Posted by: shannynmoore | May 20, 2009

Palin Pimps Steele; “Snows” Obama

When SarahPac sends out “Governor’s Statements”, I cringe.  Sarah Palin is as predictable as Alaska weather; random, erratic, and dangerous.flickpole

Her full run embrace of RNC Chairman Michael Steele must be in response to his statement, “We have turned the page.  We have turned the corner.  No more looking in the review mirror.”  Palin translation?  “Enough about Reagan, what about ME?!”

Alaskans know if you lick steel in the cold, your tongue sticks.

As Governor, Sarah Palin has passed the largest budgets in state history.  Her “Alaska energy bailout” last fall, on top of the Permanent Fund Dividend checks, was $740 million.  Her political ambition has denied Alaskans $28.6 million in federal stimulus funds for weatherization and energy assistance despite bi-partisan pleas to accept the money.

Palin’s criticism of President Obama’s “unprecedented reliance upon foreign countries” is rich.  She has continually held up her Alaska Gas line Inducement Act (AGIA) as a star in her governor’s pageant crown.  She selected TransCanada to build the Alaska gas line, and “induced” them with $500 million.  Not only are we relying on a foreign company for essential delivery of energy infrastructure, WE ARE PAYING THEM HALF A BILLION DOLLARS TO DO IT!

Sarah Palin also accused President Obama of threatening health care to Native villages in Alaska.  Perhaps she was too busy putting out a press release about her new Twitter account and missed the news from Senator Mark Begich. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Bristol Bay Area Health Center was awarded $1.3 million over the next two years.  Native tribes across the state will receive $2.9 million for child care and development assistance.  Indian Health Services (IHS) has approved $152 million for the construction phase of the Norton Sound Regional Hospital in Nome.  The project summary submitted to Senator Begich stated the project will create an estimated 200 construction jobs; an additional 100 new positions once it’s completed; and 450 existing jobs will be retained.  What does Palin want? A personal colonoscopy from the Oval Office?

Sarah Palin’s response to starving Western Alaska villages was a photo-op fly-in with the Rev. Franklin Graham.  “Jesus loves you, and I do too! Also!”  She baked them cookies.  Really.

Alaska does not have a friend in Michael Steele.  We do have a governor who is the first in Alaska history not only to be absent at the Juneteenth Celebration (the national celebration of the end of slavery), but to be mute.  Sarah Palin refused to retroactively sign the Juneteenth Celebration Proclamation and is now being sued.  The platform used to bash Obama and blow smoke up the skirt of the RNC Chair could have been used to help Alaskans rather than advance her personal political agenda.

Palin could have talked about the worst flooding in Alaska history along the Yukon River this month.  The Yukon River divides Alaska in half.  The headwaters originate in Canada and empty into the Bering Sea 2,300 miles west.  As a result of widespread flooding, E. coli is growing in the basements of destroyed homes; diesel fuel is covering the belongings of flood victims and contaminating an already crippled ecosystem. Critical fish runs crashed last year.  As a result, the state and feds cut subsistence fishing 50% on the Yukon River this year.  No telling what havoc will be wreaked on fragile spawning habitat.

There is a long list of major concerns Sarah Palin could spend her political capital on to help our state.  Instead, she squanders it on the likes of Michael Steele, bashing Obama, and her great defense (and misguided understanding of the first amendment) of Miss California, Carrie PreJean.

Palin says of Obama, “The inconsistent messages and actions are unsettling.”  Hhhmmm…isn’t that called projection?

Statement from Governor Sarah Palin

The transition from Candidate Obama to President Obama has been as predictable as Alaska’s winter snow.

We are now witnessing actions that will lead to a monumental shift away from free market capitalism and the strong work ethic that built this great country. ‘Change’ in this administration has meant rapid movement toward massive government growth, huge tax burdens on future generations, and an unprecedented reliance upon foreign countries.

Today, we learned that Obama’s decisions continue to impact Alaskans; while we as taxpayers now own General Motors, Obama closes another dealership – this time in Soldotna as more of Alaskans’ hard-earned money and jobs are lost to big government. Government should not be in the auto industry business. In Alaska, we have also seen a shift in federal priorities that threaten the loss of subsidized village health care services under the same candidate who led you to believe he’d insure all Americans. The inconsistent messages and actions are unsettling.

But we have another voice in Washington, DC – a man who understands what Alaskans believe: less centralized government control, restrained budgets, more opportunity for development, and fewer taxes. Today, we have a friend in RNC Chairman Michael Steele and his bold and courageous speech defines his leadership goals that will guide us all through this most difficult time for our nation.”

