Posted by: shannynmoore | July 9, 2009

Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl From Homer

Thank you. For the notes of support and accolades from across the nation, I am grateful.

To my family and friends who know the struggle it has been to keep up with the political reality show Alaska has become, you are my strength and I love you.

For those of you that found the donation button, I am thankful.

There have been many posts written and I would like to share a few that have been meaningful to me.

The Wings of Justice Award

The saga…by AKM.

It’s not courage unless you are afraid.

Feel free to post others.

Palin’s resignation doesn’t solve Alaska’s issues. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

To AKM, for taking over this blog and for your unwavering support, I promise I won’t take you to another Ducks Unlimited banquet.



  1. As a recent reader of your blog I’d like to thank you for your stance(s) on Sarah Palin. I appreciate reading cohesive, articulate, and intelligent posts. Keep on, keeping on.

    • At first I thought You were from Homer, Ga, Ty Cobb’s hometown but I see now Alaska.
      I got cousins up there that go to church occasionally with the Palins.

      Bush 41 speechwriter got the Palin thing about right today at Huffington Post; but Maureen Dowd may be a little too cruel.

      You stay at it but don’t come unmoored.

  2. Good work, Shannyn — but why are people calling you courageous when you’re not quitting? I understand that up in Alaska you aren’t considered much of a fighter if you don’t walk away from your job when you’re challenged.

  3. Welcome back.

  4. Congratulations, Shannyn. I’m the one at BuzzFlash who came up with the idea to select you and wrote up Wings of Justice. You totally deserved it, and our readers think so, too.

    Keep up the good work during the Sean Parnell reign.

  5. Welcome back

  6. You go GIRL !!

  7. Strut your stuff. You are great. (Intelligent, well-spoken, courageous, coherent and cosistent, my hero – did I forget something? and beautiful from inside and out, WOW)

  8. ‘Tip Toeing Through the Butttercups’, not your style here. I’m so glad, so glad, so glad. Progressing on, Wilb*

  9. Sarah’s lawsuit threat goes down as a pathetic joke. Thanks calling her out on it.

    That said, the prospect of Sarah at a deposition with her hand on a BIBLE, swearing to tell “the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH; so help me God”, under penalty of law…

    That’s an interesting scenario, to say the least.

  10. The one bright spot in this black hole of a situation has been the attention paid to Shannyn by the national media. Now I’ve got a liberal talk show to follow!!!

    Beat Palin down Shannyn!

  11. Keep up the good work-!!!!

  12. Shannyn, you did great with Keith and I really appreciate the stand you have taken with Palin. I’ve been enjoying your work here and on Huff for almost a year and think you are a very intelligent person and fine writer. My only problem is, I now need to rename my 2 year old minature poodle, who was named Buttercup until a few days ago!

  13. Ready for a chuckle?

    Sarah Palin has become mentally unstable
    The Alaska Standard

    “The real question regarding Palin is not whether she tells lies. Half of what comes out of her mouth isn’t true. 80 percent of her resignation speech isn’t true. The real question is: Has she become so mentally unstable and delusional that Palin now believes if something comes out of her mouth it becomes true?

    A perfect example is when she describes fulfilling her commitment to voters and finishing her term as “a quitter’s way out.” She must realize the absurdity of what she is arguing. Or does she? Has she lost all sense of reality? Have the rallies with tens of thousands of adoring fans convinced her she has become someone so special she can now create her own reality? Someone who can do no wrong. If she says or believes something it automatically becomes true.”


  14. Sorry,

    Forgot the Alaska Standard link:


  15. Won’t be long before you receive your notice from Netroots that you & AKM will be skipping through Pittsburgh, PA together!!

    Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that they ask both of you to speak at the Convention as it’s the Alaska Blogs that are the hottest in the Nation!!

