Posted by: shannynmoore | July 5, 2009

My name is Shannyn Moore

If you have a marriage proposal or a death threat….well, skip it.

I’d like to know your favorite color, and what you think about Israel and open pit mining, but not in that order.  If you need to reach me, email address is

If you email to tell me how you think I should be be-headed, well, don’t…that’s so 1994.

If you want to get married, realize, I think all (ALL) people should be legal to marry…ALL…except for me.

Happy Independence Day!



  1. blue, if you allow for open pit mining, you family should be made to live there when they are done and israel is ok, iguess.

    • No one cares that she quite. Absolutely no one cares. Get over it. So you have another election and get a new governor. Who cares, no one does. So you think she is corrupt. Who cares? No one does. No one and I mean no one outside of the densely populated state of wildlife and nothingness. Get over yourselves and move on. NO ONE CARES!!!

  2. Marriage poposal? Kinda sudden… coundn’t we get coffee first? Israel is the Achillie’s Heel of America foreign policy, open pit mining for… what specifically, and my favorite color is black, but I’d make an exeption in your case. Keep sticking it to Alaska’s soon-to-be-fomer governor; you’re a vision and an inspiration!

  3. Re: Van Fleins letter
    “To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as “fact” that Governor Palin resigned because she is “under federal investigation” for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing,”

    If you did not claim it as fact but reported a rumour, then the above sentence is defamatory and you are owed a correction/apology. It is per se malicious as he singled you out from all the other outlets – some of which have specifically stated it as fact.

    • Yeah, that’s not cricket! Libeling someone whilst in the process of accusing them of libel!

      Maybe Sarah will get put on the “Banned from Britain” list, so she can take up libel tourism in the UK along with Michael Savage 😉

  4. Sarah Palin is a frog.

  5. My favourite colour is lavendar, I think Iran is hot, dry, rocky and they don’t have enough water and that would make me cranky too and I wish we didn’t have to mine anything at all because we’ve buggered up our planet enough as it is.

    I’m sad because my call got truncated today (stupid overseas connections) and I didn’t get to hear your take on what’s happening in the Republican Party these days and this new attitude of punishing party members who dare cooperate with the Dems and because I never hollered a big ‘G’Day’ to either you, AKM or Gryphen.

    So now I’m off to pout and whinge and maybe figure out how to get Tim Tams to all of you for working so hard this past year. But you’d have to share them with Phillip and Linda too because the 5 of you are my Alaska heroes and everyone knows heroes need bikkies 🙂

  6. No be-heading requests. I’m guessing I missed an interesting radio show? In any case, Heather and I are in Hawaii and just wanted to say thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings on at home, and keep up the great work. Kudos!

  7. Israel is okay as a country, but I don’t think we should be interfering in their internal situations. I also don’t believe that the world should revolve around Israel, no more than it should revolve around America.

    I’m partial to darker colors, gray, dark blues and black. I also like aquamarine, red, pink, and forrest green. Teal ain’t bad either. I don’t like white, yellow, or anything neon. Hurts my eyes.

    I don’t know much about open pit mining, but it sounds bad. I’ll have to dig up some information about it. (No pun intended. Really.)

    I am not going to make a death threat and I’m already married, so no polygamy for me, thank you.

    Anyway, have a good one and hang tough.


  8. Shannyn,

    I’m not a regular reader, but stumbled across your blog through Yahoo. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you will continue to shed light on what’s going on up there in Alaska.


  9. I won’t ask you to marry, nor am I calling for your demise. Just positive thoughts.

    I’ve never heard of you before all this Sarah Palin absurdity started.

    I’m very impressed you are standing up to this egoistic bully in the press.

  10. Ozmud,

    I want to add my thanks to Shannyn, AKM, Gryph & Linda. I also want to add my thanks to YOU, you’re one of my heros too. Great blog!

    Also want to thank Regina at Palingates, Phil, Dennis, the Palin Deception team, NailinPalinNow, Blow-Pop-Palin, and Bree Palin. I know I’m leaving someone out & I apologise. Just wanted to express my greatest appreciation for you all!

    You Rock! Great show today Shanny. Loved hearing AKM & Gryph and stayed tuned in to hear Linda and CC on the Method show. This afternoon went wayyyy too fast. Good stuff.

    Thanks again & don’t let up on the Palin scrutiny, she’s not done yet. You give us all hope for the future.

  11. Watch out Shan. Foxnews just now reporting that you are guilty of defamation of character of Sarah Palin. Her lawyer won’t tolerate it. Be careful of the sheep in wolf’s clothing. Personally, I think she is the Anti-Christ.

    Such crap!!!!

  12. Green is my favorite color. Open pit mining is bad and Sarah is a twit. Oh, and did you hear the rumor…

  13. Shannyn, GREAT JOB on Palin. I’ve watched you on MSNBC and think you do a wonderful job. Wish we had someone like you here in Tennessee. Keep on Palin – you will win the Pulitizer when this indictment goes down. You are loved on HuffPo as well. As much as I hate to that idiot female be on the newsites, it is nice to know there is an actual person in Alaska who can refute her BS.

  14. Anybody up for a demonstration at Van Fleins Anchorage (and Fairbanks) office with signs relating to INTIMIDATION by the GOVERNOR and her minion Thomas Van Flein of a PRIVATE CITIZEN with trumped up legal action?

    • I’ll be there! (Or here, actually, in Fairbanks).

      Shannyn Moore? She ROCKS. I know at least 30 people here in town who go to this blog, AKM, Phil, Linda, and Gryph for REAL Alaskan news. We certainly don’t get it from the Fairbanks Daily News-MINUS (except for The Alaska Curmudgeon’s comments, of course).

  15. Absolutely terrific show last night! (I can’t believe I skip the blowing up of the neighborhood thing on the 4th of July to listen to a radio show from AK.) Heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work!

  16. Blue is my favorite color. I am woefully ignorant about open pit mining and need to educate myself about the issue before opining. Love Israel but haven’t been there in 25 years–want to go back. I’m a committed Jew but see the point of view of the Palestinians.

    I also am a lawyer who has handled defamation cases. The threat sure sounds baseless to me.

  17. You are doing a really great job, Shannyn! If the attorney wants evidence, I think photo evidence of a fake pregnancy would be in order. Sure would like to see a letter from the attorney denying those.

    Hearts to you and all Alaskan bloggers.

  18. OMW! Every time I work up the nerve to ask for someone’s hand in marriage it gets shot down again! 😉

    Great job last night, all. Adult beverages at Humpy’s — breakfast and bloody mary’s, anyone? Noon-ish.

    (…and actually I should probably propose to CC instead anyhow 😉 — she sounded exactly like the female version of me last night on Method. It was spooky… like hearing from another part of my own brain that I’d never paid attention to before. Bravo!)

