Posted by: shannynmoore | June 19, 2009

“Honk if You’re Straight” X-ian Filibuster Video

I borrowed pictures from AKM and Phil Munger to add to my own for this video. The lyrics to Amy Ray’s song “Let it Ring” have haunted me since I first heard it. It made perfect sense. There are many loving Christians in Anchorage who support the ordinance to give equal rights to our GLBT brothers and sisters, yet the X-ians are the ones marching. Christians sans Christ.  Think X-mas.  If you have any doubt our community suffers from discrimination against our GLBT citizens, you need only watch this video montage.

We all suffer when even one of us does.  The Anchorage Assembly Chair, Debbie Ossiander, has decided to let everyone speak…even if they are bussed in from Wasilla.  More hate…more fear.  From the ADN: “Opponents of the measure have been organized, showing up by the hundreds, bringing in Christian youth groups, and busing in churchgoers from Mat-Su, some of whom work in Anchorage. In general, they argue that gays and lesbians shouldn’t be protected because of their immoral lifestyles, or that protection isn’t needed because discrimination doesn’t occur, or that passing the ordinance opens the door to same-sex marriage in Alaska and they don’t want that.”

Besides, according to their signs…98.5% of America is straight…

X-ian Filibuster.



  1. Great job, Shannyn.
    Thanks for building and posting it.

    • on a side note…was anyone watching late night with jerry prevo on sunday, june 29th? jerry was in fine form. he was using (gasp!) scientific studies that showed that being gay will shave 20 years off of your life, and how he wasn’t being discriminatory, just discerning, and then went on to make a snarky comment about how maybe if michael jackson(pervert child molester) had been more discerning about certain lifestyle choices, he would be alive today. golly gee, would jesus make such snide remarks about the dead? there was also a bit about how unclean the h-h-homosexual lifestyle is unclean, e.g. how do they have sex? by putting a part of the male anatomy into a part of the body that excretes waste. wow….it would be hilarious if it weren’t so dang pitiful.

  2. Wonderfully done. This needs to go viral.

    Can you tell me whose school buses those were? Anchorage Christian Schools maybe?

  3. Wow.

    The Taliban have converted to “Christianity” and relocated to North America.

    They are now Talivangelicals.

  4. Well done. Agreed, it should go viral ~ like the timing of the changes, and the last two pieces: the ‘garbage’ and the conclusion.

  5. I am a Christian and I have never been more certain of the strength of my faith than now…because if ANYTHING could shake it, if anything could make me want to disassociate myself from it, the hateful Prevo followers would have.

  6. “Honk if you’re ignorant and bigoted.”

  7. The only “logical” response to voting NO on this ordinance would be that there IS NO DISCRIMINATION, therefore ordinance is uneccessary. Well, the red shirts themselves have PROVEN their discrimination! They have made the case for the OTHER side better than we ever could – how ironic. 90% of them do not seem to know hat the ordinance is about, and are using their speaking times to rail against Gays. I would be VERY surprised if the bused-in reddies do not sway the vote to YES.

  8. Shannyn,

  9. I sit weeping in front of my computer, we are called to love, not judge…why is that so simple yet so hard to comprehend, with power comes the hardening of hearts, keep fighting the good fight Shannyn, and thank you…

  10. Talivangelism. Nice.

  11. brilliant!

  12. Honk if you can’t spell “straight”!

  13. Wow, how upsetting! Really powerful…what a bunch of hateful people they are. I am so sure that Jesus would NOT condone such horrible, ugly behavior.

  14. Professionally printed signs, all wearing the same red t-shirts, busses,.. this stuff costs some serious cake. This is a well organized POLITICAL campaign and they definitely should be held accountable as such. Regular reporting to APOC and …hello!… TAXES. I am fed up with right wing nut jobs perverting the separation of church and state.

  15. kills me to see such misinformed, ignorant hatred. Especially that children are being taught to hate.

    The signs on the grass at the end…did they just leave them there? If they did, I would not be surprised. Disregard for all things which mean nothing to them. It’s the “red” way, apparently.

    I try to have pity for them. But I cannot. Listening to the assembly speeches the other night while in the Flats felt like verbal assault and I had to “leave” my online access after about a hour of it. Incredibly Abusive. I can’t imagine having to be gay and hearing it right there. The negative energy there is so destructive.

    I wish peace upon my gay brothers and sisters there in Alaska. And I wish fortitude upon those who are not, but who rise up because it’s the right thing to do.

  16. The Constitution does not deny equal rights because of immoral life style.
    These folks need to start their own country somewhere else. Then they can write their own Constitution.

    Maybe an iceflow.

  17. Wow. Wednesday night after watching the feed for a couple of hours, I went and cleaned my yard of dog crap because I was tired of hearing the crap being spewed out; foot fetishes, pedophilia, perversion, multiple partners, sounds more like a few Christian ministers or right wing politicians to me. It was funny to me that both through their testimony and their signs, a lot of the reds wanted you to know without a doubt that they were straight.
    To paraphrase Willie, The ladies and gentlemen doth protest too much, me thinks. If you need to convince me that you are straight, then maybe it isn’t really me that you are trying to convince, it is probably yourself.

  18. Times like these call for the ringing of the paintball guns… anyone got blue? Goes well with their red shirts and very white faces. Red, white and blue… can’t get any more patriotic than that!

  19. btw – twice today I used a public restroom… and nobody hit on me. Dang… I must be ugly or something.

