Posted by: shannynmoore | May 26, 2009

Alaskans Honor Dead As Palin Pulls Diva Card

In January, I spoke with a member of the Alaska Joint Armed Services Committee.  He was really excited about the Memorial Day commemoration being planned; The Decoration of Honor Ceremony.  Alaska is only the second state to have such a service, and I was honored to be invited.

From the Program:  The Alaska Decoration of Honor was created to recognize the Alaskan service members who have been killed in action or in support of combat.  The medal is awarded on behalf of the people of the State of Alaska to show our gratitude to the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our state and nation.

The USAF Band of the Pacific played.  The US Military Color Guard presented flags from all branches of service.  The Discovery Theater was packed with families of the last 50 years of Alaska’s fallen soldiers.  Their loss was palpable.  Their pride was present.  Their tears were flowing.  The Generals were solemn.

Regardless of the branch of military service or what war claimed their lives, the Alaska servicemen and women were honored.  Their families were presented with the Alaska Decoration of Honor Medal.

Jon van Zyle, a Vietnam Veteran, local and nationally renowned artist, donated his time and talents in designing the Alaska Decoration of Honor medal. It memoriallegswas stunning.

“It is an honor to be a part of this ceremony,” Senator Bill Wielechowski, co-chair on the committee said. “All Alaskans should be proud of the sacrifices that have been made by these men and women in service to our nation.”

It was a beautiful ceremony, appreciated by the families-touched to even be remembered after so many years, even decades for some.  Many had traveled from all over the country to be recognized.

Despite several months of notice, the governor didn’t commit to be at the ceremony until the morning of the event-hence her conspicuous absence in the program.  Before the program went to the printers, the governor had been given a deadline.  Silence.  Perhaps she was waiting for Greta’s call.  Governor Palin insisted she be sat on stage and demanded time for a speech. She spoke before the invocation and flag presentation as to not be “off program.”  It was certainly appropriate for the governor to speak at such a high level ceremony, but her high level maintenance made it difficult for those that planned it.

I talked to a Republican lawmaker earlier today and told her how honored I felt to be there.  She commented on the governor’s attire.  The most somber occasion I have attended, and the governor wore a mini skirt.  Neat.  Way to comfort the families of fallen soldiers; give them tickets to the “bare legs show.”  One side of the auditorium was waiting for “Basic Instinct” shot, Alaska style.

Even Sarah Palin, in full diva regalia, couldn’t ruin the day.  She just looked cheap.

Senator Wielechowski and Representative Dahlstrom should be proud.



  1. Nothing that Mrs Palin wore on the day was appropriate – not the mini skirt, not the bare legs, not the biker jacket, and certainly not the platform hooker shoes. She looked like Old Madonna ……

    But to not RSVP until the same day – especially when the occasion is such an important one for Alaska – is just trash. It says volumes about what Mrs Palin is.

  2. What a jerk! How rude and inconsiderate to all involved! I see that it is still all about her. The woman has no class at all, so it is incomprehensible that she is appealing to anyone. Valley trash personified. Wasillabilly in the flesh.

  3. Mini skirt AND peep toe pumps…I mean REALLY!

  4. Organizations and event planners would do well not to bother with invitations to Palin. The woman has no sense of decorum nor is a statesman.

    In a year, whether it be of her doing or not, she will be history as our chief executive.

  5. I hope the people of Alaska are paying careful attention to their Governor’s Rock Star wanna be behavior. Most serious politicians care more about their substance than their appearance. Of course, they want to look their best but Palin carries this to the extreme. But let’s face it, would she be given as much attention if she looked more like Amy Whinehouse?

    What I find more insulting is her total lack of commitment in taking part in the first place. Why the last minute acceptance? Why the diva-like demands when she did accept? She should have been introduced in the audience (saying something face saving like she was able to attend after all…) but not given a place of honor on the stage and not given time to speak. But as with so many instances in her life, she was given an honor that she did not earn.

