Posted by: shannynmoore | June 10, 2009

Sarah Palin Getting Alaska In Bed With Exxon…

It’s like having your matchmaker set you up with the guy who date raped you

Exxon Mobil is in discussions with TransCanada to help it build a massive pipeline to move natural gas from the North Slope of Alaska to U.S. markets, according to a source familiar with the deal. The move could undermine a competing effort by ConocoPhillips and BP.

Irving-based Exxon would not be just a passive customer of the pipeline, which could cost as much as $30 billion and run 1,700 miles, but would likely be involved in the design and construction, according to the source. Exxon has deep expertise with large construction projects, including in harsh climates like Alaska.

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  1. Pitting Exxon and Conoco against one another is a good thing: Exxon has the juice to make the TransCanada deal a reality. Sure, Exxon is evil and they fracked us over, but this is a good thing, probably the first good thing Sarah’s done in over a year.

  2. I don’t get where the Alaska Report headline that AGIA is dead came from…

    Has TC dumped AK and joined forces w/Exxon, not before presenting a bill to the State of course, for the services they’ve rendered?

    Has the State had to give Exxon some extremely favorable terms to get them on board, basically selling the State down the river, so that they could keep AGIA alive and the TC pipeline process moving?

    Did Begich hear some rumblings about this, hence his request for clarification?

    Or did the impetus for Exxon entering the fray come from the White House, as allegedly they considered this a high priority?

    Need more info! Cannot process…

  3. Sarah Palin has been giggling about this as recently as her Fox interview with Hannity. She WILL take total credit for the progress and paint herself as the hero of the day (especially in the lower 48 where she’s already claimed that the pipeline was being built). And, it will probably work…for her whether or not the State was sold down the river. Teflon woman strikes again!

  4. What is she trying to pull? this from her twit:

    # In volatile world time is NOW to develop AK resources for environment, economy, natl security. AGIA moves pipeline ahead;news in coming days2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    From Alaska Report yesterday:

    Breaking News – AGIA is Dead!
    4:51 pm – Sarah Palin’s failed AGIA plan is dead. TransCanada “negotiating” with Exxon. Story here. Do we get our $500 million back, or was this the original plan?
    So is it the dead “pipeline to nowhere”? Why is she saying different?
    I’m not quite clear what’s going on here?

  5. My guess is that she’s going to say that she has successfully brokered a deal to move the pipeline forward by getting Exxon to negotiate with Transcanada. Not long ago, it was reported (sorry, I can’t remember the source) that she had been in a meeting with Exxon. After her NY trip she was (not so secretly) going to Texas for???????? If AGIA is dead, or alive in a new form…if a pipeline moves forward in any way… SHE will take 100% credit and her fans will have yet more fodder to push her forward. For Palin and her supporters it doesn’t matter what she said yesterday, what she campaigned for or against, the lies she has told, the number of people that she has thrown under the bus or even if her ineptness cost the state a half a billion dollars that in the end needn’t have been spent–Slippery Sarah will paint the picture as she pleases and, unfortunately there are a lot of people who will buy it.

  6. Bye Bye Denali.

    Hasn’t EXXON destroyed enough of Alaska’s natural resources yet?

    What is her cut for this?

  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t GINO fix the applications or bids on the original pipeline in an effort to eliminate down to TransCanada? And the State of Alaska paid TC $500M to initiate the project?! Just for TC to team up with Exxon whereby Exxon will end up technically controlling the pipeline? How has all this benefited the good folks of Alaska? I’m confused. Who really benefited?

    Thanks, Shannyn! I knew there was a reason ol’ Gino was using the latest events by the actions that have played out since. The family drama keeps folks looking at the family and all the negative stuff that seems to follow them, rather than GINO’s job performance. Gino seems to love drama, too.

  8. “Open and transparent”? Epic fail.

  9. Trace the money Alaskans. I bet she made out Ok with TransCanada.

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