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Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s “Outrage” is Misplaced and A Little Late…

10) Last September, a skit on Saturday Night Live suggested incest in the Palin family. “What about the husband?” asked a mock Times reporter. “You know he’s doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It’s Alaska!” No outrage. Sarah Palin appeared on the show one month later in late October.

9) Days after the announcement of Bristol’s pregnancy, Conan O’Brien joked, “It’s true, John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. Palin said, ‘We should never have introduced her to John Edwards.'” Where was the outrage? Was Conan promoting infidelity with an underage girl?

8 ) From two different Tonight Shows: “Governor Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. Oh, boy, you thought John Edwards was in trouble before, now he’s really done it!” AND…“All the Republicans are heaping praise on Governor Palin. Fred Thompson said, as an actor, he could see them making a movie about Sarah Palin and her family. Didn’t they already make that movie? I think it was called ‘Knocked Up!’”–Jay Leno

7) Craig Ferguson’s skit of “Larry King vs Levi Johnston” asks about “kinky sex” with the drapes open. Craig Ferguson’s honorary Alaska citizenship, granted by Governor Palin wasn’t rescinded.

6) “According to expense reports, Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska over $21,000 for her children to travel with her on official business. In fairness to Gov. Palin, when she leaves them home alone they get pregnant.” –Seth Meyers (SNL).  Sarah Palin was in a sketch with Meyers a week earlier.

5) On October 8, 2008, Sarah Palin walked out on the ice with six year old Piper and 13 year old Willow, before the game, Conan O’Brien said, “Saturday night, Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter’s penalty box.”
Oh, yes he did. You get the outrage…but not a peep then. According to the new “logic”, O’Brien was advocating for some really sick stuff.

4) Rush Limbaugh: “Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat. Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is a White House dog?” Limbaugh put up a picture of Chelsea Clinton. At the time, Chelsea Clinton was 13 years old. Rush also said, “In last year’s campaign, the most prominent, articulate voice for standard run-of-the-mill good old-fashioned American conservatism was Sarah Palin.” Calling a young teenager a “dog” can’t be helpful to her “self-esteem.” Where is the apology from the leader of the GOP?

3) “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”–John McCain, Sarah Palin’s running mate. Should McCain apologize to every young woman in America?

2) Palin’s friend, political defender and informer of the David Letterman comments, John Ziegler, was fired from his radio show for using the “n-word” online and on air in 1997. In 2000, he was fired for spelling the “n-word” on the air. How much does that word affect the psychological health of America’s  youth, regardless of their race? Now he is pimping his film about how mean the “liberal media” was to Sarah Palin.

AND…The NUMBER 1 REASON Sarah Palin’s Outrage is Misplaced and A Little Late…

1) The “candidate who must be obeyed” was talking about Palin’s family when he said, “Kids are off limits.” Jake Tapper of ABC News interviewed then Candidate Obama, and asked, “Governor Palin and her husband issued a statement today saying their 17-year-old daughter Bristol, who is unmarried, is five months pregnant. Do you have any reaction?”

OBAMA: “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off-limits. And people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Governor Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know, my mother had me when she was 18. And, you know, how family deals with issues and — and, you know, teenaged children, that shouldn’t be the topic of — of our politics.”

The Palin children have been fodder for comedians since they were brought to the national stage. Incest isn’t funny. Ugly kid jokes aren’t funny. Many of the things said about public figures are just flat wrong.  Being “knocked up” isn’t much fun. Racist comments hurt all of us. I exhausted the top 10 list before I ran out of outrageous instances ignored by the Palins.

The National Organization for Women named David Letterman to their Hall of Shame.  Will Letterman be joining Jay Leno?  Conan O’Brien?  Craig Ferguson?  Seth Myers?  Rush Limbaugh? Or  John McCain?  Of course not!  I guess N.O.W. didn’t bother checking Sarah Palin’s “feminist” credentials.  All across America, right wing radio and television talk show hosts feigned outrage in perfect synchronicity. The same people who back up Palin’s high drama assertions against Letterman ignored the connections between Bill O’Reilly’s irresponsible incitement and the murder of Dr. George Tiller.  David Letterman, a late night entertainer, apologized.  Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly has not.

As a parent, I understand being defensive.  I just wonder what took so long.  Why now?


  1. Thanks for posting all of these other examples of comedians who made similar jokes without Palin calling for their heads on a silver platter. I hope this goes national, so others can see that Palin is just milking the attention for all that it’s worth. Mr. Letterman acknowledged that his jokes were in poor taste, so I don’t see a need for Palin and SarahPAC to keep up their faux outrage. It’s a real shame that Palin had to bring her daughter Willow into the mix. I hope that Willow has another adult that she can go to.

  2. Brilliant, Shannyn! So none of these many events elicited a Palin protest, eh? Nor has she ever complained to Eddie Burke about his language towards women, has she? Curiouser and curiouser…

    Sarah Palin (and her merry band of “Teabaggers”) will soon find out that faux outrage against a national comedian only delivers more foes–other comedians.

    Stay tuned for: “When wit runs wild…”

  3. Putting all these examples up helps give some needed perspective. Perhaps she’s decided that the advice to ignore the tv comedians and talk shows wasn’t working and it was time now to change strategies. In any case, it’s a nasty game. Since she does support things like abstinence, it’s hard not to point out how in her own family it doesn’t seem to work. But Bristol doesn’t deserve this.