  6. Alaska veterans deserve much better–more respect, more honor–than a GINO who shows up at the last minute, months after being invited, without an RSVP to the event organizers, wearing a sleazy outfit, and insisting on speaking before the invocation.

    Thank you for writing about the ceremony, Shannyn, as well as for including this over at HuffPo. Please keep us lower-48ers posted on the disgraceful doings of this shameless diva, until she GOES AWAY!

  7. classy is as classy does and she aint classy.

  8. Gosh, now I’m jealous!

    I’m rather fond of honoring our vets… The events which do this, bring that “cherrished touch” feeling to my skin. I like all that vet stuff… the flags, the vets in all forms of dress, and the vast stories a vet might happen to share…

    And you got invited to partake? I’m jealous.

    The honor and pride, a vet projects, for serving the country, just feels good.

  9. Clueless, classless, conceited and callous.

    What a diva indeed! A simple response in a timely manner, after checking your schedule, would have the simple and expected thing to do. Yes or No. Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple for Sarah, with the notable exception of her brain.

    Inability to make commitments to events to which she is invited appears to be a pattern. Why is that–other than poor manners? Or perhaps her predictable contentious, erratic and manic behaviors are peaking and ready to crash. Hmm. Hope it’s soon. Alaska certainly deserves far better leadership and representation.

  10. ALL elected officials attend Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations. ALL OF THEM. Unless they are ill, it is part of the job.

    Yet…..SHE can’t commit to showing up?!

    It really isn’t optional.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the same ceremony that Gino held up the organizing of by delaying approval of the funding for it?

  12. I saw the pic first and I thought who the heck is wearing shorts or a short skirt? None other than good old Sarah, she does not know what to wear to the party. What the hell is wrong with her? Disrespectful, self centered idiot. Does she think trying to look sexy and competing with your single mom, slut, hypocritical daughter is going to win her favor with the boys? I can think of no other politician leader who so in appropriately dresses and displays such bad etiquette as Palin. What do her parents think when they see their aging diva daughter attending a solemn important occasion looking like she is at a bar for a biker convention? Not that the outfit would be bad for that, but everything in it’s place. Adjust the meds, quick!

  13. I am not sure if I was too harsh in my previous post but I will let it stand. Normally she just makes me sick, but this time she made me angry. Shannyn are there any more pics of this inappropriate out fit that you are aware of? Would you post any links? I couldn’t find any other pictures from this ceremony. Thanks,

    • I totally concur!

  14. I am tired of being ashamed of my Governor.

  15. When I was in Okinawa we went to memorial services every Sat. and hated it BUT we did not disrespect them!

  16. Normally she wears jeans to formal, official events, so what’s up with this? What a piece of work.

  17. Shannyn glad your calling that disrespectful GINO out!
    At peeland, one said “you effectively called GINO a tramp” lol! Well if the shoe fits!!!!
    Does anyone wonder why the peepee’rs don’t attack Shannyn but will attack Diva???
    They are such idiots…bloggers to nowhere!

  18. The woman might as well be photographed giving the “finger” to her Alaskan people. So many of the photos show her with inappropriate attire. No wonder, the RNC felt they had to buy clothes for her prance around the Lower 48. If she had dressed in the Lower 48 like she dresses in AK, we would have thought she was running for an office in COYOTE not for VP.

  19. WOW! That skirt goes ‘wayyyy up there to heaven’… I can’t believe a 45 y/o governor, in an *OFFICIAL* ceremony, would wear something as inappropriate as this!

    OTOH: OK, the above slutty pic was taken when?

    Because here she is a wearing totally different outfit, and more appropriate, IMO:

    OTOH, her baggy jeans for the Juneteenth celebration is also completely inappropriate:

    WHO IS HER CLOTHING ADVISER??? Isn’t she a former wannabe beauty queen? Don’t you think she would have a bit more of a fashion sense? The only time she was dressed appropriately (albeit way too expensively!) was during the RNC election show. The rest of the time, she has a dismal fashion sense!

