Posted by: shannynmoore | May 12, 2009

The New Testament of Sarah Palin: 2010

Writing is hard. I struggle. Being a mom is hard. It’s worth the hard work. Being a wife is hard. I wasn’t good at it. Being a governor is hard. I’ve seen few really good at it. Campaigning is hard. As good as you can strategize and frame your message; sometimes you still don’t get elected.

Just how competent is Sarah Palin? She hasn’t been able to juggle everything to date…and now a new “ball” is up in the air.

Harper Collins just signed the Governor of Alaska to a book deal. In a time tight budgets and economic chaos, they managed to find a great sum to trade for the memoirs of a girl from Wasilla, Alaska. The book is due next spring. It was reported she was getting an $11 million advance. She denied the amount. It flies in the face of having a legal defense fund.

That’s fantastic! Great! Get a laptop and a bottle of Adderall…you’ll be fine. If you get stuck…well, make it up. It’s worked so far.

The governor said about her new book, “There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate, and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about.” Who is “WE?” How in the ham and cheese can Sarah Palin know what “Alaska is all about?” No one can sum this place up; that’s what I love about it. We are too mavericky to have one voice define us.

Palin added, “The idea is to focus on the content of the book and what’s coming in terms of me being able to tell my story unrestrained and unfiltered.” Well, that’s precious! The idea of being governor, traveling around, and making promises for votes, is to FOCUS on the State you were elected to represent.

“It will be nice to put my journalism degree to work on this and get to tell my story, Alaska’s story. There have been so many unauthorized books and publications that have spoken to somebody else’s opinion of who I am, what my family represents and what Alaska is all about.” AGAIN, SARAH, what 41.6% of Alaskans, according to last weeks poll numbers, think Alaska represents, is NOT YOU. Tell your family story, your story, but not ours.

For all the reasons it took her three weeks to sign a bill to support the emergency funding for the Alaska Territorial Guard, Sarah sure found her pen today.

But there is a problem.

Remember all the ethics Palin was touting during her un-holy national tour on the Strait Jacket Express? They include specific statutes:

S 39.52.170. Outside Employment Restricted.
(a) A public employee may not render services to benefit a personal or financial interest or engage in or accept employment outside the agency which the employee serves, if the outside employment or service is incompatible or in conflict with the proper discharge of official duties.
(c) The head of a principal executive department of the state may not accept employment for compensation outside the agency that the executive head serves.

Rest easy, I’m not going to file an ethics complaint over this. The system has been wildly abused, including the one Sarah filed on herself. Ethics are not something you can legislate; either you have them or you don’t.

Alaska has a citizen legislature. They are expected to have employment outside of the 90 day session. The governor and her cabinet are considered full time employees. I’m not an attorney, but, after reading the details of the statutes, they seem specific and unambiguous; the governor can’t be paid for other employment.

Sarah Palin is living the dream. People want to read about it. Some Alaskans are living a nightmare, and she needs to do her job.

Since the governor’s return to Alaska, not much has progressed. Our legislature couldn’t even pass the bestiality bill dubbed “Ididadog.” Groundhog Day is now Marmot Day. We have a new state dog. Our minimum wage won’t be the lowest in the nation. Sarah’s pet projects crashed in committee. Her AG and cabinet appointments were rejected by the Republican majority legislature. Some of that I’m good with, I don’t want the uterus police in my business or a bigot as Attorney General.

Palin hasn’t been able to perform her duties as governor without a book deal. What ever she writes, Rush Limbaugh will consider it a pop-up book. Now that she has a contract, it won’t take an ethics board to figure out Alaskans lose again.

Any guesses for a title?


  1. S 39.52.170. Outside Employment Restricted.
    (a) A public employee may not render services to benefit a personal or financial interest or engage in or accept employment outside the agency which the employee serves, if the outside employment or service is incompatible or in conflict with the proper discharge of official duties.
    (b) A public employee rendering services for compensation, or engaging in employment outside the employee’s agency, shall report by July 1 of each year the outside services or employment to the employee’s designated supervisor. During the year, any change in an employee’s outside service or employment activity must be reported to the designated supervisor as it occurs.
    (c) The head of a principal executive department of the state may not accept employment for compensation outside the agency that the executive head serves.
    C Kills it for her doesn’t it?
    Of course with her hand picked panel, she is getting away with EVERYTHING!