    I wonder how many women in her position, knowing that their unmarried daughter is pregnant, would have said, “Sorry John, the timing is bad. My family is more important”?

  4. And Palin was on opening day of Ziegler’s new talk radio show in LA.

    She was on opening day of the Glenn Beck show on FAUX, too. That’s the Glenn Beck who said on his talk radio program in March, 2007, that “Hillary Clinton cannot be elected president because … there’s something about her vocal range. … It’s not what she says, it’s how she says it. … She is like the stereotypical — excuse the expression, but this is the way to — she’s the stereotypical bitch, you know what I mean?”

  5. We need to run the audio of her laughing at Lyda Greene’s cancer more often.

    • Has youtube pulled that cancer laugh video from everywhere? Was watching it last week but now it is nowhere to be found. Suspect the same might happen to the vids of Shannyn’s top 10, too.

  6. I hope you don’t mind me cross-posting this, Shannyn. Very powerful list!

  7. The other thing that annoys me about the outrage is that she used Bristol. She pushed her single, pregnant daughter on the stage at the Republican National Convention in prime time. She’s pushing her out on the “abstinence is the best policy” tour, a person who is the textbook example that abstinence only is fine in theory but not in practice.

    Palin and company use outrage as a tool. Be outraged when it may benefit, shut up when it may not. Just like they continue to use Bristol.

  8. Umm, you left out the part about John McCain apologizing for his Chelsea Clinton comment. Did Letterman apologize for his “joke” about 14 year old willow being raped ? Did he hell….he just encouraged his partisan studio audience to laugh even more at the Palins. It’s really sad to see so-called “progressives” like you turning Letterman’s disgusting comments into another attack on Palin. I guess feminist outrage over misogynist attacks only applies if the woman is another card-carrying liberal. Has any other woman politician had her family as dragged thru the media mud as Sarah Palin ? And all you can talk about is the timing ! Pathetic.

    • Has any other woman politician had her family as dragged thru the media mud as Sarah Palin ?

      I believe what you meant to say here was “has any other women politician dragged her family through the media mud as much as Sarah Palin”?

      Hope you don’t mind the correction.

    • Letterman never made a joke about anyone raping Willow. NEVER. This is a perfect example of the “tweet-jerk” reaction, people blowing shit way out of proportion when they didn’t actually hear any of the jokes.

      • You got that right, Mistletoe.

        No one was outraged until the palinistas told her to be outraged. They probably told The Dud to call it rape. And Sarah followed along. It’s particularly rankling considering Palin’s approach to the rape kits.

  9. And let’s not forget her pick of Wayne Anthony Ross for AG. This is the man who said: “If a guy can’t rape his wife…who’s he gonna rape?” and “”There wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence if women would learn to keep their mouths shut.”

    • ssssshhh… thou shalt not speak the truths against she who must not be named.

  10. On rereading your clever little list it’s notable that after each of the dumb comments by those on the conservative side you add a little “oh, imagine the effect of that on a young girl’s esteem” but nowhere do you say that after the vile comments made by your liberal friends about the Palin family. Once again proving that, for the liberal mind, only women on the left deserve to be defended from hate speech.

    • Oh look, Jay David made another nickel with his paid post – brought to you by his sponsor the Susan B. Anthony Society.

  11. Jay your posting REEKs of hate. Some of us might try to explain to you how Sarah puts her ambition before her children always but you can’t see that I am sure. Did you hear Lettermans actual joke ? Well he did not use the word rape or pedophile or perverted and it’s obvious he’s talking about Bristol. You are blinded by you hate though. I can’t imagine ever talking to other humans the way you just did! But hey it’s the Internet right? And your poor poor poor victim Sarah has her wittle feelings hurt and was offended by the big bad liberal media! Sorry but she is a lying phony fraud. She turned this whole thing into a media frenzy because she is a needy needy narcissist. But you are so full of hate you just can’t see that clearly! I’ll pray for you and in a few years you are going to look back and see how fooled you were by Scarah Palin. Perhaps inside a little part of you already knows what a fraud she is and maybe that is why you are so full of anger and hate now. It’s really sad.

  12. “Once again proving that, for the liberal mind, only women on the left deserve to be defended from hate speech.”

    That isn’t at all what this essay says, and you should realize that. It observes that, unlike many of these other people referenced, the Palins themselves put those kids out there on center stage at a time wen the kids could have used some better parenting, among other things. Time and again, Palin has used them, sometimes rather cynically. She even stated herself, “Bristol can be used,” right after the November election.

    I’ve posted at my blog that I thought Letterman was way over the line. I’ve also criticized the left for double standards – ie – Tony Knowles should get a pass for selling our state to Veco and big oil at the beginning of his governorship, but I’m being yelled at by the doctrinaire left right now for wanting to work with my new mayor, Talis Colberg.

    However, I find Ms. Moore’s observations to be very accurate, acute and sensible.

  13. Love the list. And speaking of outrage, KTUU did a “news” story on the anti Letterman rally while showing the C4P website then also publicized their fund raising efforts for her legal fund. How was this news. It was an advertisement.

