Posted by: shannynmoore | May 13, 2009

Shannyn Moore on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann



  1. Good job tonight. You must be feeling better cuz you looked and sounded great.

  2. AS ever – you were brilliant – thanks for being the voice of reality!!

  3. I was sitting there watching Keith, as usual, and then I saw you, Shannyn. What a surprise! Great job, too! But you always do!

    I have been guilty of offering book titles on The Mudflats and was happy you mentioned them, too!


  4. Great job Shannyn – even my husband now recognizes you!
    What a fun gig…

  5. You’re a very pretty women, but what’s with those glasses you wore this evening? Ditch the glasses or replace them.

  6. You were great on Countdown tonight. And HOT, too! Will you marry me? Kidding … maybe … 🙂

  7. Excellent, as always, Shannyn! Be proud!

  8. good job, you keep your composure and you are adorable.

  9. Once again…great commentary! Do you think we, any of us, all of us, you, Keith, Rachel, Mudflats…will make a dent in palin’s non-future in politics? Don’t ever stop, Shannyn!

  10. Regarding Rupert Murdoch: I heard recently that he has been influenced by the politics of his current wife (young, progressive) and is now kind of embarassed by the hard-right empire he built p-u-r-e-l-y for money. I guess the proof of that is in his support in 2007 of Australia’s now-current Prime Minister (young, progressive).

    Mr Murdoch is already an old man, but if he can learn new tricks maybe we’ll have an opportunity to ‘encourage’ him in that.

  11. You were great Shannyn! Love the shout out to AKM!
    You always seem to have a “I’ve got a secret smile” lol, I bet GINO hates that!!!!
    Love the “Revisionist” “Branchflower”
    and of course
    “The lyin’ witch and the wardrobe”

  12. To Ken, I respectfully dissent. Shannyn ROCKED the glasses! (I think I have a soft spot for women who wear them–Palin excluded.) You’re perfect the way you are, S!

  13. Shannyn…I fell asleep last night, and woke to the sound of your melodious voice. Your radio voice by the way is…and I am female. Truly, you are a bright and growing star. When hubby and I go to Alaska…I really want to meet you and Phil and Grypen…diva…everyone. You are all my heroes.

    You make me want to be young and patriotic. lol…canadian politics is very boring though, but I guess I should be glad about that.

    Shannyn…in all seriousness, have you ever pondered running for office. You have an extrmemly high profile, and I think you would do well.

    Laurie ( from the far north in Canada, where we got a blizzard last night and its still snowing today!) We actually do live in similar places.

  14. Shannyn – so good to see you – keep up the good work. It really is good that the rest of America will see that we are not a bunch of dumb hillbillies like our Gov and extended family – and I agree with Bryan – very sexy smart look

  15. Shannyn Shannyn Shannyn!!!

    Great job-as always. You are quite the regular on KO!!! Loved the “Queen of Revision comment!”

    The best were the possible titles, “Audacity of Hype” courtesy of AKM, and yours…”The Lyin’, The Witch, and the Wardrobe!” Homage to CS Lewis!!!

    Great Segment!

  16. Shannyn, I’m a newbie to your blog here, and want you to know that I just love how you handle yourself in these interviews.

    Many kudos!!

  17. You rocked, as usual!

  18. As usual I enjoyed seeing you on web (Don’t have cable).

    I like you in glasses though that is the only time I see them.

    My vote for title is ” Audacity of a Dope”

  19. You were great!!! Personally I think it’s a bit weird and sexist to comment on your looks, glasses or anything like that. If you were a man it would not be as likely to happen. You are an intelligent, articulate, well-informed woman who presents herself well!!

    People can go ahead and disagree- I could care less. Hot is complimentary but sexist in this context. I couldn’t stand men saying how hot Palin is!

    Keep up the good work

  20. Shannyn you are amazing and an inspiration to patriotic women everywhere! If someone writes you a nasty note it is about them not you. Only a low class ignorant person would do such a thing. Thanks for being the first person to have the nerve to stand up to Sarah Palin. You have done the right thing and don’t forget it!

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