    • Boy that Juneteenth outfit is more of a doosey, my teenagae nieces dress like that. That purse slung over her shoulder, jeans and shiny coat. She is disrespecting these people. go figure.

    • Palin HAS NEVER attended the official Juneteenth Celebration…EVER! That book signing was at Lousac Library and was not well publicized. Palin is, in fact, being sued for refusing to sign a retroactive proclamation for the Juneteenth Celebration.

  20. @Wurzelhexli regarding different outfit –

    This photo shows the whole outfit – red peep shoes contrast harshly with the attire of those around her.

    • That is not the same outfit, definitely different shoes, compare the collars on the jacket. No that mini skirt is a new preview outfit for the ever changing fashion plate Sarah!

  21. Here is closeup of the Pict.

  22. Even if your skirt isn’t that short when you sit down it can tend to go up! Especially if its a tight skirt, a looser skirt wouldn’t “ride up” so much. But I’m sure that’s just what GINO wanted….

  23. FACT: Palin is a narcissist, a legitimate mental illness i.e. a “Personality Disorder.”

    FACT: Palin is being rejected by Alaskans i.e. her approval rating is down to 54% and her disapproval rating is up to 42%. BIG TIME REJECTION AND HER POPULARITY IS IN FREE FALL.

    Narcissist are hateful, vindictive and evil. When you withdraw your approval of them, they feel the same anxiety as someone with a gun to their head. THEY FEEL THEIR VERY EXISTENCE IS AT STAKE.

    Narcissist feel that ANYTHING they do in response to such a threat is self defense and therefore there is nothing wrong with whatever they do.


    Palin’s last minute acceptance and her cheap inappropriate dress/behavior WAS INTENTIONAL. IT IS HER WAY OF SAYING F**K YOU ALASKA FOR REJECTING ME.

    She will continue this behavior “until a court tells her she can’t.”

    We are watching her mental illness play out on the stage of politics.

    It is going to get worse. A lot worse.

    • Thank you, Liz P. for the reminder on narcissist. It helps me because I keep wandering into “why does she do …” land and forget momentarily that Palin’s “why” is not the normal person’s reasoning.

  24. Has anyone got a clue as to what this iceberg coming is all about? At least what topic area it is? There are so many Palingates, my mind runs wild with the possiblities.

    • While your mind runs with the possibilities, Sarah’s mind runs on empty.

  25. You can “follow” her fashion choices at the following link:

    Just pop on down to the bottom of any given page for MORE photos.

  26. And you would think that Miss Stapletongue from SarahPAC might have suggested something a little more ‘ appropriate ‘ as well.

    Stapletongue…. You are NOT doing your Job.
    Or are you afraid to disrespect YOUR Queen..?

    Queen to Loyal Subject… (Stapletongue)
    ” Fetch me my Royal (red) Slippers !! “

  27. I was there.
    Like what Governor would NOT want to be at this event ! It was so wonderful to see our fallen service people honored.

    And where was our Gov? Why didn’t she bother to respond to the invite?

    The lady , sitting next to me, kept trying to get photos of her sister in law, who lost a loved one. Half the time Palins inappropriate legs were in the way… and frankly distracting. I ended up going to the other side of the stage and taking some photos for her. Minus the inappropriate exposed legs on our sitting Governor.

  28. Ol’ GINO went dressed like that because she heard VETERANS were going to be there and she obviously dressed for the veterans (men). She just didn’t understand the word, MEMORIAL.

    Red lipstick, red shoes…for the boys!

  29. Juneteenth celebration: looks like she just got outta bed

  30. It is so totally gross for women to wear open toed shoes to work. Not to mention showing leg above the knee, I wouldn’t even do that in my office which is totally casual.