  14. If gov. Palin is that concerned about young girls, then why does Alaska have the highest rape statistics in the country?

    Letterman’s joke was in very very poor taste, but he apologized. Palin’s response was snarky, disrespectful and weird.

    Had she just stated her case and asked for an apology, she would have looked like a mature, person that can handle personal and/or tricky situations.
    She did neither and came across as a whiny, self absorbed women. She cannot speak in public.

  15. “Letterman’s joke was in very very poor taste, but he apologized. Palin’s response was snarky, disrespectful and weird.”

    Yes, God forbid she would be “disrespectful” to a man who “joked” on TV that her 14 year old was raped. He also did not apologise ..he just made more fun of the Palins and asked what all the fuss was about. And why are comments censored here ? I thought liberals loved “Freedom Of Speech” ?

    • Gene,
      Went back to Letterman’s comment
      Sarah Palin’s daughter knocked up by A Rod. Not raped.

      I never thought it meant Willow. Her other daughter became pregnant out of wedlock and at the age of 17.

      What is even more interesting to me, is why SP was not outraged for both her daughters. That would have been the response as a mother I would have made.
      She assumed that he meant Willow and then could accuse him of more horrible things like rape and pedophilia.

      She missed the boat. ANd her own record about rape and sex abuse as Gov. is very poor considering her own state leads the US rape and sex abuse.

    • Actually it was TODD who came out with the RAPING the daughter scenario that Letterman “supposedly” (but did not) said.

      Amazingly well researched and funny column Shannyn. Keep ’em coming.

      And don’t forget that people like Gene are paid by the Susan B. Anthony Society to post positive things about SP and her Sea of Pee-ers. They have to get their nickel’s worth I guess.

      The list is flying around the internet – as it should be. But it’s very hard to make her even more of a flying joke than she has made herself.

    • At no time did Letterman use the word ‘rape’ or ‘pedophile’. These were words injected into this by the Palins.

      As Shannyn’s blog is titled — Where was the outrage by the Palins of all the previous jokes? We all know the campaign and Meg were following all the news cycles and therefore would have been seen. Not a peep out of them.

      Why is Palin ‘conveniently’ stepping into this now? Everything points to her political agenda.

      There still is the fact that Bristol has signed a contract to be the PAID spokesperson for Candie’s Foundation that promotes abstinence which at the same time promotes and sells on their website ‘BE SEXY TEES’. A play on words — “BE SEXY TEASE”. The wording SEXY on the clothing is 4 times the size and ledgible to the other wording, which frankly cannot be read on the website as it is too small. Add to that Candie’s Foundation is owned by Candie’s Corporate who sells, promotes and advertises to Tweens – being Willow & Bristol. Their advertisements to these said Tweens is so provocative it’s called Soft Porn.

      Todd travelled and appeared with Bristol with baby in arms on the Media promotion tour of Bristol being the Paid Spokeperson for Candie’s Foundation which represents Todd and Sarah actually endorsing the Candies’ Corporation’s Soft Porn advertisements and marketing to their daughters and other Tweens.
      I call that hypocritical. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      It’s too little, too late for Sarah and Todd to step up to play the victim card now.

  16. Don’t forget that Palin is a guest on Eddie Burkes show and his track record when it comes to dealing with women isn’t the best by any stretch of the imagination. Not only is Palin herself a guest on his show, her supporters are (you know those folks who are screeching to the heavens to have Letterman fired) and Bristol Palin has even called in to the Eddie Burke show and tells Eddie that they (the Palins) are big fans of Eddie’s.

    Why is it that Bob & Mark along with Eddie are excused for their behavior? Because they are fans and supporters of Gov. Palin that’s why. The same applies to Ziegler, Rush..O’Reilly, Beck..etc.., and if they support her then she will not condemn them for anything they say or do even if it shows her to be a hypocrite.

  17. Tina Brown on aspects of this over at the Daily Beast:

    “Here’s one thing Sarah could learn from Hillary: Cheerfulness is more impressive than resentment. Is the secretary of State lugging around a Palin-size grudge about having to play a subservient role to the man who humbled her at the polls? Doesn’t Clinton have a better reason to resent Obama than Palin has to bang on about Letterman? I mean, if it weren’t for Barack, Hillary would now be president of the United States. How’s that for “hurtful”? Yet the president and his highest-ranking Cabinet officer seem to be getting along like Nick and Nora Charles. Or that‘s how Hillary’s playing it anyhow.

    “Here’s something Palin could learn from Letterman: Leave the jokes to the comedians. Does anyone believe that Palin really, truly thought Letterman’s sexual joke was about her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, not her 18-year-old, Bristol—who, after all, actually did get knocked up? My reading is she didn’t believe it, but she was happy to have you believe it. Happy to have people—too many of them, unfortunately, who only pay attention with one ear—be her target audience.”

  18. Oh no, quoting Tina Brown… desperate are you people ? Can’t you do better then that ??

    • Everybody has, both above your message and below it.

      Read and learn, Simon.

  19. I think that NOW’s response had little to do with Sarah Palin and everything to do with the tastelessness of David Letterman’s ‘jokes’.

    That they were tasteless was acknowledged by Letterman even if he didn’t apologize.

    Of course, Palin should be in many halls of shame for her continued exploitation of her children.