    It’s about time the legislature gets involved again.

  2. signing acceptance of the entire stimulas package should to be the news of the day, that would be true representation, this is just mildly distractive noise.

  3. Well thank the aurora she ain’t The Bush Rat.

    Good grief, when does it end? I’m going to hide.

    Another “Alaskan” claiming to represent me, in some diatribe, so far from the next sound byte, all while running for another office, somewhere, god knows whereeeeeee…

  4. Well the c4p’rs are spinning that she will write in her ‘Free” time, however it has been noted by herself and BM that she is gov. 24/7 so what free time are they talking about???
    Another Ethics complaint was dismissed today, no details this from the twits tweet.
    I think people need to start reporting to CREW and FBI b/c the SOA doesn’t feel the need to enforce ethics.

  5. Bet she has the contract drawn up that payments are deferred until after the book is published. Probably won’t be published until the day after Governor election even though they say earlier.

    Alternatively, writes the book under her and Todd’s name and has the payments directed to him.

  6. Must not be running for re-election..instead, a book to clean up her image for the presidential run. Not surprising her political and/or personal gains seem most important to her. Alaskans, not so much.

    Thanks, Shannyn!

  7. Write faster Levi, write faster…Wait, what was that sound? Oh, it was just Mercede firing up her computer.

  8. What’s the precedent? Have other AK gov’s written abook while in office?

  9. I heard that the AK Dept of Law pre-approved the book deal.

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    I just called them. No response. I’m trying to find out if they can give passes on ethics.

    • Oh that just figures!

  10. “She doesn’t want the money to distract from the content.”

    And she won’t tell the truth, since she doesn’t want the content to distract from the money.

  11. She should just name the book Palinese Word Salad, Anyone?

    If she can’t write this while she is governor, I guess that means all bets are off for a reelection bid.

  12. ********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    I just called them. No response. I’m trying to find out if they can give passes on ethics.
    ew ew ew get out of jail free card?
    Can I have one?

    Seriously, they may try to spin it that she got a legal opinion, bla bla can’t see a conflict.
    Uhm well,
    Your current gig pays 1/25th your new gig, and the old gig is just so … 2006.

  13. You betcha! Also.

  14. I think there is a loophole that WILL allow her to write the book. Jindal is writing a book too. Even if it were NOT legal, she would not be found guilty of anything (see what is happening to the ethics complaints). I think GINO is trying to immitate Obama, who had two successful books published – books that gave us a glimpse into an amazing, intelligent, ethical man. Just like she could not become Hillary just because of her body parts, she cannot become Obama due to a book.
    My greatest hope is that Levi writes a book and that it is released just prior to hers. Does anyone remember that she “wrote” another book and that the first “collaborator’ quit because collaborator could make no sense of the word salad? I seem to remember reading that at Huff. Post, will try to find it. GINO has confindence, yet seems delusional – what a combo.

  15. Of course it’s an ethics violation.

    But….it’s been “pre-approved”. And with her lackeys screening ethics violation complaints and dismissing them out of hand (and without an AG) it’s doubtful anything will happen. She can do what she wants.

    Until the people of Alaska vote her out of office.

    Let it be so.

  16. “The idea is to focus on the content of the book and what’s coming in terms of me being able to tell my story unrestrained and unfiltered.” …. “unrestrained” by ethics and “unfiltered” by reality – same old same old.

    I will feel privileged to not read any book of Sarah Palin’s.

  17. OK, who’s gonna volunteer to do the dirty work, and read this trash when it’s published?

    Jeez, my head hurts, just thiniking about it!

  18. trying again!

    Who’s going to volunteer to read this trash when it comes out?

    Jeez, my head jurts, just thinking of it!

  19. hurts, not jurts! silly-azz typos!

  20. Oh, I think it will be a wonderful addition to the children’s picture book section! I mean, as with most works of juvenile fiction, it’s got to begin, “Once upon a time.” 😉

  21. I think one of the “good” blogs should put up a name that book page. I have heard so many great titles in less than an hour. A collection would be great.

  22. Who’s ghostwriting this pile of drivel? Maybe the c4Peers will all get together and buy her a dictionary and a thesaurus.
    I do NOT read trash like this – perhaps someone’s first grade class can read it for a project and they can all do book reports for us?