    And I cannot think of anything trashier than the french manicure style pedicure. Women who do this are sad. If you do this please stop.

    I agree w/ anon blogger: for the boys! She’s acting like she’s marilyn monroe visiting the troops instead of a governor. She is no statesman. And she sure as hell is no marilyn monroe.

    It could be a mental illness, it could be the narcissistic defense disorder as described above… but I think what it boils down to is that all Sarah Palin has to fall back on is her sexuality. There is no substance to her, just rhetorical talking points that morphed in her brain into baseline arguments and nutty policy. She has *nothing* to fall back on *except* her sexuality.

    I once asked how it is possible this woman got so far in life. And since I don’t think she’s that good looking, it’s not her looks that carry her. It’s the way she carries her looks: sexual suggestion. Then she picks up a gun in some kind of feminist gesture, shamelessly justifying the promiscuity.

    Oh, and her shoes aren’t just innappropriate and racy. They’re f*king ugly too.


  32. @ziggybutterfly — you are so right about the pedi. My husband and I were just talking about someone the other day who was flaunting theirs, an engineer, nearly 30 yrs old, w/the tacky french pedi. My husband said “I thought only porn stars had those.” By the by, we’re both engineers. My pedi is red.

    Anyway, I think it was Shannyn who wrote a post with a title that said something like (a play on the popular book/movie?) — Alaska, She’s Just Not That Into You. It isn’t really limited to Alaska, it also applies to any sort of governing responsibility, anyone who no longer serves a purpose in furthering her agenda, anyone/any entity that does not relate directly to her narrow little life vision.

    We can see that here with the nearly no-show governor who decided to show up and nearly show all at the last minute.

  33. Shannon:

    Palin just made the ‘Top 5 Corrupt Politicians of 2008’ list – CNN – Casey Gane-McCalla. She is listed as #5 with Blagovich, Cheney, Kilpatrick, Spitzer in the other top spots. The information can be accessed via CNN’s ‘search’ engine to verify authenticity.

  34. SMR: I am not an engineer but I work for an engineering firm. re: your co-worker, that is just unfortunate. a co-worker of mine goes running in the afternoon, in cute little nike tennis-style running ensembles; but then she doesn’t change back out of it for the rest of the day. the skirt barely covers her ass. as far as I can tell, none of the men we work w/ are complaining.

    that was off topic and I apologize. some ppl. just don’t get work dress code.

  35. What a wonderful and fitting way to honor those who have sacrificed so that we have the freedom to post and comment on blogs.
    How sad and pathetic Sarah Palin has become. Keep in mind that she’s a hick, and hicks don’t know how to dress appropriately for serious occasions. She still thinks it’s all about her.

  36. rockin’ palin,

    cheap, cheap!

    rockin’ palin,

    cheap, cheap!

    All she wore really made her look

    cheap, cheap!

    (no apologies to Michael Jackson)

  37. AKDIVA – I fully embrace my Palin Derangement Syndrome. Kinda like Palin’s mini embraced her buttocks during that somber ceremony.

  38. That skirt looks like a Candies’ hooker special.
    Keep up the good work, Clueless Spice!

  39. Well, earlier in “peeland” one of them said Shannyn effectively called GINO a “Tramp”
    Now they’ve switched their attack from Diva to Shannyn.
    Pathetic sanctimonious asshats!

    I can’t believe they said Shannyn Cheapens ceremony Not GINO with her **** showing skirt!

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    I don’t read C4P. I never have. I live in Alaska. They don’t. As my friend, Mudflats puts it…Don’t Feed The Trolls! I have emailed with one of the writers over there who seemed reasonable and I defended his right to anonymity. Don’t worry about it. I stand by what I wrote. I spent over half of the first hour of my radio show on Saturday talking about how fantastic the ceremony was. I wish every state would have such an event for the families of their fallen soldiers.

