Posted by: shannynmoore | July 3, 2009


After Sarah Palin’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week she has announced she will be stepping down in a few weeks.

In a press conference called minutes ago, Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin has announced she will not run for re-election and is stepping down as governor. She had a brief statement.

She took no questions. Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will assume gubernatorial responsibilities.



  1. Personally, I think she is a very sick woman and needs professional help. Perhaps she can get it now? She has done the very best thing for the State of Alaska!

    • THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THANK YOU AND MY DOG THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • …and my four ragdoll cats thank you too.

    • Rumor has it that Michael Jackson’s doctors are flying to Alaska to attend to this crisis in healthcare! The President also may share his personal witchdoctor that attends to his family back in the old country. Glad you appreciate that she did the best thing. If all of our officials would resign, it would be a great thing!

    • GADS! Alaska has been on one wild ride!
      Not much surprises me any more. Here’s the deal. The Pit Bull with lipstick is on the war path. She will blame Democrats, and anyone else (Shannyn and Katie Couric) who gets in her way. But the general belief in the lower 48 and among Repubs up here is that she has been given a raw deal and they will gladly come to her rescue.
      I say leave the lady be.(Not out of any fear of reprisal…I actually embrace Shannyn’s right to the first ammendment) and watch the great parade go by. Usually people like the Pit Bull with lip stick hang themselves. All we have to do is wait it out.
      In the mean time we are going to have an even bigger problem and that is with the new soon to be govenor Sean Parnell. And if the Democrats can bring to the polical table a strong, likeable and it would help if he or she knew the issues, well then, perhaps we can get back to taking care of our states business again after the next election.
      So, let’s apply the heat where it needs to be and that is making sure Lt. Govonor Parnell can be a govonor worthy of the state of Alaska because right now I bet he is thinking “Thank God the attention isn’t on me!”.
      Shannyn, thank you for your are among friends….one blue brush stroke at a time !

  2. O,HD!!!!!;)!1!1!1!

  3. Is the photoshop contest still on?

  4. I’ll bet it was the criticism that she’s been getting, she’ll blame it on us! “People have desecrated my image one too many times!”

    It’s good to get Pebbles out of office.

    Just think– soon Phil will be able to go back to writing about music! 😉

  5. ………..There HAS to be something huge to make her step down………..FBI………IRS……..???

    The “iceberg” rumor about Palin abusing a trust fund for huge $ ?

    Do you think we will find out soon?

    • I have a friend in Wasilla, he told me months ago that the Palins were being investigated, they want to know where the palins got the money to build there house.

  6. Did she land that job a FauxNoise? Will she now be another Billo or Schlembeck?

    It’s LIVE on MSNBC… she’s whining about all the distractions… she’s jumping for a REAL reason! This is JUST the BEGINNING! Something is about to EXPLODE here… she’s done the pre-emptive withdrawal before she gets PUT out! Oh the plot thickens. End of July… what pardons will Parnell be up to? They are saying that it’s the medias fault and that the general populace was too hard on her… she’s doing it for her family… all the ethics complaints were unjustified and all knocked down… she’s protecting a BIG iceberg here! This will DEFINATELY sell the book now! An expose in the making1 Not to mention all the $$$ she’ll make! WOWZA

    Vegas has the ‘pardon’ window open at 7-5…

  7. She said that she needed money to cover for “millions of dollars in legal fees.” Could she be in trouble for grossly misleading people?

  8. Holy Spandex Batman!!
    Best news for Alaska that I’ve heard in ages. Watch out America…she’ll be coming your way soon! Now comes the “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” tour.

    • You are so right on! 24 hours later, she is whinning about how everyone has been picking on her. Poor Sarah tour launched!

      Well done!

  9. Time to fuel up the jet engine on Sarah’s golf cart!!!
    Go Sarah…hahahahahaha ;-)))

  10. I’m curious as to what her current polling numbers will reveal. I had heard that she and Stapleton had hired their own pollster…if her popularity had continued to erode in the state then she might have been looking for an escape. Of course, with her penchant for “bending” the truth to suit her personal gains and for throwing people under the bus, her reason for resigning could be connected to a myriad of things.

    Resigning before completing even one term as governor surely won’t help her nationally but you never know…this is the country that RE-elected “W” so anything is possible.

  11. Somone pinch me… then slap me… then get a fire hose and douse me… OMG!!! A Palin-Free Alaska! Happy 4th of July!!!

  12. Watched as much as I could stand of her “speech”…..STILL lying about “millions” of dollars being wasted making her administration “ineffective”, AND the recent photo shop of her iconic child…………please

    I think I’m going to chunder!!

  13. Oh Happy Day!

  14. Was Sean crying?

    • He definitely looked like he was in pain

      Did anyone notice Sarah was nearly drowned out by loons, grebes and a screaming baby?
      Ah. But we still managed to hear her say – uh, whatever that was…..

  15. I can’t get in to Mudflats, anyone else having a problem?

    WHA HOOOOOOO! Party in Alaska!

  16. I’ll be dancing at the Governor’s Picnic here in Fairbanks at the end of the month! Spouse will be along with trusty digital camera to watch Put-Upon Sean be sworn in.

    What a great day for my beloved State!

  17. Who gives 2 weeks notice when resigning from elected office? Enough time to shred the papers? I hope someone sends a member of LE to her office for the next 2 weeks to make sure they don’t plunder the state treasury.

  18. Congrats and take a lot recovery breaks. This nightmare is about over. Shannon, Phil, Gryphen, Celtic Diva, Audrey etc. Perhaps you could tour the lower 48 and give us a few inside tips on ‘elimination citizen activism’. Peace Out

  19. any link to the video?

  20. Congratulations! I guess this ‘splains the meltdown of AKM’s site this afternoon…

  21. OMG… her “speech” has been described by someone on MSNBC as disjointed and convoluted.

    • That’s putting it VERY kindly. And by the way, is this the first time they have noticed?

  22. Congrats!
    Shannyn, guess I won’t send more Photoshopped goodies.
    Since early 2008, I have learned so much about Alaska, politics, Web 2.0 , Photoshop techniques, and, best of all, about the funny, caring, intelligent, and diligent progressive bloggers of Alaska.
    You guys rock!!

  23. You don’t think she expects the pressure to let up do you? Like all of this is going to go away?

  24. Happy Independence Day Alaska!!! WOOT!!!

    I’m so proud…AKM’s site crashed about 10 minutes into the news…..

    • Not proud of the crash!!! That doesn’t read right!!! I’m proud to have been a witness, I mean!!!

  25. Congrats AK!

  26. From

    “She thinks she has accomplished goals she has set forward,” one of the sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said. “She sees what a positive influence she has had on people’s lives from traveling the country in the last year.”

