Posted by: shannynmoore | June 16, 2009

Palin Responds

Monday night, David Letterman made another apology for his “joke” last week.

In a statement to early Tuesday, the Alaska governor said, “Of course it’s accepted on behalf of young women, like my daughters, who hope men who ‘joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.”

“Letterman certainly has the right to ‘joke’ about whatever he wants to, and thankfully we have the right to express our reaction,” Palin said. “This is all thanks to our U.S. Military women and men putting their lives on the line for us to secure America’s Right to Free Speech – in this case, may that right be used to promote equality and respect.”

Yes, that’s right, Sarah. The brave men and women who serve in our military put their lives on the line every day so you can whine about David Letterman and call it freedom of speech. You betcha!

Now, could we work on some equality and respect in Alaska?



  1. re: your last sentence: word.

    Like equal pay for equal work? The company I work for has a ‘no women’ in the field policy in our north slope office. Seriously. I have personally had to train newbies (some of which are complete idiots) to do basic tasks (and I mean basic, like properly using the microsoft suite) just so they can get ot hours on the slope (while I make a lower wage in town).

    there are still contractors that hire women out of the bush company. I do feel bad for them though, b/c when they walk into the cafeteria somebody always says something (like hey, that’s the stripper.. whisper whisper).

    idk. If Palin really cares about equality, she can come home and focus her new found feminist rage on a whole spectrum of Alaska issues.

    • glad to see she was able to work in the miltiary angle. So, is she calling off the dogs at the “Big” CBS protest? (or perhaps CBS offered to slap her with a slander suit if she did not shut up?)

      I’m soo glad she accepted this apology for ME. I was not offended in the least. It’s not my kid who got preggies under my roof, and it was not my kid dressed for the street life in daisy dukes.

  2. Oh Sarah cry us a river. But we aren’t like “real americans”, right? So how could we understand.

  3. Palin said: “This is all thanks to our U.S. Military women and men putting their lives on the line for us to secure America’s Right to Free Speech – in this case, may that right be used to promote equality and respect.” Palin should practice what she preaches, don’t ya’ think? (Not to mention, that the Constitution already gives us our free speech rights- the military are not putting their lives on the line for it. Let’s not get into that, another whole subject. How does she come up with so much double talk?)

  4. Hello ziggybutterfly:

    WHY are you waiting for Palin to do anything?

    WHY don’t YOU file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission?

    I did in 1984.

    WHY wait for someone else to do the dirty work and take the risks.


    • what was your complaint and what was the outcome?

  5. Uh, no Sarah, please get your f-ing facts straight. This is thanks to our founding fathers who wrote the United States Constitution, you dimwit. It has nothing to do with with the military who are today fighting George Bush’s war of choice in Iraq, and still trying to find a 6 Foot 6 arab in Afghanistan for 7 years.

    Shut up already and promote respect and equality in your own state. You have been sorely derelict in that arena.

    • Exactly. WIN WIN WIN. Obviously, I like your response.

  6. Amen Sister

  7. Thank you Sarah for clearing that up for us. For almost 7 years now, we have wondered why we invaded Iraq. Now we know. We did it so that comedians could not be allowed to tell bad jokes.

    FW: Don’t forget the fact that the 6 ft 6″ arab is dragging around a portable dialysis machine.

  8. I am so grateful to Sarah for explaining to all of us, the reason we invaded Iraq.
    It was to assure that comedians are not allowed to tell bad jokes.

    I’ve waited since 2003 to find out the real reason.

    And by the way, that 6’6″ arab named Osama bin Laden is dragging around a portable dialysis machine.

  9. Great point on the Constitution but unfortunately over her little pea brain! And yes I am so glad GINO explained us why we invaded Iraq, because as we know it certainly wasn’t WMD as claimed by Bush and his henchmen. That’s Weapons of Mass Destruction in case you are trying to figure it out Sarah. You just keep on doing what you are doing and hang yourself. It’s all crumbling and you aren’t going to be able to keep it together. Gee, it must be wonderful to wake up in the morning and know that hundreds of thousands of people (heck, maybe even millions) from literally all over the globe hope this is the day the Iceberg hits.

