Posted by: shannynmoore | June 7, 2009

Newt Wins. Palin Loses.

You are not going to believe this…

Sarah Palin’s on-again, off-again appearance at Monday night’s gala GOP fundraising dinner is off — again.

After being invited — for a second time — to speak to the annual joint fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Palin was told abruptly Saturday night that she would not be allowed to address the thousands of Republicans there after all.



  1. Palin, when losing her positive narcissistic supply in Alaska via falling approval and rising unapproval rates, plus the legislators showing a bit of back bone lately–does as any narcissist does. She goes where people are all that updated on her goings on and where she can still baffle them with bullshit.

    NOW, it appears, with the plagerizing and this humiliting “un”invite that her positive narcissistic supply is failing her “out there” as well.

    Where or where is Miss Palin going to run next?

    Where can she get the strokes she needs?

    When she runs out of places to “run away to” Miss Sarah’s psychological support systems will fail.

    Dangerous times when the narcissist can’t get loved for losing.

  2. Correction: “… she goes where people are NOT all that updated…”

  3. Liz, you are right. Only places left that I can think of for her to run to are sara pac and c4p – they still blindly adore her. But they are an angry, defensive and kooky bunch (even by GINO’s standards I believe). Cheerleaders on websites who talk about her “hotness” and call themselves “barbarians?” She has alienated her fellow republicans and most of the media (Beck, Limbaugh and Eddie Burke are the most extreme fringe and it seems they are all that remain). One thing I will give to SP, she has chutzpah – I think she will attend the dinner tomorrow night and convince herself that everyone is there because of her presence!

  4. -She who knows not and knows that she knows not. teach her

  5. -She who knows not and knows that she knows not, teach her

    -She who knows and knows not that she knows, tell her

    -She who knows and knows that she knows, follow her

    -She who knows not and knows not that she knows not, shun her

  6. Sounds like Sarah and Meg are have a bit of a hissy fit over this. What did they expect after the shenanigans that they have pulled as of late–saying that she had work to do in Alaska then attending the Alfalfa Dinner is one such instance. Is Palin so much of a princess that she can not diplomatically handle this little slight. Is she too good and important to attend the dinner, be recognized BUT NOT speak?

    How would she be able to handle the slights and criticisms of higher office? Congressmen and Senators suffer far more critical things than this and have the toughness to remain above the fray (some of them anyway), and what about the President? I can’t even imagine having a President that can’t handle the heat. Not only does she not have the BIG qualifications of intelligence and knowledge needed to rise to higher office, she does not have the temperament. Reminds me a bit of the disappointment she suffered at not being allowed to speak BEFORE McCain at his concession speech. Her expression was of the gravest disappointment and it had little to do with McCain. Maybe that Vanity Fair piece, that I’ve heard is in the works, will zero in on this.

    I’ve got to say it again: SHE IS A FRAUD and needs to retire from political life asap.

  7. When you lift and play-doh with Newt’s speech, you aren’t going to go and speak at the same dinner where Newt speaks.

    Simply put, she has worn out welcome and is a has-been because of her mouth, her lack of education, her lack of knowledge, her lack of, well, just about everything that counts in the political world. That is NOT saying she is a renegade, she isn’t. She is someone who got into office and doesn’t belong there. Alaska has a mess to clean up and hopefully clean house of the most incompetent staff that has existed in any govenorship.

  8. Long-time GOP strategist Craig Shirley — whose 2005 article on Ronald Reagan, co-written with Newt Gingrich, was lifted by Palin this past week.

    For Palin, however, the incident is yet another in a slew of unfavorable or potentially damaging stories that have arisen since her run as Republican vice presidential candidate. And charges of plagiarizing a GOP standard-bearer like Gingrich and a respected operative like Shirley seem likely to further widen a developing rift between the Alaska governor and the national GOP. On Monday, it was reported that Palin may end up skipping an annual fundraising dinner for the Republican Party’s two campaign committees because she would not be allowed to address the crowd. Organizers, it seems, were concerned that she would upstage another keynote speaker — Gingrich.

  9. AWOL GINO can only speak about those who DO NOT love her.

    I can’t wait till she starts mouthing off to the State Legislators for organizing a veto over the stim funds.

    Nor can I wait till all the State Legislators watch Hannity tonight. She is going to spew a few nails for her Alaskan political coffin.

  10. I know that I am smarter than Palin, I know the names of more world leaders and the locations of more countries…..and I was Miss Brainerd MN.

    BUT, when I saw what Obama needed to do for the transition, I knew I would not be able to handle this, even with a few more years of being a token Gov who shows up at ribbon cuttings.

    If Rove and the machine decide to back her, then she could run. On her own, should be funny.

