Posted by: shannynmoore | June 26, 2009

John Kerry Had A Point

I tried not to be jealous of South Carolina last week when Governor Mark Sanford went missing. I fantasized about Sarah taking a break on the Chilkoot trail. She could collect her thoughts, and prioritize Alaska back to the top of the list.
John Kerry had the nerve to say the same thing.
Sarah slams his looks…nice.
Does this mean Letterman’s comments about her “looks” are fair game now?



  1. My thoughts exactly, on both accounts.

    I guess it’s okay to make jokes about male politicians’ looks because they’re men. We ladies are supposed to be on a pedestal, ya know. It’s only those silly libs we suckered into supporting are faux outrage who want equal rights. We want to be special. Because we are. Wink.

    And you did know she stole that joke from Letterman, right?

  2. What a lame joke from SP.

  3. Well, I know Sarah going missing would be a cure for my long face. :p

  4. Sarah Palin IS the ultimate joke, period.

  5. Blah, blah blah…what’s her point? SHE is going to work on getting more money for the soldiers to travel home on? What about governing? She never misses an opportunity to talk aboout “the off-limit ones.”
    All these soldiers must have drawn the short straws.

  6. The funniest thing is…………Palin plagiarized this joke from…………………David Letterman!!

    The long face comment was made when Kerry was running for POTUS, then again a few nights ago!

    However, the troops deserve better than Palin stumping for 2012.

    They deserve better than Palin taking pot shots at a decorated veteran, one of their own.

    This was SUPPOSED to be about the TROOPS not Palin.

    Palin is on foreign soil now, and taking shots at a sitting senator is unpatriotic.

    Palins is a living, breathing, walking, talking, (word salad speak) SNL skit……………..Palin IS the joke!

  7. Whatever mode of transportation got her there–could they just leave her and come back with out her? Pretty please?

  8. The Republicans just voted against over an Obama $ 100 billion military supplemental. So unless there is a Republican President, they don’t support the troops.

    I have no problem with Sarah telling juvenile jokes on her own time and on US soil. But when she is on foreign soil and taking to US troops, making fun of a Vietnam War hero with three Purple Hearts and a Sliver Star is off limits.

    I’m curious what the troops thought of Todd the secessionist?

  9. You would think she would hold her tongue about a decorated soldier. A decorated soldier called Senator John Kerry.

    Can she say the same for her drop out, criminal charge avoiding son who is only enlisted to avoid some slam time!

    She continues to show us she doesn’t think before she speaks.

    I see references that Todd is there too? How do we know as usually spouses don’t travel on these trips from what I have seen. There is no need for him to be there.

    Also wonder how far she stepped in it when meeting the Minister of Defense of Lithuania. Keep her away from any Ministers or Secretaries of Administrations please.

  10. Too bad David Letterman tapes his Friday night show on Mondays. By the time he gets to the reverse sexism Sarah Palin exhibited towards John Kerry, it’ll be old news.

    Old news, as in there’ll be something else Sarah Palin or her mouthpiece will say or do that’ll start the news cycle swirling around her for ANOTHER week.

    • Letterman tapes his Friday night show on Thursday night, after he tapes his Thursday night show.

  11. Wolf Pack and Canadian Neighbour, I thought I read that the troops she’s visiting are a contingent of the Alaska National Guard that’d been called to duty.

    from “the Gov’s office” via the ADN: “Governor Sarah Palin is in Kosovo visiting approximately 140 Alaska Army National Guard aviators who are deployed for 12 months on a peacekeeping mission.”

  12. KarenJ: The AK Army Nat’l Guard aviation AND infantry troops have a great many former military men and women who joined the Guard once their enlistment ended in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, etc. My husband is a former Marine (4 years active duty, 2 years Marine Reserves), served 24 years in the AK Nat’l Guard; and was deployed to Kosovo and Iraq before retiring.

    John Kerry is a decorated war veteran. It was in very poor taste to diss a not only a sitting U.S. Senator, but a decorated war veteran to boot–AND ON FOREIGN SOIL! As Governor, she should know that many of these soldiers are former active duty military. She ultimately was showing disrespect to the very men and women she addressed in Kosovo. She should have held her tongue; but you know her–she never misses an opportunity to put her foot in her mouth once it’s open.

    What’s even more disgusting; she wants to be POTUS and Commander in Chief of the armed forces; yet she’ll take a cheap shot at a veteran. She’s an embarrassment to Alaska and to the Nation.

