Posted by: shannynmoore | June 6, 2009

Palin Plagiarized Speech?!

Geoffrey Dunn is a friend of mine.  I adore him openly.  He’s clever.

When Mudflats, Gryph and I went to the Sarah Palin/Micheal Reagan double hitter this past Wednesday night, it was less than comfortable for us.  Dennis Zaki, a Hardy Boy when it comes to getting the shot, was there with his camera and smile.  I felt better.  While having a post-lecture glass of wine, Zaki called and said the audio was waiting in our email boxes.  Mudflats performed the torturous task of transcribing it.  She’s a champ.

I put up a story about the night’s events.  Mudflats posted the transcript on Huffington Post. Geoffry picked it up and it seemed familiar to him.  It was.  Had Sarah plagiarized her speech from Newt Gingrich?

Read Geoffrey’s comparisons here.

Note to Sarah Palin’s staff:  You can fool some of the people some of the time…

Thanks to Dennis Zaki at the Alaska Report for the videos!



  1. Dare I state the obvious…she never could think for herself. She’s such a phony! Too bad she’s not challenged immediately, at that moment. I would like to see her defend herself without ammo.

  2. Is that Meg under the bus?

  3. Reagan myth debunked here:

    I wonder though if anyone on the right even cares if she plagiarized her speech from President Newt Wannbe. The word may not even exist in their Borg Hive-Mentality world.

  4. I’m willing to bet she did the same thing in high school and college. Ungrammatical plagiarism is an epidemic in the schools, due to lazy, ethically-challenged students and lazy teachers. She probably turned in dozens of badly worded plagiarized assignments and got away with it. In her brain, that means it is perfectly fine to do. Not surprised at all. Word salad is a common result of incompetent plagiarism, and Sarah is the queen of word salad. Maybe somebody should compare some of her other speeches for similar plagiarism. Then at her next speech, somebody can heckle her off the stage: “Hey Sarah! Who are you plagiarizing today? Ever heard of grammar and ethics?!”

  5. To quote (with attribution) ” trisha 08″ on Huffpo: “Sarah went beyond Word Salad all the way to Word Garbage!!!!!”

    “Word garbage.” Smells about right.

  6. Shannyn, It might be a good idea to send this information to Ben Smith at Politico as he has reported on her speech.

  7. No one starts plagiarizing at the age of 45. She’s done it before. But the way she jumbles and tumbles her sentences, it would normally be hard to pin down. That “You lose, we win!” line was just too memorable.

  8. We are all very grateful that You and all of the Progressive blogs are such a close knit ‘family’ and Friends as well. You all work together and no one is trying to grab the glory and ego never enters the picture. It’s so refreshing… and a far cry from what we see out of the Palin Administration/camp.

    I sure hope you have already made a call to Keith Olberman to come on Monday and be a guest. Palin can Twitter her little heart out about her defeat of the ‘ethics violations’ all she wants. THIS story will follow her for the rest of her career….. what’s left of it.
    And 3 days ago when You ,Gryphen and AKM sat in those chairs listening to this speech…. who would have known what was to come. History was made that night… and 3 good Friends were there to ‘share’ it.

  9. How incompetent is Sarah Palin?

    She can’t even plagiarize correctly.

    She made a total word salad out of a speech she plagiarized! That takes real (lack of) talent.

  10. Geoffrey Dunn has made several changes in his article on the Palin Plagiarism issue, toning down his rhetoric but retaining the main points which clearly show the plagiarism.

    I don’t think Newt Gingrich will say a thing, though. I’ll bet he’s gotten a phone call from Palin’s “kingmakers” suggesting he come out and say he gave her permission to use segments from his speech (never mind about asking the OTHER guy who contributed to the speech, his name comes later in the alphabet, as RA Mansour points out… /smirk).

    I’ll bet that, privately, though, he never expected her to use the WHOLE speech.

  11. One sentence from Palin’s “Introductory Remarks,” as diagrammed at my DailyKos diary on this:

  12. Haven’t read comments from all the various posts at different sites on this subject but something came to mind. This may be why she attended 5 colleges if I recall correctly to get her journalism degree. Plagiarism might be a habitual addiction practiced throughout college thereby the 5 colleges as she was forced to leave each one.

    One never knows. Never seen her education records. One of those thoughts that makes you go Hmmmm?

  13. I can see paranoia from peeland!

    ‘Let’s help Sarah out on this. Remember there was a troll on C4P who said Sarah was going down on Sunday and some of us got worked up and wondered what the threat was?

    This plagiarism BS must have been what the Palin haters in the AK Progressive blogs were working on. The AK Left bloggers went to her speech and looked for something to hit her with.”

    LMAO! Its never GINO’s fault! Her big effing mouth got her in trouble and this is all they can say?????

  14. Hey it made the CBS news:

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