  16. Shannyn;
    This compliment is meant not only for you, but also for all the other bloggers, and news sites, there in Alaska.
    I sit here in Florida, another politically challenged state, though fortunately not quite as bad as yours.
    I think that the work you guys are doing is awe inspiring. The collective will and desire shown by the lot of you should be the template for others, all over the country, to emulate.
    Keep up the good work. We’re with you, and following your lead.

    Kudos, Kudos, Kudos, Kudos.

  17. Mucho Mahalo, Ms. Moore!

  18. Welcome back Shannyn. And many congrats on the Wings of Justice Award.

    You totally deserve it!!!

    Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

  19. Glad to see your are blogging again.
    Was worried that this was taking a toll on you.
    Unfortunately the work you do and our support of you and all the other Alaskan bloggers do, I think is just beginning.
    What are they thinking, 7/10 republicans would vote for this woman?
    I will do whatever I can in my little corner of the universe to make sure the truth of who she really is is known as far and as wide as I can!

  20. Calm with the facts to back you up as you face the storm of distortion and misinformation that is sarah palin.

    When sarah says, “you’re not listening to me”, the interviewer must channel Sgt Friday. “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

    Thank you for doing that all along. It lifts the fog that she blows.

  21. Shannyn, one thing I have learned along the way, God always looks at the heart. So roll up those sleeves and get to work!! Not a moment to waste! Clean house from top to bottom, scrub it down good, and be sure to put all trash at the curb.

    Thanks, Shannyn. A tip of the hat to you!!

    (PS Back when Palin came on the national stage, I found the copy of the 2008 state budget. After reviewing, I found nearly all, if not all, items relating to Homer were slashed by Palin. I asked on a couple of blogs who Palin hated in Homer; no answer was given. Then I found your blog, just a girl from Homer.)

    • Sounds like a rumor to me.

  22. Shannyn, what do you mean “taking over this blog”?

    **********Note from Shanny*********
    She has been very generous to do the troll disinfectant. I love Ducks Unlimited and am a member…I co-hosted an event last year. I say we can make more ducks, but we can’t make more land…so DU does amazing work.

    • I was wondering the same thing… and what’s wrong with Ducks Unlimited??? Did you know they were involved in the effort to preserve the feeding areas of your beautiful tundra swans down along the East Coast?

      They didn’t serve up Peking Duck at the banquet, did they???

      • Isn’t AKM a vegan, or a vegetarian? I thought I picked up on that when she was talking about one of those post-Assembly get-togethers…

  23. Glad to see you popping up for air.

  24. Shannyn, I am so glad you did that press conference, especially that you did it in a timely manner and right in front of CB’s (crazy bitch) office. Good on ya! I would love to see all of you Alaska bloggers put up the illustration that Gryphen has on his site right now. Talk about perfect!!

  25. BTW, I thought your interview on KO was excellent. You were clear, succinct, and showed a great deal of grace. You stated your unwavering position that you were happy Sarah wouldn’t be making decisions for your state much longer without personally attacking her. And she is such an easy target. I was impressed.

  26. btw, Shannyn… Palin’s basketball team needs a new point guard… seems theirs walked off the court just when the game was starting to really heat up. Get warmed up, take off the sweats and let’s put up a few more 3-pointers, okay? Take it to that other team, girlie.

  27. Shannyn,
    Congrats on the award! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving gal. (“taking over” – ? Take care of you and yours, we look forward to your next post.

    You have my admiration and my best wishes.

  28. Glad to see you back. You are truly and inspiration to everyone. Sit back take a breath and don’t let Sarah drag your spirits down.
    You are totally in another class and a breath of fresh air. Your great… Don’t forget it.

  29. You are “world-class” Shannyn. Thank you for standing up and shouting,”I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

  30. the sun came out in NC and Shannyn’s getting the props she deserves…truly, goddess is good.

  31. OMG, I have to really laugh. Palin and Meg Stapleton are now blaming the Obama people for all this. Here’s the link to the article.

    Shannyn keep up the great work.

