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ABT is a Political Action Committee…NOT a Church

Time to register as a PAC. Time to pay taxes. Here’s the message from Hate Activist and “Pastor” Jerry Prevo to his “righteous” followers:

**Please forward this to other righteous citizens of Anchorage.**

Dear ABT Email Family,


The liberals on the Anchorage Assembly are trying to pass an ordinance to give “special rights” to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and of all things transgender perverts. Last week we surprised them with an overwhelming number of people there in opposition, but they do not believe we can sustain these numbers. They feel like we are a bunch of wimps when it comes to fighting for what is right. To make it even harder, they have scheduled, in addition to the Tuesday night meeting, as to make it even harder, they have scheduled, in addition to the Tuesday night meeting, a special Wednesday night meeting. I am calling off our regular church service Wednesday so we can overwhelm them again on Wednesday night. This is how important this issue is to defeat.
Below is some general information and BE SURE TO WEAR SOMETHING RED. (blue is their color) – Pastor Prevo

General Information: The public testimony concerning the proposed homosexual ordinance continues Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We need everyone to attend the Assembly meeting at the Lousacc Library. We need to fill up the Assembly Chambers with people wearing red shirts showing their opposition to the proposed ordinance. If you can arrive by 3 p.m., take a seat in the Assembly Chamber Hall. Bring something to eat or drink and a good book to read. Arriving early is important but coming when you can and being present, even outside, is just as important. We need to show the Assembly Members the voters of Anchorage will not tolerate this scourge.

Here is the American Psychological Association policy statement from their website.

Discrimination Against Homosexuals
Adopted by the APA Council of Representatives on January 24-26, 1975.

1. The American Psychological Association supports the action taken on December 15, 1973, by the American Psychiatric Association, removing homosexuality from that Association’s official list of mental disorders. The American Psychological Association therefore adopts the following resolution:

Homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgement, stability, reliability, or general social and vocational capabilities; Further, the American Psychological Association urges all mental health professionals to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with homosexual orientations.

2. Regarding discrimination against homosexuals, the American Psychological Association adopts the following resolution concerning their civil and legal rights:

The American Psychological Association deplores all public and private discrimination in such areas as employment, housing, public accommodation, and licensing against those who engage in or have engaged in homosexual activities and declares that no burden of proof of such judgement, capacity, or reliability shall be placed upon these individuals greater than that imposed on any other persons. Further, the American Psychological Association supports and urges the enactment of civil rights legislation at the local, and state and federal level that would offer citizens who engage in acts of homosexuality the same protections now guaranteed to others on the basis of race, creed, color, etc. Further, the American Psychological Association supports and urges the repeal of all discriminatory legislation singling out homosexual acts by consenting adults in private.

Please cite this policy statement as:
Conger, J.J. (1975). Proceedings of the American Psychological Association, Incorporated, for the year 1974: Minutes of the annual meeting of the Council of Representatives. American Psychologist, 30, 620-651.



  1. This is the type and quality of individual that people like Palin attract. These views, rhetoric and general hate feed the beasts.

    Disgusting and frightening.

  2. FROM:


    Hickel blasts Exxon deal with TransCanada
    By Dermot Cole
    Published Thursday, June 11, 2009
    Former Gov. Wally Hickel is calling on Alaskans to “rise up and oppose the TransCanada – ExxonMobil deal” or risk returning to the situation that existed during territorial days.
    He released this statement today:
    “When Governor Sarah Palin was elected in 2006, we believed she would put Alaska first. But once elected, she put Sarah first.
    Because of her national ambitions, she is promoting an agenda that will allow Outside corporations to dominate Alaska’s resources, including our energy and the jobs it provides.
    Over my objection, the Governor negotiated a contract last year with TransCanada under AGIA, supported by the legislature, that will now provide ExxonMobil Corporation with half of $500 million of state funds.
    I have urged the Governor many times to lead our state in another direction. We should build and own a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez and ship Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to world markets.
    She has taken another road.
    Unless the people of Alaska rise up and oppose the TransCanada -ExxonMobil deal, we will revert to the situation in territorial days when Outside interests controlled our lives.
    Alaska must not lose its way as an Owner State. We have created a state based on commonly-owned resources and lands. That model is alive and well in Alaska. It’s an important concept for the world, and we mustn’t lose what the founders of our state created 50 years ago.”

