Posted by: shannynmoore | April 22, 2009

Palin Ethics Complaint Filed…”Where’s Sarah?”


“An ethics complaint against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be filed this afternoon asserting that Palin’s involvement with SarahPAC constitutes “outside employment” and “misuse of official position.” Anchorage resident Sondra Tompkins, child disability advocate and mother of a special needs child, is filing the complaint after observing Governor Palin repeatedly display “a pattern of unethical behavior.” Sondra believes that the tipping point for her was Sarah Palin’s most recent abdication of her role as Governor and apparent conflict-of-interest when she spoke at two outside events in Indiana rather than work with the Alaska Legislature during the most critical time, the end of the session.

The complaint alleges:

a) Governor Palin has entered into a contract outside of her official duties with the donors, employees, partners and any or all other participants involved in Sarah PAC.

b) The recent partisan trip to Indiana by the Governor was purely to benefit personal interests, had no benefit for the State of Alaska and was in direct conflict with her official duties.

c) The Governor left the State to participate in these events during the most critical end-of-session Legislative activities, at a time where the legislators themselves are not permitted to leave.

************NOW we know why Sarah was giving an Atlas summation of Alaska while on her Indiana trip. She will call it her “tourism inducement act.” For all the Alaska facts, she sounded like a Alaska Visitor’s Bureau commercial played in local hotels. Now I know why…so she could call it work. I’m sure the thought of “80 active volcanoes” will bring people in droves.
Today should be interesting…



  1. AKM has a post on this on HUFFPO today. Here is the link – please go and Buzz It Up so she can hit the front page?

    Thanks everyone. Let’s make SP even more nuts.—new_b_190101.html

  2. Yeah….Honesty and integrity may still be able to rule the day!

  3. hmmm…going all the way to Indiana to promote tourism?
    She’s got some major issues, no doubt about it. She had the foresight (???-I question her ability and intelligence) to lay down an excuse just in case there were complaints? I truly don’t get her! She just doesn’t know how to live in this parallel universe known as reality. Sorry you Alaskans have THIS representation…it’s so harmful!

  4. I figured she was going to try the promoting Alaskan tourism excuse…like those rubes in Indiana that paid a whopping $34.90 per plate with food, and $16.00 without food for the fundraiser will be splurging on an Alaskan cruise this year.

  5. I don’t think this complaint has legs. She specifically stated she was not on State business and took no state staff and was independent. Just because the woman is governor doesn’t mean she gives up er own civil rights. She doesn’t surrender her passport and last name to become Empress or anything…

    Now, was is wise? I don’t think so.

    Shannyn, by adding the tourism bit, you are using your Blog to amalgamate issues that have no connection. Palin didn’t make the claim she is travelling to improve state tourism. But you making this claim on her behalf, have muddied the water.

    There are plenty of factual issues to challenge the Gov on. Why make this one up?

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    Chris, someone should bonk you with a magic wand…oh, wait. First, this is not my complaint, I am reporting on one being filed today. I am not a consultant on it or any other connection. I AM NOT A NEWSPAPER. I can put whatever opinion I want on it. I’m merely pointing out how it will most likely be shut down. Republicans and Democrats have made public comments on her ditching the last week of work.

  6. I agree. I wondered why the embarrassing 3 minute rant on the 3rd grade level geography of Alaska-no offense to 3rd graders!

    Now it makes sense! CYA Baby!!!

  7. I know you are not a newspaper. I appreciate what you do. I especially like the sarcasm and humor you apply.

    I just felt compelled to point out the creation of a red herring. This is where is was born.

    I like herring.

  8. PS Do you just want a mutual admiration society here? If so, that is a dangerous list toward Palinism in my book.
    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY***********
    Not at all…you know better. But being a malcontent isn’t really helpful to a discussion…but…I rarely delete any comments. I think the last on was Mike Doogan’s personal home address and phone number. Ironic.

  9. You folks are amazing – but I really wish you’d leave poor Sarah alone – I’d love to see her as the Repub nominee in 2012 and the thumpin’ she gonna get – you betcha.

  10. It would be enjoyable to observe a good bonking on the head with a magic wand at the blog hand of Shanny….you go girl.

  11. The point is, she should have stayed in Alaska to do the job the people elected her to do. The fact that she insisted on going to Indiana to further her political career is just one more slap in the face – “there, take that” she might as well have said.

  12. Hey everyone. It’s on the front page of HuffPo’s political page – both Shannyn AND AKM.
    A poster named “Colleen” has come and posted a comment once again using AKM’s full name.
    What a dirtbag.
    Please note that “Colleen” did not choose to use her full name. What a coward.

  13. Here’s another Comment – obviously the C4Pers have NOTHING to do:

    Biegel, ***** and all the rest of this little bunch of bottom-feeders, this little group are the ones that file lawsuit’s and bankruptcies and some live off the government, sure they are paid to smear and try the Governor of Alaska’s patience. But as a Native I am sick of the lowest, nasty, idiots I have ever seen, maybe that big ass Biegel or is that beagle? Get a damn job, stop your lying and smearing of the Gov. Of Alaska and for the sake of all get some help for your jealousy, anyone seen her picture? woof-woof. And for the one who calls herself a republican, we do not need your type, so go with the other loser’s. BTW You can’t keep a good woman down…

  14. ” She specifically stated she was not on State business and took no state staff and was independent.”

