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Palin Popularity Plunging in Polls

Sarah Palin is no longer the most popular governor in the country.  That title now belongs to Connecticut Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell.  Rell has a 70% approval rating (4.10.09).  Connecticut has five times the population of Alaska.

Sarah Palin is no longer the most popular politician in Alaska.

Senator Lisa Murkowski is.  She is polling at a combined approval of 76.3%. Lisa Murkowski avoids drama.  Alaskans, while not always agreeing with her, agree she is, unlike Sarah Palin, at work.

In March 2008, Sarah Palin’s combined positives were 85%.  Her combined negatives were 12%.  In July of 2008, according to the same polls, if you walked into a bar with 100 people, 12 people didn’t approve of the job Sarah Palin was doing.  Good luck getting a drink.

Last September, Sarah went on tour…and stayed on tour-like an old Aqua Net 80’s band that ought to stick to playing local bars and count their iTune downloads.  Sarah Palin consistently ignored the needs of Alaskans.  As a result of her job abandonment, her approval rating suffered.  The new Hays Research polls show the governor at 54% combined approval and 41.6% combined disapproval.  30% of her former fans now boo her.  Love can be fickle.

Alaskans are starting to get it.  Palin’s job approval numbers have dropped consistently since she came back from the Straight Talk Express tour.  Neglect doesn’t play well here.

Since these poll numbers were released, Sarah Palin has dug her naughty monkey heels in; she is selfishly refusing $28.6 million in State Energy Program stimulus funds.  Alaska has the highest energy costs in the country.  Newsflash: it gets cold here!  The money would be used to winterize homes, which in turn, would reduce energy consumption and costs, while…ding ding ding…providing local jobs and STIMULATING a sluggish economy!!!

Palin said she doesn’t want to be part of “growing the national debt.”  If she were truly concerned, she would accept the stimulus package in its entirety and then write the federal government a check.  The $28.6 million she is rejecting will go to another state-probably California.

In a bipartisan plea to the governor, Senators Bill Wielechowski-D, Anchorage, and Lesil McGuire-R, Anchorage, asked Governor Palin to accept the money to help with urgent and important state needs.  Our state budget is almost a billion dollars in short fall, and the $28.6 million would help with long range costs.  The state budget prioritizes energy assistance to the tune of $100 million annually.  What a concept.  The stimulus money would fund more energy auditors, contractors, and tradesmen in the short term.  Families struggling to pay high heating costs would benefit in the long term.  Those families will spend it-thus the stimulus.

Last year, the governor, in a sweeping “love me long time” gesture, spent $740 million in an “energy assistance rebate.”  It came in the form of a one time payment of $1,200 to every man, woman and child in the Alaska.  You should have seen the line at Best Buy that day.  The checks evaporated like Palin’s approval ratings.

The governor is, once again, pandering to her disappearing base and prioritizing her dream of a 2012 presidential run ahead of the real needs of Alaskans.  Not accepting this money makes her a “conservative?”  Her position contradicts the truth.  Her own state agency, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, stated they already have requirements on buildings to insure they meet national energy standards.  The federal requirements apply to towns larger than 2,500 people.  Granted, most of the state’s population lives in larger towns, but the majority has energy codes already in place.  So, in fact, Palin could use the funds for projects already under the federal codes.

It’s crap.  Sarah’s excuse is crap.  Her actions are as erratic as her reasoning.

Rush “Boss” Limbaugh thinks Sarah is fabulous.  Boss thinks she’s the new face of the party-the party that “won’t attract liberals…thank God.”  Well, Rush lives in Florida. Rush hasn’t spent up to $11 a gallon for heating fuel.  Rush hasn’t spent three months in sub-zero temperatures.  Rush hasn’t lived where the sun doesn’t rise for a month.

Rush should shut it.  He reminds of a guy full of fishing stories who probably can’t bait his own hook.  Sarah can feel pretty good about her endorsement from the real leader of the GOP.  Sarah Palin is sacrificing Alaska for Boss Limbaugh’s affection.