  32. I’m afraid that Palin’s resignation will cause her to be more influential – not less.

    I have serious doubts that Parnell will be the “real” governor.

    Todd was the shadow governor for Sarah – I can’t see a scenario where he gives up that insidious power.

    Parnell is a tool, and the Palin’s love their tools!

    • That’s why there’s three branches of government, AllIsaw… and if the legislators have any self-respect and integrity, they’ll take it to him if there’s even the slightest inkling of this type of governmental subterfuge. No one wants a constitutional crisis except for The quitternator and The Dud’s buddies in the AIP.

  33. Congrats on the Wings of Justice award, Shannyn. You join the ranks of an impressive cast of characters:

    Barack Obama,
    Bill Clinton,
    Ted Kennedy,
    Rachel Maddow,
    Keith Olbermann,
    Amy Goodman,
    Senator Russ Feingold,
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich,
    Colin Powell,
    Jon Stewart,
    Naomi Wolf,
    Kurt Vonnegut,
    Pat Tillman,
    Max Cleland,
    Maxine Waters,
    Molly Ivins,
    Bill Moyers,
    Bernie Sanders,
    Randi Rhodes,
    Michael J Fox,
    Greg Palast,
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr.,
    Neil Young,
    John Dean,
    Stephen Colbert,
    Seymour Hersh,
    David Letterman,
    Helen Thomas,
    Rosa Parks, and
    Al Gore to name a few.

    WELL DONE SHANNYN MOORE!!! Indeed…you will not be muzzled!!!

  34. Way to be proactive chad!

    Congrats Shannyn, on the Wings of Justice Award. Very well deserved.

  35. sauer kraut is right, the mean girl took the ball and went home, hehehe

    • Time to take the ball back and get things done the way they should be done, sans Palin.

  36. Representative Democracy of, by and for the people begins locally. If we want to stop the divisive, partisan bullshit we must all wake up and get involved now. Shannyn and all local Alaskan progressive bloggers have done just exactly that. Bravo!

    So I raise a toast and call for more adult beverages! And even though NOBODY pays us for our public service of rendering opinion and shining the light of truth upon the corrupt (and sometimes politically clueless) tomorrow is yet another blogday… cheers!


  37. Yeah, yeah. It’s a great post if you want to read the same thing day in and day out. I’m just kidding Shanny. I love to hear the words you write and seeing you on the teevee is really great, but I realize it’s the quality of what you do and not the quantity. So, I miss you but just keep up the fantastic work you do.

  38. GADS! Shannyn, if she goes back on the trail the RNC will now have to give back that dang wardrobe!
    Today she once again made the front cover of Time Magazine.
    Oh,Lordy, Lordy……

  39. @Betsy M

    OMG, I have to really laugh. Palin and Meg Stapleton are now blaming the Obama people for all this. Here’s the link to the article.

    Shannyn keep up the great work.


    Hmmmm. Maybe Meg and GINO assume that someone’s out to get them because that’s what they would do if they were in Obama’s position.

    And of course, The Palin Camp has no spies of their own in Washington….do they?

  40. Shannyn,

    Palin STILL needs to “open” all the “unopened” gifts she has recieved & report them.

    Also, Palin filed a request for Exemption of Financial Disclosure regarding gifts/discounts her family receives from Arctic Cat. What happened with that?

  41. Thank you for not hanging up your headphones. I think hearing the workings of your mind through a microphone is doing more good for the state of Alaska than the totality of what Mrs. Winky-Dinky did as Governor. I was fortunate to live in Alaska from June of 1968 to July of 1969. I was a photo officer in the Army at Ft. Greely, near Delta Junction, but I traveled all over the state. I loved the whole beautiful place…including your home town. Thanks for fighting to preserve Alaska and the dignity of Alaskans.

  42. Perhpas one of you can answer a couple of questions for me.

    How much money has been raised in the sp defense fund?