  20. Right there with you sauer kraut. I usually find myself in need of public restrooms several times during the week.

    I never get hit on! Maybe I look worse than I think?

  21. Video and song – perfect. Sitting here fighting back tears. Excellent job, Shannyn.

  22. Kudos, Shannyn. I’ve been in the chambers an hour shy of seeing all of it. Wednesday felt like blunt force trauma to the head. That video reminds me why we’re all working so hard to get this passed.

  23. We should be careful not to lump all of the Christians in with Prevo’s Plucky Pervmaniacs.

    It was heartening to see some pastors come up to speak in favor of the ordinance. Good folks those.

    Having said that, I’m hoping this fall and winter that the folks who work under me that support Dr.Pastor Prevo won’t be offended when I assign them all the outside jobs every day it rains or snows. After all, rain is just gods tears, right Jerry?

  24. Former lurker “coming out” because I was very moved. Powerful video and message, Shannyn. The hypocrisy is just mind-bending. Perfect lyrics. Thanks for speaking out and keeping up the fight.

  25. Nicely done. Ihave wondered for years why Anchorage has not taxed this org?
    I loved the last shot!

  26. It hurts me to see communities I hold dear holding so fast to hate. I don’t understand what it is that strikes fear into straight people when it comes to gays. No matter one’s spiritual guidance, I believe the philosophy behind “The Golden Rule” is a teaching. Thank you, Shannyn!

  27. Powerful video. I failed to hold back tears. Comments here also bringing broad grins, head nodding, and more weepy eyes.

    It is a noble and thankless thing to do, to stand tall against discrimination. It is also not in vain. One day the barrier will be broken. It won’t end how some people feel, think and act, but at least it will give us a way to say, “No, this is not right,” and have the law behind it.

  28. These redshirts should be wearing brown shirts decorated with swastikas.

    They literally turn my stomach.

    Powerful, Shannyn.

  29. Everyone seems to have missed Letterman’s joke about Palin during his Friday 6/19 monlogue:

    About 3:30 into the clip Lettermen mentions that “…tomorrow starts gay pride week here in NY city.

    Liza Minellie will be out husband hunting.

    …where else can you see 300 gys dressed up like Sarah Palin….”

    Hopefully we will hear more from Letterman on Palin. He cannot be too happy about one of her “protestors” mentioning that Letterman’s son Harry “… is a bastard.” ( Guess she forgot about Tripp.) Nor, the lie that Letterman had a daughter out of wedlock prior to his current relationship and marriage to Harry’s mom.

  30. Thanks for having me on your radio show tonite, Shannyn! Was a pleasure. We’ll have to continue our discussion on whether Obama is a liberal. …

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY!***********
    I’d love to have you on anytime!! PS. What color is your shirt? Ha. Kidding. Read this…article.

  31. I really was looking for Watson’s picture to be the last word in that video!
    ****************Note from Shanny****************
    It was tempting. AKM and I both got the shot, then he got hit by the redshirt with a sign…not cool. Since I sent it to the assembly members as proof of discrimination, I decided not to. Tempting. Watson was wearing a green scarf in support of counting the votes in Iran…he’s very clever. He was staying out of the red/blue fight, save the peeing…

  32. How is it legal, that school buses are being used for political purposes?

    The tax-exemption status should be challenged for whichever church is supplying these buses.

    • Wolf Pack, many school busses here are contracted, not owned by municipalities/boroughs. First Student, which owns the contract here in Fairbanks, is, I believe, also contracted in Anchorage and MatSu. The busses, when not in use by the school districts, can be rented by whoever has the coin.

      Also, our Bigoted Baptist Church here in Fairbanks (as rabid, albeit somewhat smaller than Prevo’s cult) has at least 15 of their own busses that they usually use and place right behind our PFLAG group during the Golden Days Parade. They’ve been busted – twice – for parading without a permit.

  33. First Student is also a bus company here in pennsyltucky… co-inkeedink or what?

  34. I recall reading that last year, Shannyn.

    Now, you never asked… how did I know about how Obama won law review… it’s not because it was in the papers cuz the part I told you wasn’t.

    Trust me, he’s got some very liberal tendencies.

  35. From Betty Bowers, What constitutes a Traditional Marriage

    If the embed doesn’t work,

  36. Ever notice that most protest signs on the right are always professionally done. What, they don’t want their rabid followers thinking too much for themselves or spilling out their truer ugly bigotry on homemade signs?

  37. I just talked to Jesus. He says it is okay to firebomb these “people”.

  38. I love your video, Shannyn. Excellent job, as usual.

    For anyone who is interested, I have a few dozen photos of the Pridefest parade and picnic posted here
    under “Anchorage Pridefest 2009”

    • Blue, thanks for the photos. When you gonna go pro, girlfiend? No Pridefest here, of course, the Bigoted Baptist Church would’ve been out with shotguns and AK’s, but we did have Foodstock out at the Howlin’ Dawg in Fox (32 bands) to benefit the Food Bank and Rescue Mission. Fun Time! And I think I found my Hobbit House for sale!

      • NOD! How ya doin’, kiddo? I’m glad you liked the photos. 🙂 When am I going to go pro? When people start buying my pictures. Haha. Actually, my SmugMug site is pro, so if someone wants to buy something they can through the site, or if someone wants me to photograph an event or something, they can just contact me. I actually did sell some I’rod photos this year and made some good contacts out in Nome, so who knows? I may get off the ground one of these days. Thanks for your continuing support. You rock.

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