Posted by: shannynmoore | April 19, 2009

Congratulations Juneau…You have a Senator!

Governor Palin has just dropped her buddy Tim Grussendorf and appointed Dennis Egan to the Juneau Senate Seat.

Egan is the son of the first Alaskan Governor.

The Dems approved it immediately….they would have last week.

The vote against W.A.R. could have been 36 to 23….oh, well.

He’s no Kim Elton, but few are.

Congratulations, Juneau! You have a Senator!



  1. Thanks Shannyn,
    This is excellent news. Now lets see what she’s going to do with the rest of the mess she needs to clean up: The budget, the fed money, and a new AG!

  2. This is good news! I am glad she finally decided to put forward someone Juneau Dems could get behind.

    The tires are still off her golf cart and the sparks are still there,also,too.

  3. Huzzah!

  4. Looks like you beat ADN by 10 mins (at least in my Google Reader!)

  5. This is so recent I bet he still has that “new Senator” smell.

    Go smell him Shanny! And report back. LOL!

  6. She made a bunch of enemies over this one. Dennis won’t be too bad, not the best, but hey.

    Juneau got screwed by not having someone in the Senate to push the Subport office building. It would have got out of Stedman’s committee if the Guv hadn’t been making a pissing contest out of the Senate seat.

    Bruce Botelho gets a thumbs up for helping ease this one over the hump.

  7. REALLY…what else could she do {don’t answer that!}, maybe she was holding out till the WAR confrim was done…{we’ve already have proof of how he would handle the situation], & since that did not work out, she did what she could/should have done last week, or the week before, or the week before that…on & on & on

    Fred Sanford said it best: “You big dummy!”

  8. …so why now? Why did she do this?

    This is SP who never ever does anything without a reason that will benefit HER. She has never had an altruistic moment in her life.

    And she’s aging quickly.

  9. My bet is still that she was holding that one anti-war vote until the war vote took place.

  10. She’s lost quite a few battles and has quite a few fires to put out.

    I’m thinking she was cutting her losses. Better Dennis Egan than Beth Kerttula. Could be she didn’t consider this enough of a priority to continue fighting.

    Or now that WAR is rejected, it doesn’t matter anymore.

  11. She definitely lost “brownie” points by throwing her little temper tantrum!! She is absolutely pathetic!! She could have appointed him when his name first came up. So as basheert says “why now?” There has to be something in it for Sarah. I wish the Legislature would have knocked a bunch more off her budget and not given her the additional $9 mil she wanted. She will soon join Frank at the bottom of the barrel.

  12. Probably still stunned by the shock of having the legislature stand up to her. If she vetoes the stimulus money, the legislature should call itself into a special session and override her veto.

    She’ll try to get even with her interim AG appointment.

  13. Sarah has a chance to learn something. Whether or not she does will determine her political future. Another six months like these last and she is toast.

  14. I like to think that the WAR denial vote margin was a shock and she tucked her tail and ran scared from anything that could turn into a fight.

    Off topic – did she sign off the document to approve the Alaska Territorial Guard pensions yet? Or is she still delaying, displaying her contempt of the Native community for all to see?

    **********Note from Shanny**********
    According to the State site, she has not signed SB 89. It is on schedule to be returned on April 25. It will become law without her signature, but they have had to wait a month, at least.

  15. What changed her mind?

    The WAR vote may be as good a guess as any. Or maybe, just maybe she looked at some poll numbers and pragmatically decided this pissing match was hurting her politically. That would give her some credit for being able to look at someone’s view besides her own tho.

    But I’d like to think that somebody increased her hormone dosage. That would at least explain what has gone on with her this year.

  16. Prior to Elton leaving, during a February 09 meeting in the Governor’s office with some prominent Juneau Republicans, Egan and one other Juneau conservative Democrat were discussed as acceptable alternatives to Beth Kertulla. I wonder if the Queen just waited until Dems offered her what she wanted, or is that giving her gamesmanship too much credit? Not to diss Egan, though, he is a good selection.

  17. According to AKMuckraker, if no appointment was made, the senate seat would have gone into special election. And that probably would have seated Beth Kerttula. So the only way to block Kerttula was to appoint someone the senate would confirm. That meant…..Dennis Egan.

    So she cut her losses.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    According to the law, if she had not appointed someone by the end of today she would be negligent of her duties. She pushed it as far as she could. The Dems stuck together.

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