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As Alaska Turns…The Newest Palin Rumor

This just floated in from the halls of Juneau…

…since Palin has already appointed Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt as the 3rd in line, she is planning on announcing (Lt. Governor) Sean Parnell for AG and Joe will be Lt. Gov….That may fall under things you already know…but thought it worth the pass off…

Wow. I ran this past a few people fresh from session and they said it was definitely floating out there.

Captain Zero for AG!

For all the buttons worn by both Republican and Democratic legislators that say “Where’s Sarah?” there should be billboards asking “Where’s Sean?”

During the Governor’s unholy campaign for VP, Sean Parnell, the current Governor Light, was MIA. I called his office often and would be told he was on a plane. I’m quite sure it took off at 8a.m. and circled until 5p.m.

Joe Schmidt? While serving as Department of Corrections Chief, he had a vote of no confidence from the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA) last April. It was the first time such a vote had ever come up with “No Confidence.” ACOA alleged Schmidt had cut positions to dangerously low levels in the prisons and covered up medical issues in the jails. Specifically, the spread of a contagious bacterial infection, MRSA, among prisoners and even guards. Neat guy to work for.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah attended Wasilla High School together. Yes, another WHS alum appointment. This should make the reunions easier. Reminds me of Franci Havemeister’s appointment to the State Division of Agriculture. She cited her childhood love of cows as one of her qualifications for running the roughly $2 million agency. I think it actually may have been her Wasilla Warrior status.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah went to Wasilla High School together. Celtic Diva’s sources report Joe Schmidt has bragged they were sweeties…hmmm…AWKWARD!

Sean Parnell as AG? Well, how will he handle State issues with the oil companies? He did work for Conoco Phillips from 2000 to 2003. What about issues regarding the Governor? They are pretty tight. When it comes to laws the Governor is trying to pass like the Papa Pilgram Protection Act (Parental Consent for Abortion), is he going to protect the rights of privacy for young Alaskan women (2 last year) or will he call in the Uterus Police?

Lots of questions for a little, itty, bitty rumor….




    Ok, we know Parnell is a wind up doll.

    What do we know about Schmidt? Isn’t he one of Palin’s old boyfriends?? Really, I heard this somewhere?

    What is this guy’s education, credentials. Does he even have a G.E.D.? Is his IQ higher than Trig’s? Ok, low blow.

    Better, is his IQ higher than his age?

    I am going to check “Alaska Court View” now.

  2. Ok, I can’t stop yet. Still in shock.

    Don’t you get it??

    It’s not about the senate seat or denying Juneau representation. It’s not about denying Kertulla or the democrats, it’s not about going after the Presidency.

    THis is how a narcissist, when the only attention they get is negative, fights back.

    She is showing those on her “enemies list” i.e. ANYONE who opposes her in the slightest, that SHE CAN AND WILL do as much damage to that person as possible.

    Kertulla said she was not VP material, Democrats are “against” her party, Republican legislators spoke out against her, Juneau did not support her VP run, Levi is losing his fear and now has an attorney.

    Her house of cards is falling and ANYTHING she can do to ANYBODY to show them she is the Queen and SHE can hurt THEM, she WILL do. Narcissist do NOT get better; they get worse and eventually self destruct, usually harming many others in the process.

    This is ALL about Sarah’s narcissism and politics is only the stage upon she performs HER play.

    Continued: Like Nixon who stated an action was NOT illegal if he did it because he was the president, and like her own previous statement as mayor, “I’ll do whatever I want until a court tells me I can’t” ( re: her unauthorized $50,000 office renovation), as a full blown narcissist, Palin feels that WHATEVER she has to do to protect herself from those who are against her is justified.

    Narcissist literally feel their very existence depends on the positive attention of others. To lose that “love” –to them– is to have their life threatened and thus WHATEVER they feel they have to do is only SELF DEFENSE and thus justifiable. If it’s not legal, THEY feel the law is wrong i.e. also “against them” and deserves to be broken.

    Just keep watching her — she will show us all.