If the governor doesn’t step up and help the state with some financial energy relief by May 12th, her next polls will drop even lower.

Alaskan’s don’t consider heat a luxury.






  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY CT!! Thanks Shannyn!! Sort of makes up for GWB being from here…. sort of.

  2. Beautifully stated Shanny!

    It is certainly gratifying to see fellow Alaskans finally seeing the Sarah Palin that WE discovered lo those many months ago.

  3. “stayed on tour-like an old Aqua Net 80’s band that ought to stick to playing local bars “…

    Sarah and the Palinators on tour with Motley Crue. Yeah baby!

  4. Spot on, Shannyn!

  5. Congrats for getting this on Huffington Post Shannyn! I cannot imagine why GINO’s approval ratings are so dismal – could it be that the citizens saw (due to all the exposure as VP candidate) that the Empress has no clothes? That she is petty, mean, vindictive, and shallow? That she is not intelligent enough to run a State? That she is unethical? Finally, the citizens are waking up.
    Either Rush thinks he has influence on Americans (other than the less than 20% who are religious whackos) OR he is secretly in the tank for the Dems. When Rush speaks, more people run away from the extremists.

  6. “Rush lives in Florida.”…OY! My state has enuff trouble. Him we dont need. My county has as many folks as AK does, and we have true FBI grand jury problems with our County Elections Supervisors and State House Speaker. All GOP’ers. You are not alone! Rush is the new defacto leader of the Oxy-wingnut-rightwing-lunafringe. And SP is his annointed Queen. Heaven help the fools!

    I approved of this message. snark!

  7. I blame John McCain for cursing the rest of our country with the power hungry publicity whore and her family of intellectually challenged overbreeders.

    I hope he gets voted out of office next year…

    Whos the most popular governor now, bitchez??

  8. A 30-point drop in one year is impressive. But I have to wonder what the size of her “base” is — you know, the wingnuts who’d vote for dead horse if it opposed abortion? Because that is the measure of what’s left. If 30% of Alaskan voters are reliably going to vote for Sarah, she only has to fool 2 out of 7 remaining voters to stay in office. As it stands, another ten-point drop makes it very hard to get reelected. Even a five-point drop invites a very tough reelection battle. Do you know of any such voter demographics? Id’ be interested to see them…

  9. sjk: you forgot the Viagra-popping, Little Dominican Boy Tour that Limpballs took, where he got busted for the Viagra trying to come back into the country.

    I think a drug-addicted pedophile is a wonderful representation of the current state of the Republic Party.

    • And how does this rant add anything to the conversation? Scurrilously accusing someone of being a pedophile waters down the term, much like calling GW Bush Hitler.

      A little more articulation please.

  10. FW

    I agree completely.

  11. Well written Shannyn! This is a point that has left my mouth hangin’, since SP first started ‘rejecting’ stimulus. Unbelievable!

    Speaking from personal experience, about 13 yrs ago, I rented a bsmt apt with landlord living upstairs. City of Seattle offered an energy program, similar to what is being proposed here. He & I agreed to increase my rent (I think it was $25/mo for 3 yrs, think we both had to sign the paperwork) to pay my half of the project. Sure, it increased his property value, but I was getting my electric bill (w/elect baseboard heating) reduction. 2 months after we weatherized the difference showed instantaneously with the fall/winter bills. My electric bill reduced over 35% per month! At the same time, I wasn’t needing to wear 3 layers of clothing inside just trying to stay warm! Could watch tv comfortably in my p.j.s!

    As far as the stimulus – there were TWO different crews of 4-5 people that did the job. One crew did the insulation and other crew installed double paned glass. Lots of paychecks going out there.

  12. Another point I forgot to mention. Since it was a Govt program, they supplied certified contractors to do the work & inspections. We didn’t have to worry that it was some fly-by-night outfit, trying to hire someone ourselves.

