Posted by: shannynmoore | June 12, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts on Palin v Letterman…

David Letterman is funny. His jokes about Palin’s daughter (not determined…duh) weren’t. There is enough ridiculous behavior from our governor; the jokes write themselves. He went over the line. He apologized…then…

Sarah Palin went “nuclear” on David Letterman….

““The Palin’s have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.” (Sarah P. via Meg S.)

What would she do with the nuclear codes?

I’m just asking.

“Hey, take it however you want to take it.” (Sarah P)

OK, Sarah, I think you just called David Letterman a pedophile. He made an over the top joke on a public figure. You called him a kiddy fiddler. You just snatched a moment I would have sympathized with you from the jaws of defeat.

N.O.W. should look up the Candies website if they want to get their panties in a bunch. They funded Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Tour and also Brittany Spears’ Vegas Circus! “Ooooops, I did it again!” And they sell clothing and shoes I wouldn’t let my 13 year old daughter wear-she wouldn’t want it.

When the media was talking about Bristol being pregnant last year, Obama defended Palin’s family. He reminded people he was born to a young, unwed mother and to drop it. Sarah forgets who has been in her corner –ask the Alaska Dems.

Now I’m going to have a party and enjoy my friends and family. I’m working on the Top 10 Reasons David Letterman should tell Sarah Palin to shut it!



  1. Helen on Gryphens blog had some great comments one of which was:
    The “rape” part of the conversation needs to be addressed. The joke never implied rape whatsoever. Letterman implied that if you let a Palin girl loose, she’ll probably get knocked up. By her own volition, not by rape. Letterman is a veteran comedian – rape is obviously not funny, loose Palin women are.

    If the naughty monkey fits….?

    • I think you are a great example of bias and a poor excuse for a person.


  3. It goes on and on and on, doesn’t it?

  4. Happy “B” Day, Shannyn!!!!

    Per palingates….”Willow’s last birthday was on January 21. All reports from the vice presidential campaign gave her age the as 14. The caption on a photo from October 2006 refers to her age as 12. I found her birth date on various websites as January 21, 1994. Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson mentions Willow’s year of birth as 1994 in her letter about Sarah Palin’s health.”

    That would make Willow 15, FWIW. I believe the joke was degrading, and about Bristol. The Palins are lying about the age of their younger daughter, Willow. Why?

  5. I think Letterman has an excellent legal case now against Palin unless she apologizes. He could sue her for defamation of character, libel, slander. Oh, and via Matt Lauer’s interview on NBC, is there an implied threat–that Willow would beat Dave up? We could add assault to it.

    I have fought for women’s rights my entire life. If Palin wants to do the same, she needs to stop appearing with Eddie Burke (who made a joke about Bristol going to a kegger last month), & stop laughing at offensive jokes about other women (including Lyda Green and Hillary). Oh, and she should laugh at offensive jokes about politician’s wives either, such as she did on the “fake Sarkozy” call from Montreal.

    If she wants to really fight against the coarsening of our culture, she can start by refusing to appear on FOX NEWS. Some of their bikini footage, recently re-run on The Daily Show, was some of the most demeaning stuff I’ve ever seen. It’s okay for Geraldo to wrestle with two women in bikinis on the ground? But Dave can’t say “knocked up”? Please.

  6. Happy Birthday Shannyn! Thanks for all your great work on our behalf!!

  7. Happy birthday Shannyn! Keep on being you, and doing what you do.

  8. Happy B-day, Shannyn. Thank God Sarah doesn’t have your silver tongue!

  9. “If the naughty monkey fits….?”

    … she wears it? (shrug)

    happy b-day pretty girl 😎

  10. Hi Shannyn,
    You don’t mind if I don’t listen to palin again…she is beyond my understanding with her off the beaten path of responses! She only confirms what I already know about her. marroon
    Anywayz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it’s great!

  11. Happy B -Day Shannyn
    I sent Letterman a e-mail suggesting he consider you for a guest spot, to shine a little light on the disaster that is Palin. Now wouldn’t that just chap her a##!
    Keep up the good fight……for the good of Alaska, America and beyond.

