Posted by: shannynmoore | July 6, 2009

Shannyn Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann TONIGHT!


  1. And away she goes!!! Good luck!

  2. Is there a way we can listen on line?
    Thank you.

  3. My god she is going on keith Olbermann, Now there is a moron if ever there was one.

    • Lame .. dumb and yet even dumber.

    • I think your the moron, LMFAO! KO Skewered that B*tch and so did Shannyn!
      she aborted her term…LMAO!
      Suck it up Buttercup!

    • Oh my, one of saras little sheeple posting over here. Run along little sheep ram misses you.
      Great Job Shannyn, keep it up.

    • basheert: Well at least you got this part right… you put Keith Olbermann in upper case letters and god in lower case *smirk*

      Shannyn – Just watched the vid posted at Gryphen’s. Excellent! You’re poised, calm, articulate and well-versed in the discussion topic. Maybe yOu should be running for office in Alaska!

      You’ve a lot of fans across the globe – ignore the nasties – it must be awfully hard to walk about with the weight of all that hatred in their hearts 🙂

      • hahahahaha! Ok first I snickered at the wrong nick then when I tried to apologize I clicked on the wrong comment! hahahahaha

        Sorry basheert! go take your meds wolfee!

        I should give up typing and take up drinking 🙂

        • Nothing wrong with a good drink every now and then… a good scotch might help Palin become a bit less… umm… how do I say this politely? 😉

    • The real moron is Sarah-No Nothing!

  4. Good luck Shannyn; I’m sure you will do well. I’ll be watching.

  5. Hey Shannyn, we’ll be tuning in……. you’ll have to report on the following phenomenon…..

    I love this article. Palin inspires americans to quit their jobs…..

  6. I need to say two things:

    1. Shannyn, give ’em hell on Olbermann’s show! I can’t wait to see it!

    2. Please, don’t anyone confuse ME with this Wolfee person.

    • It’s probably that C4P nitwit Sap Wolf, a rabid follower if ever there was one.

      • Doesn’t Sarah Palin have a helicopter for wolfee’s?

  7. Shannyn,
    I’m from Orlando FL, and I have to say your my new female hero, of course, Keith Olbermann is my male hero, keep up the great work and expose that fake self-righteous Palin…

  8. Bwahahaha…..”WORD SALAD”!!!! Girl you are a mess and love every ounce of what you have to say! Thank God for TiVO because I would NEVER be able to explain how well you did during the Countdown interview to my husband who is due home from Afganistan soon…yeah the fellas are talking about you over there too!

  9. Perfect! (And I *loved* it that you worked in the phrase “aborted her term” as Governor! Just gonna wait for the meltdown now … )

    • Yeah…you caught that too? I’m so glad she was able to get that in there…from now on, I will only refer to Gov Palin’s stepping down early as ABORT.


  10. Great job, Shannyn. Between you and Keith, I literally screamed at the TV in appreciation. (Thank goodness the kids are gone and only the cats witnessed it.)

    When you said that Palin aborted her term, I almost dropped my Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli.


    • Did she get in any slurs against Trig?? You’d bust a gust over that I bet.

      • Lenny, she wears Trig like a badge. I’ve heard her say “the world needs more Trigs”, more than once. What does that mean?

        • Troll alert — don’t feed the troll, Poolman.

        • No that’s why she asked you, genius. What does that possibly mean? The world needs more special needs children? More innocent babies? More children with brown hair? Since Sarah always speaks cryptically and apparently in a manner only decipherable to you kool-aid drinkers, we’re legitimately asking for an explanation. Sarah never says what she means or if she does so it is ineptly at best, thus why the media are left to speculate over the meaning of her constant barrage of ‘word salad’. Thanks. Eagerly awaiting your informed and wise answer,


      • I thought it was majorly cool that she hadn’t drugged him this time….then again, she wasn’t taking care of the squaling screaming baby either,,, she dumped him on Piper.

        • ACK! got the nick wrong! SORRY BASHEERT!

  11. hi-larious! i lurv that you got to repeat your meme: she aborted her term! a double luntz right back at the iquitarod!

  12. I just watched the Obermann gig. Good job! And you did a respectful job of keeping civil. Keith can go a little far sometimes, IMO.

  13. Just saw the interview on Olbermann. You brought up so many pertinent points. Shannyn, please keep digging, and find the REAL reason Queen Sarah resigned.

  14. I just heard a rumor Shannyn Moore cleaned the quitters clock on CountDown.

    Go ahead, sue me, I dare ya!

    (You handled it perfectly Shannyn, be proud.)

  15. Well done, Shannyn. Brava!

  16. terrific job, Shannyn! And Wolfee is a tool.

  17. The tweeters on twitter are have a HUGE chuckle for the ABORT term. They are calling for a bumper sticker. Uh-oh, if you’re not too careful Shannyn you’re gonna become a TRENDING TOPIC! WooHoo! I’m so proud of you 🙂

  18. Wolfee is right about keith, man is a lowlife if ever there was one. Shannyn I hope that you haven’t played into the far-lefts hands by doing what the wanted you to do. I saw to many peole that was left behind by them over this last election.

    • You can always tell Sarah’s “base” — they talk word salad, and badly spelled at that, just like her.

  19. Go get ’em Shannyn. Olbermann is alright, you’ll rock. Wolfee is a friggin’ tool.

  20. Just watched the video. The “I’m just an another Alaskan girl” schtick is wearing thin. Partisan hack spewing libellous statements is closer to the mark.

    “Rumours coming up to the surface”?? LOL.
    The rumours were manufactured and propagated by the Alaskan Democratic Party and have so far cost Alaskan taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Question, is there a secret slush fund Alaskan Democrats are using to manufacture these defamatory statements?

    • Ah, ha! Not $2 million, like Van Flein was saying — too bad you Palinistas can’t get your stories straight.

      It’d really behoove you suckers if you’d check the mirror every time you patter the “partisan hack” insults. There isn’t any single segment of society more partisan nor hack than a Palin sycophant.

      Also, recheck your dictionary when you use words like “libelous” (only 2 “l”s, not 3) to describe the spoken word.

    • Lenny,
      You are a ASS! Sue me! Maybe you ought to look at queen buttercups slush fund aka Alaska fund Trust, LMFAO!
      go back to peeland!

    • You are probably not from AK or you would realize that Sarah lies almost every time she opens her mouth. She did get one thing right though – It is best for Alaska!

    • Sourcing for the original ‘Housegate’ issue was via “The Village Voice”. Not Shannyn, not the Democratic party. Ain’t no Alaskan bloggers getting paid or getting rich from the DNC. We already know the sourcing of your unfounded and not so subtle allegations. Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste!


  21. maybe they’ll both be voted “THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD” … my stomach hurts from laughing too hard… is Obermann a dip or what ? …his whole show is trashing fox…no wonder they are dead last in the ratings when he has guests like this Shannyn…whoever the hell she is…

    • Faux Spews deserves to be trashed.

      And if you don’t know who Shannyn is, then why are you commenting on her blog?

  22. Shannyn:
    Please correct me if I am wrong. The ethics charges (all 15 of them) that she has supposedly been cleared of recently; weren’t the folks on the commission reviewing the complaints appointed by Palin? If so that needs to be bantered LOUD & CLEAR because these nut jobs down here in Jacksonville are clammering about her being a victim AGAIN.

  23. You showed class on Countdown tonight.

  24. ahhh…the old stupid, paranoid “who’s paying the blogger” routine. Well, Shannyn (and fellow posters), it’s very clear that you’ve struck a nerve. The trolls (Lenny and Wolfee–sound like two toy poodles) are desperately trying to get some attention. But they just make themselves and that incompetent soon-to-be-ex governor look pathetic.

