Posted by: shannynmoore | June 25, 2009

Palin’s Ethical Challenges Continue

Alaska Report’s Dennis Zaki (aka my favorite Hardy Boy!) has some news.

Three more ethics complaints against Palin in the works
AlaskaReport has learned that at least 3 more ethics complaints will be filed against Sarah Palin in the near future. Of course her cronies at the Personnel Board will probably sweep them under the rug – but at least the crimes will have a light shined upon them before they do… Also – A long simmering embezzelment/IRS scandal is still being looked at by the feds. Stay tuned…

I think the ethics complaint system is broken.  Sarah Palin has used for her own political gain, then said it wasn’t politically motivated.  Whatever.  She filed it against herself right after her nomination and then had the results released the day before the election.  The process needs to stay intact, and I look forward to the details…stay tuned.


  1. When you get to appoint the people who judge your ethics and you have a reputation for holding a grudge and payback, you are part of a flawed, broken process. It’s time for the Legislature to create a nonpartisan Ethics Commission chosen in some other manner than gubernatorial appointment.

  2. I apologize for being Off topic of the blog, but it’s important!!

    For all of us who enjoy Shannyn’s Blog & listening to her Saturday Night Radio Show, here is something we can do to give back to her!!

    Shannyn has tossed her hat into the ring at Netroots Nation! Yes, the “Just a Girl From Homer painting a red state blue, one stroke at a time” has made application to attend the Netroots Conference where she would join Mudflats AKM.

    Our Job: To Vote for Shannyn!!
    Can We Do It!! YES WE CAN!!

    Here’s the link to Shannyn’s Netroots page to Vote:

  3. Thanks for the info, Canadian Neighbour — easy to vote this time since I already have the login. Good luck, Shannyn!

  4. lol…Shannyn…I went to netroots and gave my support. ahem…I was attempting to describe you, and wanted the perfect words. Well, I think one of the words was perfect…except I spelled it incorrectly. I said you were “inciteful” rather than “insightful”.

    I think I have been just reading too many things that “incite” me. Forgive me…you know what I mean.

  5. I knew it would be the IRS that would eventually get her. Just like Al Capone. Sweet. Can’t wait for the movie to start. Enough with the previews. I’m running out of popcorn.

  6. Shannyn, I was so happy to read Mudflats this morning (Dennis had told me yesterday to keep watch) I am doing a happy dance one this.
    Is there anyway you can get this to HuffPo?
    We need to get this out! The palinbots in peeland & megamouth are screaming about baby Eddie and this needs to get out and not be buried by stupid BS that they are spewing.

    Oh yeah, just voted for you, hope you get to go with AKM! 🙂

  7. Thank you to the Guess Who for this gem from back in the day…..

    Listen and read. It’s your little Governor they’re singing about!

  8. SP is like a festering boil turning into a carbuncle.

    Good luck on your run at/for netroots nation, of course I voted for you!

  9. I just read the stuff from Palingates and the Bob Lynn site…

    I’d be real careful about latching on to the “claims” of the anon poster. There are some real odd phrases in those rants: net worth, that harvard is watching Palin, “federal internal investigation,” etc. A real discordant rant.

  10. Shannyn has gone from 15th in # of supporters to 12th since this AM. Come on mudpuppies and other “evil bloggers”

  11. As soon as my password at Netroots get reset, you can count on my support. I’m sure once the word gets out, you’ll be a shoo-in.

  12. Yeah! I just voted, too. But I got too wordy because there was just so MUCH to say about Shannyn. They limit your number of characters but apparently don’t let you know that while you are typing. So if you get enthusiastic, put the best stuff first!

    I would edit your title to read:

    “Palin’s Ethical Challenges Progressin’ Into An Eternity”

    I SO want to go back to my real life – where SP’s face is long forgotten. However, that voice – that will be harder to erase but I’m highly motivated!

    More drama – just what we need. We have floods, volcanoes and earthquakes right now, who needs Tabloid Tweetie on top of it all? Be gone, twit!

  13. Re: the poster on Bob Lynn’s blog.

    I have read all his post and did quite a bit of research. I too first though he was rambling and stringing together a lot of unconnected item.

    I no longer think that. I won’t repost my info here, but it is on under two different heading.

    I think this person is perhaps being too loose lipped while waiting for info to come to him/her and/or for investigations to go forward BUT even the Harvard mention is not out of line. It ties in with the HB2 of the 2003 legislature that extended conditions and time within which a plaintiff can file charges against sex abuse or incest research explains why the new criteria are necessary.

    • Can you explain this further, Liz? Incest research?

  14. So Who’s watching Alaska while SHE is out of the country?? Megamouth??

  15. crystalwolf–Oh nobody is; you know FULL WELL that she can run this state from those two implanted Blackberries just fine, no matter where she is!

    • Geeze, Why won’t she turn over the reigns to Gov. lite?? She overseas!

      • Gotta keep all the power in her little Blackberried hands, dontcha know?

  16. […] bloggers have reported in recent weeks that “a long simmering embezzelment/IRS scandal is still being looked at by the feds.” In her press conference today, Palin asked the public to […]

  17. […] project was a cash cow. Alaska bloggers have reported in recent weeks that “a long simmering embezzelment/IRS scandal is still being looked at by the feds.” In her press conference today, Palin asked the public […]

  18. so 13 of 15 complaints have been dismissed. What do you say about that.

  19. Keep up the good work

    and be careful 😉

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