Posted by: shannynmoore | June 4, 2009

Palin’s Foreign Policy: “They Lose! We Win!” Obama’s: “Peace”

The tickets were free. Michael Reagan and Sarah Palin…dream team for liberals’ nightmare.palinreag

I don’t care for the politics of either, but more than that, I consider them both dangerous.

Sarah Palin held her anti-choice stance up like the Lion King baby after her RNC speech last fall. Michael Reagan suggested the remarkably late late term abortions of children with the name Hezbollah via hand grenade. In August of 2006, Reagan said of such named children, “You know what I’d get ’em for a first birthday? I’d put a grenade up their butts and light it. Happy birthday, baby. Bye bye.” When a caller suggested infants are not responsible for their given names, he stated, “So what’s wrong with killing the mothers and the babies?”

Nice guy. What is that? Seven trimesters?

Last June, Reagan, again on his radio talk show, went off on an activist sending letters and DVDs about 9/11 to soldiers. He stated on air, “We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets. How about you take Mark Dice out and put him in the middle of a firing range. Tie him to a post, don’t blindfold him, let it rip and have some fun with Mark Dice.”

Nice guy. What is that? One hundred and twenty four trimesters?

I didn’t really want to attend the double header event of Sarah Palin and Michael Reagan. I feel weird watching a train wreck I didn’t even buy a ticket to. Not only was the governor in attendance, but Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, former Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman, Representative Bob Lynn, Alaska Republican Party Leader Randy Ruderich, and “First Dude” Todd Palin. Not my crowd. The opening DJ called Democrats the “swine flu” on the country. Awkward.

I was detected early by a local republican shock jock who yelled “THE LIBERAL IS HERE.” I might have responded with something snarky, but since he brags about packing a gun, thought better. Even his “compensator caliber” has bullets.

Ronald Reagan worshippers lined up. I kept wondering why Ronald Reagan’s wife was schmoozing with President Obama, and his son was schmoozing with Sarah Palin. His father’s statue was unveiled in Washington DC this week, and he’s thousands of miles away in Alaska. Why? What could he brag about? The fall of the Berlin Wall? OK, but what about the negligence of China? The twenty year anniversary of Tiananmen Square is tomorrow. Could he have helped? Or considering the Contras founding fathers of Nicaragua? That didn’t work out. What about the funding of the Taliban who years later turned on America; September 11? Would Michael Reagan tear down this lie?

I’d have to wait.

Sarah Palin, in short skirt and bright red platform sandals was up first. She seemed to be in an Adderall cloud. Her speech was sixteen minutes of redundance. Part cheerleader, part gladiator. She went after Obama, saying “We should never apologize!” Her foreign policy was summed up like a cheerleader captain chanting, “They Lose! We Win!” I was waiting for the “Ready? Okay!” Pom-poms, anyone?

She talked about not wanting to be “P.C.” In a radio interview almost a year ago she assured me, “Oh, Shannyn, you know I’m not very P.C.” When has Sarah ever been politically correct? She pulled out her tin foil hat theories on the “liberal media.”

Tonight she repeatedly said, “I’m not going to sit down, I’m not going to shut up.” So many times I wanted her to sit down. I wanted her to shut up.

Palin, in all her rah-rah over Reagan, didn’t talk much about him. Her own ethics board had dismissed a charge against her earlier, and she gloated. She didn’t mention the Alaska Democratic Caucus voted to overide her veto on the federal stimulus funds. The governor’s focus was on the evils of Washington DC; it made me wonder why she’s thrown everyone under the bus to get an office there.

I left early. So did Sarah. She’s on her way to New York. Walking out of the “crowd” of 400 or so, Mudflats, Gryph and I shook like dogs dragging out of a swamp.

Michael Reagan’s grateful heart for adoption from the Reagans and not the Carters was weak. His slams on his siblings reeked of “dysfunctional family values.” I found him broken in spirit and truth. I found him vulgar in history; his violent charges against people who he disagrees with. His terroristic encouragement over public airwaves angered me at the time, and after this week, I am relieved he is leaving his radio career.

Michael Reagan’s new mission is to reshape the Republican party.