    For the life of me, I don’t know why the MSM handle her with kid gloves. Why isn’t anyone making an issue of Todd being a member of the AIP, who wants to secede Alaska from the Union? Why isn’t anyone making an issue of her address to the AIP some years ago, wishing them well? Todd wouldn’t even be able to pass a security clearance if (God forbid) she were elected POTUS or V-POTUS; special legislation would most likely have to be passed to get him in the doors of the White House, or the Capitol Building., etc.

  13. Why did she make her trip if the military has no money to send the troops home?

    I thought proper decorum for a politician visiting troops on foreign soil was NOT to criticize the President, nor demean a decorated veteran.

  14. It’s time for some FOIA requests to the military branches of the US Gov’t as well as to the State of Alaska. It would be interesting to know who was on this junket, who paid for the travel, if she requested per diem if the US military paid for this trip, and if the US military paid for the trip under what circumstances. If GINO is worried about a shortage of funds for troops and a US military branch paid for her to go or did a flight for her, then I guess she just wasted that money on herself instead of those wonderful troops she is going to work for.

    The other thing — unless the State of Alaska is going to give extra benefits to Alaskan or all soldiers, I don’t know what she has to work on. She certainly is not in a position to obtain any Federal funds (unless she re-appropriates some money coming to the state) and she certainly isn’t a national figure (except in her own mind).

  15. This is the first time the silly bitch has been to Europe and this is how she behaves?

    The Vice President was in Kosovo last month. This is how he behaved:

  16. Does she think she is a Senator?

  17. The hypocrisy is that she went there (supposedly) to thank them for their service. And then she pokes fun at a decorated war veteran. The Military has already told the Republicans that insulting a decorated veteran is an insult to all who serves.

    If I were a soldier, I wouldn’t have even attended the speech because of how she inferred the CIC palled around with terrorists. Sarah & Meg don’t even show enough respect to address the US President properly. Perhaps when you have a secessionist in the family, there is no respect for anything accept one’s fantasies of grandeur.

  18. Maybe she thinks she is the vice president. The woman is a fruitcake! The whole world thinks she is nuttier than a fruitcake. She actually believes she is capable of being in higher office.
    So now we can freely criticize her looks, her weird crossed eyes, big hair, her screw-me shoes and outfits, tatooed lips and strange facial expressions?

    What a dumbo she is. Now is there really a way to find out who paid for this and which of her family members are with her.

    I pray each night the FBI/IRS investigation is real.

  19. First, Palin plagiarized the joke from…..Letterman.

    Second, Letterman has been sniping at her since day one. And he’ll continue to do so until she is no longer Governor and no longer a public figure making an a$$ of herself. Or until he retires, whichever comes first.

  20. thanks for the tips and

  21. “And troops, if you need anything at all, come tell me & I’ll work to get it for you. If you’re not from Alaska, I’ll work with your Govenors to get it for you.” Messiah complex much?

  22. I just can’t get over that she criticized a decorated Vet in front of men and women serving in the military–and on foreign soil!

    It is outrageous! Her Vet record in AK is horrible, and now this.

  23. Shannyn, you’re amazing! But, with all due respect, Palin has NEVER had Alaska as a priority. She’s not capable, she,a no leader.

  24. Shannyn you’re amazing! But, with all due respect Palin has NEVER had Alaska as a priority. You’ve mentioned it often. She’s not capable, she’s no leader. Opportunist yes!

  25. Kat,
    Another thing to think about, where was she when the Alaska native villagers were cold and starving this past winter? She waited on Samaritan’s Purse to show up and took homemade cookies as her contribution! She cannot help herself and the people in Alaska who need help, so how is she going to pledge to help military personnel who don’t even live in her state? Crazy talk, plus she’d have to first determine whether they are “real Americans” in order to decide whether to help them.

  26. I agree with PJama’s and Wolfpack’s comments, above.

    But let’s be clear about John Kerry. He looks better on television than he does in real life. And he’s a real horse’s arse. Just not as big an arse as Palin.

    His comment was on point. But her comment won’t hurt him one bit. He’s very thick skinned.

