she was going to endure for her speaking out and thanks to her father, for being a father and for being a respectable, honorable citizen doing the right thing. Bloggers are the best, you can always find the information w/o the spin like the news wants to spin it. Spot on Shannyn with this post.

  19. I do congratulate the brave people who spoke up at the confirmation hearing. But “A little “hand holding”, also known as lobbying, may have resulted in the confirmation of her Attorney General pick.”

    This may have worked out as Palin planned. She appointed someone who would support her but do a lousy job, was out of the state and not supporting him when he was voted down (so he couldn’t blame her), and gets to come back and look like a martyr being picked on, a plus to her base elsewhere. Gee, look at poor Governor Palin, just trying to do her job and they won’t even confirm any of her picks…

    Although that is probably giving Palin too much credit for planning. Still, it could be turned to political hay if she wanted to go for it.

  20. Ivyfree: SP may be able to attain a few things, but martyr is not one of them.

    Alaska now sees what she is, thanks to the ego she has exhibited since McInsane’s minions chose her. She has been exposed for what she is – and is not.

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