Posted by: shannynmoore | April 23, 2009

Palin Saga: Pride & Prejudice

While waiting for the re-run of Levi & family to appear on Larry King, I watched the last hour of Pride & Prejudice. I loved the book…and wanted a happy ending.

Whatever tawdry stories come out in any interview with the Johnston family, there will be no happy ending. Whatever shots fire back pride_and_prejudice12from Team Sarah and their rabid spokesperson, Meg Stapleton, there will be no happy ending. It’s tragic. Governor’s press releases aren’t what you’d want in your baby book. Another example of political ambition before family.

I’m a pathetic romantic, and want a happy ending for everyone…including myself. When I got a divorce from my child’s father, we committed to co-parent, to speak nothing ill of each other to her, and that she was, indeed, the very best part of both of us. We weren’t good married; we are brilliant apart. She’s the point of our friendship.

I haven’t written much of the Levi & Bristol situation. When I was young, every relationship and breakup felt like front page news. Theirs actually has been on every front page in the country.

It’s crazy to expect the “kids” to grow up and take it all in stride. The Palin Parents should know better.

Levi will never be “Mr. Darcy.” Bristol is no “Elizabeth Bennet.” The public banter coming from  Governor Palin is hurting her child, her grandchild, and a young man who, for better or worse, is the father.

It isn’t lost on me that Jane Austen never married, but she wrote a great happy ending.



  1. I agree with you…this Palin baby drama is going to end badly. I know they have more skeletons in the closet. I think the Johnstons’ know alot more than they have admitted to in their recent interviews, and their message to the Palin’s is loud and clear.

    The sad part is, Sarah brought this all on herself, and she has done irreversible harm to her kids. Sarah thre her own daughter under the bus and exposed her pregnancy to “prove” she was Trig’s mother.She trotted Bristol and Levi out on the international stage, and used her other kids as stage props, which continues today. As a mother, her behavior appalls me…slinging Trig around like a sack of potatoes, taking her kids in and out of school, putting them in front of the media time after time.

  2. “Levi will never be “Mr. Darcy.” Bristol is no “Elizabeth Bennet.” The public banter coming from Governor Palin is hurting her child, her grandchild, and a young man who, for better or worse, is the father.”


  3. Well said Shannyn! Perfect Pride and Prejudice analogy!

  4. Well, very well, stated, as usual.
    Thank you Shannyn

  5. Though I see very eerie similarities between Mrs. Bennet and GINO. Both play the blame game and only have a passing acquaintance with the truth.

  6. Sometimes saying nothing is the only reasonable, responsible and rational thing to do. Qualities that the Palin clan seem to be lacking.

  7. A happy ending is so elusive, no? Good on you for having the ability and desire to be “brilliant”. That is no easy task.

    The fact that SP brought her children into the fray of national politics, in the way she did it, is certain to prove disastrous for the children. She only thinks of herself, and she continues to prove it. Sheesh…. arguing with a teenage boy.

  8. Good article, Shannyn.

    Something is just not right about the whole dirty laundry issue. I have a gut feeling……

    Like others similarly situated, Levi should hire an attorney, file a complaint, request DNA testing, establish child support payments and set up joint visitation. All in a court of law, the proper venue. Not public opinion (that’s GINO’s ammo). The best interests of the child should be paramount. Yet, the child has become a pawn!

  9. From what it appeared to me the Johnston famiy appeared to be afraid to seek legal help because of the venom of the arrogant Queen.

    Sad thing is the Queen never seems to suffer.

  10. Self righteous religious bigots/ideologues never suffer, because in their world: 1) people are systematically categorized as either good or bad; 2) the end justifies the means – always. Therefore, remorse or guilt, which is at the root of all suffering, is irrelevant to them. Look at Cheney, mumbling away proudly about his fantastic torture program!

    What I find amazing is how respectful Levi is every time he mentions the Palins (at least in the few excerpts I’ve watched.) He also seems very fond of Todd. That disparaging statement Sarah Palin put out recently about the relationship having been a big mistake on Bristol’s part could have made him very bitter. I hope they get back together, somehow, for the baby. Not that it’s any of my business, really…

  11. FW, I agree with you. Palin brought this all on herself and her kids, yet cries foul every time it comes back to bite her in the backside.

    A good parent would not have sacrificed her kids for political gain, and an adult would not feel the need to use her considerably greater resources against the 19-year-old father of her grandson. If she’d just stop adding fuel to the fire, the family’s dirty laundry would fade from view fairly quickly and we’d all be grateful.

    However, Palin seems to have a penchant for bringing things on herself then crying foul when they come back to bite her in the backside. I’m tired of her playing the martyr and I wish she’d get busy being the ethical, honest, capable, hard-working governor Alaskans thought they’d elected.

  12. Levi needs to go to court in order to have his rights asserted. If he does not do so any adhoc agreement that he makes with Bristol is subject to her whim (and that of her mother) and according to whether he plays ball as she sees it. He needs to take back the control that she is asserting over him by denying him his full entitlement to access.

    Also a private legal agreement could be broken by her and result in an endless cycle of court battles over custody rights sooner or later and so it will be better for Levi to take the bull by the horns and address the custody issue now and not later. Legally and in court before a judge without family interference.

  13. Nicely said Shannyn – as usual. I agree with many of you but I do have some additional thoughts.

    If Levi is Tripps father, why is Bristol allowing her mother to call all the shots?

    Why hasn’t Levi demanded a DNA test, if only to prove the baby is his?

    SP has something big to hide here, unless (and this is a possibility) she is just screwing things up for everyone because that’s what she does?

    Levi as Tripp’s father, has legal rights and he needs to exercise them. What does he know and let’s hope whatever it is, his lawyer is aware of it.

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