  12. McCain called Chelsea Clinton “ugly” repeated a rape joke and his wife a very ugly name.

    Sarah Palin’s running mate.
    If she is/was so outraged by Lettermann, why is she palling around with republicans who are mean/nasty to women ?

  13. Gryphen has a YouTube of Palin and Co. at the founder’s celebration. Willow is on stage wearing sunglasses and frayed Daisy Dukes up to her crotch. so easy to mistake her for Bristol, especially when she spent a lot of the time holding a baby.

    Palin protests too much. It’s her narcissistic modus operandi. She’s gotten her 15 min. of fame. Now David Letterman is going to ignore her (except when she and only she is the butt of jokes). He won’t apologize again. He’s said his peace. Now he’s going to let Palin expose herself as the raving lunatic she is by going off the deep end. Even Olberman, who said Letterman was out of line is now coming down on Palin.

    Willow’s choice for appearing in public is right out of her mother’s playbook, only I’d call it slutty high school cheerleader.

    • Got a link????

      • It’s The Immortal Minority. I think Shannyn has a link to the side. It’s also linked from The Mudflats and Progressive Alaska. He’s posted the YouTube.

  14. Last night David Letterman had on Sandra Bullock with a clip from her film, The Proposal. It takes place in Alaska and co-star Betty White talked about being knocked up.

    Letterman…Alaska…knocked up…

    How subtly devious! I loved it!

  15. When a knocked up unwed adult mother chooses to be in the national spotlight as the promoter of virginity, then she’s fair game.

    I think Palin calling Letterman a pedophile and an advocate for ‘child rape’ is way more offensive than anything Letterman said.

    Once again, Palin reveals herself as the drama queen interesting in nothing more than creating hate and stirring up her Tiller the killer and Holocaust shooter base.

  16. Sarah “won” be getting Letterman to acknowledge his “joke” was in very poor taste.

    But Sarah has to go national to prove what a mean, ugly vituperative person she is.

    Sarah has a history of wanting to destroy people she thinks she that kind of edge on.

    Wooten, Levy and some others are relatively powerless to protect themselves for a powerful state level politician with a heart filled with hate.

    Keep it up Sarah and virtually every political comedian and comic in the country and in Europe will be on your case for weeks and months after you finally decide to drop this none issue.

    Am waiting for Ron’s program of yesterday to be put up so I can listen. Happy B’day.

  17. There’s a new birthdate for Willow: July 7, 1994. You didn’t expect that finding any information would be straightforward did you?

    Whatever, she’s gone way over the top!

  18. The hilarious thing to me — as both a New Yorker and a life-long Mets fan (their life, I’m older than they are) — is that I am very sure the ‘object’ of the joke was not Willow Palin, but A-Rod (who has decided to challenge Roger Clemens’ record for most scandals involving a NY player). Willow was just a handy ‘hook’ to hang the joke on — if it had been “Girl Scouts Night” at Yankee Stadium, he might have used the same joke in that context.

    Palin again demonstrates an ability to take a situation where she is, arguably, being treated unfairly, and respond in such a way that she destroys any sympathy she might have gotten — and usually makes us focus on just what she was complaining about.

    Let’s face it, The Baroness Munchhausen really does have the “Sidam touch.” Hand her a piece of gold and her touch transmutes it into (an agricultural product useful as fertilizer).

  19. And enjoy your birthday! We are the ones that should be celebrating that we have you around!

  20. Palin has finally figured out that Obama cannot fire Letterman.

    Some senator or congressman has now contacted the president of CBS and asked him to fire Letterman.

    Right. Like that’s gonna happen.

    Palin picked the wrong public figure to crucify to prove her power and promote her political agenda. Letterman can take her down with a wave of his finger. And he will. Just like John McCain. He’ll be nice. He’ll be polite. He’ll never mention the children again. He may not even mention her by name, only referring to the Governor of Alaska. But he won’t quite until she yells Uncle. And maybe not even then. Look what he did to John McCain who eventually came on his show and apologized to him.