  3. I wish I could say that I thought Liz P.’s post was too outrageous to be true, but it would explain a lot of the goofy / outright illegal decisions SP made during the last bizarre legislative session.

  4. Alaskan Whack-a-Mole! They never stop coming, just get faster and furiouser.

  5. LizP – boy you are calling it right.

    She’s careening off a cliff. Narcissists do not get well they get worse and they destroy everything to get their way. People are simply to be used.

    I thought she was just a show off moron but lately her behavior really bears watching.

    She is dangerous to herself and to others because she has no checks and balances on her behavior. This is all about getting what she wants and if she gets revenge at the same time, it’s even sweeter.

    She is one very very sick lady.

  6. I’ve also heard that rumor about Palin and Schmidt.

    Someone should copy his picture from the high school yearbook and send it around with a note: the qualification for a position in Palin’s administration is to be a former high school classmate at Wasilla High (or otherwise under her control like Track’s girlfriend working for Palin); there are no other job requirements. The closer you were to her in high school, the better the job you get.

  7. A little more on the Narcissist thing. This is a condition covered in the DSMIV on Mental Health and Disease. I agree she is mentally ill, as does my own inhouse personal (very personal) physician.

    Liz is correct. When the people in the US rejected her, it sent her into a tailspin. Now she’s facing challenges in Alaska. She has to be loved. It’s part of the disease. It’s her only goal in life. It isn’t about the job, the Veep; it’s about only her and what she needs.

    The only thing that matters to a narcissist is being loved and approved of. That’s it – nothing and no one matters but the individual. She is not mentally capable of being rational.

    This goes way beyond the Barbie syndrome – it goes well beyond the mean high school girl.

    If SP continues to not get what she wants, she is going to get worse. A lot worse. And when she destructs (she will destruct), she will hurt a lot of people and she won’t care.

    The people she attracts are all fools. Her illness is her personality. Unfortunately she won’t seek help, no one will help her because she won’t allow it, she doesn’t have the self realization that she is deeply ill and so everyone else will have to deal with the outcome.

    And there will be an outcome. And it won’t be pretty.

  8. Schmidt and Palin dated in high school?

    Guess there’s no rule or reg about nepotism or cronyism in AK, eh? Someone ought to tell her to quit acting like Billy Bulger.

  9. Schmidt and Palin dated in high school?

    That’s putting it “mildly” wink,wink abstinence and all, you betcha!

  10. Playing “WHAT WILL PALIN DO NEXT?” is hardly any fun anymore b/c no matter WHAT wacky nonsense you imagine, she always tops it.

    She could start throwing virgins and Democrats into Mt. Redoubt and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me at all at this point.

  11. I believe Commissioner Schmidt has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from UAA or Mat-Su College.

  12. I think Liz P. has nailed it. GINO Palin certainly has all of the symptoms of NPD. It explains everything we have seen from her.

  13. Until Alaskans IMPEACH this mentally ill woman there will be No rest for the Alaska or the country. Until she’s stop and put away, she will continue. She has NEVER been stopped. I’ve been trying for several years. I could use some help…..

  14. While Schmidt is nowhere near a good choice for the Lite Gov spot the whole no confidence thing was a sham. I know a lot of people on both sides of that things and attended the judiciary hearings, and the CO union is a joke. There was a lot of history behind their claims and alot of BS.

    If this ever does come to pass, there are plenty of better reasons that it is a horrible idea.

  15. Syrin, what kind of help do you need? There are tons of us that don’t live in Alaska that want this bad seed buried.
    On Phils blog Andree mentioned the coming of a new PAC called People against Corruption. Maybe you can contact Phil to get in tough with Andree.
    Meanwhile we are trying to figure out how to help Andree b/c of the Super outrageous cost of FIOA emails from GINO! Stay tuned for that. We might think our selves one “howl” in the wilderness, but together… We are a pack, We are ONE!
    Yes WE Can! 🙂

  16. Phil, ceefourpee just caught on to the rumor and they say Parnell’s ed was:

    “Parnell, an attorney by training, attended Pacific Lutheran University (B.B.A. 1984) and University of Puget Sound School of Law (J.D. 1987). He is admitted to the bar in both Alaska and Washington D.C”

    Anyone know, for sure??