    • pimp out kids—–check

      whine and cry, stamp feet—-check

      attend official events with passel of kids who were not invited—-check

      say SNOW!machine!!! at least!! 1,578 times!!—-check!!

      do totally unpresidential things like fight with late night comedy hosts—-check

      use grandson to pander to special needs families—-check

      boo hoo about Alaska bloggers who dare to have an opinion—-check

      somehow come to the bizarre conclusion that “abstinence”, “unwed teenaged motherhood” and “Candies’ shoes and clothing” somehow fit together—-check

      get remedial help with English, public speaking, economics, US History, French comprehension, world history, family planning, and ethics (on to do list)

  27. When the going gets tough Sara runs the other way.

  28. She is crazy if she thinks she can step down and run for Prez!

  29. I think that’s what she’s planning to do! get out of AK to run for Prez.

  30. Hey Sara, President Obama would’nt quit. Look at the shit he takes.

  31. They are showing the speech on FauxNoise now… “look at all I did… if it wasn’t for me… Alaska is great.. so SEE YA!’ This sounds like a speech she’ll use somewhere down the line to brag about all her accomplishments and all she did for AK. Hey… aren’t those two LOONS in the water behind her? How appropriate! ‘I took all the slings and arrows… yes, I am a Saint’. So many accomplishments… she’s trying to list them all… if she is all that good, why is she leaving? Whinning about the ethics complaints… now the cost…

    I can’t watch this train wreck any more… narcissist! Eww…

  32. Let’s hope she gets the proper mental health attention she needs and starts taking care of her Family First.

  33. What a quitter!

    Pitbull with Lipstick?
    Not so much.

  34. Loved her stream of consciousness admission that she and her staff were spending too much time to responding to national “stuff.”

    Most damning thing I heard…

    (Former resident of AK ’92-95)

  35. Nixon resigned.

    Palin resigned.

    Enough said.

  36. FauxNoise is now saying that NO-ONE had a CLUE as to her intent, so if this is THAT sudden, a BIG old WTF? I smell ratz. BIG ratz!

    Her brother is on Faux by phone… voice is shaking (nerves or lies)… saying all the negative media… all the ethics complaints all thrown out… all weighed heavily… took it’s toll on the family… too much time spent defending herself… less scruitiny on Parnell… only one ethics complaint was valid, the travelgate one, ‘she stepped up and did the right thing’… speculating on the 2012 run… brother didn’t sense that was at issue… free to focus on national issues… brother cutting off and running as well from the interview…

    What a load of CARP from him!

    She’s running away for a REASON! This isn’t the type of woman to run away on short notice, unless the proverbial wolves were at the bloody door! If Parnell won’t seek any re-election as someone mentioned earlier, I still see some sort of pardon in the future and then he won’t run after it’s said and done.

    Vegas ‘pardon’ window at 5-3…
    Vegas ‘bombshell’ window at 3-1…

    • He could have been shaking as he restrained himself from swearing about her. If my sibling did what Palin has, I’d be telling him to knock it off, that people were getting mad, that he was looking really silly to the point of bringing the family down, etc and be tense on the phone talking to reporters.

      Why would they be blaming other people if they know that something bad is coming down?

      (I’m still not getting it.)

  37. Two potential Republican Presidential candidates down in two weeks! ( She can’t possibly run for Pres after this if she can’t finish one term as gov) Mitt is doing the happy dance!

  38. Holy cats.


    Oboy. What happens to the PAC? or that AK Fund Trust?


  39. Sara is going to make Mark Sanford look holy. She’s all done. She resigns at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. John King on CNN is so stupid. Hard to believe he reports the news.

  40. Mike Cary from ADN is on Fox by phone… REALLY ripping her up! Nicely I might add. Called her a quiter. At least. Mike just mentioned that all the noteriety and hassle from the people in general won’t just go away because she’s stepping down as govenor. Only people impressed by this will be those few who support her.

  41. CNN caller Paul Begala (sp) saying it’s “flaky.”

  42. Is the 700 Club still around? That’s more her speed.

  43. Palin didn’t tell Begich during meeting

  44. Yahoo
    So is this why the big push to get donations by June 30?

  45. Oh, I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that this is getting ready for a presidential attempt. I think it’s one of two things: (a) a big contract with something like Fox; or (b) resigning before a major scandal. Anyone would tell her (and even she has enough sense to know) that this is political suicide. The “lameducks aren’t effective” business is laughable.

    And consider the timing–a Friday on a holiday weekend. And her weird and frenetic affect. Something big is up.

  46. Could it be she can not take the book deal money and still be governor???

    I smell a dead moose.

  47. Donna, agreed

    but Faux seems to think that this is the beginning of “reaching her base as she starts her 2012 campaign” Hm.

    I vote for the iceberg cometh, myself

  48. T/H to you, Shannyn, and all Alaskans bloggers!!!!!! And all bloggers around the world!!!

    Andree Mitchell said inside sources are saying that she will not run for president.



  49. Fox keeps this up under her video…’I will not seek re-election as Govenor’… they should change that to… ‘I quit!’

    Ya think?

    Bev… and just which choice do YOU think Saracuda would make? Not only is that moose dead, i beleive it’s decomposing!

    Huckabee is on Fox now…

    Sexist crap in 3… 2… 1…

    • By: BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor…I totally agree with you about the moose….that is exactly the point I was making.

      I just want her to go away and I don’t even live in Alaska.

  50. Congratulations my Alaskan friends. You must be dancing in the streets. Maybe now you will have someone in office that truly cares about you.

  51. “…a woman who lacked the knowledge, the preparation, the aptitude, and temperament for the job.”

    Maybe someone dropped support like a hot potato?! Or maybe the FBI is coming??


  52. Sarah Palin finally does the right thing. Hell is officially freezing over.

  53. Let me add my voice in cheering for Alaska and all the hard work and all the anklebiters and all the photoshoppers and all the muckrakers and … omg I’m overcome with elation!


    I think the iceberg is about to crash into her little house of cards!

    • Maybe bristol’s pregnant….for the third time.

  55. Here is the link to the video of Palin’s speech

  56. This guy went with Scarah and MEG to NY…..this is a political move.

    “This was a positive forward looking decision for her state, her family and cares so much for Alaska that she is going to get outside of the bubble and work to its benefit outside,” said Jason Recher, who worked for Palin on last year’s campaign.