  13. “Last year, the governor, in a sweeping “love me long time” gesture, … [gave] a one time payment of $1,200 to every man, woman and child in the Alaska.”

    Shannyn, you do have a way with words! I love it!

    It is so clear that Sarah thinks she can “buy” her way into popularity/higher offfice. She “paid off” Alaskans so that she could enter the national scene as the “most popular governor in the United States” and she is now “paying into” her base via her daughter the “abstinence advocate”, the recent “Right to Life “speech, and her “support” — but not “officially” because that would be unethical — of the proposed parental notification ballot initiative. She really is incredibly transparent!

  14. A fantastic piece, Shannyn!

    Nice to see the worm is turning on that Aqua Net diva w/a thing for porn star footwear.

    By the way, love your analogies. Good stuff right there.

    Rock on, sister!

  15. gina, it’s otherwise know as a bribe

    what will she try next – in order to get those polling points back up?

  16. Well, she would have to a lot of Brockovichs, and I don’t think she is up to it.

  17. I’m so sorry that you folks had such a poor voter turnout for your Mayoral election. I suppose it’s difficult, with such a diverse population, as in personalities and thinking, to know what “floats their boat”.

    There has to be something in it for them, to get them to the polls. Some sense of control, confidence that their votes make a difference. Faith in the candidate and a little excitement.

    When folks have lived with such corruption in their politics for so long, apathy becomes ingrained. Why bother, this candidate will…go to the dark side too, look after their own interests.

    Just what is “it” that excites Alaskans? What do Alaskans want for their state?
    After reading all these blogs and great comments for months, I haven’t seen what that is.

    It’s easy to recognize the atrocities with the corrupt politicians, oil companies and mining companies. Alaska seems to fall far behind other states in dealing with, domestic violence, addictions, sex ed., native issues and education.

    While Alaskans are a proud and independent group of folks ( necessary prerequisite, to live in such a rugged beautiful place), at the same time their state is wholly dependent on the federal government, big oil and mining for it’s funding.

    That cannot be a good place to find yourself in, and obviously is a breeding ground for corruption.

    It will take extraordinary politicians to maneuver this landscape. Bob Poe comes to mind. He’s no Obama (their can be only, but I literally pray he becomes your next governor. Whilst these poll numbers of Palins are encouraging, I realize now, what a struggle it will be to get folks out to vote.

    If Alaskans witness a real improvement in their lives, if they feel as if they really matter, it might give them some faith in politicians.

    If a politician can deliver this, without corruption and an anti federalist attitude, it might give Alaskans faith in the political system. Who knows, it just may encourage them to become engaged!

    This blog and others ARE letting the light in and making a difference, have no doubt. Rome wasn’t built in a day, my mother used to remind me.

    If anything is worth while it will be very difficult and require much patience, obviously it is worth while, so very worth while.

  18. From the beginning, I felt that there was a concerted effort to demean and dismiss Governor Palin because she came from a small town and didn’t fit the usual profile of a blood-sucking politico climbing her way up the ladder. I believe the smear campaign and continued assassination of her character merely proves that the left is scared to death of her…and with good reason.

    As we’ve shown here before, Governor Palin is a mere rookie in the big leagues of American Politics. She’s made mistakes. She continues to make some mis-steps…ie…the AG fiasco. However, you don’t stand up at a national convention and deliver a speech that leaves Keith Olbermann sputtering nonsense on national TV if you don’t have ‘it.’ She has ‘it’ and the Democrats know it. That’s why we continue to see the hacking away at her by the left wing blogger elitists who don’t like her and don’t like the fact that she comes from humble beginnings and clawed her way up.

    Governor Palin needs to continue to keep a low profile and focus on winning re-election in Alaska in 2010. To do that, she needs to revert back to who she was prior to 2008- a governor who worked with both sides of the aisle.

