Posted by: shannynmoore | April 17, 2009

The Shannyn Moore Show Debuts on KBYR AM 700

I wanted to officially announce my new show on Smart Radio AM 700 KBYR.  Smart Radio just got smarter!

My show will debut this Saturday from 5pm-7pm local time (9pm-11pm EDT).

You can fish for me on the internet stream at

The call in number is 907.274.KBYR (907.274.5297).       The toll free number is 866 610 5297 (866 610 KBYR.)

Call in and help paint this red state blue, one stroke at a time.

Whatever your point of view, you’re welcome to come to the table.  If you’re a Democrat, Independent, Republican, or Pastafarian, give me a call. More flavors spice up the pot.

Talk to you Saturday, and…remember this…

I’m Just A Girl From Homer



  1. Youi may be ” Just a girl from Homer ” … but you are a wonderful one …… Love your blog … and yeah, you too .

    Keep Sarah’s feet to the fire … and others …

    **********Note from Shannyn**********

    Thanks JerryH! Call me Saturday from 5pm-7pm! Talk to you then…

  2. Will we be able to pick this up in Juneau?

  3. Congratulations! As an outsider, I probably won’t be calling in… but I might fish you out of the tubes.

  4. Congrats Shannyn! Now…about Monday-Friday…..

  5. Glad you got your voice back Shannyn… will be listening for you… Missed being able to hear you regularly. Being in the lower 48 it was catch as catch can…lol

    Hope all is well.

  6. Congrats Shannyn, I’ll listen in.

  7. awesome…looking forward to your show!

  8. It will be soooo good to hear you on the radio again.

  9. Oh, that’s GOOD NEWS! I’ll try to get the stream online tomorrow nite. Thanks for listing the Eastern time–I always mess up with the time difference!

  10. is that on after tradio ?

  11. election=radio power, understanding=clear input, dog barking=burglar bust, bright lights stop a dull minded driver, as well as the dull minded politicos who preaches “turn off the radio”..when shannyn talks i listen..

  12. SHANNYN!!!!

    It is a travesty you have not been on the air. Finally…A REAL INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS VOICE!

    It has been FAR TOO LONG! You were the best and only thing going at KUDO. Aaron was pretty good, and CC was alright, but YOU, SHANNYN, were MAGIC!

    I will be there with bells on!!!

  13. Congrats, I will do my best to listen to your show…

  14. Looking forward to hearing all the topics you and your callers will cover! Congratulations!

    Will we be able listen from archives also? hope hope?

  15. Congratulations Shannyn. Keep up the good work and spread the blue.

  16. We’re rootin for ya Shanny!

  17. This is great news! But, I have a feeling it will be a short lived show? KYBR is a right wing propaganda outlet. How long will it take them to can you when you start making sense and actually informing listeners. They won’t have it.

    All the best though, and if it doesn’t work out, onward and upward.

  18. Here it is!!!

  19. Hooray!!!!

  20. Hi Shannyn,

    When you have time check this out. I think it’s very funny. But I have a odd sense of humor.

    I think this says a lot about Palins’s qualifications to run the country, let alone the state. She certainly learned a lot about diplomacy and important affairs while she was Mayor of Wasilla, not!

    Tony Sheppard

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