Posted by: shannynmoore | May 1, 2009

Dan Sullivan: Dementia or Lying?

The Anchorage Daily News endorsed Dan Sullivan for mayor.  So have the righty blowhards across the radio dial…not a shocker.  As of Friday morning, Matt Zency, editor of the ADN, claimed he had not heard the latest Dan Sullivan scuttlebutt.  It doesn’t matter, as there were plenty of reasons for the ADN not to endorse him.  The word on the street is some McClatchy muckety muck WHO DOESN’T LIVE HERE, hasn’t fallen into a pot hole, doesn’t have kids in our schools, or play at our parks, made the call.  Thanks, buddy.

Thursday, court documents were obtained concerning a DUI case from a couple years ago.  The young woman involved, Jacqueline LaFrance, was an employee at Dan Sullivan’s bar, McGinley’s.  On October 5, 2006, LaFrance stayed late at work, drank a few adult beverages, tried to drive home, caused a head on collision, fled the scene and got busted by the cops.

The documents from her testimony referenced a “Dan” several times.

One morning talk show host was doing Russian gymnastics saying there was NO WAY the “Dan” mentioned in the court documents was the fabulous “Dan Sullivan.” He could have done a polyp check as far up the back side of Dan he was crawling. The host claimed he’d talked to all the owners of the bar and knew there was another DAN present, and any one who thought differently was basically a liberal scum bag. Between the defense attorney, James Gould, and Ms. LaFrance, they say “Dan Sullivan” twice and “Dan” eight times in less than six minutes. There were no other males at the bar. To use the Brooklyn talker’s favorite phrase…SUCK IT! Here is the audio from her testimony.

So what? It’s her DUI and Dan didn’t force it down her throat-just poured it for her out of his pitcher. OK. Dan Sullivan has only responded to this story with “I don’t recall.” and “No comment.” I’m having an Ollie North/Alberto Gonzalez moment here…When Ms. LaFrance stayed up until almost 4am with Mr. Sullivan and exchanged hugs when they left the bar together, was that the last time they communicated? What about her next work shift? She considered him her boss. She wrecks a car and gets a DUI and DOESN’T EVER TELL HIM? Did she quit? Why? Shopping? Did she get fired? She was working off the clock! Sounds to me like she’d be missed. He doesn’t recall?    sullivan

Really? Didn’t she need him to be a witness for her “just one beer defense?” Why did it take the prosecution 14 months to try her? She was convicted a month after Mr. Sullivan declared his candidacy for mayor.

I’m not sure where the culpability lies with the DUI. I know when people get drunk at a bar, THE BAR IS LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO STOP SERVING THEM. I don’t let people leave my parties cocktailed.

Dan Sullivan stood up Eric Croft on a popular radio show Friday. What was he avoiding?  Even after the tape surfaced, Sullivan stands by his denial.  Dan Sullivan is either lying about his memory or he has dementia.

Either way, he is not mayoral material for Anchorage.



  1. Well done on getting the audio – and getting it posted.

  2. So, this is Dan Sullivan’s superior business experience over Eric Croft? Putting his liquor license and business on the line is good judgment and a sound business practice?

    Sounds like this got all covered up. Finding out who, where and when helped keep this out of the press could blow the cover off of Sulliedman’s statement that he doesn’t remember.

    Nice work Shannyn, can’t wait to hear further developments.

  3. “Dan” certainly is a different person while campaigning than when I observed him, on more than one occasion, at the assembly. The man was just plain rude, and now he is shown to be a lier, or as you say, has dementia. There is a significant similarity to Alberto Gonzales. ?Another candidate for the Corrupt Bastards Club?

  4. Thank you Shannyn, this audio gives me and everyone else, something substantial to fwd to family in anchortown who generally rely on MSM to inform them on candidates common sense, or in this case, lack there of.
    ‘I dont remember, but if I did , no comment’
    great job !1!

  5. Shanny, read this…….

    and this…..

    I’d say there’s going to be more to this story……dang right he was hiding out, lol.

  6. you’ll find anything to smear your opponents. Asking open ended questions and making wild assumptions all in an attempt to draw a questionable cloud over Sullivan’s campaign.

    you know well and good that if it was eric who owned 10% of a bar/restaurant that you’d be vehemently defending his position.

    This all politics, nothing more. And not the good, robust, and healthy politics, but that politics of personal destruction.

    Bring dan down at ALL costs – the end does justify the means.

    How sick, how sad!

  7. Yawn. Another pathetic attack by the Moonbat drivel Left to steal an election. Don’t be surprised, Obamababoon and his SS fascists used it on Sarah Palin’s own children. Just more gutter politics by the Al-Queda Left.