    And hey CC, umm, “how you doin’?” lol


  19. Wait wait! Media doesn’t cover the one court used most often, and for the longest period of time. So the public has no clue until they read how family court really works, at before taking such a step.

    [Spoiler Alert: Judges churn cases for the benefit of those working in the divorce and custody industry, at the expense of the litigants just trying to get out of a relationship. It’s become a full blown employment act for attorneys and therapist…and fake attorneys and fake therapists, too.]

  20. Wait wait! Media doesn’t cover the one court used most often, and for the longest period of time. So the public has no clue until they read how family court really works, at before taking such a step.

    [Spoiler Alert: Judges churn cases for the benefit of those working in the divorce and custody industry, at the expense of the litigants just trying to get out of a relationship. It’s become a full blown employment act for attorneys and therapist…and fake attorneys and fake therapists, too.]

    My favorite color is periwinkle.


    Wonkette’s got your back!

    Shannyn, please use the free PR (courtesy of Palin & her attorney) to launch your own best-selling book deal, your own TV show, your own nationally syndicated radio show, or a run for governor of AK in the near future. Or all of the above!

  22. Are you going to send Sarah a thank you card for giving your career a boost? First she goes after Linda, now you. Somebody’s getting touchy.

    I’ve been pondering her “higher calling, leading ordinary people” comments. Is it possible she’s been told she’s history in the Republican Party and is planning to start a Religious Wingnuts third party?

  23. Great show last night.

    I never know what my favorite colour is, but it’s definitely spelled “colour” in my world. 😉

    Open pit mining should only be allowed in wealthy suburbs.

    Weak case, Van F, weak case. Laughably so. Fortunately, you already know that, Shannyn. Glad your attorney got a laugh from it, too.

  24. I live in Arkansas near the bauxite mines, so I know what that’s like. I voted for Carter, then became a republican for some reason and voted for Reagan, Bush Sr. first term. I then figured out what was really going on, and have been against republicans ever since.

    Thanks for being there. Good luck in the future.

  25. You’re fascinating. Keep up the free speech. If legal bills start to pile up, set up a legal fund and I’ll donate to keep the free speech going. Thanks!
    I am no expert when it comes to open pit mining, but from what I know about this sort of mining is that it causes irreparable damage to the landscape and creates an environment void of life. The only plus is that it can provide a temporary source of jobs for local communities (until they mined everything from it, then its back to square one..)

    I feel Israel should stop building settlements in the West Bank until territorial disputes are settled.

    My favorite color is red.

  26. Suck it up Buttercup! *Priceless*

  27. Keep it up, Shannyn!

    And thanks for everything you do.

  28. Wonderful show. I like it when you get angry, you had plenty of reason.
    On a better note, Sarah has done wonders for your exposure.

  29. Oh, this is priceless! Congrats on the added exposure, Shannyn …

    I fail to understand how the mention of “rumors” can be construed as “fact” either, however, I’m beginning to get a better understanding at why GINO’s legal bills with Van Flein have been so high if he is that ineffectual as an attorney. (Martindale Hubbell has him rated as BV; by this point in his career, I would have expected an AV rating, but perhaps there is a reason that he’s not better rated … just thinking outloud.)

  30. Marriage is overrated.

    Also, Thomas Van Flein is playing baby games with you. In actuality, you should be flattered. Means that your coverage has hit a nerve with Mrs. Palin – means you are or have been close to home on one or more of your reports. I’m not a lawyer, but I had a year of law school – Van Flein has nothing on you. He just makes Mrs. Palin look silly, petty, and childish in the process. Sarah should just pick up her ball and jacks and go home.

  31. PS: how is the Photoshop contest coming along? I completely lack the skills for photoshopping (I’d found out when trying to paste GINO’s head onto an orange-jumpsuit clad figure) …

    Forgot to add: fave color is purple. Agree with the problem child on open pit mining. And struggle on the topic of Israel.

  32. I like purple, I wish Israel could figure out how to reconcile everyone with everyone (good luck there), and I grew up in a state with an open pit mine and the scars were visible from miles away.

    Hooray, we agree everybody that wants to marry should be able to marry, or not, too.

    Bad attorney! No! No!

    I’ll have to give your show a listen sometime, glad you’re getting the exposure for stating your opinions. Hang in there.

  33. I hadn’t heard of your website (I live in Chicago)until all of the news coverage on how Palin’s legal team is trying to stop your blogging since it is so negative towards her. Now I will be checking in on this blog frequently, and recommending my friends do as well.

    I love how she supposedly stands for all the rights which America stands and fights for, yet not if it could be uncomfortable for her. Hypocracy is funny at any level, but so much more so at the national level.

    Thanks for standing up for what you believe. Very cool blog.

    Oh yeah two state solution, blue, and not really sure

  34. Blue/Green, yep the ‘Buttercups’ should ‘Suck IT[open pit] Up. We were ROTFLOAO over airwaves. Have a couple brewskis before KO mon. And lastly-FREE CYNTHIA McKINNEY, I’m so pissed!

  35. Blue.
    The color of deep clear water with shafts of sunlihgt, like the hope diamond, or distant mountains on a clear day, or the sky behind high white clouds.

    Happy July 4th and 5th.

    Just rember the Mudflatters will cheer for you and help as much as we can.

  36. Green/burnt umber highlights.
    I am thinkin of those people on the Yukon and elsewhere who are not reaching their subsistance goals.
    One would think 0 bycatch as a first move? But there is that pesky problem of corporate influence in fisheries management. I like to sum it up “People over pockets” when it comes to management.
    Hope you get a couple daze to relaxe.

  37. Great, Shannyn, absolutly great show. Intelligence and wit. Palin is just not used to people who don’t give in. Show them all, that is how you’re going to “progress” AK.

    One colour for each day of the week, depending on the mood. Yesterday evening it was “sang de boeuf”, beef blood red, listening to you all.

    Open pit mining ok if the CEOs have their country club in it.

    Israel shares land and peace with Palestine.

  38. Sarh Palin is a quitter. Sue Me.
    Thanks for all your hard work and standing up to Whailin Palin.

    She got out of the kitchen because she could not stand the heat. She still cannot talk intelligently and she is a disgrace to women everywhere.
    Every argument that men use to deny women entrance into politics or to positions of power and responsibility she has displayed.
    She tried to get by without doing her homework, using her looks and her supposed “charm”.
    She has now quit 2 jobs in the state. She has no experience except her job as Mayor of a town of 7,000 people.
    Who would trust her in a position of higher power? Those that are fooled by charm and smooth talkers. Those that voted for good ole boy G. W.
    God help our country if Sarah Palin is ever elected to higher office.

  39. my favorite color is black.

    stressing more about north korea.

    i just wanted to say…way to go!!! don’t be bullied!