    What was the fee for public records from the state before sp was picked for VP candidate and how much was that fee raised by, sp or her methods, to modify state rules upon her whim. What amount did the fees end up being, and how much was paid to the State of AK for the “PUBLIC” records released to those that requested them.

    • How much was raised in the defense fund, aka the Thomas Van Flein beg-a-thon?

      Short answer is we will probably never know. The C4P crowd stopped updating their graph around the $120-130 thousand mark, well short of the planned $500 thousand.

      They limited donations to under $150, saying they were keeping the amount low to encourage mom and pop to donate. That seemed odd, since it was an upper limit, and not a lower limit.

      I believe the reason they kept the upper limit at $150 is to avoid Federal and State reporting requirements. Well, I heard a rumor to that effect anyway.

  43. Shannyn, you might be interested in this:

    Re: Lucrative deals for Gov from books and speeches and TV appearances after leaving office. Found this on Christian Science Monitor. Here is the meat of the ultimate ethics violation:

    “The only reason she’s quitting is she’s got to cash in while the getting’s good,” says Palin foe Andree McLeod, an Anchorage activist.

    That cashing in – reaping financial rewards from her book deal and potential speaking engagements – is itself a violation of the spirit and letter of the state Ethics Act, which precludes public officials from personally profiting for two years after leaving a government position, Ms. McLeod says.”

    Here’s the link to the article, it’s a good read:

    She might not be “making hay in the sunshine” as quickly as she thinks!

  44. Does the statute precluding public officials from personally profiting for two years after leaving a government position appy to quitters?

    I think she’ll still be “making hay in the sunshine” anyway. Since when have laws & ethics restrictions ever applied to her?

    Thanks and congratulations Shannyn. You are an awesome lady.

  45. Hi Shannyn: Here was my take on the Palin assault on the First Amendment. Palin, DialAFlight, Edelman on Blog Offensive

  46. Have you seen this?
    (hint: look behind the door!)

  47. I ❤ you just a little bit. Not too much though… I'm married.

  48. Shannyn, I read your interview on Forbes and was so impressed. Love the blog and will continue following – glad someone is telling the truth about politics in Alaska! Keep up the great work!

  49. Put me in the marriage proposal cetegory.

  50. So proud of you for your courage in standing up against those who would try to silence your voice and, by extension, ours! I was hugging you so hard after your press conference.
    Congratulation on your award. It is most deserved.
    Excellent job with Keith Olbermann.
    Keep it up!

  51. Shannyn:

    Keep the faith and keep the pressure on full throttle.

    Sarah Palin never did release her medical records as did others during her ill fated run for the officed of vice president of the united states. she is no doubt hiding something, what is it?

    Also, more recenty Sarah claimed that she was resigning her position of governor of alaska mainly because of the lawsuits that were going to be costing the taxpayers of alaska millions of dollars.

    Perhaps you ought to give sarah the opportunity to explain in a tad more detail who made those calculations for her and since she is still the governor, those calculations are public record. Why not publish them so we can see exactly what she is talking about? Then we could perform our own calculations and see the difference, if any between sarah’s numbers and reality.

    Thanks for everything.


  52. You have my support. Please continue your articulate, questioning, insightful coverage…Thank you!

  53. Rock-N-Roll Ms. Moore!

  54. The ethics statue regarding “profiting” for two years is not as vague as you are implying. It is very narrow in its definition, and is meant to target quid pro quo type behavior and specific policy related decision making, not writing books and making public speeches, or even general policy creation, all of which is quite common for politicians.

    Actual text from the statue below, please note the definition of MATTERS. Extremely specific.

    A. Two-Year Restriction on Participation in Certain Matters
    Under AS 39.52.180(a), a two-year prohibition applies to certain post-state employment activities. For two years after leaving state service, a former state officer may not “represent, advise, or assist a person for compensation regarding a matter that was under consideration by the administrative unit served by that public officer, and in which the officer participated personally and substantially through the exercise of official action.”

