Posted by: shannynmoore | May 10, 2009

Behind the Curtain…

Thank You, Phil…



  1. Pretty nice way to start your Mother’s Day, eh?

  2. Phil is a very astute observer, and I couldn’t agree with him more on this one. I sing your praises every chance I get.

  3. Carrigan should apologize one of these days. Everyone makes mistakes. The common goal of bringing honesty and integrity back into government should be the highest order of what we are all working towards.

  4. And thank you, Shannyn. Keep telling the truth, especially on subjects others are afraid to go near.

  5. I was floored reading Phil’s very direct and necessary peice. He paid Shannyn deserving high praise and scolded Cary in a matter of fact manner.

    Then he opened the door for Cary to walk through.

    Carrigan is responsible for the end of local programming on KUDO. It is NO ACCIDENT that the union honored their contract with Tati and Cary up until the end-to the day. They could have pulled the plug after Cary and Mike fired their biggest advocate and strongest voice; and yet, they kept their end of the bargain.

    Hopefully KUDO will continue on with national progressive programming. Maybe at some point, they can put a local show on again.

    As for Shannyn’s show yesterday…it was like watching a skilled sniper pick off enemies one at a time the way she dealt with those right wing torture loving callers-very nicely done.

  6. Could not have a better voice for native Alaskans that Shannyn Moore. She will grow more into the role that she currently has because of her approach to the topics that regular people want to hear about. We have to make sure that commentators like her stay around. Great job.

  7. It’s nice to see someone finally writing about the travesty that occured last year when Cary fired Shannyn.

    With Shannyn’s meteroic rise despite not having a radio show platform, I wonder what it would have been like to have had her voice on the air to challenge the governor directly 5 days a week?

    Well, there are no accidents. Maybe this is how it was supposed to shake out. I do miss her 5 day a week local show though.

    As for yesterday, I loved how Shannyn mowed those righty callers down one after another…

    Thanks for the great blog Phil and Shannyn!

  8. Keep on doing what your doing, Shannyn – Alaska needs your voice!!

  9. Uh, that would be “what YOU’RE doing” – sorry, I’m a bit of a grammar fanatic.

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