  40. Nearly every color is my favorite color (hey, a rainbow! But don’t read anything into that.. 🙂 )

    I absolutely abhor the idea of a giant open pit mine with toxic tailings seeping into the groundwater and beyond. There have been too many of these types of mines already; you can see them if you Google Earth.

    Hey, Shannyn, you took exactly the right tack in your radio broadcast last night — staunch, strong backbone, courage of your convictions. They have nothing.

    And hey, the rest of us commenters have a right to our OPINION, don’t anyone forget that!! If Sarah Palin and her minions have a problem with THAT, let her explain herself.


    Tactics like attacking comedians, bloggers, “the media”, other politicians, etc. hasn’t worked up to now — it will fail miserably if it gets into the judicial arena.

    Oh, and I AM married; have been for nearly 45 years. 🙂

  41. You are doing a really great job, Shannyn! #

    Sarh Palin is a quitter and people need to know what the soon “former gov” was up to while on the job.

    Seems her husband is in the think of things as well.

    NO way, NO how, can she be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Shannyn

  42. You rock Shannyn, even though I just sent you an e-mail and spelled your name wrong. My bad! keep up the awesome work and we will all be happy to give money to the Shannyn PAC and Legal Defense Fund when that time comes. Sarah Palin FAIL!

  43. Shannyn,

    Thank you for keep the world apprised of the goings-on of the soon to be ex-nutjob-governor of Alaska. You have the support of a grateful nation and world.

    The Albany Observer

  44. Shannon:

    I’ve been through what Palin is threatening to put you through. I was an Ohio talk show host who was sued by a connected republican county engineer when I railed about the strong possibility of a conflict of interest in his position as county engineer at the same time he had a private practice and pursued land development. To me it was a no-brainer to question his well documented activities.

    I was subsequently sued for libel (yes, though it’s defined as ‘slander’ as the spoken word, legally, it’s considered ‘libel’) – in the amount of $4 million dollars. Witnesses, interrogatories, depositions, et al dragged the case out for nearly 4 years. I was cleared of all charges by the originating Common Pleas Court and an Appeals Court…”Any reasonable person would come to the same conclusion.”

    If Palin sues, immediately counter-sue for her frivolous nonsense. There’s a legal name that escapes me right now, but I very much regret not making that move.

    Also, check with your employing station to see if they have insurance designed to cover just such an eventuality.

    Keep up the good work. I eventually got fired after Clear Channel took over the station for being the only progressive voice within a 200 mile radius…and I cannot get another on-air job.

    We have suffered through a period of fascist, corporate and theological propaganda in the media that continues virtually unabated to this day (Keith and Rachel notwithstanding). It takes a lot of guts to do what you’re doing.

    Dennis S.

    P.S. Palin is an ethical, moral and intellectual non-entity who is apparently the best the current GOP crop can do. Look for her on Fox where she’ll pitch her presidential candidacy for the next three years.

  45. Oh yeah my bad, and to answer your questions: Green, great place to visit but wouldnt live there, another bad republican idea

  46. Hi From the Lower 48 Shannyn!

    My preferred colors come from the yellow/brown groups. I have no one favorite color.

    Re: Palin, take this advice from a supporter in New Jersey: Double check your sources and keep a recorder with you at all times. I believe SP and her minions are on a blogger witch hunt.
    All the best.

  47. There is one topic that Sarah Palin would never touch in court:


    I know it’s becoming boring, but I say it again: Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig, and anybody else who makes that claim will have impunity – because it is TRUE. I am not “obsessed” with babygate, and I do think that Sarah Palin has more skeletons in the closet, but I still think that babygate is the only issue that can effectively bring Sarah Palin down in the sense that even a large part of her “base” will turn away and disown her – because that was one lie too much.

    Sarah Palin’s allegation that she is the mother of Trig, who in an act of heroism on Sarah’s part was not aborted, is the main reason of her popularity among the wingnuts, and she plays the “Trig card” at every given opportunity. Something smells very fishy here.

    My partner Kathleen had written in a blog already on 19th June:

    “Sarah took on David Letterman and to all intents and purposes, she won. He apologised. Twice. So what chance do two Alaskan citizens have against the might of Sarah Palin if she decides to use the substantial sums that have been raised through public donations to harass them? What frivolous complaints will her army of lawyers dream up in order to curtail her most persistent critics? Watch this space – Hideous Sarah is about to reveal her true face.” Sarah

    Palin now tries to threaten and discredit the Alaskan bloggers. She apparently hopes that they will now become more careful with their allegations. We already know that the MSM has done a terrible job so far covering Sarah’s scandals. But there is still hope, as reporters from the NY Times and the Washington Post are now on the ground in Alaska, as van Flein admitted to the ADN.

    Babygate is the scandal that has to be revealed. Everybody should be aware the babygate is the real deal.

  48. Shannyn sorry to hear you are getting harassed by the nut bags. Though I am not surprised, reading the some of the comments at the news miner it seems the bots are ready to blame anyone but “buttercup” for the queens crash and burn.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

    But my one complaint is that we can’t get you on the radio here in the central interior.

  49. Keep up the good work! This Lady should never hold office again.Thank you for being forthright and honest! Your reporting is right on target.”Rumor or fact” Time will dig up something.She has proven she is unreliable.

  50. Here’s what Palin had to say about the criticism she faced when she bravely (ahem) “addressed rumors” of President Obama’s association with Bill Ayers…

    “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.” –Sarah Palin, radio interview with WMAL-AM, Oct. 31, 2008

    Someone brilliant found this and posted it on the huffPo comments section…hundreds of pages of comments….

    Doncha just love smart, real Americans?

  51. Shannyn… Marriage is over rated. 10 years ago, I had a home on the beach in Santa Barbara area, lived alone, drove a sports car and had a very cool job. Now, I live in Utah, have 7 kids and a full sized van, and am home most the time. I Love my marriage, I adore and I am committed to my husband and kiddies. but there are days….I open the garage and lift the dusty cover of my convertible mustang and dream. Open pit mining? Not a clue. Israel? Gotta have it. Palin? better off without.
    I think if you ever write a book, it needs to be called:
    Alaska Rumors – fact and fiction

  52. Shannyn, thank you and ALL the progressive Alaskan bloggers for all the work you guys do.

    Seriously, I enjoy your thought, opinions and writings.

    Can’t wait for you and AKM to go to the blogger workshop and take us with ya, it will be a neat experience!

    I know all of you will hang tough.

    Scarah is melting due to her own narcissist inferno. Although I think she’ll pull every media and political drama trick in the universe to pump up sales until her book comes out.

    She’s a natural at that, eh? Her “gift” is drama, lol.