He thinks Sarah Palin is the future of his father’s party.

I can only hope. I may be the only person who watched Sarah Palin give a speech tonight in Anchorage, and President Obama deliver his live to the world from Cairo.

Palin’s message; “You Lose! We Win!”

Obama’s message; “The people of the world can live together in peace. We know that is God’s vision. Now, that must be our work here on Earth. Thank you. And may God’s peace be upon you.”

I have political whiplash.

Dennis Zaki has provided audio of Palin’s speech.



  1. Well I have mental whiplash from trying o make sense of the verbal refuse that poured out of Sarah Palin’s mouth last night.

    And that Michael Reagan guy may be the biggest liar the GOP has in their line up. And that is a line up that includes Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh!

    I am so glad I was able to spend some time decompressing with you and AKM afterward or I may have ended up having horrible nightmares last night. Oh and the wine helped too.

    Love ya babe! And I will see you soon.

    • Nice evening, and good decompression. It helps to go through the haunted house with friends! Until next time…

  2. Thank god we have a grown-up in the White House!

    Shannyn, thanks for keeping tabs on this woman. You must have practiced Zen in a past life to stay centered and listen to these idiot children babble about a world they simply do not comprehend the complexities of.

    It’s kind of mean, but I hope Michael Reagan succeeds in making SP “the future” of the GOP. She’s managed to do very well in Alaska, and McCain’s handlers did the best they could during the last election, but if the Diva from Wasilla wants to run for higher office, she may get a rude surprise.

  3. Shannyn, it must be getting seriously freaky up there with all the wackjobs, lately…besides GINO that is, John Ziegler, ‘Silla teabags, now this violent wackjob Reagan!
    And eddie smurke with his nose up everyone’s ass!
    Reagan and GINO in one room, omg! How sick is that? (I mean sick, not in a good way, lol)
    He’s a violent wackjob, she’s a lyin’ ho shoe wearing wackjob…is this the new base????
    no wonder she was after “crack ho’s dot com” lol!

  4. Since Shannyn, Gryphen and AKM know one another and since Shannyn knows Keith Olberman, I am mystified why the three of you cannot get the Sarah story out. Can’t you just pick up the phone and have a tete a tete with Keith?

    Where is the National Enquirer on this? They got it right about John Edwards and they have top lawyers to make sure they don’t get sued.

    This boil has got to be lanced and soon.

  5. You hit it! The Lion King! I’ve never quite been able to pin down what her holding that baby up reminds me of, but that’s it. How…Palinesque.

    A short skirt and red platform sandals? Eeow. Why isn’t that photo plastered all over the “liberal media”? I don’t know how you managed to sit through this. Maybe having fellow travelers helped.

  6. I have been beaming since watching our President Obama’s speech today! When the speech was finished, the folks on Morning Joe were almost speechless. Yep, true!. I thought I almost caught Joe beaming as well. Finally, he said he was impressed by our President’s speech!!

    Sounds like Reagan was spewing terrorism; Palin was spewing lies. The high bar has been put back in place. Reagan and Palin will never be able to reach it now.

    Thanks, Shannyn. You are a brave soul! And AKM and Gryphen, too!! Keep up the good work!

  7. I have to ask why hate speech isn’t illegal, like slander and yelling “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater.

    If someone who listens to Reagan religiously then goes off and shoots Mark Dice precisely the way Reagan describes, can’t Reagan be prosecuted for incitement? Or something? Anything?

    There is no free speech. see my first statement. We need to start prosecuting those that incite others to violence.

  8. Palin’s message; “You Lose! We Win!”

    Seven months to the day after the nation’s voters defeated McCain and Palin, she spouts this message?

    What form of dementia causes such separation from reality?

    Really, we ought to call the Republican Party the Republican Mental Institution.

  9. Doesn’t the governor represent all citizens of the State of Alaska, including Democrats? What is she doing at such a partisan event?