  20. Thanks for the list, Shannyn. Letterman’s joke was degrading, but GINO never complained before. I think that GINO got mad about being called a “slutty” flight attendant. GINO wanted to get back at Letterman, but attacking him for joking about Bristol would not have been effective. So, the Palins flipped the joke from Bristol to Willow, made Willow 14 (the younger, the better) instead of her actual age of 15-1/2 years old (born January 21, 1994), and went on the attack which generated a lot of free press and sympathy for GINO.

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this all down in one list. There was a column in yesterday’s Washington Post by that dreadful Kathleen Parker again defending Palin and criticizing Letterman. I emailed her information about Alaska’s statistics on domestic abuse, rape, incest, and teenage pregnancy, all women’s issues Palin had done nothing about or cut funding for.

    She is a miserable excuse for a governor and a mother, using and exposing her children time and time again for political gain.

  22. FW – you should send that info to NOW as well, so that they can add Sarah to their Hall of Shame along with Letterman.

  23. Wow, looks like Bristol has spent way too much time in the tanning bed, her skin is showing it already. Ugh!

    Palin lost this hand when she called Letterman a pervert, child raper, etc. She’s too dumb to help herslef. She’s darn good at creating vile right wing haters though. Her lovely base. Destorying Christianity one remark at a time.

    Palin has now opened thte door for the raunchiest jokes one could imagine. I, for one, will LMAO.

  24. Good post, Thank-you

    I just have 2 points to make:
    1) Sarah is diverting attention from the Top Ten List she was the focus of and which by the way was very spot on.
    2) Sarah was celebrated as the “Babe” at the GOP convention and throughout the campaign, no outrage from Sarah, her dude or McCain.

    Please post this article on HuffingtonPost.

  25. Actually, this entire sordid episode could be the undoing of Palin if someone would just take the time to verify that Willow was not at that game. She appears in none of the photos (the female in the tan jacket is Giuliani’s wife); the pre faux outrage news reports mention only the former candidates “and their spouses”–not a word about a child.

    Everyone has taken “I’m-seven-months-pregnant” Palin on her word on this because no other politician would lie about this kind of thing. Politicians lie, yes, but this is a Mean Girl kind of lie–like the nasty drama queen in high school who would tell you your boyfriend was sleeping with your best friend, just to make trouble and hurt people.

    How hard would it be for someone on the staff at The Daily Show or Keith Olbermann to sit down and look at the tapes of the game, or find someone sitting near them? Ask Giuliani’s wife? If it can be proven that Palin lied when she came out with her “he must have been talking about Willow because only Willow was at the game with me” line, then it would show her for the mean, lying opportunist she is. There is no excuse for that kind of lie. It would finish her.

  26. Its simple, her Fake outrage, trying to bury the “plagurism” story and the Pipeline to nowhere story.
    Where was GINO’s outrage when she was laughing about a woman with cancer???

  27. People need to stop talking about this. This is exactly what SP wants to happen. She is getting all kinds of free publicity plus she had a chance to show off the new image she is trying on now. ( I’m not sure if it’s called slutty schoolmarm, illiterate librarian or make believe missionary) I am glad Shannon published the list though because I remembered most of them but couldn’t put my finger on them. The recording caligirl provided is gold. I brought this conversation up in a discussion and the people I was talking with couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t find the clip. Thanks again Shannon and all the progressive bloggers for having the courage to publish the truth. It’s not easy this state with the Palin SS ready to do her every wish and whim.

    • I would suggest the topic is laid to rest if the C4Pers call a detente to their campaign.

      Until then, Palin’s lies about the baseball game, her daughter Willow, and the true wording of Letterman’s “jokes” must be talked about.

      THEN we can get back to discussing Palin’s plagiarism issue with the Michael Reagan introduction speech, which was derailed temporarily when this Letterman joke issue got blown out of proportion by the Palin and their Mafia.

  28. Alaska Phil, I got this from Palingates

    Regina, who runs the site is dedicated to making the world know of GINO’s “GATES”! She has a large amount of data there.

  29. I believe the Only Reason Palin responded to Letterman was because she perceived and personalized the “slutty…” comment as a direct slam against her. Then, and only then, did she seek retribution to vindicate herself.

    On Today show, Palin’s dress, hair and makeup took a radical right turn from her seemingly ever present red high heeled shoes, some hair extensions, and non-traditional politico dress. She adores and thrives on attention. It sustains and encourages her to get more and more.

    Her children? Oh yeah,well, there ya see uh, um, they are there for her convenience to be used as she sees fit. Isn’t that what children are for? Props on demand. Exploitation unlimited. What a mom.

  30. Just throwing this out there:

    Katie Couric = CBS employee
    David Letterman = CBS employee

    Sarah is fairly well known for being vindictive and engaging in “payback.”

    Just sayin’ . . .

  31. I think espresso4me is on to something. Initially, her outrage was over the slutty flight attendant thing. It almost seemed an afterthought that she got upset about the A Rod comment. Someone must have advised her on that b/c I doubt she would have thought of it on her own as evidenced by her silence on all the other comments made.

    To have let ALL those other comments slide, that to me were WAY more offensive than Lettermans, is the height of hypocriticism.

    In fact, I remember the SNL skit about “Todd doin his daughters” and I winced at that one saying, Whoa, that was over the top”. And she goes on the show a month later?