  53. Sorry Ladies I overlooked some of the comments about how she has hurt woman in general.She’s only hurt herself as far as I’m concerned your all still as great as you were before SP.I was always proud of my wife and her struggle with the Old boy system! She always came out on top and with dignity! She was disliked for her success. Plug on you deserve everything you gain.

  54. Good luck with all that SP stuff Shannyn. Sorry I didn’t have that much to say on the radio last night. Asta-

  55. Hey, Shannon! Just a “shout out and a wink” from Oregon. You go girl! Nail “Buttercup” to the wall and don’t let the twit get away with her stupid threats!

  56. um…I mean Shannyn…sorry.

  57. Shannyn, This is my first time to visit your blog. I found it because of the uproar caused by the Palinbots over your opinions and thoughts of Palin’s ethics violations. Keep up the good work. I’m listing you as a link on my blog.

    Favorite color: turquoise blue
    Open pit mining: ONLY okay for property owned by the following: Sarah Palin, Attorney Van Fleins and Eddie Burke ;O)

  58. Hey Shannyn,

    Congratulations on getting rid of your embarrassing governor. I know what it is like to have an embarrassing governor…I’m from Texas, after all, and thanks to Palin’s impending resignation, Dick…er…Rick Perry is second now only to Sanford (and that’s only a recent development due to Sanford’s gawd-awful attempts at Harlequin romance novels).

    Speaking of embarassing…I hope you gave the one-finger salute to Palin’s attorney for that stupid libel action threat. I, unlike Palin, went to a real journalism school where they actually taught media law. A real journalism major should know better. My understanding of media law plus my own personal experiences with a lawsuit tell me you’ll be laughing all the way to summary judgment, when her pathetic little case would be dismissed.

    Stay warm up there…if you are not warm enough, perhaps the 100+ heat here in Austin should warm you up.

    BTW…fave colors are green, plus burnt orange and white (go Horns)!

  59. My favorite color is blue. I like the shade on the edges of your background.

    I’ll be curious to find out why Sarah “Buttercup” Palin picked you out of everyone online to get mad at. If you need help with legal defense fees, I’m sure plenty of folks in the blogosphere will be happy to contribute.

    Keep your chin up and good luck.

  60. Hey Shannyn… I sent you a private email… Keep burning Palin 😉 Michael

  61. Keep up the great work, Shannyn. You had a good show again last night.

    My color is blue. I’ve seen some nicely reclaimed open pit mines, and some scary remainders, like the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana. I have very mixed feeling about Israel. I feel sorry for the Palestinians who had their homes, lands, and employment taken from them in the creation of the state and in the subsequent Israeli expansions, and who have never recovered. The United States, Britain, Israel, and the Palestinians are all to blame for the very complicated and ugly situation that exists there today, and I think attitudes will have to change on all sides if peace is ever to be achieved.

  62. Shannyn you go Girl! The very first thing that popped into this little bloggers mind when I heard Palin was resigning was an investigation is about to bite Caribou Barbie in the bum. If Palin’s reaction to your comments (and my thoughts) are any indication we my very well be right. Hang in there and keep it up.

  63. A mockumentary show of solidarity for fellow blogger Shannyn Moore


    Jason Linkins Huffington Post

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads


    OMGZ HA HA SARAH PALIN! She’s resigning! And suing the entire internet for defamation! And breaking new ground in CRAZY AWESOME? Here’s the super-media ready Sean Parnell, the Lieutenant Governor who is now governor. Palin used the word “crazy” in her remarks, as well as a tortured metaphor involving point guard

    Huckabee says that the challenge Palin will face is basically that she’s a big old quitter who runs from challenges. Rove says that it’s “unclear what her strategy is,” but doesn’t that mean that her strategy is potentially AWESOME and CRAZY? Plus she’s SUING THE INTERNET, with lawyers, and stuff.

    Oh hai! Sean Parnell? Forgot all about you and junk? You’re the guy who did that “Lazy Sunday” rap, or something? He says Palin went to Kosovo and proved that she “didn’t need a title” to effect change, because she laid on hand and healed wounds and make cotton candy appear in mid air.

    It could be a brilliant strategy,” Huckabee says, “we just don’t know.” Rove says she’ll have to be unconventional and that she’s “lost control of time.” IT’S LIKE SHE’S A DOCTOR WHO EPISODE. OH, JESUS! Is Sarah Palin going to fight the Daleks, or something?

    What’s up with North Korea, launching their crazy missiles? Mullen says that they are trying to “send a message.” That message: I AM RESIGNING AS GOVERNOR OF ALASKA, TOO! POINT GUARDS! MOOSE! SHUT UP BLOGS, OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP.

    PANEL TIME: Hey, Bill Kristol? Explain what your girlfriend, Sarah Palin, is up to? Kristol says that it’s a “high-risk” move, but that being Governor of Alaska is for losers like Sean Parnell and that it’s time to study issues and travel the country shooting everyone’s wolves and fighting Daleks alongside the TimeLords, from Gallifrey. He says that the “media” has been really tough on her, but she’s gone “all in” now, and will probably be awesome, and hey, “Bristol Kristol” has a nice ring.


    Today! VPOTUS Biden! Shiny! Plus a panel that I believe has been de-Liz Cheneyed in favor of bringing in Todd Purdum, to talk about crazy Eskimo grifter Sarah Palin and how everyone on the McCain campaign hated her, except Randy Scheunemann, and now she’s going to become the White Oprah in the hopes of putting Meghan McCain on her Anti-Book Club. Then her lawyers will sue the entire universe, and the Sun.

    GS points out that half of the United States are going to fail, and require Sarah Palin to come and protect them from Wolfen with her YouBETCHACopter. Biden says that nobody knows for certain is a second stimulus is necessary, and that time will unspool and more of the first stimulus will hit the economy.

    Finally, Biden has to talk about deranged frostvixen quitterface Sarah Palin, because he was the last person to run against her and her expert point guardery. Biden says that “personal decisions” have an impact on politics, and that maybe she wasn’t happy with her personal life, but that he doesn’t know and won’t “second guess” Palin. As for it being a result of “political bloodsport,” Biden says no, it wasn’t. And hell, he’s got a point! Palin has always shown a real eagerness to dispense the bloodsport, herself. Anyway, she will now sue stimulus packages, with her team of gobbling lawyertwits, and it will be awesome.

    PANEL TIME, woo! Sarah Palin tells the world that staying as Governor of Alaska would be apathetic, and dead fish like, and point guards and BURN THE INTERNET FOREVER. CLEANSE THIS LAND IN THE WHITE-HOT FIRE OF MY ESKIMO ANGER! But what does the panel think of this?

    GS is like: “Were you driving you car, or living your life, when Sarah Palin decided to go foxtrotting CRAZY in front of cameras, while seals and moose gamboled around in the background moaning in sexual frenzy? Because WOW WHAT WILL MITT ROMNEY DO TO TOP THIS EPISODE IN OUR LIVES.

