Posted by: shannynmoore | June 25, 2009

Palin’s Faux Outrage; Round Two

The recent faux outrage from Palin’s office is the most transparent in almost a year. The photoshopped picture posted by Linda Kellen Biegel has been spun into an arena that only the uninformed could follow.  The same picture was photoshopped with a “Baby Dave Letterman” last week without a peep from the governor.  I suppose suggesting that Letterman was a pedophile was enough.

Palin’s spokesperson said: “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.”

sarah & daveIconic? Really? Palin is not the Madonna.  Desecration? What is holy or sacred about Palin? Why the faux outrage?

This attack on Biegel is really about her records request for the email communication between Eddie Burke and Sarah Palin.  Biegel suspects there has been a concerted “backlash” effort by the Administration against Palin’s critics.

Burke, a right wing radio host, has rabidly attacked any critic of the governor.  If Sarah Palin ate a baby heart on TV, Eddie would say it was because she was low in iron and needed the sustenance to keep her strength up against her liberal enemies.  Burke’s show regularly features Palin, her attorney, her spokesperson, her brother, her father, and representatives from an out-of-state, pro-Palin website regularly.

The initial price tag for the records request was $65,000.  Biegel pressed Linda Perez, the Director of the Department of Administration, for an explanation of the search process that was taking 16 hours per employee. The cost was lowered to $5,552.64.

The blogging community supported Biegel in an “accountability drive” on her blog and readers donated money.  In the last few days burkeeddiemost of the funds needed have been collected and Linda is ready to write the check and get the requested emails between Burke and Palin.  NOW, an attack from Palin.

Linda has blogged for years.  She walks with a cane, and has physical disabilities. She has a bi-racial child and is always on the righteous side of fighting discrimination.  She attended the Anchorage assembly meetings this week to testify in favor of the ordinance banning discrimination against the GLBT community.  Burke attended the same event, protesting the civil rights ordinance with a shirt stating: “Homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible Thumping Nazi, Gay Bashing, Tea Bagging, Rascist (yes misspelled), White Guy, Bigot.”  Yes, Sarah Palin pals around with this fine example of tolerance.

The Palin administration is now calling on Alaskan Democrats to condemn Biegel. Where was the condemnation on Crooks and Liars for photoshopping the same picture with David Letterman last week? Oh, that’s right, they don’t have a records request on the governor, Linda does.

The attack on Biegel is another example of Palin’s “faux outrage.” The false victimization spin from of Sarah is her antidote for criticism.

She did it to Letterman, she’s doing it to Linda.



  1. Eddie and his shirt, I sent him a twitter the other night asking “@talkradiohost Eddie, who made you H8R shirt?”

    Classy as always, the Crotchster sent a pithy reply,“@GreatGrey Your Mother did”.

    Misogynist doesn’t even begin to describe Eddies attitude toward all women except St. Sara.

  2. And why isn’t she declaiming Eddie Burke for advocating Gay Bashing?

  3. “Yes, Sarah Palin pals around with this fine example of tolerance.”
    yes and plagiarized a speech (you and AKM were witness too!) for the introduction of Micheal Reagan who wants to put grenades in babies butts….niiiice!
    This faux outrage is C4p, so desperate for facetime and a hand written note & brownie button for GINO They are serving as the resident rabid skunks 4 palin!
    Wilowl WAS not at the game letterman referenced. No one can find a picture, nor comment from anyone there besides dud. If someone could prove Willow wasn’t there it would prove what a liar GINO is! C4p tweeted the twat with both faux outrages!!!
    (or megamouth)

  4. […] 2nd update: Shannyn Moore also has a fine acount of events. […]

  5. The only thing transparent about Sarah Palin is her complete lack of shame.

  6. Hilarious photoshop pic … Palin cuddling baby Eddie Burke. As Hillary said, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • Do you remember last April when Sarah said that about Hillary. She needs to grow a backbone, right?

  7. I don’t believe it’s co-incidental that Mrs Palin has taken cover overseas and left it to Megletongue to wifi loudly about sacrilege.

    Look! Over there! A talking dog!!!! 🙂

  8. great grey, do you call him the “Crotchster” or does he call himself that?

    It just caught my attention because I believe that part of his anger is based on living with a somewhat “diminished” manhood. Just sayin’!

    Hubby and I were making some jokes about him last night that I won’t repeat here on this comment area….but I’m sure you get my drift 😉

  9. Great post, Shannyn!

    “The Ayers Effect.” LOL

  10. You got it, S grrl!

    Enjoy your trip to Pittsburg, we are all pulling for you!!!