    The first step would be removing Wayne Ross as her AG candidate. The next step is replace her advisers because ever since the election they’ve done her no favors whatsoever. The third step is to reestablish her small town creditionals and remind everyone just why she was considered to be a formidable (and still is) force when she was nominated for VP. The final step is that she needs to work her tail off for Republican candidates all over the country and immerse herself in policy to create her ‘brand’- ie…her vision for the country.

    Right now, Sarah Palin has the best chance to be the first woman to become President of the United States. — Lisa J- Ms. Contrarian

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    Ms. Contrarian,

    First, you are hilarious! “Left wing blogger elitists?” No, ma’am, we are citizens of a state with a negligent governor. I love being called elitist…it helps me overcome my upbringing with visqueen windows, an outhouse, no running water, no electricity, etc.

    Second, my entire post, your response, and those of other posters have been re-printed at your blog. Slow day for you? That’s just weird.

    Third, your comments on “first step would be removing Wayne Ross as her AG candidate” shows your remarkable lack of an on the ground, or even able to read, grasp on the facts. WAR has been removed by the legislature-NOT PALIN; she stuck by him to the bitter end. He is no longer a candidate eligible for removal…he’s gone. “Small town credentials?” Like leaving Wasilla in debt? Here’s a clue: SHE DOESN’T WANT “SMALL TOWN” ANY MORE.

    You title your post “blah, blah takes on Shannyn Moore.” Really? Copying someones blog isn’t exactly a smack down…

  19. jeebers, between PA Mudflats and now this blog, it’s getting kind of echo-y here in the series of tubes.

    same graphs, same blah blah blah.

    so sp isn’t as popular as she once was ?

    big deal.

    teach me something new, this mutual adoration society that you bloggers have created doesn’t do that.

    **********Note from Shannyn**********
    Kenai Kenny…It’s called NEWS! Palin was the most popular politician in America last year, and now, according to Hays Research, she is no longer the most popular politician in Alaska! So What? So maybe she ought to start working on Alaskans’ behalf; she could start by accepting the energy funds.

    As for the mutual admiration society??? Count me in! I love Mudflats and Progressive Alaska! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  20. AmericanHeartland: SP? She scares people?

    Not hardly. I believe that many bloggers are hoping and praying that SP IS that Republic candidate. She has become, literally, the face of the out-of-touch, dysfunctional, unethical and ridiculous Republic Party.

    As a view from the Lower 48, SP and Limpballs represent to us, just exactly what we need to avoid in our national politics. Aside from the side benefit of non-stop laughing, her idiocy and inexperience, as well as her garbled speech and her psychopathy makes her unsuitable as a candidate for anything.

    The fact that she is now prostituting her daughter’s pregnancy for dollars says a lot about her values. The fact that Limpballs is virtually drooling to get into her drawers is downright hilarious.

    She was fine as long as no one knew her and she kept her mouth shut. She is her own worst enemy and it will be that big loud egomaniacal mouth that will keep her out of future politics.

    She’s like a vampire – she melts in the light.

  21. I think she does scare the left. If you look at it objectively instead of through partisan, ideologically tinted glasses, no one could have withstood the massive onslaught of negative stories that Palin had to endure. Some of it was self-inflicted, yes. Most of it, I believe, smacks of intolerance towards small town people by cultural elitists. Sorry, I fear the tyranny and facism of the politically correct left who want to control what you say, what you think, what you eat, and what you drink more than the religious right.

    The bottom line is you don’t unseat a sitting governor from your own party if you don’t have ‘it.’

    You don’t carry a overwhelming positive rating in your state if you don’t have ‘it.’

    We’ve discussed this at length at the Heartland Bar and Grill how Palin needs to tend to the home fires first before even thinking about running for president.

    I believe she’s received very poor advice over the past nine months: from the McCain-Palin campaign (quite frankly, I could have ran a better presidential campaign than the hacks who ran McCain’s), from her advisers now as she tries to pivot towards a more national profile.