  17. Regina has written quite a bit about this whole schmidt prison business………not so pretty. It involved Palin also.

  18. The Alaska Bar Association shows him as Inactive.

  19. So Palin wants to turn Alaska into a poorly-run prison? Or does she want Schmidt as Lt. Gov. just to make the alternative really bad and discourage thoughts of impeachment? (I remember when VP Agnew had to go before Nixon could be threatened with impeachment; Agnew, former Md. Gov, pleaded “no contest” to corruption charges and was replaced as VP by Mich. Rep. Gerald Ford.)

    I agree that Palin is driven by her need for “love” and approval, but this move doesn’t look like blindly lashing out. There is some rationality here from the perspective of her own self-interest, even if she’s out of touch with reality in thinking she can pull it off.

    If this is not a trial balloon that will be abandoned when it thuds, the legislature will again have to be the grown-up and firmly say “no.”

    Like Liz and Basheert, I think she’s headed for self-destruction. I wish I were a Christian pastor who could approach her with a message of repentance and God’s love and forgiveness that would let her let go of the lies and delusions. I doubt that once certain things come out she will be able to approach those in her church. I’m afraid she will eventually feel rejected and cornered, and she keeps guns in her house. God help her and her family, and I mean it.

  20. The Washington D.C. Bar Association lists him as “Inactive”

  21. crystalwolf aka caligrl on April 20, 2009
    at 2:00 pm:
    Parnell, an attorney by training, attended Pacific Lutheran University (B.B.A. 1984) and University of Puget Sound School of Law (J.D. 1987). He is admitted to the bar in both Alaska and Washington D.C”

    Anyone know, for sure??

    His bio on the state website says this:

    Sean graduated from East Anchorage High School in 1980, going on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pacific Lutheran University, as well as a doctorate of jurisprudence from University of Puget Sound School of Law (now known as Seattle University School of Law). He has been an attorney since 1987 and is admitted to practice in Alaska and Washington, D.C. Like his father before him, Sean owned his own business for many years, a small law practice located in downtown Anchorage.

  22. Chaim:
    Here is where I disagree.
    The fact is, people with NPD cannot be cured with prayer (I’m sorry, it’s the cynic in me). This is an extremely complex and difficult disorder to treat.

    She already feels rejected (hey she blew the 2008 election for her party) and cornered. And as far as I can see, she has the proverbial snowball’s chance in h*ll of making POTUS.

    Therefore she will fail. The only thing that she believes will solve her internal unrest is her obsession to get what she wants. She won’t be dissuaded. She HAS to HAVE only what SHE wants. She will not compromise.

    SP is now her illness. If she has NPD, it won’t go away. This will get worse. And you know what, even if she got what she wanted, she wouldn’t be happy. She’d hate everyone who ever objected to her.

    She’s all about a disease process. Her pathology is increasing daily.

    God’s love won’t fix this – he gave us doctors but we have to go to them first.

  23. Eye on You: Have checked databases in both Washington D.C. and Alaska.

    He is listed in both and “Inactive” in both. I have no idea what that means.

    I try to never hire attorneys’

  24. I can’t remember exact details, but back when Palin made schmidt the guy to be gov if anything happened to Palin and Parnell it just seemed too weird to me.

    I did some digging but didn’t keep the links and I have no clue where all I posted them. But, there is an inmate from AK shipped out to AZ who died in AZ prison of TB and lack of medical attention.

    I remember digging some more and read that the prison sub contracts are basically owned by big name Repubs and X- CIA or FBI (can’t remember) guys, something like that. I think the main base was FL. It sounded like a strange prison contractor deal that works with state agencies. I can’t think of the org name right now. I just thought it was very weird and inter connected with the repub party.

  25. By: basheert on April 20, 2009
    at 2:17 pm:

    He is listed in both and “Inactive” in both. I have no idea what that means.