  23. I doubt seriously that she will actually write it, herself, also.

  24. Philip Munger’s dKos thread asking for book title suggestions….

  25. I’ve just written a post about this at Progressive Alaska. Also, I posted a poll:

    Should Alaska’s Governor Be Able to Sign a Contract to Write a Book While in Office?

  26. Thanks, clark.

    Note the date of my DailyKos diary – November 18, 2008. She’s given us so many rich book title suggestions since – also.

  27. Seems that all of you doubt that she actually has a story to tell. I think she has a hell of a story to tell, it just won’t be the one she does tell. We have all seen her in action: the lady is good at makin’ it up as she goes along…. just sayin’

    And remember Cheney, to avoid all “conflict of interest” had to put all of his earnings from Halliburton on hold? Well, maybe they’ll be holding off on paying her until she is not longer Gov so she can say that she is not getting paid, thus she isn’t breaking the law.

  28. Book title: Word Salad for Dummies

  29. The (ethics complaint) has been wildly abused.

    I don’t think so. The complaints are not indictments, and if there is merit in the complaint, the ethics board is likely to tell the offender – “stop that.”

    The board offers opinions to employees regarding their situation, and possible conflicts of interest, all the time. Its their routine job.

    The issue of criminal wrong-doing is handled elsewhere.

    Palin has over reacted. Rather than say ” thanks for the opportunity to explain myself, gee wizz no I’m standing near the ethics line but I haven’t crossed it”, She’s reacting as if she’s being “ATTACKED!”

    I think Alaskan employees including Palin need time to understand the new law. They need explanations and thoughtful counsel, as do Alaskan citizens.

    Perhaps if the law were to be amended, the general public could ask for advisory opinions first, as in the legislative ethics process. That might help to notch down the rhetoric, and still hold politicians accountable.

    This is really no different than the 1st step of the complaint process, but the term “filing an ethics complaint” seems wildly overblown and ‘charged.’

    And speaking of charges, Plains choice to hire representation and treat complaints as if they’re criminal charges sets the wrong tone.

    Perhaps ADN could interview some lawyers and to explain a bit more about the law, the normal function of the ethics board, and these high profile complaints.

    And while they’re at it, explain that the board is there to resolve possible conflicts of interest, and not to make public declarations of guilt or innocence.

    I note with interest that Sarah Palin has been asking APOC for advisory opinions about the subject matter of some of the complaints, like Arctic Cat discounts on snowmachines…

    This is a good result.
    It has taught Palin a good lesson, but with way too much fanfare and heat.

    If the Arctic Cat issue is resolved and corrected, without a finding of “guilty” and no criminal complaint ( very likely ) she’ll declare herself “exonerated”, and a victim of an unfair “attack”, again.

    Its too bad that this mechanism to hold Politicians accountable, (“Hold me accountable!”) used only a dozen times (That we know about), has become so charged. It seems to be working okay, despite what people are saying about it.

  30. Title Suggestion:

    No Carbs – No Calories
    A Word Salad
    You Betcha!!

  31. The executive branch is not itself a department, so (c) doesn’t apply. And (a) only applies if the compensation is in conflct with the duties of the office. But if you want to make a complaint about it, section 39.52.210 allows the employee’s “designated supervisor” to reassign the employee’s duties or direct the removal of the employee.

  32. I doubt she got the $11 million; that figure was floated a long time ago and is just silly in today’s publishing climate. I watch HC very carefully (they’re my publisher!) and they are hurting, hurting, hurting.

    I love the way they’re calling the writer a “collaborator” rather than a “ghost writer.” Evidently she’s going to pretend she wrote the thing. I keep waiting for SOMEONE up there to write a real Sarah Palin bio, one that gathers the truth about all her ugliness together in one neat little pile.

  33. …so if she holds back the money [for later] BUT still does the work [now]…isn’t tht still a violation [maybe]…she’s still working for gain, still employed, still under contract.

    Very few ppl get paid as they work, paychecks are usually over-due by 1 – 2 weks, but we did the WORK, that’s why we are able to collect a pay check two weks after the work has been completed…

  34. Instead of “Way Up North in Alaska”, she might consider “Way Up Yours” after the way she’s used ya’ll to walkover on her way out of state.

    How can she claim she’s never received unfiltered treatment from the media? Is she saying FauxSnooze maligned her rep?!?!!?