  8. Once again, I will say that this whole line of attack hurts Eric, not Dan. Sad. Shannyn, one question that comes to my mind is how did this little evidentiary tape make it to the light?

    Tesche is a trial lawyer (and a terrible politician, and pretty much a worm). And Eric is a trial lawyer. Did someone who works within the legal system work to get this tape to the public?

  9. OMG!!! Apparently Dan could eat a baby heart and people like Ghostdog, Mark, and AkConstant would attack the messenger. Unbelievable.

    This is about judgment. PERIOD! Clearly Dan has none. Sullivan wants to be the boss of the police department and he sent someone out into the night who was DRUNK??? And you monkeys think that’s OK? What about PUBLIC SAFETY DO YOU NOT GET???

    Great job Shannyn!!! This scumbag needs to be exposed.

    I’m all for talking about the issues. Eric Croft is light years ahead of Dan. No on a sales tax-why open the door to another avenue of taxation? You’ll never be able to put that genie in the bottle. In 3-4 years, if Dan has his way, we’ll have the same high property taxes AND a high sales tax.

    AND…what a joke. The Anchorage Daily News says we need Dan’s fiscal conservativeness-LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD!!! Yeah…and that damn financial bridge to NOWHERE (or a endless black hole) that Sullivan wants to build.

    Eric tops Dan on every issue….

  10. It’s revealing that the same wingnuts that blindly defend Sarah Palin also do the same for Dan Sullivan. This can only hurt Sullivan. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  11. Actually, it’s revealing that the Marxist drivel moonbats that defended Obamababoon to the death are here to smear a good man like Dan Sullivan.

    And if drunk driving is such a cause for the radical left, then where are the condemnations of that murderer Ted Kennedy – the moral conscience of liberalism. LOL.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    You are hilarious. Ted Kennedy…OMG, you are old. “Obamababoon?” are you racist as well? Don’t get me started on “the moral conscience of a NeoCon.” Torture, poverty, war, oh, crap! you got me started. Back to Dan…is he lying , CYA, or in the ripe stages of dementia?

    • Dan is an accessory before the fact.

  12. No, Dan Sullivan is the next mayor of Anchorage. Please don’t let the door hit Croft’s lying incompetent ass.

    **********Note from Shannyn**********
    Where has Eric lied exactly? Say where, prove it, or I’ll yank your comment. I showed where Dan lied…pony up, man whose name rhymes with Bark.

  13. Hey Shannyn, where’s your post about the ADN endorsing Dan Sullivan for mayor?

    Dang that right-wing media. Any good progressive should cancel their subscription to the ADN ASAP!!!!!
    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    I already canceled. And there are some great people at ADN…but they are not locally owned….it shows.

  14. 1. court records are public records – any citizen could have looked this up – since the traditional journalists didn’t do their job….
    2. the records show Sullivan – a)served a 23 yo til she was intoxicated and sent her out the door to drive – friends don’t let friends drive drunk – let alone a boss with a liquor license to protect and b) had her working off the clock (another issue, but one that might be indicative of what kind of mayor he would be)

    3. Sullivan has made himself a public figure – he volunteered
    4. Sullivan continues to deny any involvement despite court records – um, that would be not only denying, but lying
    5. This is about Sullivan and his judgment and/or fitness to be mayor, not about Tesche, Obama, Croft etc
    6. To change a vote and vote for Sullivan because one doesn’t like the messenger says more about the voter than the situation- Yeah, Sullivan, I’m voting for you because, even though you showed poor judgment and could have been the catalyst for a fatality and work your employees off the clock, and have denied everything in the face of court records, well, doncha know I just don’t like how I found out about that…so, you got my vote now. ”
    7. Above vote changers might also consider that one of their friends or relatives might end up dead due to these kind of antics. And I can tell you that’s a pain that never goes away.

  15. I don’t defend a bar owner allowing someone to leave the bar dangerously drunk. I have been to several downtown bars after hours. It is fairly common practice.

    I just don’t think this helps Eric in the dying moments of a campaign. It just smacks of the ugly side of smear politics that the voters are so tired of. It is great entertainment for those of us addicted to political shenanigans.

    In the old South Park way, I call Shenanigans on this whole story line.

  16. Mark? Is that you? Mark Colavecchio?

    Sounds like it with your Oh-so-genius thoughts. I’ll hand it to you. Every now and then you have a backbone on your show. You actually didn’t go all weak suck chameleon-like and agree with your callers that disagree with you! You took a stand!!! Yea! Backbone-good…too bad you took the wrong stand and LIED!!!