  10. Malaiuppa: hate speech got Hannity’s pal, Hal Turner arrested today for threatening to kill government officials!!

    • Imagine that! Sean Hannity palin’ around with terrorists……………;)

  11. Palin and her blind followers are extremely dangerous. It is sad that this idiocy can exist in the US, an idiotic doctrine that is widely publicized and unfortunately followed. She and her cohorts further blemish the reputation of the country internationally (I speak from experience, having spent several years as an expat). What Obama is trying to build both at home and abroad, the ignorance of Palin and her hate-filled followers will destroy to the detriment of the entire country and frighteningly, in large part, the world.

  12. Embrace your whiplash!
    Thank the aurora for it!

    So palin says she isn’t going to shut up? Just curious, was that in response to m. Reagen interview with the ADN reporter? Where m. Reagen says palin should just shut up when it comes to her grandsons father?

    Or is she gettin the idea, that in general, she should just shut up? And anounces that she isn’t.

    Because, the more she spews, the more her own party will tell her to shut up.

    Take care sister and get a neck message.
    Hugs to all three of you!

  13. I am 3 years younger than Sarah Palin. I was born to and raised by lifelong Republicans, who also happen to be conservative, evangelical Christians (I now consider myself to be an agnostic, and have not attended church for several years). I have lived in 3 time zones throughout the U.S. and also spent a college semester in Munich, Germany (paid for completely by myself – no parental handouts). I have a large and wide-ranging circle of friends on 4 continents, some of them with varying degrees of education and socio-economic backgrounds. Without exception, ALL of them are smarter and more informed about the world than Sarah Palin. The fact that she could have been promoted by ANYONE as a potential vice president of the U.S. continues to boggle the mind. It is, simply, ASTOUNDING.

    P.S. With regard to my parents (who I dearly love and whose love is reciprocated, despite our ideological/religious differences): they are 70 (dad) and 67 years (mom) old. They have a VERY large circle of friends, of whom I would say 90% are conservative, evangelicals and Republicans. They do not know anyone who respects Sarah Palin.

  14. Michael Reagan is not only dangerous, he’s pathetic. He never was allowed to speak in public while his father was still capable of doing so. The extreme hands-off, pass-the-kid, non-parenting behavior of his mother, father, and stepmother makes a strong case against allowing adoption without a better home study.

    (During Maureen Reagan’s brief first marriage to a Marine, Nancy asked her if her husband could get Michael sent to Vietnam. True story. He couldn’t.)

    Good for you for sitting through that nightmare speech, Sharryn. Did SP wear the same ever-so-inappropriate outfit as to the Memorial Day event that she attended only at the last minute? Looks like it…

  15. I salute you for your ability to put up with that event as long as you did. It is relatively fun to point and laugh at the right-wing crazies, but up-close, it is hard to feel anything but fear and loathing.

    The decompression session afterward may have saved your life. 🙂

    Thanks for enduring the suffering.

  16. Wow…Wow….Wow. We are so fortunate to have President Obama as our leader.

    Sarah Palin and extreme Christian followers, should take the time to learn from Obama’s speech and realize that they are no different then the extreme Islamic factions that they hate.

    Extreme Christian’s are in the same ideological place, with the same fears, with the same tactics, with the same arrogance and hated.

    What I don’t understand is how they don’t see it. Can’t they see that they are the mirror image of the extreme Islamic’s fanatics they hate so much? Do they not realize that what they hate about them, is what they are themselves.

    What a lesson for them to learn. I hope they can soon see who they truly are!

    • Well said. I wonder the same thing so often lately. How can they miss something so obvious. Their hate, fear, lack of compassion or tolerance goes against every religion including Christianity. I just find it bizarre.

  17. Shannyn…When will somebody of conscience and authority in AK investigate and file indictments against palin’s cronies on the personnel board? Can’t palin be held ethically responsible, for ALL she’s commited, through a non-teflon back door? Then she wouldn’t be in any soap-box position to make these ignorant, insincere, self-serving statements through the elite media (that she detests) because she’d be gone!…eliminated from politics! (maybe serving time)…no longer given opportunities to betray the good citizens of AK with lies and deceit.
    Every time I hear the ignorant, hate-inciting comments from the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Buchanan (including palin, bachman, & cheney)…I think that they are not only right wing extremists disguised as talk-show blow-hards & faux politicians (being given airtime for their prejudice platform), but are really members of some organized supremacist group. Just my intuitive opinion. There is no comparible argument that can be made for the left.