    Now some may say…what does she have to apologize for? Well, Letterman apologized for some bad jokes. She has subsequently turned up the volume on her outrage to accusing him of being a pedophile, sexual pervert, deviant, etc. And if she’s not careful, she’ll find herself in court defending herself against slander. And the legal bills will be a lot more than what she’s facing in Alaska. And Letterman can take her. He has a LOT more money and better lawyers.

    Funny how none of this came up when Leno, Conan or SNL made equally tasteless jokes.

    I also have to wonder if the reason she keeps bringing up “statutory rape” (Which is concentual with a minor) is that she’s planning on rewriting Bristol’s history with Levi and accusing him of statutory rape of Bristol. Ya think?

  21. Last night on his radio show, Alan Colmes interviewed a NY State Assemblyman, Brian Korb, who has sent a letter ON HIS STATE LETTERHEAD (truly an ethical violation if ever there was one) to CBS in an attempt to have Letterman’s employment terminated.

    Isn’t it interesting how Palin cried about possible First Amendment abridgements while on the campaign trail last fall?

    My god, it is really like shooting fish in a barrel with this woman – her shameless hypocrisy is revealed nearly each time she opens her mouth.

  22. Will Brian Korb also contact HBO to get Bill Maher fired for what he said last night and for all of his jokes about the Palin kids? Will Korb also contact NBC to have Jay & Conan fired for their jokes about Bristol last year during the campaign? Will he contact ABC to have Jimmy Kimmel fired for his jokes last year re: Bristol?

    It seems to me that Brian Korb is going to be very very, busy’ otherwise he is a hypocrite and strangely selective about his “Palin daughter” battles in late night TV.

  23. re: Willow’s outfit for a public visit (see the video posted by Gryphen) and the Governor’s outfit at the Memorial Day occasion (and many more)– I have trouble understanding how it shows respect for the audience and the occasion. If Willow is a dependent minor, then why doesn’t she have a father and mother who a) tell her to dress appropriately or b) tell her to stay in the room, out of the public occasion?

  24. Maher was great, “What’s Palin think he’s going to do, rape her on the set?” Bill holds nothing back. Palin just assured that she and her girls are the butt of jokes for a long time to come. And they’ll get nastier and nastier.

  25. first off, happy belated birthday!

    it’s kinda convenient how palin didn’t want to boost letterman’s ratings but she’s the one dragging this out. she’s set her self up to be the victim and it completely backfired!

  26. From Huffington Post today:
    Gov. Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. And you thought John Edwards was in trouble before! Now he has really done it. — “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” 9/2/08

    From ADN today:
    rifraf wrote on 06/13/2009 02:26:27 PM:
    WheresIPalin wrote on 06/13/2009 02:11:03 AM:

    “Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter’s penalty box.” –Conan O’Brien

    You realize, of course, that Bristol wasn’t at that game either! That means that Conan was joking about the gang-rape of Willow Palin…or, (gasp!) Piper !!!!!

    Where’s the outrage, Sarah???!!!!!

    I guess as a hockey mom, she knows the ‘penalty box’ is big enough for the whole team.

    Recommended (4) Report abuse

  27. Shannyn,

    Thank you for taking my call today on the show.

    The point I really wanted to make was that the Rajneeshees bussed people into Oregon from outside and attempted to take over first a small town, but then also a mid-sized town and county seat. Locals at first thought they were eccentric, then bothersome, and by the time they realized that they were actually the target of a planned invasion and stake-over strategy, their own civil rights were being severely violated, acts of terrorism committed against them, and several murders had occurred at the hands of the Rajneesh followers. The Rajneeshees identified as a group by wearing RED.