  17. Could be because it’s much easier for Dan to lie in print where you can’t hear his voice crack or on the radio where he doesn’t need to keep a straight face.

    Face to face with Eric Croft would have just given it all away.

  18. Mark has nothing. A desperate, sad little man. He’s a posterboy for the right; fear-driven ignorance.

    ‘Nuff said.

  19. AkConstant…What the hell would you know about a campaign? You’re a nut. A dumbass nut at that! Eric didn’t dig this up.

    By your logic, an informed electorate in the last days ought not to be informed…Especially about an issue so vital to the Office of Mayor.

    Furthermore, since when is the TRUTH a smear campaign? CLUE for AKConstant DUMBASS…IT’S NOT!!! A “smear campaign” is, by definition, a DISTORTION!!! That’s why it’s called a smear. SMEARING the facts, etc…How is this a smear?

    I would say, this is COMPLETELY RELEVANT to this election.

    There is a whole other story here…why didn’t the local MSM dig this up? This is why the ADN is irrelevant and so are the right wing blowhard corporate shill radio hosts…

    By AkConstant Dumbass’s logic, if it is discovered on Monday, the day before the election, that Dan Sullivan molested little kids…Oh…SMEAR CAMPAGN!!! DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL!!! FLAG!!! This information came out at the last minute…it doesn’t count….

    Whatever. You’re flat out wrong. Good thing you aren’t in politics…

    • Wow Sean,
      You obviously have no idea about campaigning, nor about civility. Your amazing lack of thoughfulness proves that responding to you other than to repudiate your method as a pure example of just what I was pointing out, would be a waste of time.

      And I NEVER said Eric had anything to do with this. And from what I know if Eric PERSONALLY and POLITICALLY, I would bet Eric would repudiate this.

      Now take your bitter insulting attitude and apply to something worthy of it. Go out and help clean up the poop in Anchorage’s streets. We need people like you to do that.

    • PS Somehow I bet you don’t know many people in the moderate center. I know many. They don’t like smear politics. This hurts my friend Eric and it makes me sad.

  20. Shannyn,
    You left off one option in your title. Dementia, Lying, or Blacked Out?

  21. Sorry AKConstant….seriously. I got passion coursing through my veins and your calling this a smear campaign was the tipping point. I have known Eric for years. He has no comment on this. He told Mark to ask Alan Tesche about it when Colavecchio asked Eric about it.

    You got me going again, however. Eric absolutely SHOULD NOT CONDEMN this. Why? Why on earth should Eric repudiate this? What if the drunk driver killed herself and another person? Would you still be calling for Eric to repudiate this???

    That is BULLSHIT AkConstant!!! That is what the right wing shill Mark was calling for…bullshit. The TRUTH is out there…

    Now deal with it!!!

  22. There is nothing to deal with. A bunch of screaming Mimi’s. It is a circle jerk. It is not hitting any good points for Eric.

    It is a political hit by Allan Tesche. Simple.

    The truth doesn’t come from accusation. The truth comes from contemplating accusations in an environment protected from the flames of passion.

    That will not occur in the two 100 hours before an election. The effort to amalgamate this issue into the election this late in the game, in my modest experience in running for office and being political, only serves to reinforce the faithful and turn off the rest.

    There is nothing new with this tactic. And I am not calling for Eric to repudiate, I am just fairly certain that anyone who has walked through the fire of a campaign doesn’t wish this type of last minute hit on anyone.

  23. Finally! One media outlet mentions the “controversy”–Some interesting comments over at KTVA website. Feel free to put your 2-cents worth in.

  24. AKConstant…you are a complete MORON! The truth is right there in the audio on this link.

    Oh wait…wah…I’m AKConstant and it’s not fair that this came out at the last minute…Wah…Oh wait….but truth isn’t true if it is 3 days before the election…Wah…Sorry AkConstant…you are absolutely WRONG AGAIN!!

    • Sean Frazier there you go again with the weak insults. It only reflects on you. Weak. Get as mad as you want. It doesn’t matter what some woman says. That isn’t proof. It might be evidence. But talk your peurile name calling and go back to preschool to learn about how to be civil.

  25. Dan, The Pitcher Man, is probably having a cold one tryin to decide if he has dementia or lying or did he really just black out, then drive home.

    I smell a cover up with those that review booze licences.

    Why do repubs seem like such drunks?
    Alaskan Repubs need a make over.

