Posted by: shannynmoore | June 23, 2009

Obama’s Witches; Mudflats, Diva & Just a Girl

A very talented and misinformed genius has put together quite a video on Mudflats, Celtic Diva and me.  Such talent and creativity have sadly been wasted since we aren’t paid by the DNC or anyone else to blog and actually have real jobs to support our “blogging habits.”  We all have donation buttons, but I’m quite sure Obama hasn’t hit mine.  Enjoy!

The creator states on the YouTube link:

“Ever wonder how Just a Girl From Homer, AKMuckraker and Celtic Diva can make a living hammering Governor Sarah Palin all day? This is the story of their blogging path to infamy. It all began in…”



  1. OMG….I haven’t watched this ridiculous video yet, but I will later. These people are out of control!! Such uninformed, hateful and ignorant individuals.

  2. that’s great! congratulations!

  3. That’s just wierd.

  4. If the girls were getting paid, it must have been minimum wage. I know all three of them and they were doing this a long time before Sarah came on the scene. Who ever researched for this video, needs to go back to school.

  5. The thing I find fascinating is how SP had a “priest?” or “Reverend” praying away all the witches. The crazy SP camp sure does worry about them witches!
    Also amusing are countless lies that are perpetrated throughout the comedy.
    Keep casting your spells! We are enthralled.

  6. Wow, they’re tying Obama and you bloggers to Prop. 8 in California? And accusing you of making money off your blogs? *hysterical laughter*

    The video is very creepy, but beautifully produced.

    You must be making a difference or they wouldn’t have bothered to spend the time & money to produce this bit of fiction.

  7. That creepy music is now stuck in my head.

  8. Someone has way too much time on his hands. I wonder if the guy sitting in his pajamas in his parents’ basement putting this thing together believes his own lies, or is just trying to snow the gullible wingnuts? At any rate, be flattered! You’re in great company with Obama as an object of these peoples’ hate.

  9. Ugh. You owe me five minutes Shannyn. 😀

  10. It’s almost a shame that Ms Mansour, who describes herself as a Catholic Arab living in Minnesota ….. CAN NEVER, EVER BE ALASKAN – no matter how ardently she worships Sarah Palin.

    Mansour the phony Catholic and her British miniskirt fanciers will likely never even set foot in Alaska. Their collective fantasy about engaging Sarah Palin’s interest via half a million US dollars stuffed into a shopping bag has come to naught.

    Unlike Mansour’s site, Alaskan women bloggers don’t need to beg for attention …..

    Alaskan women bloggers are cool. They make better videos, too.

  11. “WTF!” does not even begin to express how bizarre that video was. Clearly, someone has stopped taking their medication.

  12. The video is lame, the website used to create it even lamer.

  13. You mean Obama doesn’t pay you guys? He gives me fifty cents whenever I mention Palin!

    Seriously whomever made that needs psychiatric help if they really believe our President even thinks about Palin! He just laughs ar her media whiting like all of America does! Only a loon would actually take the time to make a video about you 3. It’s funny in a way but also creepy! I bet is a guy, maybe John Ziegler. He is so hot for Palin he runs all over the the country in support of her. He has a Madonna complex. Sarah us a goddess – you 3 are witches! If you want to see how disturbed he is when it comes to women, see the video about him dating on palingates or utube. He is every single gal’s worst blind dating nightmare.

    I vote for him altought I don’t know much about Rececca Mansour. But any woman who calls themselves RAM and screams at strangers for getting of their blog “Get the F off MY blog!” well, RAM has got some issues! I’d be afraid if any female named “RAM” and I kinda wonder why she lives and idolizes Palin so much? Sarah is RAM’s mission in life for goodness sake, so maybe it was her.

    Well gotta go cash my “TAP” (talk about Palin)checks. Yeppers, I also get them from Axelrod, George Soros,and even Bill Ayers & Hilary chip in. They are soooooooooooo quaking in their boots about Sarah doing more winks and shout outs to elementary schools during 2012 debates, they are
    preparing already!

  14. What if Sarah Palin was offered the job and said no because she urm had like a state to take care of and Mr. Obama begged her and paid to run anyway so she could get ink and he would be better able to beat McOld in the election?

    Sarah Palin is the Democrat operative here.

  15. Shannyn, This DOES just reinforce that idea, once Again, that Conservatives do NOT get humor. Ironic …why didn’t they write the line.. “They say”.. Sarah Palin is Stupid. But they wrote ” Sarah Palin IS Stupid ” as the text.

    THIS will be good for belly laughs for a long time. The 3 of you can just say ‘remember that video’ and I am sure laughter will erupt spontaneously. Too funny.
    Somehow… I hope the White House gets word of or sees this clip. Rahm and the President watching this together…. Priceless !