    Sarah is in middle school payback mode, taking down as many as she can as soon as she saw an opening. Doesn’t she have more important things to do in AK?

  32. […] […]

  33. AK Phil- I LOVE the monikers for Palin’s “new” look! If you forced me to choose a favorite, I’d have to go with “Make believe missionary.”

    She couldn’t have looked more uptight for that interview if she tried with her slicked back hair and bare forehead.

    However, she very likely could have had her much adored red shoes on. We didn’t get a full body shot did we?

  34. This whole faux outrage is to deflect from Palin’s disastrous PR week:
    1) a murdering right wing terrorist is revealed to be one of her admirers;
    2) she plagiarizes Gingrich;
    3) the GOP disinvites her to speak at a major dinner;
    4) she overreacts to a comedian before anyone can stop her;
    5) she signs away AK’s future to the one oil company most Alaskans hate.

    • 2) she plagiarizes Gingrich;
      Craig Shirley is listed 1st and Gingrich 2nd!

  35. Now Linda Menard and Anna Banana Fairclough (“as a former director of STAR with a short term and selective memory about everything else”) they as women and as female state senators don’t like this! do they arch their backs and show their bosoms as they say this?

    They are beating a dead horse! It was a week ago for chrissakes! Everyone, if you are on either of their mailing lists, please respond and unsubscribe. This is stupid.

  36. Thanks, Shannyn, for your thoughful post. In such a vitriolic climate, it is refreshing to read a post with an even tone, asking a very good question and, while still retaining its poignancy, sidestepping the rancor that has been generated around this issue. If only more of the dialogue about this issue would use your mix of respect and criticism, we’d be better off.

  37. The problem with this entire issue and her response, is that the majority of people, either pro SP or against SP or even those who are neutral are getting so sick and tired of her that she is turning everyone against her (except for the braindead Peeing in the Sea crowd).

    This never-let-go attitude is immature and makes her look like a vindictive ex-loser at a beauty pageant (ooh sorry)!

    She might have had a shot at a bit of sympathy, but it’s so over the top at this point, that she can never gain back any sympathy she might have had in the beginning.

    That and the fact that there is no proof that any Palin “child” attended that game, means this may just be another Palin Tempest in a Teapot.

    Even people who tend to support some of her positions (yes even the missionary one), are sick and tired of her inane blathering.

    Could someone please kill the switch and reboot her harddrive?

  38. […] Shannyn Moore is an Alaskan blogger, and wrote a good post about the Palin/Letterman broohaha. I appreciated her even tone and the lack of ad hominems, colorful crude metaphors, and venom-coated barbs trying to disguise themselves as arguments. Check out her blog post. […]

  39. I never would have heard of any of the reasons/examples (aside from then-candidate Obama’s comments, which are the epitome of true decency) if not for this post of Shannyn’s.

    What this tells us, once again, is that the media will leap to cater to the slightest whims of any right-wing politician or talk-show host. The media ignored all these other hinky comments — comments that were either approved by Palin or MADE by Palin. Only when she and/or her advisers thought it might be a good idea to pick a fight with David Letterman did she start clutching her pearls. That’s also why she flatly refuses to accept Letterman’s apology — she wants the media buzz and the spotlight in order to boost her 2012 hopes.

    We’ll give her a spotlight, all right. Except she won’t like what we show of her.

  40. Nice post, Shannyn!

  41. Nice post!

  42. I saw an old black and white American Classic, Sunset Boulevard, starring Gloria Swanson who played an aged, forgotten star who was obsessed with her own image. An up-to-date remake could be called, Northern Lights Boulevard. I can see Zeigler saying, ” We’re ready for your close-up, Governor,” whereby Palin slowly walks toward the camera, eyes glassed over, staring at dozens of her People magazine covers that fill the walls of her Wasilla home. Zeigler hollers, “Camera!” Palin’s eyes widen as she begins her walk downwards as Eddie Burke, Todd and the kids stare silently, clapping as she waves and makes her way to the table where her make up and meds await.

  43. Where was the outrage when SP showed up as a judge at the drunkeness on snow party known as the Alyeska Slush Cup, with Piper. The “cover your ears, Piper” from the radio shock jock didn’t stop the of body parts, shrinkage, getting naked, etc.. jokes from flowing. My 12 year old was embarassed and wanted to leave.

    • Speaking just for myself, I’d love a few details on this little episode please? You know, date, place – pearls of wisdom from the swine.

  44. LOVE the list!

    I wish a respected journalist (who would that be?) would ask her why she picked Dave to blast instead of SNL with the incest skit, ask her why she went on SNL after the skit aired.

  45. I guess Obama daughters are off limits

    • Actually Obama came out and stated that Sarah Palin’s kids were off limits. NEXT stupid question troll?

    • They are off limits, because their parents made it clear that was unacceptable. They also did not volunteer any personal or embarassing info about their daughters and encourage conversation on it.

  46. twisted logic:
    if she was insulted before and did not respond then insult is not an insult and insulting her could continue forever?

  47. The role of the comic Fool has always to push the envelope and get people THINKing—something Palin does only in regard to furthering her own ambitions and nothing else. She’s probably eating up all the media attention–and the media is happy to cry for her wrongs rather than pay serious attention to things like the protests in Peru by the Indigenous people against corporate development of their rainsforest homes. So where’s the outrage about Palin shooting wolves?