    • Hey girl….are you receiving royalies like all of us are?

  25. Lenny–
    …Question, is there a secret slush fund Alaskan Democrats are using to manufacture these defamatory statements?
    Yeah Lenny but its complicated.
    The slush fund is used to cast a spell on Sarah to violate ethics laws. Like the per diem she has taken to commute to work.

    Lenny, the state lets her use the governor’s mansion thats 1/2 mile from her office. She’s charged her commutes from Wasilla to Anchorage…

    Now go away before I photo shop you…

    • You are like. … … totally MY hero. Thanks for all the coverage and good vibes!

    • Shannyn rocks! Dr. Chill rocks! Truth to power folks, keep holding our ELECTED politicans accountable — just like some of them asked us to!!!!!

      Dr. Chill, that was da*n funny. You’re in the zone. Oh shite, a sports analogy, I take that back!

    • Aw hell, DrChill… I thought we were getting paid by the Alaska Fund Trust. You mean we ain’t?? Dang…

  26. (I want my check from Alinsky or whoever it is that is handing them out — I check the mailbox every day and nothing! nothing I tell ya!)

    Good job on KO, Shannyn. I wish he would’ve given you an opening to dispute the lie that the resignation was in the works for quite a while…

  27. Sarah Palin has given 2 press conferences since last Friday and the only thing I’ve managed to glean from either one is that she’s no longer a maverick and is now a barracuda. Can anyone say fishy? 🙂

    • also, she is not swimming upstream because dead salmon swim downstream…or are we swimming upstream and she is swimming cross stream?

  28. Sarah Smelt? Sarah Anchovie?

  29. Sarah – your friends need to know. If the rumors are just that – put them to rest. Release the receipts for the house that Todd and his friends built for you and the family on Lake Lucille. Do what is best for Alaskans so that they can move on knowing that you are not an ethically challenged former politician. Show us the family pictures of him building the house – surely you have those in a shoebox somewhere.

  30. Shannyn -saw you on Countdown -what an incoherent screechy unhinged liberal you are -NOT! Nice job…

    Okay – thought I should throw this out there:
    You know how “hiking the Appalachians” is the new term for crossing the “ultimate line” with your mistress?
    I think it’s time to coin a new term for “quitting”. Okay bloggers – do your job- from now on- refer to giving up as “pulling a Sarah Palin” – spread the word….

    • Make it mean quitting, leaving, stopping. I’m pulling a Palin now.

  31. Shannyn, you are an American hero… keep up the great work!
    You betcha. also… will you marry me? 🙂

    disclaimer: I am already married so just kidding.

  32. Wow! You had a major make-over before you came on the air….how much did that cost you?

    • Nice snark, Kathie. Bet you’ve got a radio face, eh?

  33. Caught you on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Way to go. Down with the Queen!

  34. Good job Shannyn…way to fight the good fight and hold the bobbleheaded witch’s feet to the fire!

  35. Shannyn, just watched the segment on KO – as usual you did Alaska and all bloggers proud! Loved that you got in the word “aborted” not only because that is what she did but it will drive the C4P’s over the edge. As you always are, you were professional, courteous but firm and, above all spoke the truth. Maybe Palin and Van whateverhisname is needs to understand “rumors” from “fact”, a little detail that seems to have escaped them.

    I saw it some where over the many blog comments over the last few days, I want a bumper sticker that says “Suck it up Buttercup”. That is priceless. Just continue to do what you do best Shanyyn, stick to the facts and give them HELL! You rock!!

  36. Shannyn, you were excellent as always!

    Loved that you said she “aborted her term”, and mentioned her word salad! You ROCK!

  37. Shanyn you rule

    Adding a link to a hilarious video (if you can stand to watch it)

    • Sue, that video clip is absolutely HILARIOUS!!
      And I know that I speak for many, many Alaskans when I say: “Hey, Batsh!t Crazy Sarah Palin, your departure definitely leaves us breathless, too!”

  38. Shannyn – – you were great on KO’s show! Keep up the good work – –

  39. I think you may have just picked up a couple of thousand new readers from that spot. Hope you can fit us all in here.
    Palin needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Any republican who would want her support needs to have his head examined. A real kiss of death for a campaign if you ask me.

  40. Shannyn, you did great, and looked even better, over at mudflats someone is asking when your bikini calendar is coming out.

    Extremely professional interview down to the word salad. =) Then you got me laughing.

    Suck it up Buttercup

  41. Great going Shannyn you were great.

  42. Well played, Shannyn. Very nice appearance — and I must admit, “word salad” was a delight.

    Try to ignore the riffraff stumbling through these here tubes of the interwebs, leaving you gifts of textual spit and drivel. Their hatred, ignorance and intolerance are all symptoms of a withered, hollow, and dying worldview rooted in fear.

    Just remember, for every drop of venom you receive, you’re dishing out ten-fold in light for the rest of us. I for one appreciate and respect your force of will and determination.

    Now: rock on!

  43. I loved your story on K.O, Shannyn! YOU GO GIRL!!!

    It is about time to get this BailinPalin out, and you are one gutsy woman to finally stand up to her bs and call her on it. I just wish the rest of the so-called MSM would be HALF as gutsy as you are…

  44. Shannyn, You were great on KO tonight. Keep up the great work! I hope the Palinistas are prepared for the fall of their queen.

  45. You go girl! My dad (who finds my interest in the political lunacy of Alaska sort of odd) thought you were great! Hang in there, the truth will come out, and you’ll be bigger and better than ever.

  46. Faintly through your words I heard the light whisper of “suck it up, Buttercup”. Nice job.

  47. Raising a nice glass of red to you. Clink! Thanks for standing up against Buttercup!

  48. Shannyn, you were awesome. Attractive AND articulate. The haters just wish you they had someone like you on their side. Don’t back down!

  49. Thanks for using the “word salad” line. I spewed my drink out all over my notebook screen. What a mess! Thanks for the laugh. You were excellent. =D

  50. Shannyn, I watched your appearance on Countdown over at Nice job on a great spot with Keith!

    As someone from outside Alaska (all the way over in Massachusetts), being able to get the perspective of local bloggers, journalists and everyday citizens on their politicians and news is really appreciated.

    Way to stand up to a coward, a bully and all her like-minded followers. Don’t let them get you down or shut you up!

  51. Shannyn, there is a lot of support for you in my little corner of the universe . We have really enjoyed your radio show. You are fighting the good fight.

  52. Shannon, you were awesome! Between you and Keith, you hit every phrase and topic perfectly! It is true: Great minds think alike! : )

  53. Great job!!!!!


  54. When Sarah was blowing her top about David Letterman telling a crude joke about her daughter, we learned that other late night comedians made similar jokes. She only struck out against Letterman.

    By the same reasoning, plenty of other bloggers, pundits, journalists and more have given voice to rumors about Sarah Palin. Some website have said alot worse. Yet, only one gal from Homer was singled out for a lawsuit!

    Conclusion: Sarah’s attacks make no sense.
    So, good luck, Shannyn! You’re in good company!
    And, hope that Van Flein doesn’t send you a bill for the good publicity he has given you.

    • When will Senator John McCain apologize personally to Chelsea Clinton for calling her “the family dog”, Lenny? Clearly with every post your IQ diminishes.

      Letterman made a tasteless and crude joke and for that he stood up like an adult and apologized, Sarah accepted the apology. Since the two of them have moved on, don’t you think it’s about time you did, too?

      I haven’t moved on from McCain’s crude and tasteless joke because I’ve yet to hear an apology.


    • It’s true Sarah Palin’s attacks make no sense.