    To the best of my knowledge that means that they are not allowed to practice law until they reinstate their licence.

  26. oh yeah, the AK inmate shipped to AZ was a Native, who was supposed to be released last June/July (?)

  27. basheert

    To the best of my knowledge it means that they cannot practice law until they renew their licence. (as long as they are in good standing)

  28. Yes – there is no question he is an attorney. Beyond that I’m not familiar with him.
    (Hey I’m in AZ, we have our own crosses to bear).

    Never ship anyone to AZ to prison. Our sheriff has spent MILLIONS of dollars in fines for killing people in his jails and the people still keep electing this old reprobate because the think he is tough.

    C’mon guys – we consider our “history” beginning October 25, 1881 (the date of the Gunfight at the OK Corral) and a lot of people worship their guns here too. Of course you need something to kill the snakes with.

  29. I agree totally with Basheert: NPD of GINO.

    “God’s love won’t fix this – he gave us doctors but we have to go to them first.’

    And the ones who need help the most, have their head in the sand and will not seek help!
    We got the crazy train goin’ here, and it not going to get better.
    She really does need to be recalled/impeached before she does more damage.

  30. …and she is going to do as much damage as it takes to get what she wants.

    I think the national exposure really triggered her NPD into high gear. And when she lost the election, her illness manifested itself and took over bigtime.

    She cannot control this, but she doesn’t want to. She is acting like a child who has a tantrum,I know that has been said before.

    The thing is, children grow up and learn it doesn’t work. SP will never gain that insight over her own behavior. It is not possible for her to be in control at this point. She is flying all over the board.

    She needs an intervention quickly – she needs help.

  31. The rumor is definitely floating around Juneau.

    Speaking of no confidence, Schmidt and his Palin admin buddies were in negotiations with the corrections officers union. It went to arbitration, and the arbitrator ruled pretty much in favor of the union.

    My sources told me Schmidt and other admnin folks quietly lobbied the legislature to not pay for the new contract even though they had agreed to submit the dispute to arbitration.

    However, they may or may not have known that under state law (according to what was said on the floor of the House last night) the legislature’s failure to act by rejecting the contract will result in the contract being implemented, forcing Corrections to come back next year for a supplemental- or to reduce their budget elsewhere to pay for the added personnel costs.

  32. Shannyn, we’re a billboard free state. Don’t ever suggest billboards as an option here.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    HA! You are soooo right! Lyda Green the Billboard queen….that was a fight! I just meant the size difference. The guy has the power of being invisible!

  33. What is the history between Palin and Parnell? He looks very much in love with her in every video and photo I have seen of them together.

    What are his chances of becoming Governor in 2010. I do not think she will run. In Evansville she teased that she “might have to write a book soon about what she learned in 2008.”

    Who would know the truth of Palin’s and Schmidt’s relationship in high school?

  34. I was already feeling nauseous. Now I think I might hurl. The DOC is a permanent mess with COs who are abusive and inappropriate for the most part. There are some who are professional. The reason there is a problem with MRSA is the cleaning practices are poor. They often withhold soap from the inmates, as well as many other things. This is a violation of one of their policies. Oh, Yea, I forgot they do not follow most of their own policies, such as giving inmates health care. Inmates are often in poor health and this makes them more suseptable to infection. Palin knows all of this. I made sure she knows. She does not care. One thing is Schmidt can not screw up Palin’s administration any worse than it already is.

  35. I think that a lot of Palin’s behavior is a serious personality disorder but is also in keeping with her religious beliefs, which should scare anyone.

    Her church and Bishop Muthee of witch removing fame believe she is meant by God to be governor and beyond, which everyone knows, but I do not see that mentioned in any of the various blogs. Maybe it is too remote to be plausible to the average person, who does not think like that.

    I found this from a Huffington Post article dated September 24, 2008. “Some right-wing evangelicals even believe she has messianic potential. As former Christian Broadcasting Network vice president Jim Bramlett wrote, ‘Sarah is that standard God has raised up to stop the flood. She has the anointing.'”