    Now that the 3 of you are Famous…You may get invited to the White House…?
    It’s a JOKE!!… you ‘ cons ‘. Comedy ?… Get it..?

  16. Produced by a lesbian hopelessly in love with Palin? The video depicts the men’s club making demeaning, condescending remarks about women. It shows Hillary and Palin as equals. It attacks three particular Alaskan women (depicting you guys as witches) who blog about the lies of Palin. And it goes further by accusing the bloggers for selling out another woman to the “boys” for DNC money while blaming the bloggers for all of Palin’s scandals. Finally, it alleges the DNC paid money again to those bloggers to blame Palin for Prop 8. Meow!

    Oh, and Dean’s scream was in January, 2004, when he was running against Kerry and Edwards.

    Thanks, Shannyn, for all the good work you do!!

  17. I’m speechless. Who knew you guys were so evil — and getting RICH, TOO?!

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. The sad thing is there are people out there who buy into this nonsense. Sarah Palin has some mighty weird supporters.

  18. The STUPID is strong with that one.

    Well, there is a few minutes of my life that you owe me. If I ever get to Alaska, at least buy me a drink!

  19. It just goes to show you that when people are desperate they will sink to any level and try any tactic they can dream up to try and paint their opponent as somehow being evil.

    I guess this means that they are really worried about the impact you are having on people, so they need to try and counteract that somehow.

    Keep up the good work you witches you! Obviously you are making progress in getting the truth out there otherwise they wouldn’t be bothered so much by what you do.

  20. If you ever wonder whether or not your blog reaches anyone, a video like this answers the question. Well produced and slick, it is obvious someone put some effort into it. You have touched a nerve and elicited a response. Good on you! Keep up the good work!

  21. Taking the Bible too seriously is dangerous.

  22. Congrats on becoming a Video Star!

    I sincerely hope Sarah gets linked to that video in some way… could form a girl band call Sarah and The Sirens!

    I know, I make it all even creepier still! ;-0

  23. The creator of that video must be the troll with the Fundy Fugus Brain, my magic 8 ball told me “most definitely so”!

  24. Well produced and slick ?

    I think not, is a website where you upload your images to their website and then use their software to edit a video.

    Nice concept I guess for people who can’t afford video editing software, but no professional editor would ever dream of using such a lame-o site.

  25. Someone needs to let these “filmmaking” folks in on a fact about 1,000 years old: the Weird Sisters (Scottish) are based on the Wyrds, a female trio in Norse myth who could tell the future, similar to the Fates in Roman myth.

    They were not witches.

    Also, isn’t this video about 8 months too late?

  26. That was just creepy. I think the three lovely bloggers have hit a nerve…keep up the good work!

  27. This is just SO funny!
    A while back, on Mudflats I responded to the some of the blogger conspiracy theories by suggesting to AKM a reenactment of the a scene in Macbeth with the weird sisters,

    I was KIDDING! ( Well, it would be kinda funny…)

    The weird sisters, hand in hand,
    33 Posters of the sea and land, – AND Blogosphere
    34 Thus do go about, about:
    35 Thrice to thine and thrice to mine
    36 And thrice again, to make up nine.
    37 Peace! the charm’s wound up.

    I like AKMs response. Went to the mailbox to look for the check…

    Congratulations on your new status as Iconic bad girls…

  28. There go five minutes I will never get back…. Nonetheless, you witchy boggers are superstars to Alaskans, to Women, and to Americans!
    I am forever grateful to you for speaking out about the changes that are affecting our State AND our Status with the rest of the world. You demostrate courage in the face of adversity and a level of class that our Gov couldn’t buy even IF she knew what she was looking for.
    Now, I gotta go scrub my eyes.

  29. My coffee shot out of my nose when I watched this.

    Didn’t Sarah get saved by a group that looked like that?

  30. If you gals weren’t having a major effect on people’s opinions of the Sarahcuda, they wouldn’t have bothered. This video is affirmation of your effectiveness and national visibility. You may be the three witches, but it was Macbeth who was ultimately defeated by his own hubris and narcissism.
    Keep up the Good Work! Thanks!

  31. Hi Shannyn,
    I don’t know what’s wrong with your critiques; I read AKM & you religiously, and have seen & heard you in many interviews (CBC, Keith, &ct), and you guys simply impress the hell out of me… call me a supporter, I guess.


  32. I actually thought the video was done by one of us as a spoof against the beliefs of the Sea of Pee-ers! My bad. So now imagine that is the case as you watch it again. Very entertaining.

  33. Oddly compelling in a Greek Chorus/Kabuki kind of way. But I don’t get it. Am I slow? Not usually. That was definitely a piece of weird.