  57. 1. The laundered oil company bribes that nobody thought anybody would ever find out about got found out about.
    2. Todd’s been mushing out on the Iditerod of Love and one of his sled dogs is late.
    3. There’s room for only one psychotic lady politician on the GOP ticket. And Michele made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.
    4. She’s heavily involved in selling Alaska back to Russia and can’t be distracted.
    5. She’s off on the tent-show revival circuit to save the moose and the ptarmigans with prayer, hymns, and exorcisms.
    6. The meds wore off early just as she stepped up to the mike. And now it’s too late.

  58. It is difficult that a narcesist like Palin would bag her current gig unless there is a legal issue looming. Whatever the reason, I hope the door does hit her on the ass on the way out.

    • Nooo! I hope the door slams in her face with a resounding clang, oh its all metal and has bars.

  59. I sure hope you are correct Donna, but I was just watching the Matt Lauer interview from Nov. 10, and was reminded how she thinks when asked about the speech deal. She loves to shake things up and do things differently.

    I really do hope I am wrong.

  60. Maybe she hopes that we will all back off now!! NOT!! I won’t let up until the new governor is sworn in. In fact, we can concentrate on forcing her to give the help to Eagle and other other communities now.

  61. I can’t post on Mudflats! : (

    Oh happy day for Alaska. I think an iceberg is inches away from landing. What a wonderful gift for Independence Day for you.

    Kudos to AKM and Diva and Shannyn and all Alaska Bloggers, and Dennis Zaki, and Nick Tucker and Anne Strongheart and all those voices who rang loud and clear in the face of all odds. Good on you!

  62. Well, Say NO–if you aren’t wrong and if she thinks this is somehow the path to national office, then why the hysterical affect? This is not a poker player and she was stressed and frenetic.

    But even if she somehow thought this was the way to go, she pretty much dynamited it. The big claim to fame was that she was a governor–so she doesn’t finish one term? She leaves when things aren’t so good? She’s killed any possible political shot. woo hoo!!

  63. What a wonderful day for Alaska. The “wasteful blood sport “was funny coming from a pit bull with lip stick..can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen…she will still be held accountable for any illegal activities, and we will still get the E-mail the
    Celtic Diva has coming…is that an iceberg captain ?
    Of course it’s everybody else not her lying BS….

  64. Palin mentioned doing things from the OUTSIDE of government in her farewell speech.

    That means – for now – show won’t run for anything.

    She can’t anyway. She is done. She is branded as a Quitter now – and Quitters are losers.

  65. Palin can’t even stand up to comedians and pj wearing bloggers! She really is done as a politician.

    Her best chance now is a job with FUXNews.

  66. what FANTASTIC news! hooray for Alaska, for all of us, in California, the nation, the world. I know this isn’t the end of her, so I am still offering my advice to Sarah: don’t speak.

  67. I’m thinking she is jealous that Michael Jackson gets more press dead than she does alive.
    Congratulations Alaska – – PLEASE send her over to help Putin “rear his ugly head” . . please – we’ll PAY you to send her to the WEST!

  68. Shannyn…I cannot wait for your radio program tomorrow night. Is it still on?

    lol…you will be getting a call from Keith to be on the show next week.

    Thankyou for all your hard work…all of you progressive bloggers saved the United States and especially Alaska

  69. Well, another Friday surprise! She has stolen the headlines back from South Carolina; their governor commits adultery and ours resigns – she really is a news hog.

    I’m trying to figure out the decision tree here:
    SP: I’m sick of being criticized, my PAC has raised plenty of money, I don’t need this grief, I’ll resign, write my book, campaign nationally and dog Obama’s every step for the next 3 years…
    SP: I’m sick of being criticized, my PAC hasn’t raised the money I thought it would, I have a commitment to ‘write’ a book, I’ll ditch this sinking ship of an administration and have a book tour and dog Obama’s every step for the next 3 years. After the IRS audit…

    I feel sorry for her close associates, their heads must be spinning and now many of them need to find new jobs…

  70. Take your medication Sarah !!! Even in quitting she rambles on disjointed and makes no sense…

  71. Shannyn,
    Excellent job reporting this. It looks like there are thousands of comments on your Huffington Post article.

  72. Gawd, I hope that you’re right, fellow Americans. But I don’t think that this political attention whore is gone from the media landscape just yet. I read on the MSNBC website that Palin bragged that she could beat Obama in 2012. The sick thing is that I think that the American public is dumb enough to elect her, particularly in concert with right wing media.


  73. SP looks and sounds horrible in the news conference. This was NOT a defiant, determined, I’m seeking greener pastures, in-your-face Sarah. Something is not right. She is not happy about stepping down. Could she have gasped for breath more frequently? Watch her: The more uncomfortable she is with what she’s saying the more the gasps and the more constricted her entire body becomes. Regardless of what you think of her, SP has always been good on television. Something’s coming out and she’s trying (without success) to bury it by stepping down on July 3rd.

  74. And what the frick does this mean? sounds like an excuse to bail? she’s going to share the ball now? LOL, uh huh.

    And, in remarks that appeared to be off the cuff, Palin also recalled her days as a high school basketball point guard, arguing that she was advancing her state by stepping down.

    “I know when it’s time to pass the ball for victory,” Palin said.

    • A rational person would realize they were a mediocre player and should never have been on the team in the first place.

      I agree with Palin though, she is definitely advancing the state of Alaska by stepping down. Or is that proGRESSing? Also!

  75. I also don’t like this article……(sorry Shanny, my open thread is down, lol, but this is on topic)

    from Scarah’s friend Fred……read the last two paragraphs.

  76. Lori, I haven’t seen the video yet. where did you find it?

  77. I have a question about something she said. In her rambling, she said something about lame duck governors traveling and blah, blah, blah, and how she didn’t wish to be a part of that. Well, just how many days of her term have been spent in Alaska? It seems that she is never there anymore.

  78. No Lori, I disagree, she may be uncomfortable bs’ing Alaskans but I think she’s campaigning. She is close to hyperventilating, watch Toad try to step closer in order to bolster her.

    I can’t believe they put PIPER through this. GAWD!

    I can’t see who is standing on the left.

  79. btw, I found it on msnbc

  80. Congratulations Alaskans! Talking heads are talking about a political career that “ended” today!
    *Alaska Report* says:

    Big dirty scandal about to hit the Palin universe
    Evidenced by Palin’s announcement that she’s stepping down today. Stay tuned…
    Her speech was disjointed, she was hyperventilating, super pissed, and about to cry.
    Here is her “lame duck” statement.

    I think Thor’s hammer is about to descend !
    It will be party time for Alaskan Bloggers tonight!

  81. Congratulations Alaskans!

    Happy Independence Day!

