Posted by: shannynmoore | June 14, 2009

Sean Hannity, Huckabee & Crazy Talk

Thanks to Donz!


  1. Yes! This clip says it all! The Right is so filled with hypocrisy! Thanks, Shannyn, for posting this.

    I can’t figure out why the GOP/FOX forgets about YouTube. Maybe the average viewer on FOX is too old to use it? Seriously–I’m not being mean. Otherwise, why would they think they can get away with these lies about Letterman, Leno, Conan, etc.? The proof is so easy to get.

  2. Leno said worse…..oy! I wish this would just go away

    Oh..and Happy Birthday!

  3. Jay Leno is hilarious… difference is that here was a pregnancy. Letterman might not be a terrible person, but he should apologize for this, if I was the Palin family I would be so sick of this kind of crap going on. If the same would have been said about Michelle Obama being a slutty stewardess all you folks would be calling for Letterman to be kicked off the air… if he would had said similar things about the Obama daughters, he would not be able to go out in public safely.

  4. @Chuk, Letterman did apologize. Last week. Did you miss it? You can find it on YouTube.

  5. Chumaty, Michelle doesn’t wear hair extensions or tatooed lip liner or red patent cork hooker sandals and she wouldn’t let Malia show up to an official event in hillbilly cutoff short shorts.

    If the slutty fits…..

    If the Palins’ are sick of it, they can leave the kids at home and in school.

  6. Jay Leno in my opinion was not funny. When he replaced Johnny Carson I was not happy. David Letterman has always had that sarcastic wit. I love it. If I had been at that game and saw Palin there I probably would have made a sarcastic remark like, “Oh God I hope she keeps her daughter away from the players.” Palin is just trying to generate news exposure and she is willing to do anythig. If people don’t like Letterman then don’t watch his show. They can watch Conan Obrien who is fabulous and very likely to make similar jokes.

  7. The only mistake Letterman’s writers made was inadvertently leaving the word ‘Bristol’ out of the joke, which gave humorless idiots an opportunity to create this mess. He apologized for that. End of story. Pushing this issue further is only going to hurt Palin in the long run.

  8. “(T)he devil… the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked…”

    Thomas More, Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation (1553), Book Two, Section XVI

  9. i like this video, its soo true. its one of the republican’s many hypocritical moments.

    i want to see a video, where one lists the republicans top 10 most hypocritical and hateful moments in america…..that would be fun.

    if only letterman didnt apologize…i mean really….the way palin gets so uppity and offended over everything just proves she is not fit to have any kind of political power in america.

    thanks for posting!!!

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