Posted by: shannynmoore | May 12, 2009

Why We Fight

I’m a tad under the weather, but can’t let these go by.

The discussion of torture is the most important thing we can talk about as a nation.

It doesn’t mean health care isn’t a priority.  It doesn’t mean the economy is fixed.  It doesn’t mean our troops are at the end of their rope.  It doesn’t mean the environment is safe.

It is our moral compass that is at stake.  The heart of this nation is in the same shape as Dick Cheney’s if we ignore the crimes committed in our name.  We must investigate and prosecute.

There have been several TV moments I’ve caught on the subject and thought you wouldn’t want to miss them.

I know the country has collectively sighed relief over Miss California’s crown retention.  I’m with David Shuster, a bit nauseous over the fascination.  Maybe Sarah Palin will call her AGAIN to offer congratulations.



  1. Actually the very last part of the entire interview with Jesse was the best.. and they neglected to put it on that clip.

    He makes the best point of all.. It’s only about 30 seconds but is the most profound statement..

    If torture worked, why didn’t we find and capture Osama Bin Laden? With all the water boarding, all the torture of others, the murders, the rapes of children, the disappearing of people, we did, if it worked like they all say it did… WHY did we not get the bad guy??

  2. For some reason I’m grossly disturbed by David Rivkin’s European accent. I wonder what it indicates ….

  3. The subject certainly cranks my BP up. When I was in the Army we had Escape and Evasion, not SERE. We were sent to the “compound” 1st, and where we were not injured, we certainly did not want to go back. There were 4 or 5 of us together on the escape phase and we picked big sticks(2-3″ dia x 3′ long) and were stopped by other GI’s (aggressors), they had m-14s with blanks and we had our clubs. They decided it was not worth the risk to try to take us back.

    Torture is not OK IT IS A WAR CRIME and should be treated as such.

  4. You’re right again, Shannyn. This is why I get that queasy feeling when the powers that be try to brush this aside as nothing more than a misadventure on the part of some minor players.

    I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to just let our justice system work through this like any other important criminal case.

    Rifken is trying to use an anti-torture training program to justify that waterboarding is not torture. He needs to look to the history of our country whose view has been that waterboarding is torture, is illegal, and has been the basis for prosecution of people who have practiced it.

    Jessie needs to spend a few private minutes with President Obama and use some of that charm to point out the major importance of all this.

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