Posted by: shannynmoore | April 16, 2009


After weeks of losing ground, the joint body of the Alaska legislature has voted to reject Wayne Anthony Ross as Attorney General.

Our representation has debated at length Governor Palin’s controversial appointment and they have been distracted from state business in the critical waning days of the session.  I believe that was part of the design of the appointment.

On our behalf, the Body has denied a mysogonistic, racist, gay-hating, pathological liar.

They have also denied Wayne Anthony Ross.

The Combined Vote:  23 yeahs 35 nays  DENIED!



  1. Thank you, goddess!

  2. Actually should not have the comma. OOPS

  3. They got right up to the edge of the lunatic fringe cliff, and backed off. I am beginning to see see flying monkeys and guards standing in a circle looking at a melted puddle…

  4. […] Ak Legislature: Thanks But, No Thanks for WAR 2009 April 16 by palinoscopy Looks like the Alaska legislature grew a collective pair of stones today and told Sarah Palin she could forget having her favorite tool, Wayne Ross as Attorney General. Congratulations, Alaska. Somebody seems to be waking from hibernation. More from Shannyn Mooore, here. […]

  5. This is such good news. Alaska has dodged a very big, very red and very mean bullet this day.

    Thank you to all the Republican representatives and senators who saw the light.

  6. Please remember how they voted. The opposition speeches were very well thought out. Some other the others, well, the good old boys are still active.

  7. Congrats to all of you – your legislators did their jobs and represented the views of Alaskans.

    AmericaBlog just posted the story as well as HuffPo.

    You did good – friends!!!
    Now go celebrate!

  8. IMPEACH PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A ‘mysogonistic, racist, gay-hating, pathological liar’ – SP should not hold ANY governmental office in America let alone the world for that matter (Hitler anyone?).

    Couldn’t of wrote it better SM. A fine day. Hopefully more like this to come.

  9. And congrats to Shannyn for having the thrill of breaking the news on HuffPo.

  10. This is very good news indeed!!! But, it makes me wonder what the Queen is going to do to retaliate. You know she can’t be happy and we all know what she is capable of when she’s not!

  11. Congratulations Alaska, and Shannyn for the HuffPro breaking news! This is a great day indeed. I hope the momentum is kept upand impeachment proceedings are started. I, too, am wondering what she will do in retailiation. She has to be losing it – bigtime.

  12. Congrats on breaking this to Huff Post now at 98 Comments w/ 17 pending.
    Politico has picked it up.
    This is blowing up fast. Did you call Keith and Rachel yet?

    Lets hope this goes intervational

  13. intervational = international sorry

  14. Congratulations to the AK Legislature for another wise decision.

    Yea Shannyn on your high profile on HuffPo. I never miss reading you and Mudflats. AK is good for a laugh when the Minnesota saga gets too stupid for words… like today when Norm said he didn’t spend 30 seconds worrying about his political future. Great! He and Sarah will have lots of time to contemplate the errors of their ways.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. what’s up with WAR’s comments in ADN about having actually been the AG for 2 weeks and hoping his picture will hang on the wall? Applying his logic, anyone appointed to anything but not subsequently confirmed can add this “experience” to their resume. He was AG-designate not AG. There is a difference WAR!

  16. Yes We Can!

    Next to go: Sarah Palin

    Recall. Impeach.

  17. Congratulations Alaska! I’m beginning to believe in the right will win! IMPEACH PALIN SOON!

  18. GINO’s response? Just lame. Like a duck, but less graceful.

  19. Her Royal Highness has a long flight back from Indiana to plot her revenge on the infidels. Tune in for the hilarity as she again sticks her size 7 1/2 foot in her mouth.

    Good job to everyone who helped fight this appointment. Now somebody has to go and change the State’s website to scrub the WAR off it.

  20. Congratulations to the Legislature on the spine and the pair of steel!

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