    • SoCalWolfGal, Scarah can’t even spell Constitution, let alone read it!

  10. Oh look, another Republic bites the proverbial “morals” apple.
    Sen John Ensign admits to extramarital affair.
    They are dropping like flies aren’t they?

    • You know what the Republican talking point about THAT is, don’t you, basheert?

      Yeah, “well, there are a lot of Democrats who did the same thing!” Gak.

      I laughed when Chris Matthews on MSNBC today pointed out that Pres. Obama is trying his darnedest to appoint as many of the “good” Republicans to important out-of-country or administration posts to get them out of the Senate, House, or their states where they can more actively influence their Party.

      That way, only the wingnut Republicans are left,, right?…and if that helps push the Republican Party farther and faster into oblivion, it’s a great tactic. When only these “good” Republicans are left amongst the rubble of their party, then maybe the evangelistic movement in Republican politics will be dead, and we might see a new, saner Party.

  11. Wait–let me just make sure I get this right.

    The *military* is providing us with freedom of speech.

    So everybody can say anything they want with their freedom of speech. Except David Leterman.

    Got it.

    Get that girl to MENSA, and quick.

  12. I think that’s what she meant ya betcha’.

    Dumb and Dumber all rolled into one package.

    It wasn’t about WMD – it wasn’t about Saddam Hussein, it was all about Letterman.

  13. The NY Daily News — hardly a “liberal rag” — is reporting FIFTY protesters in front of Letterman’s studio this evening:

    Don’t miss the comments section!

  14. To quote another blogger, 50 people in New York could just be waiting for a bus.

    I hope FAUX news was out in force to report the 50,000 protesters.

  15. Could this be a smoking gun? No mention of Willow at the game. No mention of Willow joke. this was the day after the game. This was before c4p blew everything out of proportion! Willow wasn’t even there. Rudy and Eddie are Laughing!
    This has been a HUGE SNOWJOB!

  16. Whom ever knows how to grab that video do it before peelanders take it down!

  17. Here is the embed – I’m not really good at this….but if someone wants to copy it…:

  18. sorry- that didn’t work!

  19. I still would like to see someone make more of a connection between GINO’s words on June 5 — “Screw the political correctness” (see link below) — and her actions only days later, when she launched this campaign of over-the-top drama and manufactured outrage against David Letterman.

    Her hypocrisy is truly monumental.

  20. “Public displays of sexual exploitation” sounds like the Palin clan. From the hottest governor, fake pregnancy, leaking amino fluid, winking, teen pregnancy (twice), flying in the boyfriend that allegedly impregnated teen daughter, winking, babies, poster child abstaining from sex, etc., etc. The public knows more about all that family drama than GINO’s record as governor.

    GINO’s statement was stupid, plain and simple. A politician looking for points or political gain.

  21. ahhhh but is she actually a politician at this point?

    No really, just what is it that she does???? Aside from running her own personal gameshow, she’s NOTHING.
    She isn’t gaining popularity OR respect. Her base appears to be staying at the same level (LOW and STUPID). She has nothing that would attract anyone to her positions (whatever they are).
    I do not believe she has staying power. I think we are tending to give her a lot more credibility and attention than she is worth.
    She is simply just one more L-o-s-e-r

  22. Sexual discrimination in the hiring process of Alaska State Troopers.

    I was working for the Dept of Law at the time.

    They retaliated.

    I sued: The State of Ak, Dept of Law

  23. To ziggybutterfly:

    Error on previous message. Not finished.

    Since the funded program I was working in was under the supervision of the Chief Prosecutor of the State of Alaska, I also named the CP in my suit.

    Since the Human Rights Commission is under the Dept of Law and since the CP is who represents the State when the Human Rights Commission files a complaint against the state, I had to play hardball with the big boys.

    As part of a settlement I am not allowed to divulge details. That is quite common in settlements.

    You can also file complaints with the State and Federal Labor Boards.

    I can say we settled April 1990.

    When I filed my case, there were NO women with “guns on their hips” in the Trooper Offices.