  82. Palin is free to roam the Country and rile up her lunatic, fringe base ala Glenn Beck. Be VERY AFRAID. SWWNBN who is NO LONGER the GINO can incite violence like no other – just look at the film of her rallies. I pray this is NOT her intention, but she may be sick enough to get attention this way.

  83. Gosh, will Eddie Smirk drum up all sorts of sympathy during his show, I betchya yes.

    Shannyn’s show tomorrow night will be killer!

  84. Yep, I bet she runs as an Independant, listen to Matt Lauers Nov. 10 interview…….her take on the “her” speech, don’t be afraid to shake things up, her take on why they lost, being the connection to the past 8 years and the “R” behind their names. They couldn’t hear or trust the “new” message.

    ACK! I so hope I am wrong!

  85. Shanny! You were just on MSNBC! You handled the question about the rumors brilliantly! WTG!

  86. Also too, I guess no one can file any ethics complaints for things coming down the “pike, pipe” if she’s no longer gov? so therefore she can say she wanted to “save” the state of AK any further expenses.

    hmmmm, it’s just so interesting.

  87. Congratulations Alaska! Take the rest of the weekend off. You deserve a big celebration. Can’t wait until the real reason she quit comes out into the open.

  88. Shannyn, please expand on your MSNBC statement about an ongoing criminal probe.

  89. This makes Independence Day even better this year. This psychotic woman is GONE!!!

    She now really need to get some kind of help. She is a disgusting psychopath.

  90. When you watch the video and look closely you can see an iceberg on the horizon of Lake Lucille.

    And it’s coming closer.

    She is toast. Whatever is her reason for resigning, it’s something that left her no other option. Either that or she is having a nervous breakdown.

    It’s a happy day for Alaska.

  91. shall “WE” send some homemade cookies?

  92. […] Sean Parnell will be sworn in at the Governor’s Picnic in Fairbanks on July 25. Alaskans redeclare their independence. Let the theories begin: Fresh scandal brewing involving her fast-and-loose […]

  93. Yes, marlys, please send ME the homemade cookies!

    Hallelujah… send me the cookies cuz now I iz more important than The Quitter.

    Great job, Shannyn, AKM, Linda, Phil, Andrew, the Martha’s, Ann Strongheart, etc., etc.

    You’ll have tons of listeners tomorrow night, Shannyn.

    Ding dong, the *itch is gone. …

  94. The people over at Bradblog are saying possible federal embezzlement charges regarding her home and the Wasilla Sports Complex while she was Mayor.

  95. Shannyn from your huffPo blog:
    “Sources say, the third in line for the governorship, Corrections Commissioner, Joe Schmidt, has declined to become Lieutenant Governor. There is no official word of who will become take Sean Parnell’s position as he ascends to the governorship.”

    Hmmm? I wondered about that too her high school lover set to move in as Lt. Gov. Wonder what happened. I think there are going to be lots of rats jumping ship this week!

  96. They ought to make Shannyn or AKM the next lt guv… that way, when Parnell flames out, someone with sense and integrity gets to step up to the plate and do the right stuff for Alaska.


  97. Has a deal been made with Parnell?

    Palin indicted for criminal activity—Palin gets convicted—-PARNELL PARDONS HER??

    Hate to be pessimisstic but Palin has some plan in the works here. I think she knows and is trying to prepare for “getting out of jail free.”

  98. Can a governor pardon someone convicted in federal court?

  99. Russ at 4:57 asks,
    “Can a governor pardon someone convicted in federal court?”

    No. Only the President of the United States can.

    A federal indictment, which only begins a prosecution, would not compel her to resign, in itself. In the case of IL Gov. Blagojevich, the U.S. Attorney went to court and asked a judge to have him detained on the theory that it was necessary to prevent a federal crime from taking place — the sale of Obama’s former Senate seat — and then the IL legislature impeached and removed him in short order. Since no one is suggesting an ongoing crime here that would be grounds for removing Gov. Palin from office immediately, this must mean that she believes the charges, and the evidence the prosecution will claim it has, are such that they will destroy her politically, if not personally as well. As this is a state where many voters continued to support ex-Sen. Ted Stevens even after his (now vacated) conviction, the charges must be something way bigger than “ordinary” corruption. It’s fireworks time, and she’s seen the lit fuse.

  100. I see another RepubliKan implosion from my doorstep.

    The GOP rapidly approaching an extinction level event in 3…2…1…


  101. yesssssssssssssssssssss…it is a wonderful day for AlasssssKA and the rest of the nation!!!

  102. We should have a pajama party to celebrate.

  103. LizP aka onejrkitty- You supposely worked with lawyers and you think Parnell can Pardon her???
    Dealing with the FEDS here! HOUSEGATE!

  104. congrats Alaska!

    …but the ship ain’t sank yet…give it a few days…

  105. Mudflats is down again….old site is not open to any new posts also….

  106. Due to be at a 4th of July party tomorrow. Will celebrate even more now- you betcha!!!!!!!!

  107. Sarah Palin … thh-thh-th-th-that’s all folks! … for now… stay tuned!

  108. The hobo party invited Sarah to our Obamaville for hobo stew. It’s not as pretty as Hooverville, but we’re getting more hoboes every day with the new stimulus package! Sarah plans on spear heading community organizers of bums and hoboes. Like ACORN except we won’t break the law. The President is creating so many bums and hoboes, we can’t organzie them fast enough!
    Welcome Sarah! See you hoboes later!

  109. lets see, Sarah talks to God, Sarah’s a runner, Sarah’s a Governor, oh no, it’s another George W. Bush running for president after talking to God….

    • I like Hillary Clinton better. She talked to Eleanor Roosevelt in seance! She’s doing great job in staying invisible as secretary of state also.
      Sarah is a typical housewife, and that’s okey!

  110. When they talk about the $500K in legal costs they don’t mention the $11M book deal.

    Neither one would have come about had McCain not picked her.

    Nice $10.5M profit.

  111. joker said: “Sarah Palin finally does the right thing. Hell is officially freezing over.”

    that might be useful, since the north pole is gone.

    • Santa lives there. There’s no Santa? Who’s going to pay for all the stimulus money the Preisdent is throwing around? If it ain’t Santa, then it must be YOU! I don’t work, so I can’t get taxed! IRS can send the bill courtesy of Burlington Northern box car 007.

  112. I wonder…if the “Feds” are onto her, and a possible indictment and arrest is looming….she might be preparing to leave the country?

    Maybe that’s what she means, “working from outside” or whatever?

    Maybe there’s going to be a “ScarahTown” in another country, and her faithful loonies will join her there? and….

    • Who are the “Feds”? You mean like Uncle Joe Stalin’s community organizers? She don’t have to leave the country, most of your ideas tell me you have left the planet already.