    I also believe the treatment of Gov. Palin has bordered on character assassination “Malibu Barbie…Trailer Trash…etc..” and is proof positive of how dysfunction our political process has become.

    And for the record, we at the Heartland Bar and Grill are NOT Rush Limbaugh fans either. We put Limbaugh in the same category as Keith Olbermann: people who are more interesting in winning the argument than trying to better our country.

    Lisa J- Ms. Contrarian

  22. “cultural elitists” — for F’s sake, spare us that bumper sticker crap. what the hell!!
    bottom line, we tried electing the dumb people already. it didn’t work out too well, at the national, state or local level.

  23. For those of you lamenting the low turnout Tuesday, here is what I have heard from the pollsters. Had half as many people shown up, it would be Eric who had won. The fewer who showed up, the higher his votes would have been.

    The relatively high turnout for a run-off lent itself to a Sullivan victory by such a huge margin.

    That is what my contacts in the polling industry tell me.

  24. No peaks and valleys, just steadily dropping approval ratings. Pretty soon it will be only the NRAers and Rushies who support her – the rest of us will have figured out that she isn’t “Putting Alaska First” as the title of here newsletter states.
    Sarah puts Sarah first. Period.

  25. BTW – you can email the Gov and tell her to support accepting the energy funds here:

    Note: You have to be able to add for your message to be accepted. You’ll see what I mean if you go there.

  26. Clark, if I wanted to use a bumper sticker slogan I would have said, “friends don’t let friends vote for Republicans or Democrats.”

    The problem is that we’ve elected dumb people to Congress who are: Republican and Democrat. That’s why we’re in the fix we’re in. We’ve elected people who care more about appeasing their special interest groups than fixing the myriad of problems ordinary Americans face. We’ve put our trust in political parties (Democrat and Republicans) who are bought lock, stock, and barrel by said special interest groups.

    Sarah Palin isn’t the problem. There’s no reason politicians can’t put put the common good ahead of political considerations. Palin is just a convenient target because she comes from a small town and doesn’t fit the politically correct model of how a ‘modern’ woman should be.

    No, the people who have a right to be angry are the ones that cultural elitists (oooh, that word again) deride, put down, look down their nose at while sipping their cappuccino. These are the people who have every right to be angry- ordinary Americans who’ve seen their government hijacked by extremists on both sides of the aisle and special interest groups. The ones who fight a never ending battle to feed their families and pay their mortgages with stagnant wages against the rising tide of the cost of living. The ones who don’t show up at expensive fund raisers or write out large checks to candidates. The ones who are losing their houses at an exponential rate to foreclosure. The ones who have to work multiple jobs to keep up and can’t afford the cost health insurance thanks to the greed of pharmacuetical companies, trial lawyers and insurance companies. The ones who’ve pretty much tuned out the political process for the one dollar, one vote, slime-filled cesspool that’s it’s become. Those are the ones who have the right to be angry; not partisans who shine the light on the cockroaches who infest the other parties while ignoring the ones that infest their own.

    Thanks for listening.
    –Lisa J- Ms. Contrarian.

  27. democratIC legislators played no role in the alaska corruption scandal. one, a DINO from nome, was investigated but not a single dem has been convicted. it is COMPLETELY a republican scandal.
    sarah palin is still a big problem in AK. there are almost two years left of her term. a lot of damage and neglect are still possible.
    am i a ‘cultural elitist’ if i observe people struggling after repeatedly voting against their self-interest, aroused by wedge issues? really, GOP tax policies should have appealed only to the upper 2% that really benefited. 98% of voters should have been opposed. that’s anti-elitist thinking, yes?
    nationally, the biggest obstacle to reform is corporate influence, and i agree there that neither major party has a good record. the democratic party is a better bet, though. the public seems to agree. the republicans have been driven from power. the corporate-owned dems should be watching for progressive primary opposition in ’10 and ’12.
    the issues you raise are NOT being ignored/glossed over, amongst the people i talk to about it. it will be a tragedy if the blue dog senate dems derail the possibility of single payer health care. they will be going against what most americans want. it will be just as bad, maybe worse as if republicans were behind it.