    How many women you see with Trooper uniforms on now LOL

    While I was in litigation with Troopers, I also ended up suing APD. I PASSED their physical agility test, but they claimed I was ‘not really serious” about being an officer cause I did not have a degree in Criminal Justice ( none was required.)

    I sued.

    They DID have female officers but not as many as you see now. They also settled. 🙂

  24. I did NOT listen to the Burke Guiliani tape. I have to watch my blood pressure.



    While some may argue what does it matter which daughter was insulted ( and Dave’s joke was NOT over ANY line–please, give me a break it was against A-Rod and Spitzer and obviusly Bristol) IT DOES MATTER IF NO DAUGHTER WAS AT THE GAME EVEN IF DAVE THOUGHT THERE WAS BECAUSE IT SHOWS PALIN IS LYING.

    She IS lying about Willow’s age in order to spin it to make Dave look worse. Willow is more like 15.5 not 14 and 15 MAY be the age of consent in Alaska.


    Trust me, Dave loves women. He is a sweetie.

    I have had REAL sexual discrimination and REAL sexist remarks and N.O.W. is wimping out if THIS is what they choose to get upset about !

    When I was a bush pilot, I was constantly made fun of and accused of being a “lesbian” because I flew. Nothing wrong with being a lesbian but I was not one. My best comeback ” I didn’t give up being a woman when I became a pilot.”

    The idiot I shot down went directly to the Chief Pilots’ office and made a complaint about my teaching style. I was called in to the office, stood my ground, the CP had no problem with my instruction and agreed that the next time this jerk had a problem with my “teaching” he needed to deal directly with me.

    He is dead now. Died in an airplane crash at Goose Lake. I saw his brains spattered on the flight panel. He took a passenger with him.
    It was not an “accident.” He ran out of gas in a twin engine aircraft but had BOTH AUXILLARY TANKS HALF FULL OF FUEL.

    He was a braggart and was likely too busy bragging on himself to think about flying and forgot to flip a lever.

    I got so many stories like this to tell LOL 🙂

  25. OMG – from Huffpo:

    Letterman protest draws more media than activists
    Posted: 09:04 PM ET
    Fifteen protesters showed up Tuesday outside of the studio where David Letterman tapes his talk show program.
    Fifteen protesters showed up Tuesday outside of the studio where David Letterman tapes his talk show program.

    NEW YORK (CNN) — A protest rally against David Letterman over a failed joke about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughter attracted more members of the media than protesters Tuesday afternoon.

    A crowd of 15 protesters upset with the late night comic held signs and occasionally shouted as they stood across the street from Letterman’s studio.

    But they were often hidden from view by the more than 35 members of the media there to cover the protest, and out-shouted by a few very vocal counter-protesters.

    Radio talk show host John Ziegler — who is behind the Web site that organized the protest, and who is an outspoken supporter of the former Republican vice presidential candidate — told reporters that the turnout at the event was not representative of the number of people who have responded to his site and e-mailed.

    He also argued that Letterman should have been fired, and the only reasons that he hasn’t been fired were “the media’s love of David Letterman and the media’s distrust and, I believe, hatred of Sarah Palin.”

    He also called Letterman’s apology — issued on Monday’s program and accepted by Palin — bogus and said that the comedian should make a charitable donation to an organization of Palin’s choosing.

    Ziegler made a film about the 2008 presidential campaign called “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.”

  26. They aren’t giving up. There are more protests scheduled in various cities.

    If you check out some of the conservative blogs, they are all over this right now. They have lost too many battles and see this as something they can actually accomplish. Cynthia Yockey is leading the revolt, trying to get the word out to every conservative who supports Palin. Get Letterman Fired.

    The plan is to write letters for the next 30 days to CBS and all the advertisers they have listed for Letterman. As outlined by Sebastian Gray at HillBuzz.

    Sebastian says it will take 30 days of daily letter-writing to CBS and Letterman’s advertisers. That’s because for the first two or three weeks, they’ll just wait for the tempest to blow over. Not only do we have to keep it up, we have to make it build. This is our line in the sand. Letterman MUST BE FIRED NOW!!!