      • Oh poor little Duke.

        People with working minds know that the “Feds” usually means the federal Department of Justice (US Attorneys Office, FBI, etc.).

        • Proud to say I don’t work for a living! My mind stopped working too! I’m almost qualified to run for congress, but I haven’t stolen anything yet. I like the way you talk about “feds”, sort of like telling a kid about monsters under the bed! Of course it is strange to see how Slick Willy dragged a little Cuban boy out of his bed, back to Fidel, or Slick Willy didn’t know why a lot of kids got killed in Texas protecting them for their parents!

  113. Ok. you can go to

  114. LizP aka onejrkitty- You supposely worked with lawyers and you think Parnell can Pardon her???
    Dealing with the FEDS here! HOUSEGATE!

    Onejrkitty said:

    “Palin indicted for criminal activity—Palin gets convicted—-PARNELL PARDONS HER??”


    Maybe if you read– you can read can’t you?–prior to responding you would not embarass yourself by trying to laugh at something that was NOT said?

  115. Also: The house scam–yes, Federal– may not be the only “CRIMINAL” charges thrown at Missy Palin.

    I still think she is connected to the Wasilla church fire, I still think she is NOT Trig’s mother and there are two journalist writing books on her as we speak (acutally 3 journalist as 2 are working together on one book) and more talk from Tank and Levi on “shopping” his book because there aer ” still a lot of stories about the Palins that have not been told.”

    Let us not forget the IRS and yes, GOD could not pardon her if they nail her, and the blogger who thinks she is guilty of embezzlement (yes, Federal most likely.)

    Palin has so many demons in so many closets we cannot guarantee which one gets her first or finally.

    • Is it your time of the month? Oprah will be back on Monday, please hang on until then. I do like demons in closets! Do you sleep with the light on? See you in Obamaville real soon.

      • Hoboduke, are you one of the demons in Palin’s closet?

        (Did you miss the GOP quote this week about “Sarah Palin & her demons”? Why are Sarah’s supporters always so far behind?)

        • I am not a supporter! Don’t know if she wears a girdle.
          Hoboes don’t belong anywhere, and yet we live in these United States! We are Displaced Invisible People! Most folks turn the other way so they pretend we’re not here. Just like most reporters don’t want to see what’s in front of their nose. 7 million out of work! Wait until we are the majority! Thanks to the present stimulus plan, we’ll see you in Obamaville soon!
          Hobo Party is on the move to lead this country out of these hard times!

    • There are some medications Michael Jackson left in California coming to you real soon. You need to see a witch doctor that treats the President’s family. Good luck and hope they don’t put you in the loony bin!

  116. Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

    My first thought on hearing (via CNN) that your governor was stepping down was I’ll bet there’s some activity on shannyn’s blog and sure enough…

    What a farewell speech, I can only imagine the relief all of you must be feeling.

  117. There are so many things that Sarah does wrong.
    But two come to mind.
    She didn’t look around her at other national level politicians and public figures, who are successful, and see that they don’t get into petty quarrels with people who take verbal shots at them.

    She has s%#t in the face of a lot of people who helped her on her way up. Now she needs their backing, support, political experience and help, again, and they aren’t going to back her any more.

    What was that quote from the Alaska’s oldest politician. “I don’t give a damn what happens to her.”

    That she seemingly does not have a group of trusted politicians and advisers to go to in helping make this decision – says volumes.

  118. Oh, and Sarah, just a hint.
    When the Feds come for you. Russia is just a stone’s throw a way.
    I’m pretty sure Canada has an extradition treaty with the US.

    • Russia is coming here! The stimulus plan includes building Uncle Joe Stalin’s wokers paradise! We have 7 million hoboes and bums under the stimulus plan, and they will be building Obamaville to house them, until they disappear.

      • Sounds like good news for you, duke. Means you’ll get a paying job instead of being the house troll, eh?

        • I wouldn’t even grant hobodouche that gracious of a title! He won’t get a paying job as long as he gets CASH for all his ‘newsletters’ off his site. Some hobo. Making money off others in the same plight. Ask him if he claims all that cash income… and be glad AKM dumped his arse long ago!

          • Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Glad you visited my webiste, and will have more stuff to buy real soon! I won’t need to raise cash if my Hobo Hedge fund comes in! Hillary Clinton’s cattle trading guys who made her big bucks are on the job! I am also applying for Hobo Czar for Obama.

        • Thanks for your charitable concern. The worker’s paradise gives each according to his need, not how much he produces. My 7 million comrades look forward to adding some sauerkraut into our hobo stew. It won’t taste good, but we’ll be regular!

    • Please don’t throw stones at Russia! We need their oil! We can’t drill for any oil, but we’ll buy it from anyone who does! Life riding the rails will be more fun with Sarah joining the hobo party. Have some fun!

  119. Palin got her multi-million dollar book deal and cut & runs away with money.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  120. Break out the MTF!!1!

  121. Perhaps some dignity will be restored to the Office of the Govenor. Perhaps we don’t have to listen to Meg Stapleton try and spin cr ap. Perhaps it is really all over for the classless Palins.

    I hope so, Alaska needs a break, her book will sell, she will make money and jabber off into oblivion. Her resignation speech was a pathetic display of what happens when someone who is mentally ill isn’t on proper medication.

  122. Now that she’s finally gone ( or will be in 21 days) do you think all the fine people of Wasilla will finally stop being afraid of Sarah’s possible retribution and come forth and tell what they know ? She’s out of power (soon) and I think the floodgates are going to open now that she can’t retaliate against them.

  123. Nonesense. Palin and Michael Jackson are meeting up in Argentina this weekend.

  124. I can’t imagine that after the latest fiasco’s with Stevens, Kott and Kohring, that the Feds are whispering about this.

    Has someone talked to the neighbors ?

    Is an SBS employee talking ?

    Or is it the Wasilla rumor mill running rampant ?

    I find it intriguing that Steven Silver, an old Ted Stevens hand, was the lobbyist for the City of Wasilla who got the money for the Sports Complex in the first place.

    Wasn’t Palin also running Uncle Ted’s PAC at the time ?

    And the law firm that represented the City of Wasillla in the protracted land deal on which the sports complex sits ?

    None other than Birch Horton Bittner and Cherot, the very same firm where Tim Petumenos practices.

    Help me out here.

    The echo chamber of the blogosphere does not a story make, but there seems to be enough intriguing details in the background to give this story legs.

    Who’s talking and how credible are they ?

  125. So if (hell had froze over) and she had been elected as VP, would be resigning from that office now too?

  126. From Daily KOS :

    Update: This just in my inbox, from a source connected sometimes to CNN:

    “Here’s a quote I got from law enforcement here in Alaska yesterday afternoon regarding Palin “a criminal indictment is pending authorization.”

