Posted by: shannynmoore | May 22, 2009

Senator Bill Wielechowski on FOX NEWS

Senator Bill Wielechowski was on Neil Cavuto’s show -Fox News.  He shared the line up with Karl Rove.  The official copy was taken off youtube…not sure why.  This one isn’t great, but gives you an idea…



  1. Shannyn…over on huffpo, there is an article about Ed Shultz being on the morning joe show yesterday. He mopped the floor with them…but I had to tell you this little tid bit. One of the commenters suggested you to replace Mika B on the show, and there were several in agreement.

    One commenter said it would shake things up to have ” straight talking broad” in the house.

    I loved it!!

  2. loved it !

    Bill W. rocks.

    I’m so proud.

    Yeah, Bill W. knows how to put it out there.

    Very cool.

  3. Bill ROCKS! Wish he were my senator…

    On another note…I was on Huffington Post looking at the video of Ed Schultz taking on Morning Joe. I read through the comments and a couple folks want to draft Shannyn Moore to replace Mika Brzezinski-the “go along with whatever Joe sez” on Morning Joe!!!! Got my vote…

    Here’s the link:

    the comments about putting Shannyn on start around page 8 or so…

  4. In the word of the Simpson’s Monty Burns, “EXCELLENT!”

  5. Shannyn, just tried to view video and it said it was removed by user. Wonder why??

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