  48. Birth control!!!!! Is there something in the water in Alaska? She is your Gov, never will she my Prez!!!! Was she Jim Carey’s mother in the movie DUMB & DUMBER?

  49. Sarah Palin, in a public speech with the cameras rolling on June 5. encouraged radio host Michael Reagan “to screw political correctness that some would expect him to have to adhere to.”
    Mavericky? You betcha!
    Now Palin complains that a June 8 joke by David Letterman was not politically correct.
    Governor, you just set a new world record for flip-flopping.

  50. Fantastic post. Glad someone researched this silly mess.

    I’m fairly sick of seeing her name loitering about the news tickers and taking the top community posts on WordPress.

    Maybe someone should just tell her Letterman is a comedian?

  51. Another reason her rage is misplaced…

    Should have been aimed at Tom Golisano or State Senator Hiram Monserrate in NY:

    David Letterman and Hiram Monserrate: The Republicans have got to be kidding

    How about the Republicans disavowing NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate who ALLEGEDLY slashed his girlfriend’s face with a broken shot glass? (as reported here and elsewhere.)
    This is the typical Republican hypocrisy. And, the two stories may even have a direct correlation. It would be just like Karl Rove to advise the Republican Party that since voters should be looking at an ELECTED OFFICIAL who should be condemned because it appears he assaulted a woman, the party might instead try to get the press to go report on a LATENIGHT COMEDIAN, who told an inappropriate joke about a woman.

    If it is wrong to joke about hurting women, Sarah Palin, then it is definitely wrong to slash women in the face. And, one probably should not cohort with public officials who are accused of doing so. So, please tell your Republican colleagues in the NY State Senate to go back to their old plan to demand Hiram Monserrate’s removal, and, to get rid of their new plan, to try to use Democrat Hiram Monserrate as a pawn in a Republican coup to wrongly take the majority of a statewide legislative body.

    And, Mr. Letterman: Since Sarah Palin refuses to go on your show, why don’t you offer her spot to someone else who can talk about respect for women? You should invite NY State Senate Hiram Monserrate onto your show, to discuss his feelings about jokes against women. That ought to be a lot of laughs.

    And, if you can’t get Hiram Monserrate directly, perhaps you could try for some of his current Republican allies? Or, perhaps billionaire Tom Golisano, who characterized the charges against Monserrate as “a personal issue”? Or, maybe you could get some of the Democratic Party leaders and Working Families Party leaders who are willing to forgive Monserrate–if only they can have his vote back.

  52. Thank you for putting this list together. Intersting read.

  53. My response has nothing to do with one political party or another.

    I find it to be truly amazing that so many seem to be able to get their kicks by degrading other human beings.

    This is where people show their true colors.

  54. This was a very good post!

  55. This is only slightly connected to this Palin /Letterman fued, but recently a Republican politician fron South Carolina made a commrnt about gorrillas and Michelle Obama . Other than one comment I have seen no outrage from any body . Why, because the Obamas have more class than the Palins. They new this guy would get the attention he e=wanted if they made a big deal of it.

  56. SP & Dud(e) response was too much – it was a very in-poor taste Joke. Not the first by Letterman and not the last.

    But the Palin’s stating this encourages child rape & pedophelia – is beyond the scope of the initial comment.

    Excellent write up Shannyn


  58. For something truly worthy of outrage:

    “Pastor Drake Prays for Obama’s Death”

  59. OMG he APOLOGIZED AGAIN … check out HUFFPO – how disgusting.
    It still won’t make the pee-ers happy.
    They want his job….

  60. I have never been a big fan of Letterman, this does not improve my assessment of him, but SP’s response is way over the TOP!
    Good job as usual Shannyn

    • If someone made public sexual comments about your young daughter, I suspect your response might be “over the top” too.

      • I’ve got one of those, Lenny. And if she got knocked up doing the dirty in the room next door under my roof and then got a job as the public spokesperson for abstinence, then I’d expect her to take the jabs or dish out something clever in return. She’s earned it both ways.

      • My reply would be a one time private communication with that someone, then LET IT DROP. I would not want to embarrass my daughter any more than she already has been. ANd I would take a look on how my children are dressing to represent my family. Is it slutty, or in good taste? I dare say, 99.9 percent of Palin’s problems are created by Palin. Her reponse IS over the top. I would also get my facts straight. That daughter is NOT 14. My daughter, born in Oct of 95 is turning 14. Palin’s daughter has already turned 15.

  61. virtual hugs from Texas, for you…

    SO FED UP with the charade. Watching the Lauer thing was an exercise in my own self restraint.. not to mention, wondering what was she DOING in Texas??
    With all the fake rage about Letterman, doesn’t leave much time to talk about anything involving Exxon, does it?
    Love to lock Palin, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann in a room somewhere and watch the implosion.

  62. All I want to say is, the same as Obama said, leave the kids out of it. Every talk show host is making bad jokes, but in my estimation, the women are asking for it by the way they want to appear in the public eye–half dressed. But the kids do not deserve it, so leave them alone, no matter who their parents are.

    • Are you suggesting Palin dresses like a slutty flight attendant?

