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Quit Happens: Sarah Palin’s Constitutional Train Wreck

When Senator Bill Wielechowski came on my radio program this week, he dropped a bomb I wasn’t ready for; in order for Alaska to avoid a constitutional crisis, “The real solution…is for the governor to say…’I will withhold my resignation until the legislature can meet.'”

Dead air…please explain, Senator.

Wielechowski pointed out that this was the first summer in years that the legislature was not called into a special session. Lawmakers made plans. Plans to fish, plans to visit friends and relatives Outside, plans to just enjoy an Alaskan Summer. Getting everyone together prior to July 25 (Palin’s last day as governor) is almost next to impossible (“…we estimate we can (meet) first-second week in August…”).

For some reason, nothing seems simple in Alaska. It would seem with the governor’s resignation, the Lieutenant Governor, Sean Parnell, could simply take his seat. The appointed third-in-line would then slip into Sean’s chair and we could get back to business.

Sorry. According to both parties, Alaska sits on the edge of a constitutional crisis because of the “chain of command vacuum” created by the governor’s abrupt resignation.

The perfect storm of events lined up on February 6, 2009. Senate Resolution 5 passed 16 – 1. It found Todd Palin and the governor’s aides guilty of contempt of the State of Alaska Senate. Their refusal to co-operate with subpoenas during the Branchflower Investigation came with no penalties; just the finding. Four days later, Attorney General Talis Colberg resigned. Colberg purportedly advised those found in contempt to ignore their subpoenas.

In February 2007, Palin appointed her AG, Talis Colberg, to serve as successor to the Lieutenant Governor. The legislative body confirmed him. His resignation called for not only a new AG, but a new successor as well.

On April 16th, the nomination of Wayne Anthony Ross for AG was defeated after a long, controversial hearing. Commissioner of Corrections, Joe Schmidt was confirmed as “third in line” in the event the governor or lieutenant governor were unable to fulfill their duties.

Hey, great, constitutional obligations met! Not so fast…

When the governor resigned, Joe Schmidt, who had lobbied for the job and sent thank you notes to those who voted for him, decided “Thanks, but no thanks.” Schmidt, a high school friend of Palin’s, was a controversial nomination after a 514-19 vote of “no confidence” by the Alaska Correctional Officers Association in 2008. Their lack of confidence had to do with cover up of a contagious bacterial infection, MRSA, among prisoners and guards. In May, the ACOA filed a lawsuit against Sarah Palin’s administration for purposefully dragging its feet in getting the legislature to appropriate pay increases, thereby sabotaging new contract arbitration.

It’s hard to know why Mr. Schmidt declined his previously sought duty, but a replacement was named by the governor quickly; Alaska National Guard Lieutenant General Craig Campbell.

Last August, just days after Sarah Palin’s VP nomination, then Major General Campbell told the AP the governor had no control over the Alaska Air National Guard. He continued breaking down the meme of her experience in an interview with the Boston Globe. Two days later, on Friday, September 8th, Campbell flip-flopped on Fox news. He sang the governor’s praises. The following Monday, Palin promoted him to Lieutenant General in the Alaska National Guarda rank only recognized in Alaska. Now she has promoted him for his loyalty again; this time to Lieutenant Governor.

Here is where the constitutional crisis has a head on.

With Palin’s resignation, Joe Schmidt declining the Lt. Gov job, and Mr. Campbell not being confirmed by the legislative body…we are left with one leader, Sean Parnell, and no spares. According to the Constitution we have to have a spare. The only way to get a spare is to have a special session and confirm Mr. Campbell. Palin’s newest attorney general appointee, Dan Sullivan, formerly of the Bush Administration, supports the unconfirmed succession of Mr. Campbell. Mr. Sullivan has yet to be confirmed by the legislature.

Oooh, lucky us! An oh-so-special session! Wait!

Governor Palin’s $28.6 million veto of federal stimulus funds for energy assistance and weatherization is on the desk waiting for next year’s session to start. The legislature has 5 days to override the governor’s veto, or forfeit it. The decision was made not to have a special session to flip her decision-not for the lack of votes, but because of the expense.

As more information rolls out, Palin’s excuses for leaving office become weaker. The ethics complaints were to blame. “Millions of dollars” have been sifted down to less than $300,000-$296,042.58 to be exact. The ethics complaint Palin filed on herself in a political attempt to derail the Branchflower Investigation cost the state $187,797. That means all of the other complaints combined cost the state $108,245.58. But wait, Alaskan Frank Gwartney’s “travelgate” complaint forced Palin to cough up $8,143.62 back to the state coffers. So the net cost of all of the ethics complaints, excluding Palin’s expensive political stunt, was $101,101.84.

On June 26, 2007, a joint special session was called to fund a program for low income seniors. The cost of the one day meeting? $103,500.

Here’s the rub; Governor Palin aborting her term will end up costing Alaskans more than all of the non-Palin ethics complaints combined. Former legislators I spoke with estimated this session would cost somewhere north of $150,000. $150,000 just to sort out her mess! Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers I’ve talked to see this “July Surprise” as an expensive constitutional train wreck. Most are projecting the session needing at least a few days.