      Even in the David Letterman “joke” controversy Sarah and Todd Palin escalated a crude joke about their unmarried f0rnicating oldest daughter into an accusation of pedophilia by Letterman, and they even implied that their second-oldest daughter has engaged in underage promiscuous sex by blaring out in their Facebook page and Twitter that “statutory rape” was suggested.

      No wonder neither Bristol Palin nor Willow Palin attended their mother’s “I Quit” speech. They probably have told her THEY quit.

      • Neither daughter attended the Yankees game, either. Fact, I have this theory that Sarah quit because both daughters got on her case after she threw them under Letterman’s bus.

  55. Great Job Again Shannyn!

    In honor of our trendsetting Governor, I went to work tending the gardens that I love some much and told my boss that because I love my gardens so much that I would have to QUIT my job.

    I love those gardens so much that I can’t bear to tend to them and water them and be there for them another day 😉

  56. oops a few typos, but hope msg was understood.

  57. Great interview with K.O., Shannyn! Hang in there, and thanks for taking a stand. I’m proud to be among your fans.

  58. Awesome job with all your interviews Shannyn! Countdown was great, you betcha.

    p.s. I too would love to have a “suck it up buttercup” bumper sticker…

  59. Way to speak truth to power, Shannyn! We’re so proud of you — and so grateful that you are willing to fight for our freedom.

    We’re sorry it has to be so ugly and that the Palini freaks are so scared of you that they feel compelled to say mean things about you and to you. Bullies don’t like be calling out and she will try to punish you in her cowardly way of sending her cult after you.

    Too bad Sarah Palin has no personal courage or integrity.

    you are an excellent example to your daughter and the country.

    • Shannyn is not quitting, BS Palin did. BS is doing the best thing for Alaska.

    • Isn’t it Gollum-Precious that ONE Palinista has been assigned to come over here to Shannyn’s blog and blabber more Palin-word-salad nonsense?

      I didn’t get the sense that “laughing” was the mood over at C4P. More like huffing and puffing until they’re blue in the face.

  60. p.s. called out, not calling out:-)

  61. Great job, Shannyn!

    Thanks for showing what REAL strong, intelligent non-hyperventilating women sound like …

    Proud of you!

  62. Hi Shannyn, Like people here I’d never heard of you before Saturday.

    I support you and wrote a short article about it on my site

    You did well on KO, I was worried that he might drag you into saying something really bad. That didn’t happen.

    Stay Strong.


  63. keep your head up and keep fighting

  64. Awesome job Shannyn! You looked absolutely gorgeous against that City backdrop – it made your eyes so sparkly! I can tell that Keith really likes you, too. You were cogent, compassionate and articulate.

    Keep up the good work! Have you started your discography?] 🙂

  65. Hey Shannyn – You are an American hero! Thanks for all your hard work and for truly standing up for the first amendment. All these Palinbot trolls are total fools, apparently they don’t realize that they are flashing their ignorance to the world by their postings. You go girl!!

  66. You were great on KO, as always, Shannyn.

    I’m appalled at the number of people sucking for Sarah’s lies–that you said the rumors were “true”, that the state has spent $2 million on “frivolous” ethics complaints, and so on. I am so tired of the media simply reporting what politicians say rather than doing some fact checking or at least putting a “Palin claims” qualifier in front of her BS.

    She’s such a Mean Queen. Didn’t these people know someone like her in high school? Why don’t they see through her? I keep trying, but I can’t understand her flying monkeys.

  67. Shannyn, you were great on Olbermann — as usual. And you are clearly hitting some raw nerves in the Quitter Queen camp — look at all the trolls who have popped up today to defend their idol’s reputation by spewing forth vile and hateful comments toward you and your growing legions of admirers.
    Don’t let them get you down. You may be Just a Girl from Homer, but you are a hero to me and many more. Keep calling ’em like you see ’em!

  68. Shannyn, Great job as always, you can think on your feet and come back with a funny comment all while smiling. You got in some good shots while being truthful and letting Gino know her bullying and cowardice stick out a mile. She knows she is a coward, but now so do the rest of the people in America.

    My heartfelt thanks.

  69. Rock on Shannyn rock on! We are all here sending love, white light and truth energy!
    Every spell you cast comes back on you threefold …. great for you! – sucks for poor little Buttercup…..

  70. Great job Shannyn! Three cheers for strong, articulate, and ethical people! You make me proud and hopeful.

  71. Shannyn – You did an awesome interview with Keith. I am proud to have you as our Alaskan spokesperson. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and never quitting when the going gets rough. How did you come up with, “Suck it up, Buttercup!” 🙂 A good line for some SNL..

  72. Shannyn:
    YOU are the kind of woman I want representing me as an Alaskan and a woman – intelligent and articulate. Thank you.
    Thanks for telling Buttercup and Van Flyby what they can do with their complaint, too, and for letting the world know Palin is a bully and a coward.
    YOU make me proud to be an Alaskan.

    We need “Suck it up, Buttercup” sweatshirts and t-shirts.

  73. Way to go Shannyn. You did great! two thumbs up!

  74. Awesome job Shannyn!!! Thanks to all the Alaskan bloggers who shed a better light on Palin.

  75. Shannyn!
    You were terrific on Olbermann. You were even more terrific on the 4th at your press conference in front of the Atwood. Its really refreshing to listen to a speech that makes sense!
    Now we’re going to have to figure out a way to keep you in Alaska, cause I’m sure New York and/or Hollywood is going to try to lure you away.

    Thank YOU! for all you do for Alaska…So much more than Palin has ever done.

  76. Brilliant job on Countdown Shannyn- articulate, well reasoned and well spoken answers to everything!

    Loved your comments about her “word salad” resignation speech and “aborting her term” as governor. Bravo!!!

  77. Did anyone else notice that Shannyn was interviewed tonight in her own right and not as a commentator?

    How will she top that? 🙂

    • Well sarah gave a presser on Fri. Then she had to give one today to clear up the confusion on both sides, just smeared the paint though. Now Meg says she will try again on Thurs, she needs the practice time!

  78. Oh yeah, like Maeve I thought you were terrific at your press conference.

  79. Great job, Shannyn! You’re doing a great job representing Alaskan women. We appreciate your intelligence and coherence. Keep on keepin’ on!

  80. Looking good!

  81. I’ve been a fan since your days on Jon Elliot’s show…I tuned in nightly to hear the latest on the insanity of SP…thank you for holding her to the fire and thank you for not letting her attorney frighten you. I am so much a fan of Alaska…I have visited several times…and I love the independent thinkers and I get crazy (since I am from Dallas…and I watched Dubya damage Texas and then the nation) when the good old boy politics-as-usual acts as a cancer…and I consider you and the other bloggers I enjoy so much to be the most potent cancer fighting drugs out there. Good work…You were great on Olberman. Hang in there and ignore the screwballs!!!

  82. Shannyn – you are the BEST! I’m so sick of Palin and I have you, and all the other BLOGGERS, to thank for sending her off to time out. And tonight, you handed her the dunce hat and made her wear it! Way to go!

    You have my undying gratitude for spreading your voice for Alaska’s future well beyond our borders!

  83. Hi Shannyn – I managed to start following your posts directly just last week, after several months hearing Gryphen & AKM’s glowing words about you. And all of a sudden you’re famous!

    Thank you for jumping into the fray. Reading some of the posts on this page, I can see that it’s not going to be easy for you. Hang in there.