  27. John Kerry clarifies Palin joke

    “We stand corrected, the truth is every Democrat hopes Governor Palin is in the public eye for a long, long time, especially on the 2012 presidential ballot,” Kerry spokeswoman Jodi Seth says. “Lately it’s been Vice President Cheney that everyone hopes would lose the cameras and go for a long leisurely hike on the Appalachian Trail. And good grief, if anyone thinks John Kerry is afraid of strong, smart women, they sure haven’t met his brilliant wife and two independent daughters. It sounds like getting crushed these last two election cycles cost some of these Republicans their sense of humor.”

  28. I thought her pot shot at Biden was uncalled for (explaining that her dress was more appropriate than his – suit and tie). It appears she fancies herself already IN the White House?

  29. Put your left foot in,
    Your left foot out,
    Your left foot in,
    And shake it all about.
    You do the hokey pokey
    And turn yourself around.

    Now put your right foot in,
    Your right foot out,
    Right foot in
    Then you shake it all about.
    And then you do the Hokey Pokey
    Turn yourself around,
    That’s what it’s all about.

    Now put both feet in,
    (Don’t bother to take them out,
    Keep both feet in),
    And you wobble all about.
    And then you do the Hokey Sarah,
    (Don’t bother turning round)
    That’s what it’s all about (ME!)

  30. You know, if Sarah keeps it up we may not even have her as the a viable republican 2012 presidential canidate. I want her to stay just far enough out of the limelight where she can still remain a viable candidate, but she just can’t keep her mounth closed in front the cameras dammit! She keeps making herself look like a middle manager ditz promoted on her looks and it’s frustrating! Just smile pretty, and keep quiet until 2012.

  31. The cutest response I’ve seen;

    ……….Sarah……why the empty head?

  32. Look, respectfully, could we lay off the language that identifies rural Alaska as exclusively “Native”?
    It’s not, you know. There are white guys that live in villages, too. Black, Chinese, Lithuanian, Yugoslavian, etc. School teachers, contractors, homesteaders, miners, etc.
    The villages are not “Native Villages”. There are lots of Natives IN villages.

  33. Perhaps a few letters posted to US commanders about Palin’s inappropriate remarks would be fruitful.

    When someone serves in the military, they represent the US government and their ultimate boss is the President. Whether Madame Palin likes Obama or not, whether she adored Bush or not, or whether she’s having yet another hissy fit about someone like John Kerry is irrelevant. When addressing the troops as a representative of any governmental entity within the US, she must be respectful.

    Troops are charged with representing the country and they MUST show respect to all members of the military, their chain of command and past and present members of the military. The same is true for anyone addressing them. Whether they are involved in peacekeeping efforts or actual combat they are there to serve the US and not to be used to promote any political canadiate.

    Perhaps Sarah’s campaign stunt should be exposed for what it was and she should NOT be allowed to address ANY troops again.

  34. To paraphrase Condoleeza Rice (who, fortunately, appears to have taken a powder from the public eye lately), “Who EVER could have anticipated…” that our national joke would be Sarah Palin?

  35. Yesssssssssssss, Claudia! Thank you!

  36. Remember this??? Politicking is NOT allowed when addressing the troops!

    When ABC News asked Obama about the controversy during a stop in London on July 26, 2008, he defended his decision to wait on a trip to Landstuhl.

    “I was going to be accompanied by one of my advisors, a former military officer,” Obama said, referring to one of his foreign policy advisors, retired Maj Gen. Scott Gration. “We got notice that he would be treated as a campaign person, and it would therefore be perceived as political because he had endorsed my candidacy but he wasn”t on the Senate staff. That triggered then a concern that maybe our visit was going to be perceived as political. And the last thing that I want to do is have injured soldiers and the staff at these wonderful institutions having to sort through whether this is political or not or get caught in the crossfire between campaigns.”

    “So rather than go forward and potentially get caught up in what might have been considered a political controversy of some sort,” Obama said, “what we decided was that we not make a visit and instead I would call some of the troops that were there. So that essentially would be the extent of the story.”

  37. Ah yes, and the self imposed Governor Icon would move forward if any type of political controversy would be involved. She’s made a giant step from being covered by the news media to being noted by the late night comedians.

  38. John Kerry has to be laughing as he is getting part of his wish with Sarah’s resignation.

  39. General Campbell is a joke. He and Palin are cronies. She gave him the unprecedented tin star and now Lt. Gov. What gives? Is she that enamored with him? He is not very ethical and lacks inteagrity.

  40. General Campbell is a joke. He and Palin are cronies. She gave him the unprecedented tin star and now Lt. Gov. What gives? Is she that enamored with him? He is not very ethical and lacks inteagrity.

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