Governor Sarah Palin

**********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********

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  1. Every time I see her talking about Obama I want to laugh. As if that pea brain of hers can even understand the national and international situation, let alone come up with something constructive to say about it.

  2. Steele/Palin 2012
    Bwaahaaaahaaaaaaa!!!! What a Wasilla Hillbilly!!

  3. Would it be too much to ask that you stop bashing TransCanada for being Canadian/ foreign? I mean, the fact is that any company would have to hire Canadians/ Canadian expertise for the Canadian portion of the pipeline.

    Plus, there are plenty of other, more important, reasons to go after them, and I’m not sure that an American company would really be preferable, even then.
    ***********NOTE FROM SHANNYN***********
    My criticism is not about TransCanada. It is about the hypocrisy of Palin’s statements against Obama.

  4. As I write this from Toronto, I don’t think that anyone is really bashing a Canadian Company…what people seem to want to point out is that Palin continues to bash ANYONE who doesn’t see American the way that she does…and Lord help us to understand what that actually is! Right now, after touting HER (non-existent) pipeline around the country, she is jumping on the economic protectionism bandwagon: “Palin’s criticism of President Obama’s “unprecedented reliance upon foreign countries”” (don’t get me started on Alaska’s importation of other goods and services). Put simply, she is a fraud who will say ANYTHING, true or not, to get her way: Thanks but No Thanks Palin, not this time!

  5. Shannyn, would you enlighten us on this portion of her assertions; “In Alaska, we have also seen a shift in federal priorities that threaten the loss of subsidized village health care services under the same candidate who led you to believe he’d insure all Americans.”

    My favorite line of course, “The inconsistent messages and actions are unsettling.” Indeed.

  6. Just how many people are unaware of the fact that we have had a Republican administration for the past eight years? Looking at it In the best possible light for the Republicans, our economic crisis is the result of a massive bipartisan screw-up for which they need to take their share of the blame, and their share of the sacrifices. Conservatism is about responsibility, and this cheap demagoguery is contemptible.

  7. Well, of course she doesn’t want to help Alaskans weatherize their homes. That would cut into the profits of the utility.

    You want to be energy efficient? You should pay for that out of your own pocket. That’s the self-sufficient, non-socialized, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps Republican way.

  8. “We have another voice in Washington, DC – a man who understands what Alaskans believe: less centralized government control, restrained budgets, more opportunity for development, and fewer taxes.”

    Earth to Palin — Hello — knock, knock:

    Thought I would stop by and enlighten you — Steele’s the Chairman of YOUR Party. He’s not a Senator which brings me to HE CAN’T FRIGGIN’ VOTE ON A DAMM THING.

    The other thing that blows me away about this brainless piece of flesh — Prior to her being tapped for VP with McCain, she knew very, very few Senators in Washington and actually, in name only. In fact, I recall her on the campaign stumping that “She didn’t know what McCain stood for”. WTF. He’s been a Senator since God was a child.

    You can be guaranteed she still doesn’t know what anyone stands for.

    Don’t like it Sarah — Bite me!!

  9. I don’t live in Alaska and I think Alaskans should be furious. She has press releases going out almost every day to the national media. This is because she is already running for president and not dpi g her current job. She tried in convoluted ways to link these released to Alaska. It is TOO early. She is inappropriate! Who the H is writing these Nast releases? They are such a turn off!
    There is a big reason she is not even close to being a leading contender for president. Her releases at viscious and often full of lies. Our president does not close car dealerships! I don’t see that as part of his job description!
    The most disturbing thing is that the frequency of her press releases, media appearances (she and her family) and criticisms of our new Predident are increasing! She is in the news several times a week now. How can she do her job as governor when she is so preoccupied with the media??
    She thinks in her tiny brain this is helping her nationally! I don’t think so and not a single poll shows this. Her narcissism makes her one dangerous nut. I am so sick of her!

  10. Well, poor little GINO cannot be expected to understand these complicated issues. This is the same woman that was not even bright enough to come up with what she reads for crying out loud!!

    What is all this about Michael Steele and knowing what Alaskans want! God, she is giving the world the biggest headache. The thing that still amazes me after all this time is her minions around her just let her shoot off her mouth, stumbling from one media disaster to another. Why don’t you work on your own inconsistent messages guv?

  11. Sarah is so clueless to how dumb she is.

    She is like a bug bite! You just have to scratch it and then it never heals or goes away! Leave it alone and it gone.

    Sometimes I think if all intelligent Americans make a pledge to never utter her name again, it is the only thing that will ever make her go away.

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