    As I posted on Immoral Minority, Sarah Palin just hates you because you are beautiful. She’s crazy with jealousy because you’re a successful woman…oh wait – I have that backwards…

  84. Shannyn,
    Thank you so much for standing up to Governor Palin
    Taking away our freedom of speech through fear is a very chilling .I don’t think I would stand against her like you and your Alaskan bloggers have.
    Maybe now that she is stepping down more people will come forward to tell their story.
    As a Texan I have laughed and cried with you guys the last year.When I was most afraid that Palin would be so close to winning the election I had the Alaskan liberal bloggers to comfort me
    You all have taught me so much.I have grown to love your state and you all.
    Thank you.

  85. Shannyn, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for standing up to Batsh!t Crazy Sarah Palin and her shameless, shallow lies. Your ability to think on your feet is truly amazing. The (also Batsh!t Crazy) Palinbots can sling all the mud they want, but the truth still appears to be winning out, thanks to you, AKM, Gryphen, Diva, Phil, and all the other brave bloggers in this state.
    So…..Ding, D0ng, The Witch is Dead!
    Sarah Palin’s “waterboarding of Alaska” campaign will soon end.

  86. we are with u

  87. You were great on the show. Keep looking for the truth, it has to be out there, somewhere, under some rock.

  88. I agree with your opinion that sp is a bully. In my opinion, she is such a control freak that perhaps she aborted her office because she can no longer control anything in Alaska, of course it’s not her fault. By the way Juneau, Alaska is the capitol of Alaska.

  89. Shannyn, as usual, excellent job! I was thinking about you and AKM, Gryphen, CD, Phil, Dennis et al. I am certain that you all had festive plans for our July 4th celebration but you loyally dropped them so you could alert us to the pending press conference, report on the conference, produce a fabulous radio show and defend your and our 1st amendment rights, all while, I am certain, the phones, email, blog posts and twitter were in overdrive! It was democracy in action! Thank you! You are the ideal citizens. I offer you this quote from Justice William O. Douglas.
    “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”

    • You are absolutely right. Today I heard Shannyn on Thom Hartmann, Ed Shultz, and Nichole Sandler (Air America). Saw her on Keith and she did very well, as usual.
      Keith can be over the top at times but some, if not all, of his special comments can be right on point, he will say what no one else has the balls to. Which is why, I think, Shannyn goes there!

  90. Thank you Shannyn for your courage and speaking your truth and speaking “The truth about Sarah Palin”.

    You are my hero and made me realize why I have been working on my speech craft the last 5 yrs.

    Don’t let a stupid bullly that is the biggest coward push you around. Sarah’s karma will come around and not because people did something to her, but because she created and made her own bed of lies, deceptions and problems.

  91. Great job Shannyn! You kept it classy and intelligent – things Palin never manages to do.
    Thank you for everything – you are appreciated more than words can say.

  92. Shannyn, you did a wonderful job today.

    Keep up the good work, fight the good fight, and know that you have many good people backing you up.

    You also have the most powerful weapon on your side – truth.

    Thank you for all your efforts!

  93. I find the Barracuda’s resignation personally very liberating. Those times I wanted to write a letter to the editor……….but didn’t because there was a particular piece of legislation that I wanted the Guv to sign. Her vindictiveness was legendary! Maybe more people will stand up to her when she’s just a private citizen, and doesn’t have the power to hire and fire so many of our loved ones. And I hope that more legislators will elaborate on what an absentee, do nothing governor she was. Thanks for taking her on Shannon, she and Meg Stapleton aren’t nearly so scary anymore (well actually Meg still is, but it’s the spinning head, not the power trip!).

  94. Excellent work. Clear, straightforward, and a nice antidote to the hysterical soon-to-be-former-governor. Thanks for remaining steady in the face of all this silliness!

  95. Terrific job on KO! You always come across as cool and collected, unlike someone else we know! Thanks again for standing up to the bully.

  96. I might even have to tune into Eddie Bazerk just to listen to him scream and cry. I am getting all tingly just thinking about it! How it must infuriate him and Sarah that you started working at Smart Radio AM 700. Home of my favorite local talk show!

  97. You have little idea how much I really respect you.

    Keep it up.

  98. I just ordered my “SUCK IT BUTTERCUP” tank top from cafepress….but damn, now I need a “WORD SALAD” t-shirt, or bumper sticker or something…that cracks me up every time I hear it…”word salad” bwahahaha…wooo :-))))

  99. Sarah – don’t mess with Shannyn, she will whip your ass. Intellectually, philosophically, or any other way you challenge her. Van Flea is just in it for the money and giving her pretty bad advise, he obviously does not do his homework.

    Suck it up buttercup! What an unusual rally cry

  100. To many outside the US it has been a source of much headscratching how a country with relatively free and fair elections could twice elect “W”. But then – along came Sarah – and we really feared it was not an aberration. Was the US destined to be North America’s Italy, but with nukes?

    It was an appalling prospect to think the world was possibly a heartbeat and acrylic nailed thumb from deeper Middle Eastern stook. Thankfully America saw sense. Obama was elected.

    Shannyn Moore’s journalistic instincts are sound. She postulated reasonable questions arising from Palin’s abrupt mid term resignation. Palin allowed herself to be advanced as a potential world leader. Palin in short order unwittingly revealed herself as Dubya in Drag – unworldly, inarticulate and ill informed. Republican’s! Advancing the dimwitted and dogs who stray off the porch is not in your electoral interests; the former is certainly not in the US’s long term economic and security interests?

    Moore’s enquiring mind suggests proof of intelligent life may still be found in the US. Perhaps with Obama and the likes of Moore the US might reascend the moral leadership and geopolitical acuity it held during the first half of last century.

    Shannyn! Don’t be cowered by the BS defamation threat from Palin’s attorney (who was that dude? was he like 12 yrs old and thought he was on the E channel? A real heavyweight!). Fair comment is a defence to defamation. Palin suing would be a dumb move – so I guess it’ll probably happen.

  101. Excellent job.

    But you know you’re going to be in for it now. You’ve made her jealous. You’re getting better press than she is.

  102. Shannyn steals the ball from the witless pointy guard… puts a spin move on the slow-footed Van Fiel… fakes him out of his empty jockstrap and……..SLAM DUNK! FACIAL!!

    Love you in Hawaii!

  103. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, you like van flea either did not read or could not comprehend what shannyn blogged. She made NO defamatory statements, but van flea DID! What he and Sarah did was Harassment and intimidation, plain and simple. Neither van flea or Sarah could stand up to being deposed. He exposed a lot of rocks in that brief and it is all open season, he posted it on the internet, so NO privilege.

    The 1st Amendment is there to protect the common citizen from the government, not the other way around.

    • You gotta be friggin kidding. I wouldn’t go to trial with Palin’s lawyer representing me. The guy’s got no strategic brain and seemingly little experience. Best advice an attorney would give a client in such a situation – do nothing, ie don’t fan the flames. Instead he draws international attention to his client’s puzzling behaviour. Now attorneys from NZ are hoping Palin’s dumb enough to sue to add another chapter to the “only in America” anthology.

  104. As usual, Shannyn, you ROCKED! Keep up the good work and keep giving her heck!

  105. Great clip Shannyn – it’s no wonder the marriage proposals are streaming in! LOL Came across an article about you in the news out here in South Africa of all places actually 🙂

    ‘Conspiracy’ theories on Palin’s resignation are going beserk the world over – even here in SA! Think you’d enjoy this lighter view on an interesting speculation about what Sarah’s higher calling may likely have been: Sarah Palin quits cartoon

  106. Excellent commentary Shannyn on KO! Thanks to PA who posted the Youtube, I’ve been chomping at the bit all evening wanting to watch myself.