    Sarah Palin will not accept being a “lame duck,” by which she means, “have a few years left in my very first term in an office of even marginal importance.” She will also not be a “turkey, shoved in a woodchipper” or a “raven, at your chamber door” or a “bluebird of happiness” or a “murder of crows” or a “point guard for the Washington Mystics” or a “figure who is talked about on blogs” or a “realistic contender for any public office ever again.” SHE WON’T PUT ALASKANS THROUGH THAT. Instead, she will put the rest of the country through something, and Alaska shall secede from the United States and blast off into space and settle on top of the Hale-Bopp Comet, where they shall forever glide through the celestium on a ribbon of white-hot ice.

    George Will, fresh from setting off pinwheels and roman candles at the recent Washington Post Lobbyist Foxtrot-Fest And Hot Baby Oil Rubdown Hour With Fred Hiatt, says he does not understand why Sarah Palin did what she did, maybe she is from that alternative universe in FRINGE where the World Trade Center still stands and David Letterman is kept on a leash for Bristol Palin’s own amusement. Anyway, whatever, she’s BORED of working and wants to quit and wants “peace.”

    Cynthia Tucker is all “bish pls!” “If she wants peace, we won’t be seeing her on the campaign trail.” And now Palin’s lawyers are suing Cynthia Tucker for slander and assault and arson.

    Todd Purdum says he “can’t rule out” that there’s a scandal or another shoe to drop. Tony Blankley says, “I think she’s the best intuitive contender in the Republican party.” GS, is all, “Intuitive? What the Foxtrot are you talking about, Tony Blankley?” He says, “She has good political gut-sense on how to talk to the American people.” Wow. To think that on July 3rd, America needed to be talked to in such a loopy and rambling way, on the importance of quitting your job and giving up and GOIN’ ROGUE and launching a weaponized polar bear attack from Galt’s Gulch. AWESOME. This was so foxtrotting intuitive! Maybe Tony Blankley can intuit up a box of ball peen hammers to fall from the sky, on everyone’s head, so that we could better align ourselves mentally, with our snowbilly savior.

    Blankley says that it’s just impossible for Palin to be President and run for Alaska, let alone sue the media for pointing cameras at her as she self-immolates. Will says that there is no “plausible comaback strategy,” but he’ll consult with any lobbyists who are willing to pay him $25 to rub butter on his bare nipples. Cynthia Tucker calls Palin “Richard Nixon without the policy experience.” SHE’S LIKE SPIRO AGNEW WITHOUT A RECORD DEAL.

    Todd Purdum slaps her around for her self-regard and grandiosity. Speaking of: Purdum’s editor is Graydon Carter! And now they’re all talking abour narcississm and self-involvement. Pots are shinin’ up kettles!

    George Will goes off on his “RISING GENERATION OF GOP STARS” which he mentions every foxtrotting week. SHORTER VERSION: “PLEASE NO MORE SARAH PALIN, GAH.” Blankley insists that Sarah Palin is the only Republican giving off “positive energy.” “There’s a lot of pulsating going on,” he says. Dowd says, yeah, “that’s a huge problem,” because she’s like a million carnies or something.

    Oh boy, it’s over! I can sit back, have lunch and wait for Sarah Palin’s lawyers to show up at my door and Foxtrot me, but good. Have a nice Sunday, everyone! Finish shooting off those fireworks, for America!

    By the way: Pourmecoffee, for the win:
    Beers inside me but I am still releasing this one-word Palin joke which is killing here at party:

  64. Read Shannyn’s tweet about a press conference today at 2pm AK time – anyone know where I can pick it up?

  65. I have noticed that the Righties have become especially nasty over this news about Palin. I suppose I would be cranky too, if my hope for a win ran away at the first sign of trouble.

    So, do people in Wasilla like her??? I don’t think her house is all that impressive. Does she mingle among the peons? Or does she have “people”?

  66. Congrats Shannyn – awesome!!! Please update on presser today?

    We love you, all of the Alaska bloggers. Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska, Regina at Palingates, CD, Gryphen @ The Immoral Minority … all of you have done an amazing job reporting on the antics of the Hillbilly Snowbunny.

    Levi supposedly writing a tell all book … a must read. Her lawyer is a nit….SLAPP protects free speech (political) NOT her speech, yours.

    We all owe you. I think we all have your back. Keep up the pressure.

    And….anyone notice VidO isn’t his usual whining menacing self? Do you suppose he’s crawled back under his troll bridge???

    Good to hear from you Donna!!

    Shannyn please keep us up to date if you need anything. All of us owe you a debt of gratitude.

    By the way, my favorite color is violet.

  67. I’m gonna start following this blog fervently just to spite the governor of Alaska.

    You have a new fan from that other big red state at the opposite end of the country.


    Open pit mining is something i haven’t researched very much, i can only assume that it has a negative impact on the environment; however our civilization requires a lot of rocks and such… maybe asteroids would be a good alternative.

    My favorite color is green.

    And i think Israel is a pretty nifty country at the crossroads of many cultures and eras. Its amazing the social development and way of life in such an ancient part of the world… i thought my opinion would get points because i didn’t go to “guns, tanks, and Allah Akbar”… i figured it must suck to have your name constantly attached to something like that.

  68. My favorite color use to be Blue, now it’s Brown, so thanks for calling everyone else out on their BS!!

    I love you, I love you, I love you!! 🙂

  69. Shannyn:
    no proposal here, I’m already married. Just writing to congratulate you on stirring the weird pot with Sarahcuda and her inane attorney. Having enemies like that is a true compliment, like being on Nixon’s ‘Enemies List’. You must be doing something right . . . your karma is clearly in good order!
    My fave color is varied, it’s whatever shade of glorious is on display at sundown here in the high desert – which gets quite spectacular at times.
    As for Israel, they are both inspiring and scary. The bad side of the whole Israeli thing comes from defining themselves by one religion (just like Crazy Sarah and her pals would like to take our country), a path which almost always leads to violence and injustice.
    All in all, this has been a very bad month for theocracy – uprisings in Iran, scandals throughout the GOP’s Christian-Hezbollah faction, and especially now, Sarah-cuda imploding before our eyes.
    Questions continue to churn re. our own Sen. Ensign, BTW – watch for new revelations, pun intended. ‘Ol ‘Promise Keeper’ has much to answer for. Follow the Money, I say!
    Again, congrats and keep up the good work.

  70. Any yet I have referred to Mrs. Palin several times, at my blog, as a “F88888 C888” without getting threatened with a lawsuit.

    I feel bad! Haven’t I done my part as an anti-Palin activist?!

    Oh well. You go, Shannyn! Great work.