    A “source” connected to CNN….

    I wonder who that could be ?

    Law enforcement in Alaska say that “a criminal indictment is pending authorization”

    If that’s true then that IS big news.

    Why isn’t anybody reporting this ?

  127. wow, I just thought of something. Do you think Beverly Wooley has filed a lawsuit against Scarah and the state? so she’s resigning?

  128. and why did she do this? she just went to Kosovo with him. this has only 2 comments on it.

    “Gov. Sarah Palin chose Craig Campbell, the longtime commissioner of the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, to be Alaska’s new lieutenant governor.”

    • This guy is an absolute idiot. Ask anyone who’s worked for or around him.

      • He would have to be if Sarah likes him so much. I would not consider a character reference from Sarah a +.

  129. I think she was upset that the death of Michael Jackson (and to a lesser degree, Farrah Fawcett) were taking attention away from her. So, on the anniversary of our country’s “birth” (because she’s sooooooooo Patriotic) she decided that she needed some MORE attention.

    She’s a babbling idiot. I can’t wait to see what will surface… what is really going on.

  130. Noted in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman (Wasilla, Alaska)

    Police Blotter:

    “At around noon on 3 July, a distraught blogger called and said his Governor had run away. Trooper Wooten was dispatched to investigate. Upon arriving at the scene, he contacted one S. Parnell. After discussing evidence with Mr. Parnell, Officer Wooten concluded that indeed, no governor was present. Investigation continues.”

  131. I’m eager to see the poll numbers (that would have been compiled before her resignation) and learn more about the elusive emails that will soon be made public. I’m also hoping that that “iceberg” has some really sharp edges. Something seems to have spooked her and I hope that whatever it is gets as much publicity as her latest publicity stunt.

    What I can’t believe is that there are (too) many people in media land that are looking at this insane move as a brilliant political gamble designed to put her closer to the WH. EGADS, has the country gone nuts?

  132. The grizzly bears are hulaing
    The wolves all do the rumba

    The moose are playing bagpipes as
    The snow beats out a samba

    So guzzle down your frozen beer
    As fireworks paint the sky

    Raise up your hands in happy play
    As Palin waves goodbye. 🙂

  133. Congratulations, Shannyn on your MSNBC interview. You supplied just enough information to tantlize the listeners and leave them wanting more.
    I was suprised at Palin’s announcement that she is resigning her office in 2 weeks, but I was also very happy for you guys! I’ve been an at-a-distance- supporter of your efforts to remove Palin from office since last August.
    I’ve visited quite a few conservative web sites since Palin’s announcement, and it seems that her supporters are in deep DENIAL, and grasping at any straw to turn her into the winner she most definitely is NOT. I really don’t understand their blind devotion to this woman, or their willingness to excuse everything she does even when they KNOW it is wrong. Being a Christian myself, I can truthfully say that they resemble a cult more than a group with shared Christian values, and I wonder which bible they read because it surely isn’t the Holy Bible. They have absolutely no idea how foolish they look to the majority of Americans, and it just goes to show that the old phrase “IGNORANCE IS BLISS” is still applicable in the 21st Century.

  134. I meant “tantalize”

  135. Wonderful news!!! However, Sarah never does anything unless it benefits her. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t think it will have anything to do with running for President as no one likes a quitter and her rambling speech proves that she is not presidential material.

  136. Thanks Shannyn for all that you do!
    Happy Independence Day!

    Here is Gail Collins take. I love her as much as you and AKM!

  137. Shannyn was great on MSNBC. Congratulations! I’d love to hear Shannyns show this afternoon but I have never tried before! Anyone have any hints?

    I wish the podcasts were in ITUNEs.

    I have been reading everywhere and only a small percentage of people believe this was a “brilliant” political move. Myself, I don’t understand how they can view it that way at all. Brilliant to quit your job when things get tough?? Come on. The rationale is she goes around the “status quo” to meet her goals. That mightvwork for some careers, like an entrpreneur, but does anyone want a president who would just go around others no matter the consequences? Not me! I admire someone who works creatively with limitations, not someone who quits! What crazy spin!!!! I think she us done and her supporters are delusional.

  138. The Jabberwocky wocked away, jabbering the whole time. Someone pissed her off BIG TIME & she’s goin’ ROGUE!

    Nah – no presidential runs in her future – she doesn’t like the scrutiny, and does NOT like being told what to do. Those pesky laws and ethical guidelines just slow her down.

    Look for her popping up in religion, and yes, the book writing. Making up her own, and the world’s history is what she does best. Don’t forget, she thought dinosaurs and human footprints co-existed.

    And ALSO, TOO don’t forget – the rapture grounds are in Alaska! She’ll gather the idiots who are her adorers, and lead the way. Could it just happen sooner??

    Politics? Too many ankle biters and NO ONE to trust. Poor Sarah. Think she’s done with those for now. Didn’t agree with her bein’ all mavericky.

  139. If she had in her mind that the she would be running for POTUS, she would have not been that nervous. She has too much confidence speaking in public to be as uncomfortable as she was as when she made her annoucement. She is also too much of a narcistic to give up. She also knew the speech went bad, or someone told her, because she recorded the speech again, being much more calmer the second time, and put it on her Twitter. Why would she even ask her kids about such an important decision unless she had already made up her mind. She was definitely nervous, and almost hiperventilating, because she has learned something recently that is going to be very damaging.

  140. Another point I would like to add; when ever Sarah speaks on camera and is lying, she is uncomfortable on the camera. Go back and look when she is not telling the truth and she how she appears. If I am wrong, let me know.
    Again, I believe something is up.

  141. Palin Announces Career Switch
    Wasilla, AK, July 4—Soon to be ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin delivered what she described as a “clarification” to her remarks Friday announcing her imminent regination.

    The governor, citing “instructions from the Campaign Manager upstairs,” said that she will soon embark on a sex change operation and skin-lightening treatments to make her resemble late pop singer Michael Jackson. She plans to form a tribute band and go on tour, starting in Iowa and New Hampshire.

    “I’m gonna go on tour, for sure,” Palin said. “I’ll be a real thriller on my world tour, bringing folks to Jesus, supply-side economics, minimal government interference, no more intrusive so-called ethics investigations, and a giganto hit of good old-fashioned family values.”

    Regarding the last, Palin has let pals and show business insiders know that she is indeed pregnant, a subject of wide speculation, hinting that the late entertainer is the father.