  63. I agree that politicians should leave people’s families, especially the kids alone. If Gov. Palin hadn’t made such a (late) fuss, however, I think most of the mean comments would be forgotten by now. It’s my impression that Gov. Palin really liked being a “star” on the national “stage” to the point she will do anything for publicity — kind of like a Hollywood starlet! She also strikes me as someone who would use her kids or anyone else to get where she wants to be.

  64. You’ve just got to love those Republicans:

  65. Yeah, but let David QUIT talking about her and she will be begging for a seat for her fat butt on his show.

  66. Thank you for the list, Shannyn. Duly noted. 🙂

  67. the by..remember…..Sex Sells.
    Palin is quite familiar with those two little words. That’s why she dresses the way she does. Makes all the men drool and loose their own common sense. She can then talk like she thinks (airhead) and they don’t mind.

  68. I just view her as someone who is trying to stay in the limelight. More often than not, the VP/Presidential candidate who doesn’t win kind of just goes away. She’s trying to stay fresh.

  69. Thanks for the list Shannyn. It reminds us how vicious and hypocritical various entertainers have been in their treatment of Sarah Palin’s family.

    In nicely hypocritical fashion, you invert the responsibility for the slurs from those who made them to those who have been slandered.

  70. Why now? Because Sarah is desperate to keep her name in the spotlight by whatever means possible. It’s not about her kids–it’s not even about Letterman. It’s all about Sarah, period.

    And BTW, where was all of Sarah’s righteous family values indignation when Levi was screwing an underage Bristol right in the Palin’s home? That easily qualifies as statutory rape, and/or sexual abuse of a minor. Thanks, mom!

  71. Letterman apologized.

    What a wimp.

  72. Cheney-Palin in 2012?

  73. That Sarah’s ‘friends’ are picketing Letterman’s show tomorrow afternoon asking for him to be fired made me furious.

    I just wrote and linked your blog plus told them we would boycott CBS Programming in our home if they fire him. Also told them I’m disappointed that Letterman apologized again to someone who least deserves it.

    Also emailed NOW with my question as to whether they plan to include everyone on your list in their ‘hall of shame’.

    “Yes We Can” stop her from abusing her position, abusing Alaskans by neglect, abusing her children by repeatedly using them to keep herself in the media spotlight.

    Thank you Shannyn for your blogs and interviews that ‘speak’ for those of us unable to be so eloquent and ‘spot on’.

  74. =”I’m disappointed that Letterman apologized again to someone who least deserves it.”= – scarlet oregon

    Well obviously Letterman has character and a sense of decency and you don’t.

    • Well Lenny I happen to think Letterman made a huge error in judgement…..& it was offensive!
      He thinks he made a huge error in judgement….
      He apologized.
      He apologized again after Palin helped incite people to associate the words ‘pedophile’, & ‘rape’ to him.
      Now those ‘incited’ people are demanding the end of his career which he has had for decades longer than Sarah Palin.
      She did not deserve the 2nd apology because she is only satisfied when she brings someone to their knees…like she did Walt Monegan and won’t let it go until she gets her way even if it drags her kids every inch of the way.

      If you want to monitor the negative Sarah Palin comments, that’s fine with me cause you just keep on validating my opinion.

      • Letterman is a decent person. That is why he apologized. His first “apology” wasn’t really one, and upon retrospection, he realized it. Good for him.

  75. =”Letterman apologized.
    What a wimp.”= – sauerkraut

    It takes a man to do what Letterman did . . . nevermind, you wouldn’t understand. 😉

    • Where’s Sarah P’s apology to Obama? She called him a ‘Sambo’ and called Clinton a ‘Bitch’

      I guess THAT’s oK to use words like that. But I am the mother of 3 children who are either in whole, or in part, from Black decent. (kids adopted). This is far worse than dressing your kid up like a hooker, painting a red bullseye on her and putting her in front of the cameras and act like you don’t have a full length mirror around the house.

      Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting……. has hell froze over yet up there in AK?

      • Oh brother. Another made up story from the anti-Palin lynch mob.

        Spreading slurs and innuendo based on unsourced hearsay is called “vicious gossip”, not fact.

  76. Sarah thrives when there is turmoil and so she just keeps stirring things up. She needed another soap opera drama, and knew if she stood up for the 18 yr old, it wouldn’t cause as much outrage as using the 14yr old. What a piece of work she is.

    Letterman’s apology was needed to put and end to it and he understands that, but he won’t forget it.

    Thanks for this article, Shannyn. I plan on sharing it!

  77. Perhaps you could do a “Things Sarah Palin should apologize for” post


    The Juneteenth proclaimation she ‘forgat’ to make
    ( ) – “Since statehood, many blacks in Alaska have been associated with the military. They have been stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Fort Richardson (Anchorage), Eielson Air Force base, Fort Wainwright (Fairbanks), Fort Greely (Delta Junction) or with the Coast Guard in Juneau, Ketchikan or Kodiak. Many members of the military select Alaska as their place of permanent residence and choose to remain in the state when retiring. Over the years, the African-American population levels have fluctuated with the number of military personnel assigned to each base in Alaska”

    Her description of Michael Reagan contrasted with his “baby-grenade” and “shoot the mothers” comments

    Her comments about the President

    and so on

    just a thought

  78. whoops second link should be


  79. There is still a “knocked up” unwed teen stumping for abstinence paid by a corporation running ads that degrade women. Both the humorists and the journalists should bring that situation to the attention of their audiences.