    The Department of Law reads this provision consistent with the legislature’s intent that AS 39.52.180 be narrowly applied.10 Thus, subsection 180(a) prohibits an activity during the two-year post-state employment period only if the activity meets each of the elements of that subsection.

    The Ethics Act and related regulations define most of the terms used in AS 39.52.180(a). A “public officer” includes any public employee in the classified, partially exempt, or exempt service.11 “Person” includes a business or organization.12 “Compensation” means money or other economic benefit received in return for services rendered to another.13 “Administrative unit” means “a branch, bureau, center, committee, division, fund, office, program, section, or any other subdivision of an agency.”14 “Agency” includes an executive branch department.15
    “Matter” includes “a case, proceeding, application, contract, or determination, proposal or consideration of a legislative bill, a resolution, a constitutional amendment, or other legislative measure, or proposal, consideration, or adoption of an administrative regulation.”16

    General formulation of policy also does not constitute a “matter” for purposes of post-state employment restrictions.17
    “Official action” means “advice, participation, or assistance, including, for example, a recommendation, decision, approval, disapproval, vote, or other similar action, including inaction, by a public officer.”18 Whether participation in a matter is “personal and substantial” depends on the circumstances of each case. Routine processing of documents, general supervision of employees without direct involvement in a matter, and ministerial functions not involving the merits of a matter do not constitute “personal and substantial” participation.19 As a former public officer, you are precluded for two years from further involvement in matters in which you had substantial actual involvement and took official action.

    Please note that even if a post-state employment activity satisfies all of the elements for being prohibited, there are two exceptions to this prohibition. First, a state agency may contract with a former public officer to act on a matter on behalf of the state.20 Second, the head of the agency may waive the prohibition if he or she determines in writing that the former public officer’s representation is “not adverse to the public interest” and the waiver is approved by the attorney general.21

  55. Thanks for doing what you do.
    Keep it up!

  56. Give her hell, Shannyn!

  57. Keep on comin’ Ms Moore. You’re smart, you’re beautiful… put me on the “marriage proposal” list, please. My wife will understand… maybe. Do you have good health insurance? Does it cover spouses?

  58. Shannyn, earlier today someone emailed me the following:

    Oh Sarah, have you already forgotten that Pulling Out didn’t work so well for me?
    Levi Johnston

  59. Shannon,
    I met you in Juneau around the time of the Senate appointment dobacle and I am proud to see that you have raised the hairs of so many in that inept administration. Thank you for explaining the first amendment to Sarah. Keep fighting the good fight, you have a lot of support.

  60. Shannyn –
    Keep up the good work reporting about the ever flighty and confused Ms. Palin. Most of her screeching about the media can be summed up as,

    “Wah, Wah, Wah.. Poor Baby Sarah got her feelings hurt. Now Baby Sarah is going to take her toys and go home.”

    Unfortunately for us Alaskans, she is leaving her office in disarray and her job unfinished. Poor Baby Sarah.

    Keep your chin up Shannyn.

  61. Congrats on your award. You showed true courage and grit standing up to Sarah Barracuda. You are a “fighter” and definitely not a “quitter” by any means. We Love You.

  62. Thank you so much for your sane and logical insights. I’m so tired of the rest of the states thinking we’re a bunch of bimbos unable to string a series of thoughts together in a coherent manner. Keep up the good work.

  63. Just read the Forbes interview — HILARIOUS!!! Look forward to reading through your blog.

    I know what it’s like to be the only Democrat for 200 miles in any direction (I live in Alabama) and I applaud your efforts to share a fresh perspective. Hang in there!

  64. Congratulations Shannyn!

    Regards from the Middle East bloggosphere.

    Undercover Dragon
    Muscat, Oman

  65. You’ve been doing great work Shannyn. And I know it will continue! Keep on truckin’

  66. You are very welcome, Shannyn. I haven’t had this much fun flinging trolls in a long time. (mopping brow and kicking off boots) You should see them… They’re all writhing around in the spam queue, squealing about their first amendment rights. It’s quite a sight. Maybe they’ll figure out that if you use your first amendment rights to be rude in someone’s living room, they’re allowed to send you home.