  34. I’ts exactly what I would expect from thier twisted minds.I hope they keep up the good work these nitwits keep proving over and over again that the only thing they qualify for is an Oscar in histrionics.Your blogs are effective and they are reaching the Lower 48.Even the Right wing nuts in my family are beginning to sit up and take notice.There was a time when they laughed at my convictions! NO MORE!!!!

  35. I joked at Mudflats that whoever did this video was so crazy even the PUMA’s kicked them out…

    Then today, I see a comment from Videmus Omnia that C4P had nothing to do with this, and that it was probably from a PUMA.

    I feel quite smug, having my judgment supported by an expert on the subject. Makes you wonder, though…where do the PUMA’s that are too extreme even for C4P congregate?

  36. I wouldn’t call the creator of the video ‘very talented.’ It looks like it’s made by a rank amateur. The “hamster on a piano” had a more coherent storyline.

    That said, I suppose rumors of being infamous are part of being famous!

    BTW, I recognized only half of the people shown in the first part.. got Rahm and Saul and Reverend Jeremiah and Bill the terra-ist… who the heck are the rest?

  37. You are so lucky. I blog in Delaware and if Biden hadn’t been …you know… competent, I coulda been on the gravy train just like you guys. Damn my luck.

    and I’m with you Ennealogic, I’m thinking that the Faux news viewers knew all of them, but I was lost until the halfway point. Must be dog whistle pictures.

  38. OMG, I CANNOT believe they painted OBAMA and the DEMS as sexist??!!!! That was the most sexist video ever, “You can’t have your own ideas, b/c you’re girls, so you must be being bought!!!” I disagree they have talent, they tried to link together a bunch of images that had no connection. They ultimately painted you as old crones, whilst their NONSEXIST Repub party is still supporting their “hottest governor!” Celtic Diva said she thought it was funny or a user there did, as a woman I did NOT find that funny at all.

  39. We have a new job to do! Check out the new link on Netroots in Round 3!! We’ve got some voting to do!!!!

  40. This totally creeps me out. To know that their are people so whacked to create this video …and even more scary are the ones who buy into it..

  41. Canadian Neighbor, thanks for the link! It’s done! 🙂

  42. now, can someone tell me where to sign up for these checks from the DNC? I could really use some extra cash, LOL

  43. Not only was that weird, but not based on reality at all. They are trying to promote links that do not exist and the backwards, uneducated right will buy into it.

  44. trish in SW FL – thanks for thanking Canadian Neighbor – made me go to the link. Shannon’s numbers are cookin’. thumbs up

  45. Wow! What kind of Bizarro-land are these people living in? Do they really believe that anyone (even their own freakishly gullible followers) are going to fall for this? I truly thought it was a spoof, too. Just a random collection of cheap transparent lies and innuendo -Dems selling their souls for money? Liberals being swayed by the voodoo religious priests? Can we twist things a little more? Doubt it.
    And as was mentioned above – all three of these intelligent and brave women were blogging long before Sarah came on the national scene. They were instrumental in getting the word out on the corruption in the AK Legislature long before they began exposing the corruption in the Governor’s Office.
    The video was certainly eye-opening though, at least to show just how deluded some of these people have become….

  46. Yeah, Obama thought Hilary was so dumb, he made her Secretary of State. And Palin? She’s getting called out by Republican McCain campaign staffers who think she is mental.

  47. What a lame piece of crap video. It looks like whoever put it together thought they were, like, just totally cutting edge, like, you know?

    Cutting edge for 1980, maybe, and certainly not worth the pain of sitting thru.

    Kick ass, Shannyn.

  48. I find it interesting that the pro-Palin forces are trying to claim that the link between prop 8 and a right-wing ideologue is a lie is a baseless lie.

    The claim that right wing ideologue ISN’T one of the causes of Prop 8 going down to defeat is an interesting sign. Dissociating themselves from anti-gay bigotry may be a sign that anti gay bigotry is now no longer permitted even in far-right circles. Does this otherwise vile screed prove that the pro-prop-8 forces have really lost?

  49. WTF. This is the dumbist video I have ever seen. Another commenter said and I completely agree with him,”is that some people actually believe this”. That is what is really scary. Rush makes millions on people who are actually that ignorant.

  50. I just don’t even know what to think about that. It would be kinda funny if it weren’t so damn creepy. And so devoid of fact.

  51. Palin supporters are just Palin Wacky. It amazes me how brainless they are and so full of hate. I wish we could ship them all to Afganistan. I’m sure they will get along just fine with the Taliban.
    After all, didn’t Palin say Afganistan is our neigbhoring country?

  52. This video does not even make sense. Hillary Clinton had long lost the primary and was supporting Obama by the time Sarah was pulled out of McCain’s bag-o-tricks. I couldn’t find anything even remotely amusing about this video.

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