    Now, if you think you are the chosen one and are mentally disturbed to boot, you would probably act like Palin. Wow.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    The Alaska bloggers wrote about Muthee a lot. Here’s a link to my appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann talking about it last year.

  36. Bobby Jindal, the Faith Healer and Exorcist is leaving for AK on the next flight out. He’ll drive the devil out of your GINO. Until he arrives, put one dog out and keep one in. Lock all doors and load up. Do not venture outdoors.

  37. Basheert — I’m not advocating “faith healing” over medicine. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but I don’t believe there is a medical or psychiatric “cure” for NPD. Perhaps long-term psychoanalysis, which isn’t feasible except for the rich, and in any case the “sufferer” won’t admit he or she needs it.

    The problem with the “medical model” is that it tells the person that he or she has an illness or defect that needs to be fixed. NPD can’t be assigned to some discrete physiological cause and hence detached from the ego — it’s a “personality disorder.” If one hypothesizes that a person with NPD is desperately avoiding feelings of worthlessness and rejection, probably from early childhood, this message of illness and defectiveness is something he or she cannot possibly hear.

    I am not a pastor, nor a Christian, but Christianity is her spiritual “language” and I have some understanding of it. I can imagine Sarah Palin might be able to hear a message saying she is a unique soul and precious to God, that she has been seduced by the temptation of worldly power and drawn into a web of lies — Jesus calls Satan “the father of lies” — who needs to repent and return to God’s love. I can’t imagine her acknowledging that her predicament is the result of her own “personality disorder,” submitting to a therapist whose therapeutic knowledge comes from an intellectual world she does not understand, who rejects the God-figure who is her last hope for the unconditional love she craves, who offers no promise of a cure, and whose treatment confirms the stigma of defectiveness she has been running from all her life.

    To be effective, the religious message would have to be delivered by a charismatic personality — but much of the value of psychotherapy is the result of placebo effect and wishful thinking, in which I am engaging also, too.


  39. Chaim: Yes I bow to your disagreement…going out on a limb here. The fact that you and I are not threatened by some form of potential disagreement is an example that we are NORMAL.
    There is NO possibility that she will ever recognize that she has issues or has a disorder. The fact that she does not understand an intellectual world is a tragedy.
    My concern is not SP. She has disintegrated to the point of insanity. However what she does and who she affects involves an entire host of people.
    This is one of those horrid personality disorders (as you express) where the sufferer has no clue that they are out of control.
    I really see her sliding down the slippery slope when she doesn’t get her way. Aside from NPD I believe she is also a sociopath – not sure if they go hand in hand but she has no empathy for those she affects.
    Thanks for the input – I love the great discourse and the disagreement on this level.
    Then again, I am not threatened by those who do not share my opinion.

  40. “The Son of a Grifter” by Kent Walker. Walker is the “good son” of a woman who called herself Santee Kimes. Kimes and her “bad son” murdered 3 people and the last was extremely well publicized across the nation. Google will give you some info on her.

    This is a very well written book by a man who grew up with a narcissistic parent. Kimes is more extreme than Palin, BUT PALIN HAS NATIONAL ATTENTION THAT FEEDS HER DELUSIONAL REALITY BUBBLE. THUS, WHEN IT IS FINALLY POPPED BEYOND REPAIR, PALIN CAN—AND I FEEL–WILL BE AS DANGEROUS AS KIMES.

    Loussac Library has this book. You will recognize Palin on many many pages.

    There is a very telling event where even the author cannot verbalize what every reader will intuit i.e. that Kimes may very well have sent her young son back into a house ( where she had planed a bomb to go off in moments—she collected insurance money by burning her own homes) to get some important papers. The blast occurred just as he left the front door and he was thrown to the sidewalk.

    The author is now fully out of denial about his mother, but loves her nontheless. He shows extreme courage to write as truthfully and as openly as he does.

    It will “show” you what narcissism looks like on an everyday and ongoing basis.