    I think what makes the Palinbots crazy is that you DON’T talk word salad, unlike their heroine. Just articulate speech & common sense. I think this year’s Netroots Nation is going to be one major hopping event, with You & AKM attending. Thx Shannyn from Seattle!

  107. Shannyn,
    You did GREAT on the KO interview. The viewers were even able to understand the message and the points you were trying to make.
    And you didn’t have to ‘pass the ball upcourt’ to your teammates or do some fancy dribbling before you shot at the hoop or go fishing for some ‘ floating fish ‘… etc and on… and on..

    You were clear, concise and made all your points with a lot of strength and conviction. STRONG interview. So glad you are willing to ‘ stand up to the Bully’ and now maybe others out there will do likewise and follow your lead as well. It’s a shame some of the Legislateurs can’t stand up as well when. You and all the other Progressive AK blogs are an inspiration.
    I can’t wait for your Saturday show this week. As soon as your Press statement from Anchorage showed up on AKM’s story Update on Huffpo the support was just rolling in from the comments.
    The Huffpo comments have even taken up with the expression you coined…. “Buttercup” from this day forward.

  108. Shannyn, thank you for the phrase “She aborted her term.” I damn near laughed my ass off.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for that video! 🙂

      Keep up the good work Shannyn. Don’t let the Grifter aka Queen Quitter and her hired minions get you down. You are right and just the fact that the lawyer backed down immediately is proof of that!

      • That was FUN!!! THANK YOU!!! LOL!!!

    • The C4Pers, et,al. The video is closer to the truth than you want to admit.

      • methinks the p’anders got splatted into the mudflats; maybe sarah can fish them out before they float downstream.

  109. Great interview with KO, Shannyn!

    You have the legal and moral high ground over Palin on this matter. She and Van Flein really made a silly mash of their attempts at intimidation.

    The whole legal community is laughing at Van Flein. Hope he thinks his reputation is worth his dubious association with the “coward and bully”……and lame quitter.

    • Do you think it’s just a coincidence that Van Flein and Palin have backed off their talk of lawsuits? Aside from that inconvenient truth of the 1st Amendment, the burden of proof in any such lawsuit would be on Palin. What that means is that she would be deposed and all records involving the house, sports center etc. would have to be produced. The defendant’s (Shannyn’s) attorney would make a public spectacle of all the things Palin wants to keep private.

      Go to law school, my friend, and then come back and talk intelligently on this topic. As it is…you’re just embarrassing yourself….even anonymously. Meanwhile, the rumor mill will continue to grind. Statistics favor at least one or more of those rumors will be true. That’s just politics and life. Sad but true.

    • Hell, take a look at Fox News has to say about your Sarah.

      • *Bones AK*

  110. About CNN’s coverage of the Palin debacle:

    I so, so, so, wish CNN would show the tape of the control room reaction at the moment Palin’s resignation presser hit the airwaves.

    ‘OMG! Lenny – get that Palin file footage cued up; Joe – get a team of translators going to sort out what she said; Sally – get some background STAT on that Housegate thing; Mike – cancel everything for the next three days…’

    Wouldn’t that be must-see TV?

  111. Hey, your soon to be ex-gov is going to be on Fox News this morning to explain her side of things. Will she announce her new Fox News prime time show also?

    Seriously, can anyone from Alaska please explain to me how she got elected in the first place? I mean wasn’t it apparent she was as loony as the creatures in her backyard lake?

    • You had to be here, Alvin. Her predecessor Frank Murkowski was a piece of work . . . if only HE had resigned early. Sarah seemed a refreshing change in the beginning . . . then she got tapped for VP and chugged the koolaid.

  112. Shannyn, you were very impressive on KO last night. Thanks for all that you do. I’m a big fan.

  113. Shannyn, you did great last night! So proud of ya. 😉

  114. Shannyn,

    Great job on Countdown as always, and loved what I saw of your press conference.

    Just a big thank you for keeping us non-Alaskans informed, and for standing up to the former “pitbull”. If nothing else, her bullying tactics have ensured much more publicity than she already had, and not the type most people would want!

  115. Great Job Shannyn!

    Now for something off topic that I just read this:

    I know people laugh about Palin winning the Republican spot and running against Obama; I’m not one of them. This woman has not earned the right, does not have the knowledge, intelligence, intellectual curiosity, honesty…(the list goes on) to be at the top of the ticket. The country needs good candidates and good debate not winks and gosh-darn-its.

    The one thing that Palin does have is a strange kind of political know-how (at least until you get to know her). She knows how to play the victim card and continues to gain ground (as shocking as that is, in fact it sends shivers up my spine!). We know it’s not enough to govern but, sadly, the rank and file tend not to pay more attention to these matters than a quick look at the TV screen and a passing listen to a sound bite. And let’s face it, the woman is photogenic (I should be so lucky)–if she looked more like Conchata Ferrell (who plays the housekeeper on two-and-a-half men) would people pay attention (close your eyes and picture it: Palin’s words coming out of Ferrell’s mouth)?

    Plus, knowing the American electorate’s fickled sense, would any of us really feel comfortable with Palin at the top of the ticket?

    I’ve been writing my two-cents to everyone that I can think of in my own kind of campaign. I long for the days of “Women Against Sarah Palin” to try to put an end to her aspirations before they become dangerous.

  116. Shanny you are amazing! Stay strong, and fight the good fight.

  117. Congratulations Shannon. You have managed to keep your cool under enormous pressure. You were fantastic on national teevee, I hope this kerfluffle is a giant boost to your career!

  118. If MSNBC had one shred of concern about litigation, it would not have had Shannyn on the show at all. Far from pulling any punches, it was a major “screw you, Palin and Van Flein” gesture.

    Absolutely fascinating how the trolls and the P’ers are frantically trying to spin this as some great show of strength on P/VP’s part. Are these folks incapable of any sort of critical thinking? (that’s a rhetorical question).

  119. Great job Shannyn. But we expect no less from you. Keep up the good work!

  120. Shannyn, I LOVE YOU. Have you given KO all the background on GINO and he’s just dribbling it out a little bit at the time?

    I’ve known Gino’s dirty laundry since August 29th simply by Googling. It’s been a mystery to me that none of the MSM has the curiosity to Google then follow the bouncing ball. Everyone expresses puzzlement at Gino’s motives. Well, I could write a book and some of it isn’t pretty.

    Why does no one wonder why Track got shipped off to Iraq? Why has no one looked at the pictures on Audrey’s site?

    Can’t you just give KO a clue?

    Months ago I wrote him a real letter complete with supporting evidence. Never heard a word and didn’t expect to, but did think I would pique someone’s curiosity. There’s a Pulitzer Prize here if someone would put it all together. Maybe you are the one – Go Girl.

  121. Great job again, Shannyn.

  122. Great job on KO last night, Shannyn! I was so happy to hear you got the “aborted her term” and “word salad” lines in. The only thing missing was “Suck it up, Buttercup!”

    Keep up the good work!

  123. This is my first comment although I frequently stop by. Great job Shannyn! It takes real courage to stand up to these ignorant bigoted loud mouth bullies. Don’t let them get you down.

  124. Way to go! Being from Seattle, I feel as if we are “neighbors” and I am SO sick of your soon to be ex-governor I cannot contain myself. Please keep at it until she just disappears!

  125. Clapping for Shannyn!!! You GO Girl!

  126. Hey Shannyn,
    Congratulations on standing up for yourself. You’ve made people everywhere proud that when those with power and money try to oppress others and those without, there is recourse and acknowledge that one can stand up for oneself and it’s okay to do so.

    You did it really well too. 🙂

    This is not a country of dictators and fascists, people do have the right to be individuals and to freedom of speech. You reminded all of us of that today. Congratulations again.

