Posted by: shannynmoore | May 7, 2009

Shannyn Moore with Keith Olbermann: Palin’s Plunging Polls

I was dying to talk to Keith about Manny Ramirez’s steroid suspension, but…just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. The producers for Countdown are wonderful!



  1. Which Palin problem have they asked you to talk about?

  2. Scratch that. I’m sure it’s about Palin’s plunging poll position problem.

  3. at some point…going after Palin is like shooting fish in a barrel….she makes it way too easy…

    Go Get Her Shannyn! Shame her into accepting THE MONEY!!!!

  4. And I am sure Bristol’s new found place in front of the camera will be discussed. Whatever it is I am sure it will be interesting and Shannyn will make all anonymous bloggers proud! Knock ’em dead.

  5. ShannyHammer time !

  6. Yes! Talk about “Manny being Manny”, Shannyn!

    (yeah, I used to follow the Red Sox closely up to this year; now I find my attention drawn to Alaska politics for some strange reason)

    I’m going upstairs right now and tuning in to MSNBC…have a good one!

  7. Love those glasses Shannyn!!! You looked fabulous and once again…told it like it is!!!! Great job!!!

  8. Great job Shannon!!!!

  9. WOW! Just saw you on KO!!! New Look? Hot!!! Glasses ain’t just for Palin anymore…

    Way to call her out on rejecting the stimulus funds…WTF??? We’re the only state rejecting money??? This is SUCH BS!!! RECALL!!!

    Palin is basically subsidizing California. Nice.

  10. Shannyn! You were fabulous!
    oh, and love the glasses!


  12. brava !
    Shine on, you clear-cut diamond !
    the video collage of sp looking phoney & over her head, was good, as well, 😉

  13. Really great interview on KO. You looked terrific and you came across as intelligent and thoughtful. Your points were well made and you weren’t accusatory about Palin.
    Congrats – terrific job (as usual)!!!

  14. I heard your interview with Keith tonight. FWIW, I thought you did an excellent job, Shannyn, covering many issues. Applause, applause, applause….really great!

  15. Great job on KO! Rejecting the stimulus funds? Talk about political posturing!

  16. GREAT interview!!!! As ever – you represent Alaska like no body else – – have you considered running against Palin???????????

  17. Nice use of “Boss Limbaugh”, you slipped that in so smooth it sounded like his proper name.

    Sure would like to find out if any of his $400M is making it into her PAC.

  18. You looked GREAT Shannyn! More importantly, you had good stuff to say. So cool to see you on TV.

  19. Thank you for letting people see there are inteligent people in Alaska.

  20. A few things are at work:
    1. Governing America’s oil colony is like trying to run for the president of Russia from Kamchatka. Despite 50 years of happy talk, Alaska is still the last frontier and the beltway is still the beltway. The myriad of egos, big fish and bottom feeders who are positioning themselves as the Next Big Thing for the Rs and the millions of dollars attached thereto are working diligently to marginalize Palin. They have to be careful how they handle her, however; Sarah is still feelin’ the love from the masses.
    2. Meanwhile, governing Alaska just plain sucks if you are Sarah Palin. If there is a moment of sentience when the lobster realizes that the water is boiling, it must be close to what Sarah is realizing right now. No matter what she does, it’s wrong and there’s no way out.
    3. Everyone in her family has a publicity agent. I heard that the National Enquirer has a circulation 6 times that of the New York Times. Is that true? The point: the only ones who care what Sarah has to say are the tabloids who will run with a story about what someone else said she said. The loser here is that whenever Sarah becomes a blip on the radar screen, the Tabloids will drag out a can of Sarah Butter and spread it on their pages. So if Sarah holds a press conference to talk about Health Care, for example, the only thing 10 million people will read about is Levi describing Sarah’s freak out when Willow got pregnant, kicking her out of the house and into Aunt Heather’s. And that brings me to:
    4. The bloggers. The anti-Sarah bloggers DEPEND on Sarah Palin. The more Sarah, the better. Sarah MADE Mudflats, for example.
    5. The GOP. Sarah made a run at Reuderich and failed to knock him out. She made a run at Young and failed to knock him out. She attacked Stevens when she was still all “Mavericky” last summer with embarrassing consequences. The Oil Companies hate her and the Republican Party organization would be perfectly happy if she wound up in the political exile. It is no coincidence that most of the ethics complaints filed against her are by Republicans (look it up!)

  21. Great job on Countdown! Although I think you may have lost everybody on the trees comments. I suspect most lesser 48ers don’t realize there are not trees in western Alaska.

  22. As always, I enjoyed your piece on KO. What is disconcerting to me is that no one seems to be asking the question: WHY is Rush Limbaugh so enamored of SP? In my opinion, it has everything to do with the fact that she is so prototypical of his audience. She is monumentally uncurious (which is a hilarious character trait to find in someone who majored in Journalism!). Further, she is just such a good soldier with respect to buying the party line.

  23. Shannyn,

    You were AWESOME on Olbermann! Keep up the good work & keep Gov. Palin HONEST.

  24. Did catch you last night on KO Shannyn. I bet the good governor is frothing at the mouth!! You were all the things she will never be – intelligent, well informed and ARTICULATE. “Boss” Limbaugh can say she is articulate, but unfortunately that doesn’t make her so. I doubt she even knows what the word means. Look forward to seeing you back on KO soon.

  25. Great job last night Shannyn. I think that Sarah has the misguided notion that if she hangs around Alaska now, pretending to care about our issues, that she might have a chance at Gov in 2010.

    Her plunging poll numbers here are finally registering for her, but methinks it perhaps is too late for her here.

    She also would never, ever, ever want to be at the Correspondents dinner as there are too many Hollywood folks present that considered her a complete joke during the national campaign.

    Personally, I think she never intended to attend the NY/DC functions this weekend as Todd was already there w/the abstinence queen Bristol. She had her surrogates in place and can now use the flooding on the Yukon as her “caring for Alaska” excuse not to travel East.

    I personally don’t think she has the balls to hang out in a room full of people that aren’t in love w/her. She only likes to play to an adoring audience. (like the pro life Indiana people….)

    If she thinks for a second that Alaskans will support a 2010 run she is sadly mistaken. At least I hope that we now have the collective intelligence in this state to see through her.

  26. yeah, great interview! no skirting around any issues…good job! oh and I love the glasses too!

  27. Good interview! loved the ‘Boss Limbaugh’ comment.

    Glad you are showing that there are clever, articulate as well as good looking women in Alaska.

  28. I like the answers you give on KO’s show.
    You have the facts but do not come across as someone out for revenge. Of course SP make the job easier.

    I have a question for all you out there.

    Why do you thin SP is dodging all these dinners and meetings? She doesn’t believe she is wrong, but she is appears to be in hiding.

    Is it because she wants to let all the republicans fight it out without her and then she can step in as someone above the pettiness and nasty in fighting that is going on?
    Anybody else have any thoughts?
    Is there going to be another scandal about to be put out there?

  29. Great clip Shannyn!

    First, love the hair! Second, what’s with the smirk? Third, and most importantly, what’s wrong with 80’s bands?? Seriously, I saw Tesla last month and they were awesome! Please stop insulting me and the rest of Mullet-Nation by comparing us to Sarah!!

    Eagerly awaiting your next post….


  30. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..


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