    Listing symptoms is one thing. Living with a narcissistic parent is another. While mymother was not physically violent, she was a soul sucker. I recognize Palin’s narcissism because I grew up with a narcissist.

    I want to know who is behind the church fire in Wasilla? I want to know that Levi is protecting his physical safety. Remember, this young boy KNOWS who Trig’s real mother is ! ! ! Likely the only thing keeping him quiet is the fear of hurting his chances of seeing his son. It is a very large threat to hang over Palin’s head and you know how she feels about people that threaten her !

  41. ALSO, TOO, please review “The People Of The Lie” by M. Scott Peck. He died recently, but in this book, published approx. 15 (?) years ago, his basic message is that lying is both the symptom and the foundation of “evil.”

    He is a psychiatrist, explored many different religions, including buddhism ( I am Daoist ) but returned to Christianity. He is NOT a fundamentalist, but what would be considered a “true” Christian i.e. he does a damn good job of walking his own talk.

    His book gives examples of his patients, and/or the parents who produced them and while I do not agree with everything he says or feels, I greatly admire his courage to address what exactly “evil” is and to accept that “the people of the lie” are not curable.

    He has one patient of whom he comments about the danger she would present to others if she held a position of authority as an employer or a politician.

    I would love to have his opinion of Palin, but, as I stated, he dies within the last year.

    A book well worth reading to couple narcissism with the actual damage it can do to others from a professional (psychiatrist) and compassionate human being.

    M. Scott Peck also wrote, “The Road Less Trav eld.”

  42. Nicely said LizP: The fact is, if she truly is mentally ill, it is not something that will be easily resolved. She has somehow managed to get herself into a political sphere.
    I still believe she will self destruct for the simple reason that most normal people do not identify with her self-ideation.
    I also predict that Levi is in danger. You do not cross this type of Personality without full knowledge as to the danger involved.
    Great dialogue….great info sharing!

  43. I would like to mention the work of Bill Eddy–his term for people with personality disorders is “High Conflict.”

    Bill Eddy is both a therapist and an attorney. He works not only with people in legal disputes with Personality Disorder litigants, but also in other situations like political conflicts.

    I took a legal seminar from him last fall. He knows his subject matter and how people with various PDs will act and react in various legal and professional situations.

    If the AK legislature (or any other group) wants someone to help them understand how SP behaves and how to keep conflict with her to a minimum, they could hire him.,com_frontpage/Itemid,50/

  44. The reason I think Levi is in danger is because 1) Palin has shown herself to be violent.

    First, info from an extremely valid Wasilla source ( well known progressive blogger) that Palin slashed tires on Todd’s girl friend’s car when he was being unfaithful to Palin.

    Second, IF she were Trig’s mother—and I do not believe she is– she was trying to kill him at birth. You can call it a “fundamentalist abortion” if you want, but with a 7 month fetus, the law would call it murder. If Trig is NOT her child, it is still a chilling scenario for her to think up.

    Third, even if she is not involved with the Wasilla church fire, she was ready willing and able to take advantage of the situation by her statement to the press the next morning that she hoped it had nothing to do with her.

    ATF is now helping on the investigation of this fire & they should be. Accelerant was sent on ALL sides of the church, including all entrances. Cars were parked in the lot indicating people were inside. Arsonist usually try to avoid setting fires when it is know there are people inside the building.

    Because there have been no further church fires in Wasilla, nor Alaska that I know of, this fire becomes even more unusual–and likely related to Palin on some level. I do NOT believe any gays, who would object to the teachings of this church, would be involved. Sorry, there is just not that much motivation for ANY Palin “hater” to burn a church.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: As in the Santee Kimes book, narcissist who are not getting the narcissistic supply they need, BUT are getting only negative attention, try to move away from the situation. Kimes moved from southern California, to Arizona, etc back and forth as her house(s) of cards collapsed.

    When it got too bad, she moved to N.Y. where her last murder took place. In N.Y. no one knew her and she could con and grift with little past to hinder her.

