Posted by: shannynmoore | April 24, 2009

Palin Panders to Kodiak

It’s so strange to hear Sarah Palin talk about the State Constitution and how important fisheries are. palin-adn-no-on-4 Fisheries…sustainability?  How is that going to work with Pebble Mine, Gov?

She actually jokes about being all about abundance…look how many kids she has.  Aaack!

Eight minutes in she starts talking about how important the fisheries are…we could use that fighting against Anglo American’s proposal of an open pit mine in the largest Sockeye salmon region in the world.

The Senator she asked to resign last year is suddenly the best Alaskan ever.  The lionization of Ted Stevens continues.

Just some notes…I watched it so you don’t have to.



  1. Five kids? Hmph. Slacker.

  2. Wow, just wow. Thanks for taking the bullet, as it were, so the rest of us don’t have to. I was glad the news last night didn’t include the speech; I’d have had to turn it off.

  3. oh by the way . . . that little trip we took. . . listening to her makes me sick.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    I KNOW…that just made me squeal! “That little trip”…that went off a cliff…

  4. If fisheries are so important to this administration, then why does the Dept. of Vocational Rehab actively DISCOURAGE their applicants from taking even the state sponsored fisheries training programs? They steer them instead to things like heavy equipment and welding which are offered farther away from home for a much longer period of time. It appears that the Dept. of Labor is in the tank for the non-existant gas line, and fisheries can find themselves under that ever-loving bus. grrrrr

  5. For the life of me, I cannot bear to listen to THAT woman’s voice anymore. I think the last time I heard here was back in January. Has she lost that “folksy” demeanor yet?

  6. Yes, we should feel blessed? that Kodiak has missiles?

    And all that nature (introduced species like buffalo, elk and mt goats).

    The Gov’s dream. A safari park with really big guns?

    At least Uncle Ted looks “sharp”.

  7. Thanks, Shannyn, for doing the watching. I just can’t bear to look anymore.

  8. And I’m not really Kristina, I’m really Blue_in_AK at Kristina’s house waiting for my next grandchild.

  9. to Kristina aka Blue_in_AK – CONGRATULATIONS!

    I always watch for your posts here and at DU – and I appreciate YOU! and I am not really Ella, I am Lori in Los Angeles who is not at Ella’s house.

  10. Thanks for watching for me/us. She makes me throw up in my mouth. Does bad things for my blood pressure and overall just makes me feel ill.

  11. While Sarahcuda wants to turn down federal stimulus money for education, she requests more funding for the Kodiak Launch Complex aka Space Pork Kodiak aka Launch Pad to Nowhere. Ted Stevens lobbied the DoD to pay for its construction and the only launches have been government funded with all but one overtly military. Launch revenues do not cover the costs of operating the facility.

  12. Bless you Shannyn, for absorbing that for us. I can’t make myself watch her anymore. Never have I witnessed such an ingenuous human being. Oh wait, GWB.

  13. OMG, of course I meant DISingenuous!!! Mea culpa.

  14. Now, “there” when…when I hear Palin speak “there”…”now this is important”…’ask ourselves” were her parents really teachers. I wonder what their other students are doing.

  15. If fisheries are so darn sustainable and she is so in favor it WHY is DL heading up ADF& G???
    The guy was the biggest gun for hire for private entities WHILE working for F&G.
    He does not support science to manage the fishery.
    We won’t eve talk about the lack of leadership he was involved in on those pollock/Chinook by-catch meetings.
    Me thinks that women doesn’t know sustainable if it hit her in the a$$.

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