    In the speech she talks about how much fun her staff had with all the goodies that Indiana sent, and how much time they spent discussing what was going to come next. Her staff was certainly involved in this trip. Anyway, it’s not so much the FACT that she went, as the TIMING of her trip. If legislators aren’t allowed to be gone at the end of the session, why should she be gone?

  15. About time…

    Great civic duty, Sondra Tompkins!

    And to you, as well, Shannyn!

  16. Just who was in the traveling party, for certain? I thought I saw Sarah, Meg, and Todd, entering Biaggi’s. Meg vacations with them?

  17. kljcager-ohio Be careful what you ask for…

  18. I would guess her “staff” referred to the SarahPAC people. I don’t disagree there is merit to the request of an inquiry by the Executive Ethics group. It wasn’t an official trip of the Governor and NO Governor, ever in the State’s history was restricted to only State travel.

    Again, as for the judgment behind leaving in such a sensitive time, the Governor failed in her nomination of WAR partly because she left the shop when the decision was being made. There are consequences. Just none in the law to date. If the Legislature wishes to change that, it is a pretty high bar. It would take 75% for a veto override.

    But the natural cost of her decision will have a resounding smack to Sarah, I am sure.

  19. There is a name for what Sarah did.


    She ditched work and took a vacation. She took personal time the most important work days of the year. Either she was working for the state on state business or she wasn’t. Will she try to say that promoting tourism in Indiana is more important than her duties in Alaska the last few says of the session?

    She can’t have it both ways.

    No one is going to swallow the tourism angle.

  20. mlaiuppa,
    You already bought the Tourism angle. Just in reverse. So funny. This is how deceptive stories are created and then perpetuated. I am betting several readers of this post have already told there friends that Palin went to Indiana and said it was a State tourism trip. Too funny. I oppose group think in either direction personally.

  21. volcano tourism — why not? maybe we could make a fake 12th century pompeii-like village somewhere up the parks highway a bit, and take busloads of blueheads up there? it would be a mat-su project, so it’s veto-proof.

  22. If you read the entire complaint, and the paragraphs referencing the Alaska Statutes, you will see that the Governor does not get “time off,” the Governor is the Governor, whether in Juneau, Wasilla or Washington DC – Like the President or any Representative or Senator – or for that matter like any Judge – a governor may take a vacation and go lie in the sun, but they are still governor, 24/7 until the term is up.

    But, I believe the most interesting point made in the complaint is that Palin’s relationship with SarahPAC has the appearance, and perhaps the substance (I’m not a lawyer) of a contract, which would make it “outside employment.” Outside employment of public officials at a certain level is expressly prohibited in the Alaska Statutes. Its an interesting point, and I’ll be interested to see what the Personnel Board does with this one.

  23. Would outside employment include campaigning for the 2012 Republican nomination on company time?

  24. Maeve,
    While I wholeheartedly disagree with your first point, the second is very much the question of merit I see in the complaint that will need to be examined. It will likely turn on the technicality of whether or not Palin is receiving a salary.

    Many legislators, judges, Governors and their spouses have and do serve on nonprofit boards. They take trips, etc.

    As to the first point, everyone needs some time off. Even the President of the US, though he continues to be President, gets to take a vacation.

    He doesn’t get to go work for another entity. That said, he does continue to do work for his political party. So it is a fuzzy situation.

  25. If this one flies, that would be an interesting followup. I don’t think a complaint like that has ever been made; pols all over the country take off from their offices to campaign – for themselves and for others.

    It would be interesting if one had to quit an elected position to run for an elected position. Might cause lots of chaos.

  26. Problem is that the people who would be subject to these laws would have to pass them. Veto Veto Veto.

  27. Here is another problem with the theory, when does Obama resign to run again?

  28. Consider this – Alaskans allow her to be AWOL during the last days of the Legislative Session, WHAT is going to be high enough priority to keep her in-state and focused on her duties?

    Nothing. She proved that by defending her WAR.

  29. *She proved that by defending her WAR in absentia and losing so badly.

  30. She proved poor political intuition. WAR’s failure to be confirmed was due as much to her lack of political finesse as to WAR’s neolithic values.

  31. Don’t forget, all last fall she wasn’t AT WORK. It’s about the job. Her 2 most important pieces of legislation didn’t even make it to the legislature until the middle or later of the session.

    Those peices of legislation SHOULD HAVE BEEN READY ON DAY ONE, or at the very least the first week. It’s about doing the job, and how well it’s being done. In Palins case, not so good. She could be doing better.

    Bottom line, her choices suck. I’d say a grade D. The governor needs to do and get her homework done. Don’t forget to turn it in. And quit with the “dog ate it” excuses.

  32. Now she’s claiming that on a leg of the Indiana trip, she met with gas pipeline officials. Supposedly, during a stopover in Chicago, on a leg of that same trip. Can anyone substantiate that as happening?

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