  28. American Heartland–I find it so foolish when people say that others are “scared” of Palin. First of all, you have zero idea how other people think. You are projecting your own ideas onto others and it accomplishes precisely nothing. You might consider speaking for yourself and resisting the temptation to speak for others.

    I speak for myself. My husband and I both would have voted for John McCain. When he picked Sarah Palin, we determined that we could not do so. It was not based on the media or anything that anyone else said. It was based on our own assessment of her lack of intellect and of intellectual curiosity, her religious affiliations which blur the line between religion and government, her opposition to a woman’s right to choose, and an evaluation of her performance as mayor and then governor.

    Did she frighten me? Not in the least. She was a laughable candidate. It did frighten me that a number of people seemed to buy into the image that was manufactured for and by her. It also frightened me that a number of people reacted to the opposing candidate based on his race and falsehoods about his birth certificate and religion, as well as wild exaggerations about his affiliations. Ultimately, I became very comfortable with him as a candidate and I am enormously happy with him as a president.

    Oh, and the “character assassination?” Give me a break. Calling her “Caribou Barbie” was nothing like the vile invective slung at both the Obamas. As for the speculation about her family, she fueled it by both parading them around as political props and by inconsistent and implausible stories about her pregnancy and delivery.

    She has “It?” Actually, she effectively read a speech that was written by someone else. And that same speech lost its effectiveness when repeated ad nauseum throughout the campaign. (“A domestic TERRORIST?”) Any charisma or appeal was woefully superficial and confined to the most artificial of settings–the minute she departed from those settings, the image melted like a snowcone in August.

    But again, you certainly are free to continue spouting off about what other people think or feel. It doesn’t accomplish anything and you really aren’t in a position to know.

  29. And Basheert–as always, you said it better than I ever could.

  30. Good article, Shannon.

  31. I mean Shannyn, my bad.

    And to Donna, the poster above, I can relate to your post. McCain didn’t automatically have my vote but I was considering him until he picked Palin.

    After that, no chance.

  32. actually, Strunk–that’s a very accurate description of where we were. I think my husband was closer to decided but we both regularly cross party lines and were horrified at the way McCain was treated in 2000 by the Rove/Bush-ites.

    I just shake my head at the constant effort of some people to “explain” or rationalize others’ points of view. Certainly, for us, there was nothing elitist or anti-small town or anything of the sort in our negative view of Palin.

    The way she conducted herself during the campaign was a disgrace and, fortunately, I think she has squandered any chance at a future political career.

  33. Couric showed the world what an idiot Palin was…she asked the questions and Palin could not answer…..(What newspapers do you read? Ah, well golly gosh darn, all of em!) Hiding from the media and public during a vice presidential campaign is inexcusable and she should have been disqualified for that alone……

    Only a fellow moron could not see that Palin was another talking point wind up doll GOP figurehead idiot…birds of a feather….turkey feather that is.

    Now if Sam (not Joe) Wurzelbacher (the not real Plumber who rails against welfare although his family collected it, who is against taxes on a business he does not have, nor ever will…) can excite the base (and even he has ditched the GOP)…it’s no surprise that the lowest common denominator voter would still fall for Family Values Caribou Barbie (with the single mother for a daughter preaching abstinence and a drug addicted sister)…

    My head explodes.

  34. The lowest common denominator voter? Fellow moron? Nice EnoughPalin. Thanks for proving my point. I get that I’m not going to change your mind…and that’s okay. But unlike you, EnoughPalin…, I’m not going to belittle your views even though I diametrically disagree with them. Frankly, I’m better than that.

    Donna- “But again, you certainly are free to continue spouting off about what other people think or feel. It doesn’t accomplish anything and you really aren’t in a position to know.”