  71. I am changing my favorite color to yellow in honor of “suck it up, buttercup”. I will shout that slogan toward the northwest sky as the presser starts. GO, Shannyn.

    • Great idea, Anon… perhaps we all ought to put on the yellow mud boots and yellow shirts this coming Wednesday, July… 8?

  72. Shannyn I listened to your program last night, and wanted to thank you for all you do. As a registered Republican, I really wanted to get information on this unknown Alaskan governor. I heard her convention speech and watched her body language and something about her just struck me wrong.

    I started searching for information about her and have been reading your blog as well as AKMuckraker, Grypen, Celtic Diva and Phil Munger every day since then. I think the country owes all of you a debt of gratitude.

    Please keep on your toes because I for one don’t believe for one minute that the woman is going away. I don’t know what she has up her sleeve, but you can be sure she has something planned.

    Keep up the good work — by the way I loved the suck it up buttercup remark.

    • Americans should be VERY concerned, if not for many other reasons, when you have a mayor who fires, of all people, a librarian who refuses to remove books from a library that are not within line of Mayor Palin’s religious views. I wonder how many American’s really know to what lengths she went to stifle freedom of choice and to impose her own beliefs on the people of AK… It’s astonishing..

  73. My favorite color is green.

    And keep up the good work — Sarah Palin IS a bully and a coward!

  74. I think pit mining is always unsafe no matter where it is. Isreal and the rest of the middle east need to make a map and make secondary monuments to tourist sites in Isreal of religious significants so they won’t fight so much with everyone. As for the normal muslims in the US, most of them get it, and just try to ask most people, at least where I live for help or to do good deeds if in a bad situation. At least the ones I work with, that has been my experience. Otherwise, I don’t see why people make a big deal about it here in the Buckeye State.

  75. You are free to ‘marry’ the opposite sex person of your choice, one at a time, as long as each of you have the capacity to do so, based on the laws of your state. If your state says that people of the same sex can be ‘married,’ they might as well have passed a law saying that unicorns exist, as does the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Clause. They’re all fiction too.

    • It would not be necessary for Individual states to enact NEW laws that ensures all citizens of this great country are afforded the same equal rights under our constitution if hypocritical right-wing adulterous republicans would understand the political and legal doctrine called separation of church and state. It’s yet another new low for the Republicans in their attempt, based subjectively on an adulterous groups religious views, to amend the US Constitution to discriminate against a group of Americans. Yeah, let’s start updating our constitution to start excluding groups and individual rights. We all know what the Bible says about inter-racial marriages, eating shellfish, red bloody meat ect.. One would say we would be hypocritical if we also didn’t integrate those Biblical teachings, and all the others, into our constitution. We know Republicans like to pick and chose Biblical references based on what’s convenient and relevant to the ‘life style” they’re living at the moment and campaign cycle. This is precisely why YOUR party is the party of the past and why YOUR party has sunk to a 23% party AFFILIATION rating. Again, AFFILIATION rating, which is even worse than any approval rating.. It means, among many other things, that people don’t recognize YOUR party’s outlandish, fanatical right-wing, hypocritical views and they’re ashamed to associate with the party. But keep spinning on the same ole tired ideas, Taxes, Gay Marriage and Defensive spending – they’ve worked well for the rest of us and will continue to do so thru 2012 and beyond.

  76. The Quitter

    Palin you are truly full of crap

  77. my favourite colour is rose bombone

  78. I believe ALL people should be able to get married. Sadly, my “Wife” & I aren’t able to get married because I’m on Social Assistance because I’m physically disabled. We’re not even allowed to live together due to the same reason.

    Here in Ontario, Canada, we have something called the Ontario Disability Support Program, and that’s one of their many rules.

    If we got married, I’d lose all of my funding as well.

    It’s truly unfair & I also think it’s a violation of human rights.

    • wait… Canada does not allow you to get married because you are disabled??? Did I read that correctly??? That policy is even stupider than just about anything pouring forth from the lips of Thomas Van Palin.

      • Well not cause of my Disability, mostly because of the social assistance program that I & many others rely on.


    I just found on twitter-

    The Quitter

    Palin you are truly full of crap





    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve added this video to my Facebook page and also sent it out over Twitter… Classic in true hypocritical form. I’m in DC and have contacts here at MyFoxDC5 and believe it or not the DC Fox affiliate is very balanced on their reporting, I’m going to make sure they have a link to this video as well. 🙂 I’m going to be retweeting this every couple hours or so too. 🙂

  80. I am grateful to people like you Shannon, thank you for your fair and intelligent posts on who I see as the ultimate in sophmoric junior high mean girls.

    I’ve got your back,

    Tracy Lund

  81. Favorite colors, blond and blue. Israel–not relevant down here in Texas. Open pit–for barbecues, not minerals.

    It appears the soon-to-be Governer is a threatening to sue everyone who is reposting your stuff. So I’ve been reposting as much as possible.

    You available for a date in two Fridays?

  82. Anyone ever tell you that you are a Stone Fox? If I was single, 20 years younger and you were half blind…

    Favorite colorS – Blonde, which I am (what’s left) and Blue (for Democrats). Least favorite color is Red, because I equate it with Sara Palin’s ilk.

  83. I’m with ya Shannyn on the marriage thing! I don’t want to get married, but have no problem if two people in love (gay or straight) want to. 😉

    You’re doing a great job on making Sarah Palin’s hair fall out. Keep up the great work!

  84. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Iran or open-pit mining ’cause i don’t. But when I imagine it in my head, Iran seems like a hot dry place were people aren’t very happy. I mean, would you be happy if you were in a hot dry place with no water? I don’t think so…but then again a lot of people ARE moving to Arizona so I guess that’s not much of a point.

    Now, open-pit mining, I have no clue what it is but it just doesn’t seem happy making. It doesn’t sound like something you say thanks about like we do about food before every meal at my house. I mean, ‘Thank you god for open pit mining’ it just seems wrong, you know?

    Oh, my favorite color is brown or yellow, cant decide which one.

  85. That’s interesting how you censor your posts, like the one I made about you painting states blue. How gutless you are.

    • Shannyn creates a site that provides for open dialog, whereas I notice your site only offers your visitors with one “right-wing fanatical opinion” and that’s yours; In true fanatical right-wing fashion. So would that make you gutless, a coward or just plain inept like most other Republicans who haven’t quite figured out how best to use technology to create the best possible social networking experience to reach out to their constituents or supporters? Jump over to Palins site where you’ll be better able to understand that technology, and most importantly be more welcome.

      • Nice nailin’ Robert! 🙂

      • keep nailin’ them palins, Robert.

        • 🙂 Free speech isn’t free when it’s only one way.. How ironic that you have someone with the term “liberty” in their name questioning “a blog site owners” intentions on free speech when their site is nothing more than a one way fanatical hate group site that offers no forum for visitors to exchange any ideas or feedback. HYPOCRITES!!