    “I’ve always been a huge, huge fan of Michael’s, and his spirit has moved me in ways that no sled dog musher guy ever could,” the governor, soon to be crossover pop icon, added. “When I heard the news, I knew I had to do something, and pronto. So I’m going what no governor of any state, Republican or Satanist, has ever accomplished. I’m having Michael’s baby and I’m becoming him. Beat that, Mitt—or rather, beat it!”

    The governor declined to answer questions, including the all-important one of when tickets would go on sale. She was then led off the stage through what she described as a “sea of screaming, hysterical fans who would totally die for me” to a waiting car. As she was about to ride away, she shouted, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!” Bystanders were unable to interpret what that meant.

  142. Just heard on CNN that Palin posted on her Facebook page a rather snarky reply to all the questions about what her resignation speech was really all about…seems that she thought her ramblings had been perfectly clear. It sure sounds like she’s running for POTUS…WHERE IS THAT ICEBERG?!

  143. ruh roh…..

    To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as “fact” that Governor Palin resigned because she is “under federal investigation” for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation. This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.

    • Good to see young bucks show some spirit! Us old hoboes can’t carry the load! We seen a lot of chickens pecking their beaks amid the droppings all day long when we are stealing eggs from the henhouse. Huffy old hens are too tough to chew, and too old to lay. Best they go away.

    • Don’t know why the libs can’t see what’s coming. Now that Palin is out of politics she can handle this stuff civilly and start going after these people. Possibly see some punitive damage awards. If anyone thinks the woman will sit idling by take all this any longer they should think again. Do what the libs have done. Use the courts, Ariana and MSNBC has lots of cash to go after. Not so much for the NYT and WP. Perhaps she can polish them off.

  144. Perhaps the story of the embezzlement charges are correct and perhaps her resignation, as hasty as it was ….is, in fact, a plea deal to step down from office.

    SO she doesn’t even SHOW for the 50th anniversay shingdigs? It’s so over.

  145. Thanks Shannyn! Benton and I sat and drank a few brews and listened to your KBYR show in the sunshine on our back deck!

    Great show and just hang in there as you are doing wonderfully and exposing the truth will never get you in trouble.

    There is a crisis in the Palin world and they are striking out against anyone they can and you are in their radar now but the truth will come out soon and certainly you can’t be held accountable for Palin’s missteps.

    Anyway, great job! We gather round the “laptop radio” on Saturday nights like some sort of old timey 1940’s family gathered round the old wooden radio. TV, who needs it?

    Keep up the good work and thanks to AKM and Gryphen as well.

  146. I haven’t lived in Alaska since 2001 and I am happy for the state!!!!! I wonder if she is after Ted Stevens seat in the Senate? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?

  147. how quickly they forget. Didn’t someone say at some point that Palin had an 80% approval rating in her own state before running for VP. Oh and there is that little teensy weensy little tidbit of a fact that she was actually voted into office by the citizens of her state. Maybe voters should do more homework before voting? Naaaah. that would be too easy. and it’s much more fun to try and destroy someone after someone else has revealed their flaws for us (since we are too stupid to make sound decisions), at least that way we can forget about our own faults and bring closure to the guilt we feel for helping to put that person in office to begin with. Maybe no one will realize how stupid we look and instead put the blame squarely on the idiot that we voted for. “you can’t blame an idiot for being an idiot…..but you can blame the people for putting the damned fool in charge!”

    • Brave statment but very very true. It is good that she is going, it is too much of a reality tv show and no one making money off of that yet. I know the power of the choosen word is enough to people elected, but the crap always comes out

  148. Many feel this is a good thing. But she has a following. Please watch out for what she is doing.

    • I agree! Now that she is moving away from (and perhaps out of) Alaska, people in the lower 48 might not listen to all the Palin horror stories coming out of the state so closely. No more ethics complaints to deal with, no more obstructionist politics to be made aware of….. She will be free to reinvent herself with very few checks and balances, and she will most likely hire a speechwriter who might make her sound intelligent since she can read a teleprompter rather well. (Remember that her conservative following was founded by reciting someone else’s well-crafted words which gave her followers the sense that she actually could think clearly.) She may not do too many interviews with the MSM because she will continue to paint them as “against her”. The public just might buy it–many already do when they agree that she has been treated harshly by the press.

      I appreciate all the bloggers that have vowed to keep after her…we all need to do the same because I don’t believe she is going away.

    • Palin suffers from “Blues Brothers Complex”.

      She thinks she’s on a mission from God. Therefore she is not beholden to the mundanities of her gubernatorial obligations.

      Palin claims that she left office before finishing her first term because she desires to “serve a higher calling” (what ever that might be). Basically, this is Palin-spin for “my current job has become a ball-and-chain holding me back from pursuing my personal ambitions and my desires to attain greater wealth and political clout in the lower 48”.

  149. Congratulations, Alaskans!!! We in the lower 48 know that you have suffered a lot. Let’s just all take in the joy.

    Listening to Palin talk is fascinating; it’s so awful that it’s an odd pleasure, like listening to William Hung sing on American Idol. I especially appreciated her waxing philosophical that only dead fish go with the flow; is that like only scum rising to the top?

    But in any case, my fantasy is that she somehow winds up on an ice floe, slowly drifting AWAY from Alaska, AND the lower 48. (PLEASE keep her away from us!).

    As nuts as she is, she’s still somehow dangerous; maybe it’s a combination of her flabbergasting self-confidence and the way she looks in a pencil skirt, but she still does have the capacity to enthrall people (as did George W. Bush – though we never did see HIM in a pencil skirt).

    The capacity for millions of Americans to buy into pretty but false narratives about would-be leaders is still distressingly strong. The only solution for it is unceasingly digging for the truth.

    Better days are coming, Alaskans! Love from Massachusetts.

  150. Here is why GINO is threatening to sue Shannyn.

    It’s all starting to make sense now…..check out the clothes!

  151. Dear Shannyn and many other Alaskan bloggers,
    Congratulations and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    All of you wrote with great courage relentlessly about Sarah Palins wrongdoings. I think this perseverance played a big role in her stepping down now.
    Of course she had some other things in mind than to ruin her career.
    But unknown to herself she just ruined her political aspirations once and for all.
    She will be flickering around for some more time, maybe rallying and working for Faux Noise and making a lot of money. So what. It doesn’t change the fact that she has made herself politically completely irrelevant on July 3rd!
    Too bad for her to accidentally cross the Bridge To Nowhere. But what a relief for us!
    I just can’t get that big smile from my face….

    So thank you again and God bless you,


  153. My family’s prayer is for all the Palin family…that they may find peace with the decision Governor Palin has made…that the Palin’s children will see honor in their mother’s decision…and that they can find some relief from the pressures of public life.