  40. The worst thing about this? That it’s even an issue.

    I hate that Alaska has a gov that disrespects citizens, whether military veterans or not, and is utterly incapable of professional behavior in her office, her communications, her actions, her ethics, every single. effing. thing.

    Who’d have thought Frank the Bank would be looking so good in hindsight???????

  41. Notice that nuts4nitwits chose a picture of Palin that has her standing up behind a bunch of flowers that hides most of her legs and all of her shoes. Having apparently not done their homework (again) by actually reading Shannyn’s article and looking at the picture posted with it themselves, they are all claiming Palin was dressed appropriately (though one woman suggests standard pumps might be better) and claiming Shannyn is the one that “cheapened” the event (even though they have no examples of how that might have happened, and I’ll bet Shannyn was dressed appropriately for the event and planned ahead). Talk about derangement – it’s alive and well over there.

    • I think Palin has been pictured in that short skirt before, in at least one other instance wearing her F-M boots — I believe during the election campaign last fall. That’s probably what elicited the flood of “hottest governor” comments from testosterone overloaded men.

      I took a closer look at that picture nuts4nitwits posted as their version of “appropriate”. I lightened the entire picture for clarity, and can see quite plainly that her knees and above are in the shadow of her skirt. I would guess that the hem of the skirt is 4-5 inches above the middle of her kneecap (which is a LOT for a woman 5’3″ to 5’4″ tall).

      Notice the woman in red is 4 or so inches taller than Palin, yet HER skirt hem is a couple of inches closer to the floor than Palin’s. Her knees are covered, too — which is an entirely suitable skirt length for a matronly woman (with nice legs, I might add).

  42. Its really funny over there in “peeland” one of them says “she is dressed for church!”
    I guess that’s how those “conservatives” “ordinary Barbarians” dress for church, like ho’s, lol!

  43. If Palin parted her knees even a little bit from the pose in that picture, I’m sure the audience might have been able to see the tip of that iceberg that’s been rumored…

    (possibly a 5 year old hysterectomy scar?)

    • lol! good one 🙂
      5 years???
      do tell 🙂

  44. Pure speculation, c aka c! You know, like birth certificates and that kind of thing?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Meg Stapler hotly denied that it was a hysterectomy, it was just a tubal ligation!! How dare us!!!

    • Well, you could SEE a scar, a tubal maybe not, but still, they both achieve the same thing…NO BABIES!

  45. Where’d her “cankles” go? I’d love to know her secret 🙂

    See this photo below. Cankles, then, photo at ceremony, no cankles. Sort of like the baby bump photos, baby bump, then no baby bump.

    I guess she’s a shape shifter or something.

    cankle photo:

  46. First I can’t stand Palin . That being said I think we are making a mistake by attacking things like her pedicure, her ankles, her hair in so much detail. We do sound like a bunch of women with claws out and I don’t like it. It takes away from all of her ideas and philosophies, the poor decisions she makes and her attitudes towards diversity, government, education and more.

    Can’t we stick to the serious issues instead of resorting to personal attacks like her supporters do? Someone here chastised her for talking about Celtic diva or shannyns looks. But all of you are doing the same thing!!!

    Shannyns article was about dressing inapprpriately and a lot of your comments are awful and I’m no prude! Can’t we stick to more imprtant issues than her “twat showing skirt” and “cankles”! Come on!!

    Ps I don’t know whee you live but in the expensive resort town I live in, french pedicure if done right, are the number one treatment at high end spas and are NOT considered trashy.

    Frankly some of the posts here are trashy and as a woman who is seriously concerned about how dangerous Palin could be in office, I am embarrassed by some of the over the top comments here. No wonder nothing is happening in a serious way to remove Palin from power. No wonder people refer to us as jealous women. Come on everyone, tone it down!!

