Posted by: shannynmoore | June 8, 2009

Craig Shirley On Palin’s Use of His Work In Her Speech

Newt says allegations are silly.  Shirley weighs in…Craig Shirley Cites Poor Staff Work For Palin’s Alleged Plagiarism



  1. Newt & Shirley are taking the easy way out by pretending to not notice Gov. Palin mangled their words. The barely comprehensible “re-phrasing” of Palin is priceless to her future primary opponents. Newt & Shirley are probably feeding old speeches/articles to Palin’s speech writers right now, hoping for more video of Palin’s ramblings for their 2010 war chest.

  2. IMPEACH !!!!!

  3. Don’t think for one minute that the rethugs aren’t “storing” this stuff up. They’ll defend her now, but the gloves will come off should she decide to run in the primaries. I can hear Mitt or Newt or Huckabee now…

    It will be ugly and I for one will have the popcorn and beer ready…BRING IT ON 🙂

  4. Ah, yes, the tepid defence. Not really taking a position. Until later, when the field is open and the Gingy feels his oats.

  5. Hope you’re right. But let’s not forget the RE-election of “W”…even the most absurd thing can happen. People voted for change in 2008 but it wasn’t that long ago that the electorate did the same thing and put the GOP in charge.

    So far, the more that is thrown at Palin, the more teflon she appears to be (to her fans and the GOP at least). Since she never admits that she has done anything wrong, to her fans, she is always innocent and the evil media is at fault for her short comings.

    I’m hoping for more Couric-type interviews that will keep SNL supplied with material and give her primary opponents plenty of political fodder.

  6. Me thinks that Newt is smarter than he looks. He knows that by making a big deal out of this (and it should be a big deal) that her wingnuts will go all kittlylitter and will start a bigger war than we already have in the GOP.

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