    There is still an Alaskan politician who is no closer to being ready on day one for the presidency than she was Sept. ’08. Any media exposure of that situation is welcome.

    The Letterman episode is a skirmish in a campaign that will eventually expose all the facets of Gov. Palin.

    • Considering that Candies is Bristol’s employer, she is fair game for that and she’s over 18. She has chosen to stick her nose out there just like her mother.

      This was not a question of Letterman making a bad joke about her kids. If she wasn’t shoving them into every photo op or dragging them apparently drugged onto the stage with her, no one would even notice her kids. Oh yes, didn’t she bill Alaska for their attendance at political events she dragged them to uninvited?

      The story needs to die now. SP is still fair game. Leave the kids alone though – but hit her hard, with everything they have.

  80. NOW has become a joke, and I was a feminist before they even existed.

    They’ve become as pathetic as the feminists who supported Hillary Clinton even though her sniper story meltdowns.

  81. Debra Saunders, the conservative commentator of the San Francisco Chronicle, has an EXCELLENT op-ed piece today:

    “Enough of Sarah Palin, the victim.”

    Way to go, Sarah: keep alienating those who should be your most reliable supporters.

  82. Both parties mishandled this. But Letterman went back on the air with a pretty thorough mea culpa. Even if you think he’s a sleazebag, he apologized. Not the snarky, let’s-continue-the-joke apology–I’m talking about the second time.

    All Sarah Palin needed to do was point out that the joke was tasteless and that it offended her as a mother. That would have gotten everyone on her side. Instead, she spun some rather false-sounding outrage about Letterman insinuating the rape of her daughter.

    This isn’t just about perception. This is about actions in the public sphere and taking responsibility for those actions. By that standard, Letterman PWNS Sarah Palin.

  83. Letterman showed a lot of class (although I’m sorry he chose to apologize).
    The concept that SP accepted the apology on behalf of the military and freedom of speech when she is suppressing the speech of a COMEDIAN?????

    SP has dragged, shoved and promoted her kids constantly. Her baby was dragged on stage (appearing drugged) during the campaign, Willow did the dropped puck/boo thing – and didn’t she bill Alaska for dragging her kids uninvited to political events and have to repay that???

    It seems to me that this living joke is fodder for everyone just on the basis of her own crazy behavior. It really isn’t necessary to bring the kids into it – she’s so freaking nuts, she’s a walking joke factory.

    And I also believe the “slutty flight attendant” comment was what she was REALLY pissed about.

    She is SO unelectable. Her overreactions to things absolutely disqualify her from any public office.

    Thorazine people!!!

  84. The reason why Palin is speaking out about the joke now is because she wants the media attention. She wants to look like she is standing for all that’s good and right in the world. David Letterman was wrong and he apologized for that. But the Clinton’s were never apologized to for the “joke” that Limbaugh made, no wait he doesn’t joke….the OPINION he gave about a 13 year old kid, one who has turned into a lovely young lady btw. I sincerely hope that she is only doing this because she believes in the rights of woman (hahahahaha that’s a joke in itself as she represents a party of mostly old power hungry white men) and not just to further her polictical aspirations. Sadly, I know in my heart she is doing it all because she wants to be that first woman in the Oval Office.
    Now I have said some things that may sound a bit liberal, but I think ANY politician that comes out and complains about a joke that was meant in jest and said at a time when any kid SHOULD be in bed, is being ridiculous. She put her kids in the spotlight and she doesn’t expect this?

    And as for ridiculous? She claims that Letterman is suggesting RAPE: he never once said anything about rape in his original joke.

    I will shut up now. Thank you for verfying what I already knew. Great post!!!!

    • Making sexual jokes when Palin took her 14 year old daughter to the ball game would be joking about rape. It’s not that hard to understand.

      • Making a federal case when her daughter wasn’t even at the game is a LIE!
        Big shock there! Lenny why don’t you pick yourself off the ground and head over to peeland, I’m sure you will be welcome there as you have the same idiotic mindset as them, but you already know that…. doncha troll?

  85. wow great stuff..!!!!!! I love how Palin goes for ideas of the conservative family values and with her daughter going out in public and talking to the youth about teen pregnancy and sex. What better role models for out youth. THere the ones i want to look up to.. not my parents or my teachers…


  86. […] Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s “Outrage” is Misplaced and A Little Late… 10) Last September, a skit on Saturday Night Live suggested incest in the Palin family. “What about the […] […]

  87. Is Willow actually 15 1/2 instead of 14? Is there no end to Sarah’s lies? Unbelievable.

  88. “Making sexual jokes when Palin took her 14 year old daughter to the ball game would be joking about rape. It’s not that hard to understand.”

    Apparently it IS hard to understand. Letterman had no way of knowing that Willow was at the game. She’s not named in any stories, and no pictures have been produced to show that she was there. Anyone with any sense knew that he was talking about Bistol. She’s 18 and Todd’s “statutory rape” remark would not apply.

  89. I enjoyed this post

  90. I liked the pros and cons of this post.

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