    Donna, it’s called an opinion. My opinion is that John McCain lost the election when he suspended his campaign, flew back to Washington, and did nothing. Had McCain flown back to Washington, stood up at the podium, and said we should not bail out Wall Street and reward corporations and people for irresponsible behavior while those of us who pay our bills on time etc…etc…do what we supposed to do, he’d be president right now…in my opinion. The American people were dead set against spending our tax money, our children’s tax money, and our children’s children’s tax money and McCain could have given the Blue Dog D’s and Republicans cover to oppose the bailout. That’s why he lost the election. Not because of Sarah Palin. Because he had a chance to step out and take the lead and failed to do so. Obama proved to be up to the task and that’s why independents like me voted for him.

    BTW…you’re making the same assumptions about people who voted against Obama that you allege I did. Using your criteria, I could say that because some Obama supporters were dropping the C-bomb on Gov. Palin that she was a victim of sexism on the part of the left.

    The problem I have is simple: the same people who claim they’re for tolerance and accuse conservatives and Republicans of being ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted who are just as ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted if not more to views and positions they disagree with. How can the left claim to be more tolerant when many of them get personal, hateful, spiteful at anyone who exercises their right to free speech and dares to express a different view. It’s not more tolerant to attempt to discredit and personally destroy other people. That’s my complaint.

    And the fact that you all still seem to be fixated on Palin proves my point that a lot of people on the left won’t be satisfied with defeating her but are bent on personally destroying her.

    And as an independent, non partisan person, I have a huge problem with that. If that’s the best you can do, then you are truly no better than the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Coulters of this world. Sorry, I think we all can do better than that.

    –Lisa J.-Ms. Contrarian.

  35. No, you are not merely expressing your opinions. You are going on to express your opinions as to what other people believe and think and what their motivations are. Now, while they may also be your opinions, they are not ones which you really have any informed basis to hold.

    I make no assumptions about why people other than myself voted as they did. I offer my observations as to the behavior–on camera–of people who attended McCain/Palin rallies and the published words of right wing commentators, radio hosts, and pundits. I also base my views as to whether the Obamas were vilified based on such foolishness as the litigation over his citizenship and viral communications about his religion, sexual orientation, and such nastiness as Mrs. Obama supposedly being a transvestite.

    This is a blog about Alaska and its politics and it’s unsurprising that there might be a fair amount of focus on Palin. That’s hardly fixation.

    I’m not sure anyone wants to “personally destroy” Palin. I know, speaking for myself, that I merely view her as incompetent to hold any sort of elected position and would oppose her doing so. If, outside of the context of government, she makes a fortune as an entertainer, more power to her. I really don’t care.

  36. I saw your interview with KO and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d follow it up with a visit to your blog. It didn’t disappoint me, either.

    I’m not an Alaskan, and I’m impressed. Hell, I’m not even an American, and I’m impressed.

    It must have been a lonely few years in the wilderness for you and your compatriots. I hope the sun shines for you – hot, bright and SOON.

    All the best……

  37. Donna: Your comments re: Am Heartland are spot on. I don’t see someone offering an opinion, rather someone attacking everyone who does not feel the same way.
    As an Arizonan I can tell you that McCain lost the election for more than 1 reason but primarily SP scared the American people to death and he knows it now. Many Arizonans shivered when they saw who he was made to pick for Veep. Although Cindy was vilified in the press, it was obvious to everyone who saw or spoke with her that she was absolutely SICK about the Palin pick. Cindy is an heiress yes, and rich also, but she also has a ton of class and she recognizes absolute political trash when she sees it.
    John McCain also lost the race because he is a 4X melanoma survivor and 72 years old. The idea of SP being a “heartbeat” away from the Presidency takes on an entire new meaning when the candidate is a 4X melanoma victim and considered medically “elderly”.
    Also SP cannot stand up to public exposure. The minute she opened her mouth, she doomed his candidacy.
    The left wing bloggers didn’t destroy SP, she did it herself. She is an unelectable rather trashy borderline illiterate who may or may not be using the Alaska treasury for her own purposes.
    Like the vampires of old, she melts when exposed to light.
    Everything that has come out about the entire Palin family has doomed her to future national candidacy. Like it or not, admit it or not, SP is nothing more than a joke – even to moderate and intelligent Republicans. She is an embarrassment to women everywhere and her family life is an utter mess.
    Donna: Hope you’re having a great weekend! We must do lunch…please have “your people” contact “my people”!!! (SNICKER)

