Posted by: shannynmoore | June 12, 2009

Shannyn Moore Guests on The Ron Reagan Show TODAY 8:06pm Eastern Time

I’ll be a guest on The Ron Reagan show today at 4:06pm Alaska Daylight Time. You can stream the show here: AIR AMERICA.

The show airs delayed in Anchorage on KUDO 1080AM on your dial. Tune in tonight at 8:06pm Alaska Time for the delayed broadcast.

We’ll be talking about the Palin-Letterman feud.

And remember this…I’ll be on the air tomorrow with my own radio show from 5pm-7pm local time on Smart Radio AM 700 KBYR!


  1. Happy Birthday Shannyn!!! Have a great time on the show!

  2. You go girl !

    Don’t forget:

    WAR’s comment: “If a man can’t rape his wife, who can he rape.”

    Palin making victims buy their own rape kits.

    Don’t be afraid to take on N.O.W. They are bending to the shallowest feminist thinkers out there. Palin “sexualized” her entire VP campaign and N.O.W. said nothing.

    Alaska is #1 in sex abuse and violence against women and children AND PALIN HAS DONE NOTHING!

    Ok, blood pressure going up so have to stop now.

    You know what I mean.

    Hang in there Kiddo.

  3. Yes, happy birthday, Shannyn! And being on the east coast of the US, as much as I’d like to, having gotten up to work my 8 to 5 today I probably won’t be up long enough to listen. Please post or point to an audio file if there will be one online!

  4. Happy birthday and looking forward to checking out the inevitable liveblogging!

  5. Shannyn,
    Just heard the show–was so good to hear you on KUDO if only for a bit. You should be there again daily.

    Happy Birthday!!!

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