  11. Crotchster – that is a good nickname for him!

    Shannyn – you are doing well in the votes for Pittsburgh, you and AKM WILL have fun there.

    We all just have to keep pounding away at them.


  13. People ought to forward Eddie’s picture to the FCC now and when his radio host comes up for license renewal.

  14. Palin is offended at the political cartoon but not at Michael Reagan’s desire to put hand grenades up babies’ butts? WTF?? Is she getting ANY synapses in her pea brain?

  15. So Palin hangs around with and very often visits with a man who wears a t shirt calling himself a gay bashing homophobe Racist bigoted white guy?? This is the radio show she supports above all others?!?

    Didn’t she say how important associations were when questioned about her uninformed Ayer comments.

    THIS is a big story. This is One of Sarahs associates since she and her lawyer and staff are in the show? So Sarah is best friends with an openly anti gay racist man?? WOW!!!!!!!

    No wonder she trying to scare away Linda by criticizing her in the press! No wonder Sarahs office was trying to charge Linda $65000 for the emails between Eddie Burke and Sarah Palin! No wonder Sarah doesn’t like a photo of Eddie in her lap!

    Now I understand why Sarahs response was so over the top!

    What should be concerning to all if America though is why one of Sarahs favorite associates is an admitted anti gay racist bigot!!! And she and her fans seriously think she is presidential material??

  16. Shannyn, don’t you pal around with Eddie Burke? You guys both work at KBYR. You don’t have a problem with working for a firm that employs a gay-bashing racist? 🙂

    • Lame…gay-bashing racists are everywhere. Just look at Congress. But, I don’t think you’ll catch Shannyn hugging “Burke-the-RaScist” like Palin does or, making her children call his show so that he can hyperventilate on-air over the idea of touching teenage Palin tail, (uuughhh, he is so disgusting).

    • So WTF she works there??? Maybe they will fire Baby Eddie? What is it with you AssHats4Palin? Sh!t4brains!

    • Hey, VidO… found your Wasilla street sign:

      • That has to be in Wasilla.

    • Their paths don’t cross, VidOmnia. You could have checked that out yourself by just going to the KBYR website.

      Burke is on from 2-5 PM weekdays along with a host of nasty-attitude nationally broadcast right wing talk show hosts.

      Shannyn is on from 5-7 on Saturdays.

  17. Alicia asked: “great grey, do you call him the “Crotchster” or does he call himself that?”

    I started calling Eddie that after I was reminded about his 1994 arrest for grabbing a waitress’ crotch.

    Eddie compensates for the ‘other’ with his guns.

  18. It is no wonder that the Sunshine Review website reports that Alaska received an “F” grade on FOIA issues. They tried to charge:
    $65,000 for Ms. Kiegel’s FOIA requests,
    $65,000 for Mother Jones’ requests,
    $15 Million for NBC’s requests, and
    $45 Million for the AP’s info requests.

    In the PDF file accompanying the MSNBC story, it is interesting to discover that Eddie Burke made his own FOIA request, (pages 28-30), for e-mails between Andrew Halcro and Palin’s administration. I wonder how much they charged Mr. Burke?

  19. VidOmnia, you don’t have a problem working for a fan club which regularly gets things so wrong that you have become the laughingstock of the nation? (See Wonkette)

    • Wanted to make sure VidO has the link…maybe he can send magamouth over to defend the queen:
      Filed under: Degenerates

  20. Poor Sarah, she’s tried so desperately to stay in the tabloid fodder file. Unfortunately, her latest attempt was rather short lived. It seems that some news agencies booted her latest hissy fit when the news of Michael Jackson’s death took over the airwaves. Meg and Sarah must be livid.

  21. Burke doesn’t want grenades put in Special Needs babies butts though, so , no worries.

  22. Claudia: and no one is going to care about her shooting practice with the National Guard in Kosovo.

    really bad timing!!!

    • Lilybart: You are so right!!! However, I did see a story about her Kosovo trip posted on CNN but didn’t bother reading it (as I’m not interested in her campaign trip to visit the troops and I don’t want to give CNN any encouragement to post more stories about her).

      • … what is with all the jiggle under that t-shirt she’s wearing? Did she leave her playtex at home with Eddie?

        • LMFAO! sauer kraut, that is perfect!!!