  11. To Lori in Los Angles:

    Don’t confuse “chutzpah” with delusion and desperation. Remember, narcissist do NOT view the world the way the rest of us do–that is why she can continue to tell contradictory lies, make statement that contain NO logic etc.

    Delusional means DELUSIONAL.

    I understand what you mean though.

    I would have called it “gall” but then we would both be referring to non-narcissist and not someone who has a pathological sense of reality.

  12. Palin is in a unique position for a narcissist.

    I know I have mentioned the book, ” Son of a Grifter,” by Kent Walker, the “good” son of Santee Kimes–google her, big murder about 15 years ago, headlines across the country.

    But, Santee–when reality started catching up with her–would move: state to state and back again till the heat cooled down on her crimes.

    When state to state escapes ( all in the southwest) were not far enough away so she could be where she was unknown, she went to New York and even though she was older, in sixtys I believe, she commited the murder for which she was caught. ( There had been 2 previous murders, one on an associate she had thrown under the bus and who therefore had no loyalty left and could “drop a dime” on her and the other of one of the guys who helped her kill the first fellow.)


    I dont think she cares about the Republicans except that as an AIP “operative” who infiltrated ( their word) a major political party to get their foot in the door. However, be that as it may, she has burned–continues to burn–Republican bridges due to her arrogance.

    I think the psychological pressure on her must be quite intense. She has no place to run physically and no place to hide from national publicity.

    There may have been thousands at her parade but not the 20,000 Stapleton claims.

    Palin’s world is falling apart –slowly– but surely and Santee Kimes will not leave my mind when I think of Palin.

  13. After days, weeks and months believing that I should…I did! I wrote to both Megan McCain and John McCain (almost) begging them to be honest about Sarah Palin. Trying to be diplomatic and not just some angry ranting woman, I praised the Senator’s loyalty, expressing my understanding of his appreciation of Palin to have joined his campaign and for her firing up the base (while not really liking any of it since it made my blood boil…but hey, you get more flies with honey and all that). But then I urged him to tell the public the truth about her readiness for higher office and to do so for the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. I tried to be careful not to be pushy or demanding…I just wanted him to know how important I felt it was to be honest. Now more than ever, while Sarah Palin in gaining traction in her party and firing up an already dangerous base he needs to address this. I must say that it felt good because I felt I had done something responsible.

    I urge EVERYONE (who hasn’t already done so) to do the same thing. Megan can be contacted through her blog ( and McCain through his Senate office (

    During the election, the website: “Women Against Sarah Palin” was amazingly successful. Perhaps we can do something similar now. If the McCains hear from more and more like-minded people they might just do the responsible thing too. After all, John McCain bears not small responsibility in unleashing Sarah Palin on the country–he freed the evil genie from her bottle, shouldn’t he help us put her back in?!

  14. We have a new paradigm, and our Country and the majority of it’s inhabitants have shifted the way they view the world.

    No longer do we follow angry, uneducated, ego driven narcissists who follow a win/lose paradigm.

    We actually showed how evolved and conscious we have become with this last election when we finally realized that fear, intolerance and greed has been destroying our Country for years if not decades and elected someone who understands what win/win looks like.

    It seems like Sarah and the the extreme right don’t understand this yet. It isn’t about win/lose anymore. It is about win/win or your out of the game.

    What Sarah doesn’t know, is that she is doing all of us a favor as she rounds up her base and has them following her right off the end of the cliff.

    The end is coming for Sarah, and anyone who doesn’t know that needs to rid themselves of the last remnants of fear.

    Just look forward and I promise, you won’t find Sarah lurking around any corners in Washington. She’ll be snug as a bug in Wasilla hanging out with her family and friends wondering where she went wrong.

  15. Talking head, Fox News, that’s the best that Sarah can expect as far as her future endeavors are concerned.

    I know we have to stay on point and pay attention because every day gives us more and more ammo against her; against her stupidity.

    I’m not talking about her clothing or shoe choices but about the constant hypocrisy that pours forth from her mouth.

    Still, even if all of the progressive bloggers and commenters went into hibernation at this very moment, Sarah still would not have a chance in hell of becoming a nationally elected official.

    She’ll be paid much more than the POTUS for appearing on Fox and using her hard won journalism degree anyway. Good money to help with all of the legal and diaper expenses that she has.

    Some of the change that the current administration has promised is finally coming to fruition and I’m so happy to hear every positive news article coming from DC because that makes her chances even slimmer.

    Talking head, Fox News, red suit…..that is her future and I feel confident that it will play out that way. Perhaps though, she will even be really lucky to get a Fox job and perhaps she will go back to a local Anchorage station to give us our sports news. Yes, full circle. That would be the best.

  16. […] fallen soldiers of Alaska, then demanded a time slot and seat the morning of the event.  She was replaced with Gingrich at a GOP fundraiser in June, citing her busy job as […]

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