  26. Livestreaming your radio show in Toronto (Thanks AKM!!)

    Love it Shannyn!! Keep it up Girl!!!

    Wondering whether Danny will show for Channel 2 Debate tonight? If he does, suspect one of the conditions is prescreened questions. Slimmy

  27. I commented elsewhere last night:

    Of course Dan can’t remember if this happened. In his own commercial, his own dear wife says Dan knows education is important because she’s a teacher and she reminds him every day – That he needs to be reminded makes me think he’s got a teflon brain; perhaps he doesn’t listen to a word she says; or maybe he just doesn’t care to remember what he doesn’t like…

    As for the choice, lying or dementia, I’ll go for either – perhaps both – we just need to make sure that we get out and vote on Tuesday – for Eric!

  28. Were there witnesses corraborating the waitress’s story? I’ll look it up later, but it seems to me that someone under threat of conviction for drunk driving and hit&run may just have a vested interest in mitigating her offense by blaming another person. Have indictments been filed against Sullivan et al based on the waitress’s testimony?

  29. constant can continue to armchair quarterback this thing all he wants [but as far as i know he is not an advisor to either campaign]. seems to me this is getting more damaging to sullivan at this point. the cat is out of the bag and there are three more days before people vote. sullivan can either make some sort of coherent statement about this, or the moderate swing voters can make up their own minds. if he just continues to try to be aloof and evasive, he won’t be doing himself any favors. it doesn’t matter if i am ‘puerile’, or shooting from the hip or whatever. it doesn’t matter if tesche has an axe to grind. what matters is sullivan’s judgment and past actions.

  30. A tempest in a teapot, while a tempest, is still in a teapot.

  31. Dementia OR lying?

    Couldn’t it be both?

  32. So, what happens now? These lyin’ pieces of * just deny, deny, deny…blame, blame, blame. And their supporters believe anything & everything they say. ie:palin

  33. Shannyn, she neither quit nor was she fired. She has worked for McGinley’s for their entire existance and she was still working there when I was last in the bar about two months ago…

  34. The “Mark” posting on this board is NOT me…so SUCK IT HATERS!!!

    remember, its always funny until its YOU!!!

    Mark Colavecchio

  35. Ah, but is she still teaching?

  36. She was never a teacher. She worked for a local program that ran a before and after school child care program. And no, she no longer works there. She stopped working for them shortly after this original incident.

  37. Sullivan’s wife is a teacher. Maybe you just misread the above comment noting that.

  38. What does his wife think of him hanging out, drinking with a couple of women until 4am??? …way after bar closing!

  39. Hhhmmm1 good question Lainey. I know what I’d think if I was his wife. Has anyone actually asked her?

    Wonder what’s in it for these apologists on here? Late drinks, cheap drinks, buddy buddy money money?

    Hope they never get crippled by a drunk driver.

  40. Aside from this issue:

    I heard a caller on Mark C’s apologist radio show…he summed things up quite nicely…

    Dan Sullivan is for:

    A new sales tax.
    The expensive Bridge to Nowhere.
    Funding our police dept to specifically cooperate with invasive federal agents pursuing PATRIOT ACT goals of warrantlessly checking your library records, your emails, your property, etc.

    Clearly, the FISCAL CONSERVATIVE in this election is ERIC CROFT!!!

  41. Hi everyone – First off, I’m not in Alaska so don’t have a dog in this hunt.
    IF DS did serve a bartender/waitress after hours when the bar was closed, he was in violation of the law. Closed is closed.
    In many states, a bar that serves alcohol to someone who is obviously impaired is legally liable to lose their license.
    Now before you jump down my throat, I’m not saying DS did this or not.
    Just that it seems the incident was glossed over or not even investigated fully. There are lots of holes in information – and if she did say he served her after hours, why was that apparently not checked out?
    Sorry if I’ve missed some of the details but if he did it, he appears to have risked his license unless serving people who are intoxicated and serving after hours is legal in Alaska.
    As I said, I’m not familiar with your laws.

  42. P.S. From what I’ve read about the incident, I’m sure DS’s wife was glad he wasn’t home. It’s probably much less stressful and easier when he’s gone.
    And a wife always knows – she just may not choose to confirm.

  43. I missed the Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate today. Did anyone here make it? I have found no news of it yet. I’m curious if the question of the DUI came up, and how Dan handled it if it did.

    We’re starting to recover from the Bush Administration.
    We’re still living through the Palin Administration.
    Can’t we just pass on the Sullivan Administration?

  44. […] have it that Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, who also has raised eyebrows for issues related to drinking, is also running. He’s yet to confirm his intentions though he did […]

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