    As American’s, each of us still have the right to choose our own future and we should all be respectful of Governor Palin’s choice to leave office. Agree or disagree, I believe we can separate ourselves from the rest of the world by our reactions…the things we say or do…about the decisions of others. Speculation and drama will not serve any purpose other than attempt to fulfill our own needs or desires to be critical of others. Why is that? Is there something in our own lives that by speaking ill of others we desire to ease our own pains?

    I would ask that each of us consider how we would respond to the pressures Governor Palin has been under. Some self-imposed…some not…and be considerate in our analysis of what the future holds for her and her family. I would want the same and although I can not speak for all, I would think each of us would probably choose the understanding of others, the wise counsel of respected friends, and the grace of God to help walk us through trying times. The alternative is to build up ourselves by tearing down others…especially those in the public eye versus we who go about our daily lives in private…where others can not see the personal challenges we face, the decisions we make based upon those challenges, and thus not have the opportunity to judge us in the open.

    We all have options and choices…the ability to choose is showing real power…the ability to accept the choices of others is showing respect. This power and respect are still present in America because of those who are and have served our country through their military, public office, voluntary, and other areas of service. God has blessed our country and I pray that He will continue to show and provide His grace given our own decisions.

    Respectfully submitted…

  154. Had a thought…the old song “how can you keep her down on the farm, after she saw Paris”…..She got a taste of fame and fancy clothes(like a beauty queen) running for VP and no way does she want to give that up. The lower 48 offers her so much more then Alaska.

    But if she thinks that bloggers and other factions out there will drop the ball on anything she says or does just because she gives up on the Alaska she says she loves, she has another thought coming.

    If she can walk away from a smaller important job as Governor when the going gets hot and tough, she would surely drop and run as VP or President.

    It’s all about the money and fame, don’t you think the “Hell Yes” statement was because someone in the family heard $11 million book deal? She will be able to buy her way out of anything then.
    Look out Neiman Marcus!!!!!!

    She will never pay for anything she did to Alaska or did not do for them, no politician ever does, America forgets and forgives, what a shame.

  155. At a neighborhood 4th of July BBQ here in Fairbanks even previous Palin supporters were pretty mystified and several claimed they would not vote for her again.

  156. Congrats Shannyn, keep up the good work. Where can I go to see the photoshop photos?

    Cute picture too, btw. I was reading on HuffPost and the best response to Palin’s atty is, “my atty is ready to depose Sarah.” Boy will that shut them up fast! lol.

    Aloha, Peter

  157. I find it incredible that some of her supporters insist that Palin is not a quitter. If it looks, talks, and acts like a duck, it is not a swan.

    Palin was elected Governor of Alaska during a period of prosperity due to the overinflated prices on crude oil, and she rode the coattails of good fortune as her constituency profited while the lower 48 suffered at the gas pump.

    Well, times have changed, oil prices (and hence state revenues) are down, and the same constituency and legislature that had applauded her folksy style have been scrutinizing her management style more carefully.

    Bottom line, when the going gets tough, Sarah throws in the towel.

  158. Is it true Mr. Parnell will be sworn in at the Governor’s Picnic, during the Three-Legged Race?

    Please post video for those of us in the Lower 48.


    Mike Licht
    Washington DC

  159. “I can see scandal from my house”! Sarah leaving all the sudden, something doesn’t smell right…..

  160. Shannyn, major kudos for releasing your story! I found your blog through Huffington Post, and the linking article mentioned that Palin wants to gun you down legally for speaking… oh, I dunno, THE TRUTH! I made a joke on my blog earlier about how if Palin can’t take a late nigh comedian’s joke (even after it get rounded), then how the hell can she possibly run a country?

    She can’t! Like in education, she has to quit something four, five, or six times to get it right. She can serve half a term as governor, yet have enough experience to run a country. She wants to preach family values, but deny that her own child got knocked up. She gets asked direct questions and throws off a damn Fargoism before launching into her stupidity.

    You know what? LET there be a lawsuit. I say you counter-sue for medical damages: ongoing headaches for having to deal with such a stupid woman over and over and over again!

  161. I just wanted to check out your site. You are my newest favorite blog!

    Can’t wait to send your link to all of my friends.

    Thank you to Sarah Palin for leading me to you! 😛

  162. Just FYI, in order to have a case for defamation, the plaintiff (Palin) needs to show that what you said (she’s quitting because of a federal investigation) was false, by clear and convincing evidence. I doubt she can do that.

  163. From a born and raised southern California resident. Whatever Palin is going to do next please please if there is a way keep her from coming down here. We have enough problems as it is. The last thing we need is that mess roaming about.

    Were already stuck with Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton and Lohan keeps crashing into things. and The Kardashians and their giant posteriors, Please dont let her come down here and join the mix, its already a finacial and cultural fiasco.

  164. Dear all,
    Great !! Alaska has given new meaning to “Independance Day”. Soon to be ex-Gov Palin will be bailing out on her constituents, as a true loser would. Better luck with your next Gov.
    Rick Shreiner
    Stockholm, Sweden

  165. sarah palin is a corrupt as they come. there are NO rules in Alaska unless someone decides to enforce them and IF it’s convenient to the enforcer. adios ex barracuda!! LOL

  166. I absolutely CANNOT believe, after everything she has done, that anyone would consider her a serious candidate for president. Jeeeez, I cant even see her being a serious anything, she is a BOZO. There is much much more to this resignation, and we will all find out very soon. She even had the nerve to show up here in Juneau with Big Head Todd and attend some 4th of July activities. She was a no-show, however, to the saturday morning flag raising ceremony at the museum, a very important event she previously committed to attending.

    I want to see Shannyn Moore debate Ann Coulter on all of this, or Rush Limbaugh – we need to show those buffoons what REAL Alaskans are made of, and let them know what has really gone one up here with Pain in the Ass Palin.

  167. Thank you for this blog, I don’t feel so bogged down. There is a Twilight Zone in this somewhere. I just hope Alaska can get back the respect of the people who put her in office. It goes to show you words are cheap and never judge a book by it cover

  168. Dear Alaska, Congratulations! Your state is beautiful and precious. She was a blight. Hopefully she will stay gone.

    Diane from Illinois

  169. Awesome work Shannyn! Don’t let Palin, an impostor of a politician, grind you down. Your an American hero, difinately mine. Thank you and God Bless you and the United States of America..

  170. where the hel is the nut job? Why is she hiding out. Both palin and romney have been MIA. Is this part of a repug strategy… come in at closer to 2012? Less time to be rediculed? Why did the ” Cocky Whacko ” cancel her Reagan Library stint? I kinda don’t care, but it is fishy… sorry fish.

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