  127. Shannyn you did what so many won’t do. You stood up to your bully. Even though you knew it would be uncomfortable and even quite possibly dangerous in this climate.

    I have followed you and your fellow Alaskan Bloggers for about a year now and am always amazed at how articulate this crowd is. You keep us informed on all of the issues in Alaska even ones that don’t pertain to Sarah Palin.

    The strange posts you are getting today are from uninformed brain washed individuals who will never go the extra mile and educate themselves. They are also the ones who would never stand up to a bully with just words and facts. They do it with mindless hatered and violence.

    Stay strong you have a unique and qualified voice and Americans need to hear it more. We do not need sound bites and half stories. The Media needs more people like Shannyn Moore!

    Bloggers are becoming my best news source in most matters. Wake up nation media and take note.

    PS I have seen you on Olberman many times and you are always terrific!

  128. Palin said on CNN this morning that she has been planning to resign for “several” months and that July 3rd was selected as the day that she would announce her resignation. HMMMMMMMM…. How long exactly was she planning to walk away from the people that put their faith in her (I didn’t but some did)? Shoots a few holes in her “I wasn’t able to get anything done because of ridiculous ethics complaints…” excuse that she is now inflating in the time that she personally had to spend defending against them, and their cost to her and the state.

    This also points to the idea that she was planning to QUIT even before serving just two years as the elected four-year term governor of the State of Alaska. Didn’t she say in her disjointed resignation speech that she wasn’t going to milk the State as a lame duck? HMMMM maybe that’s because SHE WAS ALREADY DOING A FAIR AMOUNT OF MILKING during her planning time!

    What kind of LEADER quits after making a commitment to stay for a set period of time? What kind of person tells others to put their faith in them then simply walks away while claiming that they are doing so as a selfless and noble act for their constituents? What kind of person says “leave my family alone” then invites the media to a remote place in Alaska to film her and her family during their private family fishing trip–couldn’t this interview have waited until she returned to work in a day or two (sans children)?

    Sarah Palin is beyond an opportunist, she is disingenuous, a phony, and a fraud!

  129. Shannyn,
    What a wonderful job you did last night on Keith Obermann!
    You have evolved from a blogger to an on air personality, not fluff, but a poised announcer with important information.

    The fact that you stood up to Palin and challenged her, I admire your courage. She needs more challenges, not less. You are right, she is a bully and a coward. How dare she say that it was the ethics violations that drove her from office! A professional would take the hint and look at the behavior that is causing the violations. She is arrogant beyond belief. She is also a liar. The ethics violations were due to her own behaviors, NOT any policy that she tried and failed to bring to Alaskans
    It was her own hubris that bought her down.
    Who wants a POTUS who can’t concentrate on more then a few things at once and quits when she can’t get her own way?
    Underneath all the word salad, the bottom line?
    Palin could not get her own way so she quit.
    I would imagine it is hard for you, but you do us all a valuable service by standing up to Sarah Palin.

  130. A very sincere “Thank You” for all the good work you have done. Stay strong!

  131. Good job, Shannyn! As usual you were articulate and very composed.

    Have become hooked on your radio show, and the last few have been wonderful. Keep up the good work and know that there are lots of folks out here who have your back.

  132. I almost spit my wine out when Shannyn said that the new rumor was:

    “Palin is going to finish Michael Jackson’s world tour”

    This morning Palin parades her unedumacted self again on cable news.

    Palin, the clueless quitter:

    Palin: “Department Of Law” Protects The President
    Rachel Weiner

    Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House the “department of law” would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

    “I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

    There is no Department of Law.

  133. Wolfee, you had better suck up to Buttercup. Don’t you know what she does to wolves? From a helicopter no less.

  134. Wise words from Andrew Sullivan:

    The Cajun Boy at Gawker describes a bloggy truth:
    After a while, writing on the internet thickens your skin to the point where you’re easily able to easily differentiate between valid criticism and hateful venom-spewing. At some point, the hateful venom-spewing fails to even faze you any longer, while the valid criticisms are accepted and processed rationally and learned from.
    Felix Salmon agrees. Me too. It’s a bit of a shock at first, but once you get into the water, it feels bearable after a while. My silent mantra to myself whenever I read some particularly nasty missive or blogpost: it doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as it isn’t true. If it is true, then learn from it.

  135. Wolfee, Campo, Lenny, Lee and Kathie! UPS called. They will attempt to deliver your tinfoil hats and WSRE(Word Salad Ready -To-Eat) this afternoon.

    Shannyn, You were right out in front when Intestinal Fortitude was passed out, weren’t ya! Keep up the good work!

    • Forgive them, granny, but they’ve been quitterpated.


  136. Good show Shanny !! I sure hope this gets the media talking about something else besides this twit….complete waste of time and good media money….

  137. Shannyn, thank you for standing up against evil. The good Book says you will know them by their fruits. Any person that purports to be a Christian as Palin with lies spewing from the mouth every time it opens is nothing more than an evildoer.

    Shannyn, the first time I saw Palin walk out on the stage with her lovely family, I was impressed. I wanted to know who she was, this woman from Alaska McCain had picked for VP. I began searching the internet and found the clip of that “wild ride story” and my mouth dropped open as I watched, knowing Palin lied from my own experiences. I continued to search and found you, and all the other wonderful bloggers that provided more truth than the MSM was willing to tell. I told my family at a family function about Palin and the fake pregnancy. I was dismissed as crazy and that is putting it mildly. And every function since I have been attacked, with darts flying. I didn’t go to the family July 4th dinner on Saturday because I just didn’t want to be “tag-teamed” again.

    Even though Palin will shortly be leaving the governor’s office, the evil she spews will continue to bring discourse across this country until Palin is outed for all the evil she has done. Please let the nasty comments roll right off your back. And keep up the good work.

    And to Palin, as I am sure you have been lurking…and your palinbots…………

    Matthew 7:18-23

    “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    • Hear! Hear! and Amen. My sentiments exactly.

  138. This might already be posted but in case it’s not, here’s a very entertaining HuffPo read:

  139. Palin’s political career is over. She couldn’t handle Governing a State with the 4th smallest population. Smaller than most medium sized US cities.

  140. Question; Since the Salmon run is so bad in Alaska and the Natives cannot even get their quota, why is Sarah Palin fishing for Salmon? I understand somebody in her family is 1/12 part native, but does that give the Palin’s a right to get Salmon, when the fish is not their main source of income? Doesn’t smell right to me. Can anybody help this lower 48 understand this?

    • All Alaskans may fish for subsistence, including SP. There is an ongoing battle – rural v urban – regarding preference in time of need. There are various twists and turns yet to be duked out in court -state v fed- but bottom line is all Alaskans may subsistence fish.
      Mr Palin is also a commercial fisherman and they were fishing an area not in such trouble as many others… don’t know what fishery they were engaging in , don’t care.
      My question is why was she fishing when she has less than 3 weeks to wrap up her chores? By her own choice?

      Ms Moore has opened a lot of doors from Outside into Alaska- come poke around all the Alaskan blogs – Alaska Cafe and notrawlzone spend a lot of time on fish issues- come visit us through them.

      Thanks Ms Moore- for those doors you open.
      And for helping keep em shut in SPs face…whew.

  141. Like many of your reader’s children, my daughters, ages 17 and 23, have put up with their mother’s daily Palin rants for quite a while.

    Last night, when I heard you were going to be on Countdown, I asked them for the first time if they would watch it with me, and they did!