    Keep up the good work.

    • For you to kick off your boots, sounds like you’re running out of places to store the bodies!! On your adventures, ya gotta find some more swamp land!!

      Did you hear anything? I didn’t hear anything!!

  67. A devastating critique of Meg Stapletongue:

    “Chatterbox: Sarah Palin’s Worst Enemy.”

    (It’s Not Who You Think)

  68. Dahlink…You are mahvelous!

    I’m sorry you were singled out by Palin and have to go through this but I am so pleased with the way you are handling it. She sure made a fool of herself by attacking you.

    Thank you and stay strong.

  69. Shannyn, I think u are cool, and smart, and pretty, and blonde, and u have a great voice, and…i’m a progressive and i admire u and maybe we could get married someday haha but i gotta say, one thing that u said in an interview with, i think it was Forbes maybe, well it struck me the wrong way…u made a joke about a how Alaska can’t even get a bestiality law passed because of lame Palin’s ineptitude and u referred to a man that raped dogs recently and u said that Alaska needs an “Ididadog” law passed…i like humor, but please don’t be flippant about something like that, l love animals and i know u do too, so please refrain from using that as a joke…other than that, u are cool and very pretty, did i mention that? :)) peace and keep warm up there in Alaska

  70. Shannyn, we are all proud of you for saying what we so much want to say ourselves, and with such courage!

  71. Congrats on the Wings of Justice award Shannyn, keep up the good work up there in AK.

  72. Love your blog. Keep it up and don’t back down!

  73. If AKM is taking over your blog, then that means that you are not going to have this blog anymore? The comments here don’t seem like they are from people who actually read your post. Or has AKM been blogging for you and now you’re back?

    • AKM appears only to have been Troll Babysitting for Shannyn this week as Shannyn has had an extremely busy week.

  74. Kudos on your interview with Forbes. I shared it with my politically aware friends in Maine. We loved Ididadog. If you get tired of shaking trees in Alaska, come to Maine!

    • hey, watch yo mouth! I know u just made that comment about liking her bad joke just to dis me! Watch it, lady!

  75. shannyn, I’ve downloaded all the interviews (print and media), photos, links to blogs, etc. etc. just to try and keep up with your supporters.

    It’s impossible! There are too damn many of us!

    Any award you win, any support you get, any praise, any kudos – you deserve every bit. You’ve done more for my beloved Alaska than the last 10 governors combined.

    Thank you! :hug:

  76. Shannyn,

    Thanks for standing up for 1st Amendment rights for all of us and welcome back to the blog.

    In exactly one hour I’ll be listening live to the Shannyn Moore Show!

    • Darn if I didn’t forget the time difference….make that 2 hours.

  77. Supporters of Sarah Palin are all intellectually challenged. They are just as irrational and childish as their “beloved Sarah”. The difference between your supporters and hers is that we respect you and her supporters “worship” her.

    Remember the saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

    Keep up the good work. Alot of “rational” people support you. Attacking you back-fired on Sarah because you have become a national hero.

  78. Right now I can only be grateful to Governor Palin, for without her legal assault on you, I probably wouldn’t have discovered your excellent, wonderful blog.

    I’m not a Palin hater. I just don’t think she she has all the qualities and qualifications to hold high ranking political positions.

    Unfortunately it’s not enough that Palin herself demonstrates this inability on a daily basis, so thank you for your part in showing that to the rest of the country with such intelligence and fairness.

  79. Just out of evidences to what I say?

    Harvard Corporate Blog…

    FDIC is seeking to make changes in banking…

    check it out…

    Stay Safe Moore…

  80. Shannyn, congrats on your Forbes intervu, it is fall down funny and brilliantly on target

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