  38. So, as Shannyn said, Palin has until the 12th. If she doesn’t approve of the Stimulus money, let’s Twitterbomb her. It’s harmless, but may shut down her Twitter account, which would catch the attention of the media, Olbermann, etc. But it would take a ton of people who all send her tweets at the same exact time. Her account would get over loaded and crash. Whatever Team Sarah, we got Team Shannyn. Here is the real Sarah Palin Twitter account “@AKGovSarahPalin”. So, on the 12th, Shannyn, pick a time so we all know when to Tbomb her. That is of course, if she still insists on not accepting the Stimulus money.

  39. Basheert–I always enjoy/respect your comments here and on other blogs (in fact, I think you should consider your own!). If you’re willing, I’d be interested in more of the AZ perspective. Thanks (and lunch would be quite lovely).

  40. ohhhh…budding friendmance between Basheert and Donna? I suggest my favorite speakeasy in Scottsdale; Kazmierz!!!

  41. *********Note from Lisa J.**************** (sorry, I couldn’t help doing that)

    I got a good laugh out of basheert’s assertion that I’m attacking people. I mean, really, the only thing I’m attacking and what the American Heartlanders attack is elitism and extreme partisanism. If you feel that in doing so that I’ve attacked you personally…well, if the shoe fits……

    Shannyn, thanks for the promotion. Actually, I’m just one of a few people who contribute to our little hole in the wall blog. We’re all just ordinary people who are tired of the dysfunctional politics of personal destruction and trench warfare. In fact, the guy who runs the site actually runs another blog that combines politics and pro wrestling- that’s how disgusted, dismayed, and fed up he is with our current political atmosphere.

    You’ve done Olbermann, right? Sorry, I put him in the same category as Rush Limbaugh. Let’s put it this way, MSNBC putting Olbermann on as an anchor for election coverage was the same as Fox News making Ann Coulter an anchor.

    Olbermann and the other Angry Left Wing elitist..err…bloggers are just as much of the problem as Rush, Coulter etal are. Arianna Huffington went from being a rich, elitist right-wing extremist to a rich, elitist left-wing extremist.

    The common denominator here is this: these people don’t care about the problems the working poor and middle America continue to face. All they care about is being right and proving the other side wrong. Meanwhile, the extra $25 every two weeks the stimulus ‘gives me’ err…lets me keep out of my paycheck STILL doesn’t keep up with the rising cost of living and flat-lining wages. And guess what, neither Olbermann or Limbaugh care- all they want to do is win the argument.

    Donna: Quite frankly, I think we have a good handle on what’s going on with ‘ordinary people.’ They’re getting screwed over by both parties. And if I come off as if I am speaking for the ‘people,’ I am because the Republicans and Democrats sure as hell aren’t. Both parties, in our opinion, are corrupted beyond repair and we believe we need a national third party that will actually represent the people, moderate Dems, moderate Republicans, and Independents who are tired of politics as usual.

    Secondly, I think all we’re in general agreement that Gov. Palin needs to pay attention to her home front before even thinking about running for national office. Where we disagree is in the general treatment of Gov. Palin- particularly by the likes of Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, Daily Kos et al…who’ve long since taken it past the point of fairness, in my view.

    That is all…your pal, Lisa J.-Ms. Contrarian…

  42. Seems a lot can change in a year. Sarah Palin’s popularity has been increasing since the election and with the Tea Party speech last night, she’s now considered a voice to be reckoned with.

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