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNYN**********
    I have a French manicure…they last longer. I agree some comments are over the top. I think people feel rage about how veterans were disrespected by not only Palin’s behavior but her lack of decorum in dress. I am not a jealous woman and have many friends who are stunning beauties…who cares. I have heard from many Republicans now who were also appalled by the presentation and “diva” behavior.

    • My take away from Shannyn’s piece is that Governor Palin decided to attend this incredible, delicate and honorable ceremony at the LAST MINUTE! That she dressed in an inappropriate mini-skirt is SECONDARY. Governor Palin held up the planning of this ceremony in January by NOT SIGNING the funding immediately and delaying it several days.

      Then…despite months of notice, she would not commit to attend the ceremony. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE IMPORTANT??? Either she was waiting for another national opportunity, or she didn’t like the fact that a Democrat, Senator Bill Wielechowski was the co-chair. Either way…it’s just disgusting behavior. “I support the troops” my ass….

  47. I disagree with all of you who say she is disrespectful. I think that she doesn’t take anyone else into consideration at all! She has gotten by – from being elected to being chosen as McCain’s running mate – because of her looks (her voters voted for her because she is “hot”, not “smart”), so why does anyone think that this “look at me, I’m the pretty one” mentality could possibly change. And she has proven her bad taste over and over again in so many situations, not just in her dress, but in her words and actions as well.

    So leave the little girl alone. She has proven that she takes advice from no one, not even her advisors. Well, maybe from Todd, but, then again, he’d like this look. She thinks only of herself, her importance and her looks. And look where it all got her? The Gov’s office! The VP candidacy! So maybe she does know how to play those cards!

  48. Sarah Palin is an absolute embarrasment. What a complete joke. I agree with Martha about this being more about Palin’s Divaness; deciding to attend at the last minute, then demanding a seat on the stage and speech time. Wearing a mini-skirt was just the awkward and inappropriate icing on the cake. Maybe after Palin’s governor….she can get a job at Hooter’s….oh wait…they closed…

  49. Shannyn, Thanks for your comment. I think going too far into her personal defects takes away from the point you were trying to make. It was in no way a criticism of you!!!! Just so you know!
    I am angry too-I can’t stand Palin. Truly, I hate her guts. But I want to try to stick to the issues that show she is NOT doing her job. Behaving like a prima donna and dressing inappropriately are valid things to point out. But focusing on her “cankles” and tatooed lips……it gets mean and catty…and it takes away from what we are trying to do, which is to expose her for the disaster she is. Thanks………

  50. I read the comments on C4P and even after they had read the post here, they still didn’t get it (or rather, chose not to get it). Could not understand that just because GINO is governor she still needs to show some respect to those organizing the event, the families attending, and perhaps learn what RSVP means. After all, she understands Rouge Cou, so should have no problem understand the meaning of respondez sil vous plait!

  51. Marie in La Jolla: I hear ya. But my comments about Palin’s shoes and pedicure tie directly in to how I feel the way she uses her sexuality as her primary characteristic.

    I stand by my comments.

    Also, many of my closest friends are *stunning* women, and I celebrate them for their beauty: and their brains. My criticism of Palin’s unfortunate choices in clothes and pedicures is not born of jealousy.

    And we have every right to criticise the woman in responsible charge of our state for continuing to use her boobs (or her legs) instead of her brain.

  52. SP may be ignorant, but she’s not stupid. When she wears jeans to a state event such as the delegation from Russia and Asian countries last winter, with mostly men who were all wearing suits, and the couple women were wearing suits, she wore jeans and stilettos. Of course she knew she was dressed inappropriately. She didn’t care. She continued to display an attitude of disrespect for those around her, an “I can do anything I want” sense of entitlement.

    Proper attire and grooming show people that you care about them and the occasion, that you understand protocol if in government, that you want to make a good impression if meeting people for the first time. It’s just good manners.