    When they showed the clip of you saying, “The First Amendment was designed to protect people like ME from the likes of people like HER. Our American Revolution got rid of kings. And queens, too. Am I jacked-up? You betcha.”, both of my girls said, “WHOA. Mom! Who is SHE? Is her blog the one you read every day?” (Yes)

    Shannyn – thank you – for being the FACE and VOICE of “those bloggers”, and just know that two young gals in Texas, even though they don’t really care that much about politics, were nevertheless very impressed with your courage… and by the time the show was over, finally convinced that their mother wasn’t *that* crazy after all.


  142. Palin blinked.
    Bloggers never will.

    Keep up the great work Shannyn.

  143. Bones AK… attracts like, birds of a feather and all that stuff.

    I thought you knew better than to expect a Palin supporter to have any more substance or intellect than Palin herself.

    They are as ignorant as Rush Limbaugh fans, they revel in their self imposed ignorance and hate filled rhetoric.

    Just like the rest of the right wingnuts, they enjoy their hatred the most.

    There must always be an enemy and there must always be a fight.

    Palin said today “I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter”.

    That is how the ignorant operate. They see no other means to an end but by “fighting”

    That is the bottom line in the GOP. They are what America has to contend with as the unevolved segment of their population.

    Main Entry: un·evolved

    Function: adjective
    Date: circa 1775
    : not evolved: as a

    : not fully developed

    b : lacking cultural refinement : unenlightened

    Main Entry: undeveloped
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: immature

    Synonyms: abortive, backward, embryonic, half-baked, inchoate, incipient, inexperienced, latent, potential, primitive, primordial, underdeveloped, untaught, untrained, behindhand, ignored, unactualized, unevolved, unprogressive
    Antonyms: adult, developed, grown, mature

    Main Entry: primitive
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: ancient, original

    Synonyms: archaic, basic, earliest, early, elementary, essential, first, fundamental, old, primal, primary, primeval, primordial, pristine, underlying, undeveloped, substratal, underivative, underived, unevolved
    Antonyms: current, modern, new, present

    You will note the thesaurus synonyms of abortive and embryonic.

    I find that interesting and hilarious at the same time.

    Like a robot gone wild…..abort………abort!

    That is what the GOP are doing with Palin now.

  144. Keep it up your doing our county a favor and being a great champion of truth!

  145. Keep it up Shannyn! I did talk you up here Sarah Palin Attacks 1st Amendment and link to you so keep up the good work. Loved you on Keith as always.


  147. Great job Shannon, keep up the good work and don’t let up.

  148. Word Salad – Perfect Description

  149. Conditions have really changed in Alaska in the political arena since Aug. 29, since I was tapped to run for VP. When that opposition research just – those researchers bombarded Alaska — started digging for dirt and have not let up.

    WOW! Keeping the hotel/motel/restaurant business going in AK, those “opposition researchers” embedded there since last August!!
    They’re not gonna find any dirt,” she said. “We keep proving that every time we win an ethics violation or a lawsuit, and we won every one of them. But it has been costing our state millions of dollars. It’s cost Todd and me. You know the adversaries would love to see us put on the path of personal bankruptcy so that we can’t afford to run.”

    What “opposition researchers” have been filing ethics complaints??

    What lawsuits??

    What “we won every one of them”??….State legislature found Palin guilty AND travelgate cost Palin $10,000 in reparation to the state AND there are some pending And there is a new one for per diem!

    What millions of dollars??

    In 58 words Palin lied 7 times!! ……………..7 times!! Every 8.2 words is a lie.

    I am going to make this my rule of thumb every time she speaks. Every 8.2 words, look for the lie.

    I would not have believed it was POSSIBLE for anyone to lie 7 times in such a short amount of words.

    That has GOT to be a record, even for her!

    WE can’t afford to run??

    So Todd IS the defacto governor?

    • Martha… poor Todd. The Dud ain’t even the king of his own castle.

  150. I saw your interview with KO last night and you knocked it out of the park! You’ve got 90% of intelligent american women behind you and every Democrat/Independent in the country – which, by my count means that Palin has l/2 of the paltry 21% of people willing to call them Republicans, if she even has that.

    Now I’d love to see the civil liberties groups become activated along with their cadre of attorneys who will skewer Van Flein (is that guy for real or what? What a nerdy looking jerk he was).

    After all our first amendment rights have been threatened by these two frauds and we will fight tooth and nail to preserve them.

    Also, isn’t an attempt like this by Van Flein to ‘intimidate our free press’ a bit litigenous in itself? Just wondering. I would think that the people vs. Van Flein on intimidation of the press would make for a great trial.

    As we’ve witnessed via Troopergate and her continued attempts to threaten and bully even her own brother in law, nothing has changed for this woman and she has not learned one thing from traipsing around the country calling Obama slanderous names like ‘terrorist pal’ and ‘socialist’. She still is clueless.

    Unconscious incompetence (one doesn’t even know that they don’t know – aka ‘totally clueless’) is precisely the dx of Sarah Palin. This is the lowest level of spiritual calibration and the lowest rung on the learning ladder as all enlightened folks know.

    Unless/until one is capable of ‘personal insight’ (a major aha moment) they are cursed with a life of not even realizing how stupid they really are – and it goes without saying, that this type of egomaniac who is incapable of the necessary insight to realize that they don’t know that they don’t know….is doomed to failure.

    Quitting everything they do (as she did from college each year to her mayorship to the Petro board and now quitting as Governor) tells me that there is absolutely NO HOPE that she is capable of learning anything.

    That’s precisely what the McCain camp said in the Vanity Fair piece – that when they sequestered her away to prep her for that absurd debate performance that she was ‘incapable and disinterested’ in learning.

    Sarah Palin is Unconsciously Incompetent and always will be.

  151. Great job again, Shannyn! Thanks for showing the rest of our country that not all Alaskans are “undereducated and inarticulate!”

    Keep it up!

  152. Shannyn, you are my idol. You were fantastic on Countdown last night. You are a true American hero. Thank you for all you are doing: for standing up to tyranny & bullying; for speaking the truth; for caring about the true meaning of the First Amendment! We love you, Shannyn Moore! Please start your own TV show. You would be a total success in every demographic!

  153. Can someone tell me what the “Department of Law is?” Sarah seems to think that “dept” would protect her from ethics investigations WHEN she becomes pres. WOW… WOW..

  154. Doesn’t it appear now that Sarah Palin is just simply someone who won a low level goverment “beauty” contest and just through sheer luck made it as far as she did? She is obviously uneducated and has just “pageant walked” her way to the Governor’s mansion?
    Knowing what NOT to do is probably more important in the game of politics than knowing WHAT to do. So, I am not exactly shocked by ethics violations. I think when she pleads ignorance, it is probably accurate.
    Her speeches are filled with canned phrases that people recognize but don’t really know what she is saying. “Im not a quitter”, but she has quit just about every job she has had in politics.
    I blame Alaska. Sorry. I am from Oklahoma and I apologize to the people of America everyday for allowing my state to elect Senator Inhofe. I think Alaska need to learn from Sarah Palin. Get out and vote. Participate in the political process. Hire someone who is qualified and educated.

    • Don’t blame Alaska unless they elect her again. I think they’ve learned their lesson. They won’t be fooled again.

  155. Change that name to Shelly please!!! LOL!!!

  156. Maybe she was thinking that the US Government is just one big University campus and the Department of Law (Justice?) is in charge of protecting the President from whack-job students who change schools often and call people terrorists.

    • LOL

  157. HA HA! “She aborted her term.” That is great!

    Keep it up!

  158. I’m new here. Will someone please explain to me what “buttercup” means in reference to Palin?

    Googled it and found nothing….

    • I believe it’s a reference to Princess Buttercup in “The Princess Bride”. Classic.