    WHAT IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE WRT PALIN IS THAT KIMES FIRST KILLED someone who had been a friend and accomplice but who no longer had any loyalty to Kimes after being thrown under “the bus.” In fact, this person has the motivation of revenge to “drop a dime” on Kimes to authorities who would have arrested her and sent her to jail for a long time.


    Her second murder was when she murdered a former accomplice who had helped her murder the first guy. This second man had also been thrown “under the bus” by Kimes and now WAS A DIRE THREAT TO KIMES BECAUSE HE COULD “DROP A DIME” ON HER AS A MURDERER.

    Levi is a very big threat to Palin’s livlihood.


    This is a living nightmare for a narcissist.

    She has no place to go to get away from the negative “narcissistic supply” as she is in the spotlight now even when she does not want to be.

    There may never be violence connected with her when she self destructs, but I think the odds are that there will be. God help Todd if he is fooling around on her. God Help Bristol if she really pulls away from her mother now–that is when my mother finally got physically violent i.e. when I moved into my own apartment at 19 and she lost all control over me.

    Ooohhhpps. Dog has to pee. Got to stop venting for a bit. I got a BIG dog. LOL

  45. “I would like to mention the work of Bill Eddy–his term for people with personality disorders is “High Conflict.”

    Bill Eddy is both a therapist and an attorney…”

    WOW, I bet he does have some interesting things to say ! Got to google this guy and see if I can get hold of what he has written.

    Yes, I would imagine people like Palin are a real problem for attorneys who represent them. Personally, you could not pay me enough to go into “the crazy zone” dealing with people like this.

  46. I feel that Levi could be in danger from of some of Gino’s rabid fans. I think some of these people are gullible enough to do her willing.
    And that is the scary thing for me, there are people out there who are just mesmerized by her.

  47. According to Gryphen (Immoral Minority blog), Levi has 24-hour security. No further details. I’ll admit I was worrying too. There must be a number of people who know things, but he’s the conspicuous target at the moment. Frankly, I think some of her followers (idolaters?) are crazier than she is.

  48. @chaim….your response re: Palin and NPD is spot on. There is much wisdom in what you say…and like you, I believe her spirituality is the only way to reach her. No…it wont heal her…but it is something she would possible “listen” to.

    Great post…I loved it.

  49. Levi does have security protection, according to a post today on Immoral Minority.

    I am surprised he feels he needs it. I believe Palin is capable of anything (for God you know) but still, I find this news surprising.

    Could it be to keep the papparazzi away? Or posturing by the lawyer to aid his custody case?

    I believe Palin is lying about most everything, but even I am surprised by Levi’s security.

    NOTE: I refuse to call her Sarah because that is what she wants, to be so famous that Sarah is enough, like Cher, or Charro.

  50. If Palin just stayed home and took care of her family and whatever ribbon-cuttings she has to go to while there no legislative session, she could go a long way to mending her image.

    Stay OUT of the spotlight. but she won’t, which is good for those of us who want her aspirations for higher office squashed.

  51. Chaim- Religion has a poor record as a treatment for personality disorders. Many hick religion pastors are Narcissists, themselves. Religion is a narcissistic undertaking for many. Narcissists adore the idea of being especially close to God and privy to his wishes. Religion is a tool for them. She will not get better. Kurt Vonnegut used to say that there was a category of people who were “failed humans.” Meaning that they had failed to become human in the ways that most of us understand the features of humanity. They failed to acquire developmentally features like empathy, and caring. Nothing better describes cluster 2 personality disorders. They are stuck at the emotional level of two-year-olds. They simply can’t understand other human beings’ needs or desires. They are the sole, bottomless location of need and desire.

  52. Levi Johnston and fam will be on Larry King tomorrow night, Wed 4/22.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY***********
    I’m glad he has 24 hour security…The drama continues.

  53. Hmmm,..interesting stuff,.

    Check out our short student film “Misconception”, Thannx.

  54. […] As Alaska Turns…The Newest Palin Rumor This just floated in from the halls of Juneau… “…since Palin has already appointed Corrections […] […]

  55. Seriously, have you mob ever asked yourselves why you are called the “loonie left”?

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