    She may have narcissistic traits, but her behavior is textbook histrionic – the magical thinking, the need to be the center of attention, the suggestibility, the anger if anyone dares to question her, the lashing out if things don’t go her way. The refusal to respond until the last moment is just another way to ensure that all eyes are on her; to add drama to an already dramatic event.

    Can you imagine if enough power brokers believe she is manipulatable enough to buy her the presidency as they did for Bush? She’ll probably paint the White House pink!

  53. “She may have narcissistic traits, but her behavior is textbook histrionic – the magical thinking, the need to be the center of attention, the suggestibility, the anger if anyone dares to question her, the lashing out if things don’t go her way. The refusal to respond until the last moment is just another way to ensure that all eyes are on her; to add drama to an already dramatic event. ”


    In other words, you describe apples and apples.

    The woman is a poster child for narcissism which often includes histrionics and psychopathology. Mental health issues are seldom single issues.

    Bottom Line: the woman is mentally ill and is not going to get better.

    We tend to focus, and I include myself on this, on the trees instead of the forest. Nails, short skirt, inappropriate dress and the why thereof are all part and parcel of her mental illness.

    On the one hand she does not know better ( how to dress) and on the other, she simply doesn’t care if it means more attention for herself. And on the THIRD hand, she does it intentionally as part of pure meaness to all Alaskans who are now rejecting her as her popularity goes into freefall.

  54. I’ve been having quite a lengthy discussion on a couple of other boards on the subject of narcissism etc so thought I’d throw my 2 cents in. Of course she has narcissistic traits, and maybe some psychopathology, as there are rarely individuals who are diagnosed as 1 or the other. Typically anyone falling within the cluster, which in this case would be Cluster B, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic exhibit traits from 2 or more of the disorders.

    It would be unethical for me to diagnose without a formal evaluation, but based on my observations and a wealth of public information, I’m pretty comfortable saying that I believe that primary would probably be histrionic. We’re all narcissists to a point, politicians more so (as are all actors). Just my opinion.

    Liz P., You say “the woman is mentally ill and is not going to get better” as if A therefore B.

    A personality disorder is an axis II diagnosis, meaning it cannot get better. It is fixed; an innate part of the personality. Mental illness, however, if an axis I disorder (mood, psychosis, etc.) can be treated and can get better. Borderline personality DO is probably the only Cluster B who would be interested in help as it is extraordinarily painful, but we definitely can help the mentally ill. GINO unfortunately, is unlikely to recognize that aspect of herself as long as she is rewarded for her behavior.

  55. I went and read some of the posts on the C$P site. What struck me right away is some are totally infatuated with her including someone named Marvin who had her body proprtions figured out and went into depth. Another all about the mini skirt. These people are pretty sick and creepy.

    Closed toed heels, conservative skirt/suit slightly above knee.

    She should have been the first to respond rather than wait for a better offer that will never come.

    She should have dressed with dignitiy but she won’t. She is trampy white trash with some serious mental problems with sadly a cult like following.

  56. You try to give someone a little bit of power and it gets to their head… she shouldnt be in charge of anything… she can’t even get a grip on her family situation…. how could she have possibly ran this country

  57. The idiots in peeland are saying the photo is a fake!
    Here is a quote from their comment thread”meetinggovernerpalin”

    JeanA, May 30, 2009 7:54 PM

    That “leggate” photo was a fake.
    It was touched up by some clown.

    When you see a photo of Shannyn Moore she doen’t look like someone that is that messed up in the head.

    GOD is Great,
    Wine is good,
    and People are crazy.
    So first its like, “hey this is how I dress for church” and then “the red skirt is just as short” now its “the photo is a fake”

  58. […] of Life event. Her husband was sent in her place for the Washington Correspondance Dinner.  Palin wouldn’t commit to speak at a ceremony honoring the fallen soldiers of Alaska, then demanded a time slot and seat […]

  59. […] wouldn’t commit to speak at a ceremony honoring the fallen soldiers of Alaska, then demanded to speak and on stage […]

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