          Their world is crashing down around them so I guess they resort to desperate measures. LOL

          It’s a breath of fresh air to find information that’s not being reported on by many of the main stream media outlets. Twitter, Facebook and these blogs sites all help to get the truth out and there’s nothing better than video 🙂

  86. You are my hero. I wouldn’t live in a country that would put somebody that stupid anywhere near the White House. If you get sued many of us will contribute to your legal fund.

  87. So like… um… Shannyn… are you going to drop your hat into the ring?? You could use Phil as your campaign manager. I bet he’d do it if you ask real nice like. 😎

    Plus, running for office would really piss off the people who claim you are gutless. Especially the ones who say they are members of “liberty groups.”

    As Janice Joplin sang…

    liberty’s just another way of saying
    I aint got nothing intelligent to say…

    liberty ain’t nothing,
    ain’t nothing without the blue
    cuz the blue means this country’s for me and youuuuuu…

    ignore the dorks
    ignore the dorks
    cuz they ain’t blue. …

    (with all due apologies)


    • 🙂

  88. Never been to Israel but love its history. Favorite color? Any shade of green or glacier blue. Can’t propose marriage (did that 40 years ago, still am to the same spouse). Open-pit mining sucks.

    That said, Fairbanks relies on you to countermand the rabid News-Minus! Congrats on the publicity, and let us know when the book is coming out!

  89. You are awesome. Thank you for what you are doing!

  90. Anyone who lists Dr. Hunter is on the right track. Gonzo journalism shall rule the world someday.
    You go, gal!

  91. I think we should be an ally of Israel, but not a cult follower of it. And we should also call them out on some of their bad practices. Sarah Palin recently said in an interview that we should never, ever question any of Israel’s actions because they are our friend. Is she that insane? Who doesn’t ever question their friends’ actions? We should never support any nation’s actions unconditionally, including our own.

    My favorite color is blue, but I also have a thing for shades of red. Not together though, that’s kind of tacky. Unless it’s on a flag.

    No opinion on open pit mining, just that it looks like a lot of work.

    Keep up the good work!

    — Bry from Boston

  92. I’m glad liberals finally have a chance to run the country. I just hope America wakes up before it’s too late and elects a decent conservative.

    This country was made possible by people who were willing to fight for their beliefs, not just write about what they thought was right or wrong.

    I believe life starts at conception. The right to bear arms is an individual right given us by the founding fathers so we could overthrow an oppresive government if needed, and that I am first responsible to make sure that I can take care of myself before asking for a handout.

    You don’t like Palin, so get over it. I don’t like our current president, but I’m not bad-mouthing him to everybody with my incessant ramblings.

    If this gets posted, I’ll be pleasantly surprised that you post a comment that doesn’t agree with you point of view.

    (and yes, I voluntarily served in the military for six years defending EVERYBODY’s right to free speech. Did you?)


    • Thanks for your service, but you weren’t defending my right to free speech. That is, I would still have the right to free speech even if you didn’t serve.

      I get annoyed whenever someone plays the “defending your freedoms” card regarding military service. You did not defend my freedoms. The people who fought in the American Revolution and shaped the Constitution did. The freedom of speech is in the Constitution, not in your military service.

      People have always liked to say that our troops are over in Iraq/Afghanistan/Korea/Vietnam/Grenada/wherever “defending our freedoms” but that’s just not true. While they are serving bravely, and in many cases in justified missions, they are not defending my freedoms. The U.S. is in no danger of being invaded and occupied by a foreign nation, much less by a string of Iraqi insurgents or al Qaida terrorists. Sure, they could attack us, but that is true whether we’re at war or not. But they aren’t about to invade our country and take over. Do you know what a monumental task that would be, to invade and occupy the most powerful nation on earth? We have had a hard time doing that with a tiny country like Iraq. Imagine another country trying to do that to the U.S.

      If we didn’t invade Iraq or Afghanistan, we would still have our constitutional freedoms. If we didn’t bomb the Balkans or invade Grenada, we would still have our constitutional freedoms. If we didn’t get bogged down in Vietnam and Korea, same thing. World War II is debatebale since it is believed Hitler and Japan planned to invade and conquer us. But since WWII we have not fought a single battle for our freedoms. And not a single soldier has fired a single shot defending my right to free speech. I’ve had that right all along.

      And please stop acting like you deserve more free speech than other people because you served in the military.

      • Wow!! Right on point, Well said! I guess Scottie got a history lesson, Admittedly, so did I. 🙂 And you’re so right about the entitlement and implied weight on freedom of speech that our brave servicemembers seem to think they have over those who didn’t service in the military. I’m tired of hearing these same people, among others, constantly remind us how they defend freedom and equality but then in the next breath lobby to amend our constitution to single out and take away right from groups of Americans based solely on ones Biblical interpretation. There’s a doctrine that we convientantly forget to remember for the sake of a “few” votes – Separation of Church and State..

        • “Defending our freedom” has been an emotional blackmail tool used by politicians for years in order to get people go along with a military action. And now it has penetrated mainstream conversation to the point where no one even thinks about it when they say it.

      • Bry – You are so full horse pucky!!! If it wasn’t for Scott, and millions of other service men and women like him, this country would not have the free speech you have. You think the US can’t be invaded? Think again, ‘cuz it could happen right here in River City. Count your Blessings!!!

        • That’s simply not true. Freedom of speech is given to me by the Constitution. So as long as our leaders do their jobs and defend the Constitution, we have freedom of speech. No war needed.

          How exactly did invading Iraq give me freedom of speech? And what about Vietnam? We went there, lost and retreated, and low and behold, we still managed to maintain freedom of speech. That’s because we had it all along.

          Many of the founding fathers opposed having a standing army. They wanted an army formed when war broke out, when needed. But they opposed having a standing army because they believed the only way we could lose our freedoms was from within… that the government would take those freedoms away, especially if they had a standing army at their command.

          When our troops fight overseas, they fight for American interests (or, whatever is perceived to be America’s interests at that time). They fight for other people’s liberation. They fight for our economy. But they do not fight for constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, since we already have those rights.

          I’d love to hear exactly what country you think is going to invade Portland. Gotta hear this. Please, please PLEASE tell me Putin’s going to “rear his head” and drag all of Russia’s arsenal and troops across Siberia to invade Oregon.

          And as much as this may make your head explode… the people who really ARE fighting for and/or defending our freedoms are lawyers, judges, activist groups and politicians. I know it hurts to read that, but it is true. Military defends our foreign interests and foreign vision, not our domestic liberties.

          And I’m not sure what “pucky” is or what it has to do with a horse, so can’t respond to that part.

    • Amen, Brother!!!