  3. Jerry Prevo is a dangerous man, and he should have been neutralized long ago. He has bullied this community for as long as I’ve lived here, since 1975, and yet the politicians pander to him, allow him to have his tax-free status. And even the “good” politicans feel the need to attend his “meet-the-candidates” functions — as if Jerry would let any of his flock vote for a progressive. Anchorage has the potential to be a forward-looking, bright, tolerant city, but these people keep holding us back.

    At least there’s some dialog going on, and I was told that the “vibe” outside this week was more peaceful than last week. I couldn’t make a comparison because I was inside the whole time last Tuesday.

    I did see some mingling going on tonight between the two sides outside, so maybe some walls are breaking down. I hope so.

  4. […] of the regularly scheduled church meeting (Shannyn Moore put out an important piece about that on her site). The rumor is that the list of more than 200 names left on the list of speakers jumped to over 500 […]

  5. take away their tax exepmt status if they want to play politics. “There is nothing to hate but hate itself”….sjk 6-17-09.

  6. Its time to take that statement and turn them into the IRS so they lose their tax free status! That will really fry ole jerr’s ballz! Heh!
    Do it ASAP!

  7. One thing you need to be aware of. You can file a complaint with the IRS but it will only be considered if you are filing from the State where the violation occurs.
    So it’s up to you Alaskans. You can start the process with these people – what he is doing is a violation of his tax exempt status. He needs to be stopped and only Alaskans can file the complaint.

    US Internal Revenue Services

    949 E 36th Ave # 114
    Anchorage, AK 99508
    (907) 271-6877

  8. Just another thing. You can do it anonymously. The IRS is extremely protective of whistleblowers. If you wish to remain anonymous, they will keep it that way. And you will need documentation to back up your complaint.

    (and yes I’ve done it).

  9. why is it that those against homosexuality are so totally ignorant of the rights guaranteed of those deemed to be legal………like homosexuals.

    thank god for the rule of law, that makes your ignorance ineffectual.

  10. Go get ’em, AK!

  11. A darn good suggestion and we will have to look into it. If there are multiply complaints from Alaskans I would hope the IRS will speed up an investigation.

  12. Shannyn was eloquent as usual, but her dog got in the last word. Seems he peed on a vote no sign and was hit by a red shirt. Glad I wasn’t there. I probably would have decked the jackass and embarrassed myself. Three cheers for Watson!!

  13. “…and of all things transgender perverts.”
    How can he get away with saying such a hateful thing? I lived in Anchorage, at Elmendorf AFB, in the early ’90’s and attended a non-denominational church that was regularly shocked and embarrassed by Prevo’s agenda. I had not thought of him in years, and now since Palin, Prevo is turning up in things I’m reading. Usually, as then, his words stir my contempt. After reading this today, I’m actually crying. This is terrible. I’m not missing the big picture, I swear, but god, “of all things transgender perverts.” How? Are there no medical professionals attending this man’s church?

  14. I try so hard to be just like I am, but all the red shirts want you to be just like them, they say sing while you slave and I just get bored, I ain’t gonna work on Jerry Prevo’s farm no more. All the red shirts defend what they cannot see, with a killers pride security, it blows their minds most bitterly to think that deaths honesty won’t fall upon them naturally, life sometimes must get lonely. OK I stole that from Dylan. I say, do your own thing, yes go right ahead, but don’t do it all over me or I will jump in your head and before I am all done, you will begin to realize yours and mine just aren’t the same kinds of fun. Don’t F with me and I won’t F with you. Freedom does not mean to be free like you, it means to be free like me. Free to be what I am, not what you want me to be. Is there nothing the red shirts are not afraid of? Oh yeah, other red shirts and that is about it.

  15. If someone wants to trigger an IRS audit or investigation, Celtic Diva has already prepared a pretty detailed complaint re: the finances and gift implications the Palin’s may incur by receiving cut-rate sports equipment and getting to keep it. The IRS determines what quaifies as a a reportable gift, NOT the taxpayers.
    Going out on a limb, I’m guessing this has already been done and reported – and an investigation may already have been started.
    It is not considered wise to try and fool the IRS Grasshopper.

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