  23. I WANT her to run against Obama in 2012. It would be my wildest dream come true. She just doesn’t seem to get that she’s putting out lots of information that can be used to show America just who and what she is. I believe she’s in Kosovo to buff up her foreign policy creds. What good is this trip if it causes no change in her ugly attitude towards her fellow Americans? It was when McCain chose her as his running mate that I started digging for info about her and discovered the wonderful progressive web sites in Alaska. Please, please, please, keep up the good work. We simply cannot allow the reins of our government to end up in the hands of this “walking disaster” of a politician. I also was appalled when I read AKM’s blog about how she went into Linda’s trashcan looking for evidence to use to smear her. And just to think, this “garbage can digging” politician is who her minions think is qualified to be POTUS. Please.

  24. May I offer a personal observation that VidOmnia may be one of the most dim-witetd people alive?

    • yes.

      yes, you may.

  25. whoops–try spell check. “DIM WITTED”

  26. Hi Donna:
    You can always tell with the Sea Pee-ers have their knickers in a big twist when VidO crawls out from under his rock.

    Eddie Burke will never be more than he already is – he appeals to such a tiny segment of homophobic frightened teeny-weenie type of guy. Perhaps that is what VidO and Burke have in common??

    That’s why Burke will always just be a very very SMALL guy (tee hee).

  27. An excellent point, basheert!

  28. I think Burke should add mysogynist and sexual harasser to the list of his most-vile qualifications on his tee-shirt.

  29. Vid – get lost. Your blog represents some of stupidest people on the planet. I absolutely do not care why you choose to pal around with mean, fearful and brainless folks so just stay with them and don’t pollute our discussions since you can’t do the same on your own site. Shannyn – just delete him since he deletes everyone on his site who isn’t a moron. Yick!

    • Great post!

    • but, Snow… if Shannyn deletes VidO, how will we ever be able to make fun of him in a forum in which he cannot delete the posts which mock him??

      • Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Well said sauer kraut! Ya know, there are none so blind as those who will not see.
        Come on Vid you have smarts, you’re pretty articulate. Turn away from the Dark Side and join the grown-ups.

        • All you have to do is look at how that site titled that pic of Tabloid Tweetie holding Trig – the original one. They don’t see the smirk, the snotty face, the naked ambition toward using the kid – they see a heavenly angel who adores the kid. I wrote them off forever after viewing that. The TT can’t even face her own kid – he’s almost always facing away. Women get it, and more will get it as time goes by. But the creepy men will never see it (Vid and his ilk) because they are aroused, confused and blinded by her as we know.

          They are lost – forever. They have left all human common sense and decency behind as they build their false idol and swirl at her feet – probably trying to peek under her skirt while no one is looking. It’s filthy and transparent. They couldn’t care less about the kid – they only worship her grossness.

          I choose not to think about it anymore – I have a great family, friends and a business to attend to. Vid – well, he’s a wolf in Christian clothing and not worth another reply.

      • great post sauer kraut!!!
        Since VidO can’t control anything here, he just comes over and adds a violent stench.

        It is important to allow the IDIOT to post on the blog because we can point out what an idiot dirtbag he is and he can’t delete us.

        Oh folks, at any given moment, he’s going to haul out the “I’m a vet” speech so we feel sorry for him.

        He lost his mind you know…Over There.

  30. I’m offended that SP- queen of the tundra goes on the radio with that goon. Not very queenly if you ask me.

  31. Seems to me the picture of Burke+e-mails=one less GOP candidate in 2012!

  32. New Wonkette up! Yowza!

    The Virgin Palin, Our Lady of Eternal Anger, gave birth to the New Jesus at some point last year — or not, who knows…”

    a keeper 😀

    • This needs to be nominated for a Pulitzer – HILARIOUS … MUST GO VIRAL!!!

  33. My other post that I accidentally wrote twice was removed. Why?

    Burkes t-shirt indicates he is a white supremicist. Why would you hide that Shannyn? Only a kkk member would wear a shirt proudly stating he is a Nazi, a bigot, racist gay hater.

    I question Sarahs association with a man who is wearing a Nazi shirt. He is very proud of it obviously.

    Sarah should watch who she associates with. Since she supports his show so much, you have to believe she has the same views.

    Shannyn took down my post where I challenged Palin to denounce him and his Nazi viewpoints. I don’t understand why it’s removed. It is a valid point. The public should know Palin palls around with a proud gay bashing Nazi white supremicist. I have heard there are many in Alask, Idaho and Montana so shouldn’t Palin denounce these views? Or do Alaskans want a governor with these biases?

  34. We are all as good as the company we keep. And Ms Palin seems to get closer to her target peers.

    Eddie Burke’s idea of wearing the ridiculous t-shirt shows no sense of irony. Obviously, he is what he says and gives no apology. However, I read an obscure play by some Brit play write who said “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Such is the case.

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