    Austinite Russell Korman, owner of Russell Korman’s Fine Jewelry & Watches, decided to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

    They are getting this out on as many conservative blogs as they can, just about everyone I’ve checked has had something on it.

    Now interesting enough, Letterman has renewed his contract recently through 2012 and his ratings are up. However, will sponsors hold out, whose bottom line is public relations and money? Shouldn’t CBS be let known that they are about to get bombarded with emails from Palin followers?

    There has to be just as strong of a response by the left as there is from the right.

  27. They are trying to organize another rally.

    Fire David Letterman Texas Rally
    “Apology Accepted — But Time for Full Accountability!”
    Saturday, June 20th in Bryan, Texas

  28. Love what Keith Olbermann had to say:

  29. UPDATED at Huffpost:

    “Fire David Letterman” Protest Becomes Hatefest, Draws More Media Than Protesters

    NO ONE will be surprised by the shoot-from-the-hip, low-information level of the “supporters.”

    Particularly noteworthy are those supporters who claim that Letterman had a child born out of wedlock (he did not).

    I wonder if they are even aware that Sarah Palin’s eldest son was CONCEIVED out of wedlock?

  30. Liz P.

    thanks for that explanation. good for you! that must’ve been difficult for you.

    one thing is I work for the private sector. I fear making a complaint would get me fired. I have considered making an anonymous complaint, but haven’t looked into the possibility.

    also, the industry I work in is in and of itself a pretty tight knit scene, statewide. everybody knows everybody. I could be labeled as a trouble maker and never get hired by anyone again. It would pretty much destroy my resume and flush 14 years of education and work experience down the drain.

    I know in the long run it would help other women, but what would I do? who would pay my mortgage? I don’t know how to do anything else for a living.

  31. Ziggybutterfly:


    BUT If you aren’t going to do anything about it, then you have no right to complain.

    Just like people that don’t vote. THey have no right to complain about who is in office.

    A lot of what you fear most likely could come true. I face the same “tight knit” community when I was a pilot.


    I lost a lot.

    But, I got my integrity, my character and my dignity and those who opposed me no longer do. It took a while, but our culture changed and they were forced to see THEY were “bad guys.” And yes, I had an ex-Attorney General, Edgar Boyko and the Human Resources guy from the Troopers both tell me that I was in physical danger if I pursued my suits.

    Sometimes you have to get your priorities straight.

    I just get tired of so many people, especially now in comments sections saying ” Somebody ought to file a complaint about…, somebody ought to file a lawsuit…” etc. They praise Andee McLeod and shower her with praise–she deserves it! BUT GUESS WHAT, THAT DON’T PAY ANDEE’S RENT AND IT DOESN’T MAKE HER ANY LESS ALONE WHEN SHE TAKES THE RISKS AND THE BLOWS TOT HE HEAD FOR THE REST OF US.

    I am 65.5 now, live at a poverty level and have no healt insurance.

    But I got ME ! And, I proved NO BODY can take that away.

    It’s all about what is MOST important to you.

    Just don’t ask others to do what you are not willing to do yourself. You dont have that right !

  32. Clarification: The ex-attorney general Edgar Boyko was on MY side. I was interviewing him to be my lawyer. He was in bad health and leaving for his San Diego residence so he could not represent me but he did agree to counsel my other attorney and he did.

    The Trooper HR guy was trying to scare me but only made me angry. I ran into him at the old Turnagain Heights restraunt before it burned down. It was a week day afternoon and he was alone in a little room off the bar. I went in before I noticed anyone was there. He was embarassed and had a hard time looking at me. We sat there for about 20 minutes ( he had a fresh drink) –he avoiding my eyes and me not turning my gaze away.

    Finally, he got up, put his empty glass on the bar and walked past me with a thin smile on his face and a very embarassed look. This was years later and AST had hired a lot of women by then.

    I would not have traded places with him for the world. I am 5’4″ and he is about 6’1″ and he had to feel like a shit for “beating up” on a little female like me. And he had all the AST behind him and the resources of the state.

    Like I said, it’s all about what is ultimately most important to you.

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