  35. There you go again Shannyn. Putting the Ididadog Bill right next to the Marmot Bill. When I was in Juneau last month, Mike Doogan warned of the risk of that happening.

    Kudos to you for crisply encapsulating the truth of the situation when you said you weren’t thinking of filing an ethics charge.

    You say “Ethics are not something you can legislate; either you have them or you don’t.”

    That is the truth.

  36. My guess for a title:

    The Audacity of Hubris

  37. ADN posted this: I didn’t notice it earlier.
    They say the DOL says the book deal is not employment because” it’s not regular work for a salary or wage.”

    I’m not sure what the difference between salary and wage is, but apparently self employment, contract work, piece work is not “employment”


  38. From the Alaska Report:
    Rumor Central: Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin
    A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don’t think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned…

    can’t happen soon enough IMO! 🙂

  39. I think the statutes are clear, both in the letter of the law and in the spirit of the law. I am not an attorney but worked for years for a criminal defense attorney and spent 6 years in civil rights litigation against the State of Alaska.

    From my own personal experience, and from what we have all witnessed, Palin will do as she pleases, ” …until a court tells me to stop.”

    Our entire department of law is corrupt to the point that they will not stop her. Our legislators could have and should have stopped her using their own findings in troopegate but they were, ae, too testicle challenged to do so.

    The law is clear, but if the people in authority refuse to apply the law, or “interpret” it using little to no logic or facts, then the law is not applied.

    Palin, at this point, could care less—not that she has “cared” before–as she now has money and she never cared about governing ever ! All she ever cared about was “being” governor.

    We are watching the pathological personality disorder called Narcissism being played out on a political stage but politics have nothing to do with it. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS PALIN.


    She needs to be impeached or recalled before she does more damage by setting precedents and being a role model for evil. YES, I SAID EVIL BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS AND HER BEHAVIOR DEMONSTRATES IT DAILY.

  40. Crystalwolf–do NOT do that!!! What are the possibilities????

  41. Did you and Dan Fagan really have a
    fling 3 years ago?
    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    The short answer is No. The long answer is Noooooooooooooooooo.

  42. you were fabulous on K.O. and “THE LYIN’ WITCH AND THE WARDROBE” is THE winner title!

  43. How about “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindegarten”: The Sarah Palin Story. Subtitle has to be something about how your HS yearbook is a vital took for identifying future appointees to run just about every department in the Alaskan government.

    I also like The Audacity of a Dope (posted over on HuffPo the other day).

  44. Poor Pitiful Me, My Presidential Platform

    That’s what this book is all about.

    One thing Palin has done for Alaska, is to point out just how stupid and “unethical” it is, to have a governor choose her own personnel board AND AG!

    It is simply a recipe for corruption and Palin is taking full advantage.

    She has /is putting the spotlight on the legislature, showing them for the lazy buffoons they are.

    This gives Alaskans an opportunity to become involved in their politics to affect some wonderful changes.

    I hope they do not pass this by. The recent Mayoral vote was not very encouraging.

    Palins corruption will only be stopped on a federal level. As I have been perusing the “series of tubes” ( excuse me, but I find that so funny, every time!) Alaskans have been encouraging each other to do just that.

    Can you IMAGINE how this would be playing out if WAR were AG?

    Palin is simply doing everything she can for national media attention.

    the Mudflats and Celtic Diva have made possible donations for flood survivors on their web sites.

    What has Palin done? Did she even do the “fly by” she threatened?

    Just what HAS she done for Alaska? Seriously.

  45. If Palin’s book contract deal was supposed to pay off her $500,000 legal debts to Van Flein, and it’s true that her pay-off from “writing” the book won’t be until after she’s voted out of office, makes me wonder if Van Flein will charge her interest for the outstanding debt… 🙂

  46. How about “From Flautist to Fascist, the whole story”.

    The comment was made, “as long as it doesn’t interfere with her work”. Obviously it has already taken time away from her responsibilities and you know at the office she is day dreaming about her celebrity status as an author and having all that money to join the “elite”. She best be careful with all her doodles on her monthly calendar!!!


  48. Why in the world would this woman establish a legal fund to pay her legal expenses and a couple of weeks later announce a lucrative book deal? I wonder, how all those slugs feel than contributed to her legal fund while the Lady from the North pockets her book advance and laughs at the idiots who contributed?

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