    • Also, too, a phrase used by Shannyn in reference to SP on her radio show this past Saturday. (Great show, by the way!)

      And great job on Olbermann, as usual. Must have been a bit of a change to be the news instead of just commenting on it.

  159. Shannyn, THANK you for representing Alaska well, with poise, dignity and intelligence. After the year of the world seeing us in the mirror that is Palin and her unintelligable Sarah speak and having national media people who should know better call it ” Alaska Speak ” I am grateful to have us shown in a more positve light.
    You are a brave and talented woman and you make us proud. You stood up to a bully with more grace than we have seen in a long time. THANK YOU for showing the world that all Alaskans are not what they have seen and heard over the past year.

  160. I don’t know if you get down this far on the comments, but you looked like a real pro on Oberman. I also realized you are a very smart cookie thinking fast on your feet the way you did. You are doing an excellent job and I am sure your career is about to take off. Just remember, “You are just a girl from Homer”. Keep your feet on the ground and remember all the people who help you. I hope to see you in the national media soon. Good Luck!

  161. Hi all,
    I just have one word “sociopath” google it and tell me that isn’t your girl!

    Cheers to all enjoy!

  162. Governor Palin’s July 3 missive claims that there have been “fifteen” ethics complaints filed against her, and she has “won” them all. She hasn’t.

    Threre are a total of 19. One she clearly “lost,” and at least two are still pending.

    If you care, here’s a point by point analysis:

    Sarah Palin and the Department of Law

    Also has nice pictures.

    Thank you.

    Bill Abendroth

  163. Shannyn, you looked and sounded terrific. I hope you know how strongly your fellow Alaskans are supporting you in this ridiculous contretemps. Sarah has truly lost face with everyone from her RW backers to the Independents who supported her until her VP run, from Fairbanks moderates to flaming Homer liberals!

  164. Way to go, Shannyn! Articulate, perfect.

  165. Buttercup refers to Shannyn’s comment on her radio show on Saturday when she was talking about Palin’s whining about the big bad bloggers. She told Palin to “Suck it up, Buttercup”. Many of us have adopted the new name for Palin.

  166. I heard a rumor that Joann Grimes Pantages was the Alternate Delegate for McCain/Palin to the 2008 Republicant National Convention and has contributed thousands of $$$ to McCain and the Alaska Republicant Party

  167. Congrats on the award, Shanynn. You and the other AK bloggers for truth in government ROCK!

  168. Hey Shannyn! Congrats on the “Wings of Justice” award from Buzzflash! You stood up to a bully and won the battle — way to go!

  169. this is a comment from the open thread on the mudflats

    Joann Grimes is a “Guest Opinion Blogger” for adn. Her blog is listed under BLOGS – Community Blogs – Alaska Voices

    Her blog entry re: Shannyn Moore
    states “…a woman, I’d never heard of before on the news last night”. Which certainly indicates Grimes is out of touch with the Alaska blog scene.

    Grimes also seems very out of touch with regard to the laws on defamation and public figures. She seems to really enjoy her own ignorance. Her “education” is starting to stack up in the collected comments. Worth the read, IMO.

  170. Heard you won the Wings of Justice Award!

    Congratulations, Shannyn!!

  171. CyberHUG!

  172. WINGS! OF! JUSTICE!!!!!

  173. (((((Shannyn)))))) first you need to uncloak. Secondly WHHOOOOOO HOOO Congrats on the Wings of Justice award. You go girl, don’t doubt your actions, stand up for what you believe in.

    Don’t worry about those dam trolls, they are blind and brainless because there defunct leader QUIT, I SAY QUIT, TWITTER QUITER, best thing she could have done for Alaska and all women, she brings the wrong perceptions of women and especially women in very professional careers. QUITER

  174. Big fan from Minnesota, Shannon !

    like your style and acknowledge your sensibilities

  175. Congrats Shannon. When are you gonna run for Governor?

  176. I would ask you to marry me, but as a matter of principal I won’t marry any woman who can kick my ass.

  177. Congratulations on the Wings of Justice Award!

    You are certainly in august company with that one!

    Way to go and keep it up and SCREW ALL THE HATERS. (sorry but had to get that off my chest 🙂

  178. Shannyn, you are an incredibly brave, eloquent woman who shows great intelligence and humor under fire. KO is smart to have you on his show! Please know that you are appreciated and respected by thoughtful people all around the country, and probably the entire world and known universe, who recognize the truth in your words and the goodness in your heart. May your wisdom and your heartfelt efforts continue to progress Alaska forward, sweet lady. You betcha! Also, too.

  179. Shannon – tell Palin or her “attorney” you know who is coming and tick tock the clock is ticking…

    Watch her come undone…

    Watch the news…

    Palin lied to me and well…

    When you are made federal property and trained we are loyal to God, our Country and our Peoples…no matter what war is decalred on a young family or not – we have honor…and we call Home Base (DC) when one is getting bombed…

    Watch her twitter on TV…

    Oh right – she already did…

    Well young lady (Palin) don’t lie to others…

    and answer questions when asked…

    Legislators might be asking them as well…

    They might see a rip in the criminal justice system controlled by Palin for financial accounts no one wanted me to know about…

    By birthright the trust account is mine and I want it back…FDIC and other federal banking agenices are inquiring minds who want to know as well.

    And yes federal agencies have been notified
    and intel passed on to evaluate and investigate.

    so it is enevitable that a “federal” agency might be looking at a possiblity of an investigation – about trust fund issues, IF that is what they deem.

    Agencies above the FBI handle these issues…so their statement is correct. Unless they find crimes committed that fit the critera for them to investigate.

    Now her “intent to harm” and “abuse of power” did take place and I would love to see her grow a set and lets publically talk about this…

    The Legislators might ask Palin as well…

    Ask her why Wooten didn’t arrest someone pointing a 9mm at someone and then the AST confinscate a rifle but leave the 9mm in the safe?
    And the DV victim has to come and get the aggressor or they will “come and get them? ”

    FBI picked up on that and a Special Agent arrived.

    Local courts convict him of violating a DVPO.

    Then they esponged the conviction?

    So the rapist could drive a school bus?

    Ask her why she would have the local Palmer DA squash a child-rape case times two children?
    Video statements and the rapist having an STD is not enough evidence?

    Or the lost wages denied? when the employer verfied lost wages and submitted paperwork the director of VCCB quits?

    Or the DVSA that issued a lawyer then renig?

    Or the “relocating fees” from VCCB that had to be used for hiring a lawyer who noted in divorce proceedings why I had to do that?

    Or the Palmer courts allowing a $12,000 child support credit? not enough that he raped the kids.
    Now he didn’t have to pay for them either.

    Or the MSBSD attacks on children to get them out of school? that is malicious mischief there.

    But her resigning is a conglomeration of many issues she ignored – mine is not the only case.

    And abuse of power still is fresh as I learned from a individual whose kid was in HS and Todd’s brother’s kid was in HS and the other kid can’t talk in HS.?

    So TP brother calls up the father and threatened him – Newsflash – that is a felony…

    See – they just keep thinking that they can do as they damn well please with no consequence.

    Palin – you can’t tell that to a federal baby now Young Lady!!!

    See you in federal court!!!!

    From you know who…

  180. You were great on the KO show. I hear Sarah and her lawyers are now going to sue the internt. ha ha! By picking on you she is fast making you a household name (outside of Alaska too)

  181. Question – Will the Republican leadership now consider Sarah the political equivalent of a one-night-stand?

  182. hypocritical how the republicans defend racists like rush limbaugh and ann coulter who spew hate daily.

    but when a liberal and true american, says something a republican doesnt like…all of a sudden, free speech becomes non-existent.

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