    • RIGHT ON, SCOTT!!! Thanks for your service!

  93. Open pit mining is awful environmentally and it should not be used by any civilized country. Israel’s government and miilitary has to find a way to get over it’s need to dominate the Palestinian people and listen to their own citizens who are willing to give up rthe West Bank and share Jerusalem to have peace. Hamas on the other hand has to grow up and detach itself from the teat of Iran via Hezbollah.

    My favorite color is blue and I am getting married to my long time love Veronica on July 25h and we will both be wearing Columbia blue dresses.

    You are one super lady. We’ve got your back.

  94. Give’em hell Shannyn! You’ve done more for women in the past week than Palin ever thought about! Heck, I think you’re way more qualified for public office than wailin’ Palin. Hmmm, bet you already have some offers. You go girl1
    My favorite colors are black and purple.

  95. Congratulations on your response to soon to be ex-Governor, Psycho Bitch.

  96. Hmm!! Shannyn, you may appear ‘liberal’ but you are just a typical Bushite American carrying on the Neocon policies of the ‘Junta Years’ (my new musical about Cheney).

    You have carried a pre-emptive strike on my marriage proposal and left me as useful and devestated as Iraq!!! How could you?

    Jacko, and now this rebuttal from you? The only thing that gives me hope is that you keep sticking to the nutzoid Palintoisignificance.

    Oh and my favourite colour is green; Israle is a problem (but worse than Maria), and is strip mining the name of an adult club up there in upper oneth?

    Go girl!!!

    P.S. If marriage is off the table then what about a date? I will fly from Dublin!

  97. Why would anyone want to marry some random average looking chick from the web??

    • Why wouldnt they?

  98. Good for you, Shannyn!!!

    Alaska should be glad to have you. Thank god there are American voices like yours.

    Cheers from an American overseas.

  99. Hey Shannyn, I just came across your blog today as I was reading some news sites. Palin’s Attorney said the following:

    “To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as “fact” that Governor Palin resigned because she is “under federal investigation” for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing …”

    Did you claim as “fact” what this lawyer is stating that you claimed as fact? …. Because I didn’t see this. Everybody seems to be sue crazy these days…

    If you did claim this as “fact”, was that just a mistake or slip? It seems to me that if somebody makes even the slightest mistake or slip, then somebody wants to sue. You were specifically singled out and I’d like to know why. The words “most notably” were used. Where did they “note” this?

    A rumor is defined as follows:
    a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts:

    I just don’t see where you stated this as “fact”, so my question is why are they going after you?

    Anyway, my favorite color is Blue… =^)

  100. I hear your hidden crys for help. I will propose to you shortly.

    • Haha!

  101. You go girlfriend! You are demonstrating GONZO journalism! Hooray for it. You are supported. 🙂

  102. Shannon – YOU GO GIRL! You take that idiot to task. Heck even Faux News is chewing her up and spitting her out. Is Liz Trotta going to get a letter from Karaboo Barbie’s attorney too. She straight out called her “uneducated and inasrticulate”. I love it!!!!

  103. Gee, Shannyn is a progressive who has never had any use for Palin. She gets wind of a rumor about Palin. She may already know the rumor is most likely not true or doesn’t believe it herself. No matter, since she didn’t start the rumor, why not take advantage of the situation to spread something hurtful to Palin on national TV and then get some air time with Olberman.

    Hummm, sounds familiar. Gee, maybe Palin is a muslim, wasn’t born in the US and doesn’t have an original birth certificate. Oh, but Moore wouldn’t spread those kind of rumors, would she, being a progressive and all.

  104. Hey hey hey Shannyn.
    Well… my favorite colors orange.
    And as for commenting on Israel and open pit mining, I have honestly nothing to say,
    These days politicians and corrupted government officials run everything, that is in between having affairs with mysterious women in Argentina.

  105. Thank you Shannyn!
    I am gay and I have been in a monogamous relationship with my partner Mark for 10 years (our 10th year anniversary is 7/30/09).
    My desire to legally marry Mark is so strong but I painfully can’t stand the fact that my State (much less my country) will not allow it.
    I am so insulted and disgusted with the rhetoric that my marital union with Mark would open the floodgates and allow humans to marry animals or siblings marrying each other. Also how my marriage to Mark will destroy the Institute and sanctity of marriage!
    Its politicians like Palin that are the true pharisees of modern times. They are hypocrites and theocrats. They are ones that are dangerous to our democracy!

  106. Shannyn, you are right on with the bully and coward comment. The truth hurts and that’s why the lawyers are involved. This just proves that STB ex-Gov Palin does not possess the temperament, much less the intelligence to ever hold the highest office in this land. (Words borrowed from VF article, but stated so to the point, I couldn’t help but footnote it.

    You’re doing amazing work, keep it up! And my favorite color is not one color, but combinations of colors. And if not a marriage proposal, then a date, maybe? Give me notice as I’d be coming from Florida…lol.

  107. Keep it up, Shannyn, don’t let the Palinstinians shut you up. The “Right” thrives on the first amendment, falling back on it to defend their attacks on the President, it applies to everyone, though, not just them.

  108. I think everyone has the right to marry , I mean, hell, now the government has control over that too? This is gonna turn out like the Loving vs. Virginia case. So why let it go that far? Leave everyone with a good taste in their mouth and allow same sex marriage.
    check out my blog for more of my (sometimes overrated) opinions. (:

  109. Can someone tell me what the “Department of Law is?” Sarah seems to think that would protect her from ethics investigations WHEN she becomes pres. WOW… WOW..

    • Technically, it does not exist. But even if it did, were she to ever get elected POTUS and act as she has in AK, she’d get impeached. And dethroned.

  110. When asked if she would run for President in 2012, Palin said something bout not not knowing how her fishing trip would turn out, forget about something 3 years from now. She cant supposedy “think that far into the future”, lets see how that works out for you, hun. On another note of her quitting as governor, I dont think “quitter” is exactly in the description of a good president. If she quits as governor (with the cover-up that she could do more outside the realms of governor), then whats to say she wont resign in position of higher authority. Im pretty darn sure theres a saying out there that goes “dont trust quitters”. But thats for you to decide (*gasp* finally something the government cant decide for us?? The horror….) But Im not gonna lie, I have to admit I do have a lot of admiration for Palin, she sure knows how to ruffle them politicians feathers, now thats a first! (;

  111. Homer has always been on of my very favorite places (on the road system). Having you around to be our progressive voice in Alaska makes Homer even more of a jewel.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    From a left-handed, gun-toting, progressive Greenie in Prince William Sound.

  112. Hi Shannyn,

    I would propose but I’m already married to a great woman. So, I propose that you stay strong, keep telling the truth, and know that there are so many of us down here in the lower states who love what you are doing.


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