Posted by: shannynmoore | June 11, 2009

Palin Matchmakes For a Gasline

Governor Sarah Palin is sleeping with the enemy of many Alaskans. Her trip to Houston, Texas to discuss a merged project with TransCanada and Exxon Mobil betrays Alaskans still reeling from last year’s devastating Supreme Court verdict. It flies in the face of anyone with a memory of 20 years let alone last June. Exxon promised to “make Alaskans whole” and they never did; just another broken promise piled on top of all the others.

Last year, Palin’s AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) passed into law, awarding TransCanada $500 million in state funds to build the 1,700 mile pipeline. Through the support of the Democrats she was able to pass the law, earning her the title of “socialist” from her Republican critics. The same Democratic lawmakers were thrown under the “Hate Talk Express” during the election. I support a gasline, and supported AGIA when it was Exxon-free. It was the only way to have a chance for an All-Alaska gasline; built along the existing corridor of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. The existing route would prevent years of litigation over Canadian tribal lands and minimize additional environmental impact and border security issues.

TransCanada doesn’t hold any leases of gas or oil on the North Slope. Conoco Phillips and BP, an unlikely couple, birthed the “Denali” project. They want to build a gasline without the $500 million in state funds. The whole point of the producers not owning the pipeline was to allow the state more control over being double billed; Alaska is, after all, a resource owner state.

A huge reversal in the administration’s stance with Exxon came in January of this year. Let’s just call it foreplay. Exxon and its partners had been locked out after state regulators withdrew their leases on state land. They pulled them because Exxon sat on the 106,201-acre Point Thomson for over three decades. Basically, you snooze, you lose.

Exxon came back and said they really would develop it this time and start producing by 2014. Scout’s honor. Promise. Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin said “thanks, but no thanks”, saying he couldn’t trust Exxon to do what they promised. Well, the administration and Exxon had a Dr. Phil sort of make up session and flipped, allowing Exxon to keep their leases.

It boggled the mind. Where was the new found trust with the company who strung Alaskans along with 20 years of litigation after the Exxon Valdez disaster? When the governor was quizzed by Katie Couric about what US Supreme Court decisions she hadn’t agreed with other than Roe v Wade, she blanked. I was stunned. Baker v Exxon! June 25, 2008! THREE MONTHS EARLIER! You know, the verdict the conservative “activist judges” on the Supreme Court set precedent and forever capped negligent corporation’s punitive damages?! WHAT?! Their initial $5 billion dollar judgment had been reduced to $500 million. A whopping ten cents on the dollar. By the way, the herring run in Prince William Sound never did come back. Exxon extinguished it. Now we are paying them?

With the announcement of Exxon climbing into bed with TransCanada for the $500 million inducement to build the gasline, the Palin Administration’s January roll over makes more sense.

As someone who helped clean up the negligent, massive, environmental catastrophe known as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and fished her whole life, take it from me: Doing business with Exxon is like letting the guy who date raped your daughter rent your basement. But, hey, at least we have a tenant.


This picture was taken of remaining oil in the sound the day after the Supreme Court ruling last June. Nineteen years after the spill…it’s still there.


  1. Palin is tweeting away about HER gasline, the one SHE announced in her 1st month of office.

  2. Oh sister!
    You say it for me so well

  3. Your final paragraph says it all. I’m just sick about this.

  4. With all due respect to Shannyn, and your very valid feelings towards Exxon, I just wanted to point out that Exxon holds the Pt. Thompson leases. Without their cooperation in this project it would not move forward.

    • And those leases were revoked in January. But then…….Exxon crossed it’s heart and hoped to die PROMISED they’d really develop them this time. Despite neglecting them for 30 years. Despite PROMISES it would make Alaska whole after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. (They instead fought responsibility for 20 years and ducked paying their fair share.)

      Palin planned this from January.

      Why is she still in office? If you had started the ground roots recall she might not be out of office, but you could have avoided getting screwed by Exxon…..again.

      • Absolutely true. It was my understanding that the state threatened to expire their leases, and Exxon threatened litigation. Which would’ve cost the state billions of dollars …and the supreme court sided w/ Exxon the first time.

        I don’t know what the solution to this is, but I don’t think Sarah Palin even has the most basic understanding of the dynamics at play here, let alone to be *given credit* for bringing Exxon to the table.

    • As I have been saying for years, rescind their BUSINESS LICENSE! It is on tape from the CEO at the time that Exxon would cover all of it and clean all of it up, it seems like fraud to me. How many times are we required to let them lie to us?

  5. The leases Pt. Thomson should have been taken from Exxon years ago. I don’t trust them one little bit on this.

  6. Alaska was raped once by the Exxon oil spill.

    Then it was raped again when Exxon dragged the litigation out for 20 years and then ducked their responsibility by getting the Supreme Court to reduce the penalty to a measly $500 million, claiming poverty when they were making obscene record profits.

    And now…Exxon is asking Alaska to bend over again. And Palin is standing there helping.

    What did I say a few months ago? To recall Palin? Has anyone made any movement on that? Hello?

  7. No wonder Palin couldn’t remember Baker v Exxon. Wouldn’t be good to disagree with a verdict that saved your partner hundreds of millions of dollars…

  8. All these statements about Exxon are legitimate and Palin certainly changed her spots…again. But will voters remember their anger when the price of oil rises, the pipeline proceeds and people begin to feel better about their own economic circumstance?

    I have no doubt that, if she did help broker a deal with Exxon, she did it so HER pipeline would not fail; so that she could parade around the country and claim credit and say “told ya so…SEE WHAT I DID…nanner nanner doubters.” (OK, so I sound a bit immature with that last bit, but I wanted to be authentically Palin.) And she supported this deal because it was apparent that AGIA would fail without the support of the suppliers; if the pipeline failed, so would she.

    Last summer, with the expectation of a pipeline on the horizon after decades of waiting and with healthy checks in everyone’s pockets, her popularity soared. And while she may have fallen from #1 to #36 in the most popular governor pageant for now, let’s hope that people remember who and what she really is at election time. Ethics violations excepted, in difficult economic times, incumbents are often voted out of office but when things look bright….

  9. […] the guy who date raped your daughter rent your basement. But, hey, at least we have a tenant. Palin Matchmakes For a Gasline « SHANNYN MOORE: JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER   « The strange thing about my utter lack of education in management was that it […]

  10. Question: Do you think that Exxon was offered something (perhaps in the tax area), something that would sweeten the deal that wasn’t on the table before, something that the other suppliers weren’t offered? If so, wouldn’t that be a bit…ah…unethical on the part of the State?

  11. If Exxon was offered a deal, then that should be part of the public record. And I also remember watching her interview with Katie Couric, yelling at the tv, The Exxon case, The Exxon Case.” Considering her initial comments after the case, I wondered how she could have forgotten it so quickly. Now I think we all know. She had recently been in a urinating contests with Senator Begich about the gas line, and now this. I wonder what she got in exchange for the soul of Alaska?

  12. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  13. Shannyn, I wish you a lovely birthday day.

  14. Happy Birthday!!! May you have many more happy days!

  15. Happy Birthday fellow Gemini! I hope you have a fantastic day.

  16. Happy, happy birthday, Shannyn!

    I hope you get to have a little time all to yourself today and if not that, then all your bestest buddies with you to celebrate!

    have a good ‘un,

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