    The other point I wanted to make was regards the pipeline deal with Exxon announced by GINO. Is it possible that Trans-Canada, Palin, and Exxon have had this betrayal of Alaska’s interests planned all along, and if so, what avenues exist for investigating this possibility? I would not consider the Personnel Board a credible avenue (what a joke!) and ask other Progressives to consider whether the interstate/international nature of this deal might open the door for requesting the appointment of a Federal Special Prosecutor to investigate the matter?

  28. Let’s not all forget that Palin can hardly claim she is concerned about how women are treated. Not when you consider she is a guest on Eddie Burkes show, Bristol has even called in to talk to him. He called women he disagreed with “socialist baby killing maggots”. Did Palin ever mention that? Has she refused to have anything to do with Eddie because of that? Nope, she allows it because Eddie is a fan of hers and a supporter.

    Same situation with Palin on the Bob & Mark show. She sat there and laughed while they called a politician, a cancer survivor a “cancer on the state” and a “b*tch” and went so far as to ask if she had kids and did she even like them”, and all the while Palin is laughing. Did she step up and say that this was offensive or wrong? NO SHE LAUGHED ALONG WITH THEM. Why? She is a sick person who will allow those who support her to be excused from behavior that she finds deplorable in others.

    She didn’t have a problem with SNL suggesting her husband might be having sex with his daughters because she went on the same program just a month later. No outrage on that comment.

    No outrage on the other comedians who have made similar jokes towards her family either. Why? When those jokes were made she was already getting a lot of attention and the victim status was working for her quite well.

    She has continued using the victim status with this (along with everything else, for her, if you aren’t on the floor at her feet prostrating yourself before her, then you are trying to do her harm in one form or another) as it has worked for her. Look at all the attention she gets when she plays the victim.

    She has become very proficient at playing victim and will continue to do so as long as she is allowed to do it and as long as it sucks a bit more money out of her supporters for her.

  29. Come on folks. If that remark were made about your child wouldn’t you take offense?
    Sometimes you gotta put down that liberal or conservative sandwich board sign and call it what it is.
    I am a fan of Letterman, a sometime fan of Palin, and an Alaskan. I am not a fan of the media that exploits every little thing then cries foul when the tables are turned.
    Letterman was over the top and he admitted it. Palin’s response was appropriate, but it is time to let it drop. In all fairness if Wolfe hadn’t brought it up, them Sarah probably would have either.
    Publicity is publicity and both sides got their share. The real losers were the Palin’s as a family, and our great states reputation.

  30. Sorry, kodiacgriff, but nothing about Palin’s response was appropriate. None of it. Frankly, she was ticked off at the slutty comment and she thinks she has a hook to hang her naughty monkeys on. Problem is, she doesn’t think.

  31. I don’t understand way Palin is going after Letterman like she is. I watch Letterman I thought the apology was adequate….I mean it’s Dave Letterman…I’m glad Shannyn listed all the other late night jokes….it exposes Palin as an attention monger, and mentally unbalanced. I also watched the Today show interview, how can Palin think this kind of stuff is good for her…the nonsensical rambling makes her look insane…wow it’s amazing that Alaskans aren’t demanding for her’s a head scratcher..Happy birthday Shannyn and thank you for keeping it real

  32. I think she’s going after Letterman as payback for what he did to John McCain. I think in her own tiny, narcissistic, dysfunctional mind she blames Letterman for their loss. And being Palin, it’s now payback time. She’s real good at revenge. And this is classic Palin.

    But she’s no match for Dave. And if she isn’t careful, she’ll be hauled into court to face slander charges. Dave has more money and better lawyers. He’ll ignore her until he can’t, then she’ll get the reality slap upside the head she needs.

  33. Don’t forget: David Letterman AND Katie Couric are both CBS employees.

    It’s Payback x 2.

  34. I originally felt bad for Palin on this one. Although she does bring it on herself for parading her pregnant daughter all over tv. I even knew the joke wasn’t aimed at her daughter but rather A-Rod. But once she started calling him a pedophile and accusing him of rapist jokes well…..I can’t stomach people who make themselves into victims. Then I realized Palin really likes the victim role.

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