  18. Shannyn glad to see, you AKM and Gryphen made peeland and we did too!
    from peeland:

    I A Crowther, June 4, 2009 4:58 PM

    Just a couple of things that bother me about DirtZilla’s referencing of the “appearances standard” (if it looks bad don’t do it):

    -does it look bad when you hang around with the King of the Troofers;

    -does it look bad when you encourage cyber bullying in your comments threads…

    -oh yeah and does it look bad when your cyber bullies are troofers like sjk, Kajo, Regina and crystalwolfthingy?

    Ah yeah, and then there’s that personal friend who makes the Nazi accusations.

    Funny thing that judging of people by their own impropriety.
    For those of you who really want to torture yourselves…
    Dennis Zaki has audio:
    [audio src="" /]

    What fricken bunch of idiots!

  19. Listening to president Obama’s speech, was inspiring, he is a true statesmen. He makes me proud to be an American and an ex- Republican that could not bring myself to vote for Sarah Palin and her hate filled message…Reading the transcript of her introduction/speech for Mr. Reagan, just confirmed in my mind how I couldn’t never vote for her on any level again…She is a hate monger, and as Anti American in her divide and conquer mentality as the nut job she introduced. Thanks for keeping it real and taking one for team by sitting through that run on sentence that is Sarah Palin.

  20. Shannyn, I’d love to know the demographic breakdown of the crowd – especially in light of the recent survey which indicated that the Republic Fascist Party is 89% white.

  21. She has made a huge mistake linking her self to Michael Reagan. When youtube clips of him advocting for murdering babies by stuffing grenades up their butts are linked with him and GINO and circulated,what will her base think?

  22. Look… we all know that the guys don’t go to her speeches to listen to her talk. They are there to see her in the mahvelous red shoes!

  23. Now let’s see what “words of wisdom” she has to share at the disabled Americans dinner and what nonsense she’ll spew at Mag Forktongues hometown. She never disappoints does she, lol.

    Oh and yes, sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out the rest of her top secret schedule while out of AK. Gee, what do you suppose they have up their sleeve?

  24. Some people can never be ‘fixed’. We know palin will never see the err of her ways…never see the light. What to do? Other than going to the people around her…the personnel board, the AG, etc…and making them see her for what she really is through logic (like that’s gonna work) or by the law (hmmm). What to do? palin is an abomination!

  25. I’ve finally thought of a way that John McCain could redeem himself to the nation he so professes to love! Rather than keep a lid on it, as he and daughter Megan have done, tell the American people everything! Admit that yes, you went along with the nomination, not knowing much about her, but trusting the people you surrounded yourself with. Admit that was your mistake. Tell America what you know and BEG their forgiveness. Say that you want nothing more than to save our country from she and those like her and that you are willing to gain NOTHING for yourself by doing so.

    That would be a real HERO, would it not?

    Susan in MD

    • Susan, I couldn’t AGREE with you more. I’ve often thought about writing to both McCains myself and begging them to do just that–for the good of the country and for the good of their own reputations. It seems obvious to me that Megan McCain would have nothing nice to say so decided to say just that: nothing. But now is the time to speak up and be done with Palin in politics forever. If people like Matthew Dowd spoke up only days before the election so should McCain:

  26. I actually have written to Meghan McCain at her blog:

    and I encourage EVERYONE to do the same.

    I wrote to her after Joe The Not-A-Licensed Plumber made his disgusting comments about GLBT people. I called on her (and her father) to repudiate his remarks, as THEY are responsible for bringing him into their campaign and making him prominent. After all, Meghan and her mother had spoken to the Log Cabin Republicans around the time his remarks were made.

    Of course, the McCains — paralyzed with fear when it comes to dealing with the neanderthal “base” of the GOP — have made no comment.

  27. Sounds like Michael Reagan is trying to out Rush Rush Limbaugh. Such hateful language! His father would be so ashamed.

  28. Ignorance is as ignorance does…do y’all even have a clue?

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