Let’s do the math:
Branchflower Report: $75,000 (Legislative investigation that found Sarah Palin guilty of abuse of power.)
Palin’s own ethics complaint: $187,245.58 (A political tactic filed in an attempt to de-rail the Branchflower Report.)
Special Session (Low estimate):$150,000
PALIN’S cost to the State of Alaska? $402,245.58
“FRIVOLOUS ETHICS COMPLAINERS” cost to the State of Alaska? $101,101.84

Maybe we need to start AlaskaPAC.

If the solution to averting a constitutional crisis is for Sarah Palin to stay on as governor for a few weeks, as one Democratic Senator suggested on my radio show, Alaska should be a reality show. “Help, I’m A Celebrity Governor, Get Me Out Of Here!”

UPDATE: Lieutenant Governor, and soon to be governor, Sean Parnell signed a letter naming Lieutenant General (rank only applies in AK) Craig E. Campbell as his temporary substitute effective upon Lieutenant Governor Parnell’s succession to the Office of Governor July 26.

Parnell called it a “win-win approach to ensuring a clear and secure line of succession to the office of lieutenant governor.”

Parnell is relying on the opinion of the acting attorney general, Dan Sullivan’s opinion of last week, showing neither party understands the constitutional requirements for succession. Sullivan’s opinion is non-binding and in conflict with those of legislative legal. It makes no difference if Palin or Parnell appoints the replacement for Lt. Gov. if the legislature hasn’t voted to confirm the nomination. A third successor has yet to be named.

Potential crisis not averted by Parnell’s letter. Word of a special session is yet to be finalized.

The new, unofficial Alaska motto is: “QUIT HAPPENS!”


  1. Hasn’t Alaska had a “chain of command vacuum” from the first day Palin was voted in as governor?

  2. She is now saying that her resignation has been in the works “for months.” If that is the case (and I realize that nothing she says is terribly credible), then you would think she might have looked at such a basic issue and reflected it in the timing of her resignation. Instead, there are two possibilities: (a) she never considered it, showing even less competence than has been demonstrated; or (b) she doesn’t care about the impact of her actions, showing that her professed “love” of Alaska is even more hogwash than has been demonstrated.

  3. Wow, just wow, is all I can say here. Nothing is ever really what it seems on the surface in Palin land. The state of Alaska will be cleaning up Palin’s messes for quite a while to come.

    More proof that Sarah resigned as a preemptive strike against someone or soemthing.

  4. sigh. Perhaps those movie special effects people could create a scene in which every train in the US converges on Union Station (favorite movie location for trainwrecks) at the same time and demolishes the station. That MIGHT give the visual equivalent of she who is the trainwreck to end all trainwrecks.
    sigh. just sigh.

  5. Thank you for keep the lower 48 abreast of the political train wreck left by the fighter (not quitter) Governor.

    In California, we understand, with the Governator – appointed by special interests – and they thought Governor Davis would be the ruin of our state. How ironic.

  6. Can we also subtract from the cost of the complaints the money AK will collect for the records requested? Has anyone besides Celtic Diva paid the steep price attached to the records?
    Stay strong, Shannyn – white light from the lower 48….

  7. Donna – the correct answer is “B”.

    Shannyn – thanks for summarizing this – one more sarah-lie which I have pointed out to many, also, too! And hey – you stole my idea for the Alaska Reality Show (intellectual property and all that) – the only difference – I thought we were already living it since November.

    I feel as though a HUGE weight has been removed from my shoulders. A spring in my step, a smile here and there thinking that the TWIT will soon be gone. I’ll be here to “keep an eye out” since I will never stop being a concerned Alaskan but after this fiasco, I want some Sarah-free months!

    Thank you for all of your HARD work – you do such an excellent job and throw in those funny little sayings you come up with (suck it up buttercup, sunshine up her skirt, etc) for some sorely needed comedic relief.

    Do you all realize how close we came to Sarah’s Scorched Alaska????? And Sarah’s Scorched Pro America?

    Scorched Alaska could be our new signature dessert.

  8. Wow. Utterly flabbergasting that she can’t think the simplest of things through. (And some new links to check, thanks!).

  9. You confused the legal costs to defend the ethics complaints with the travel expenses paid back to the state by Palin. Apples and Oranges.
    I think the legal costs of investigating travelgate should be added to the cost of investigating troopergate, which would mean the total cost of the ‘frivolous’ ethics complaints would be well under $100,000.
    But seriously…is there anybody, anywhere that really believes that Sarah quit because of those ethics complaints? Seriously?

  10. OMG.

    You can’t make this stuff up. Has someone shared this with John McCain, who sang her praises Sunday on “Meet the Press”?

  11. Shannyn – Love the AlaskaPAC idea!

    I wanted to bring up one more thing Palin is not talking about & needs to be complete before she leaves office.

    Here goes: On June 17, ADN reported that
    1) In April 29 letter – APOC asked the governor if she has any other gifts she hasn’t reported.
    2) Palin response to APOC: “Mail continues to arrive. There are boxes of unopened mail at this point, even mail that was delivered in 2008. Thus, as initially disclosed, ‘we continue to open boxes’ and we consider any parcel ‘received’ at the time it is opened. I have reported those gifts received thus far that are required to be disclosed,”
    —i.) Does this mean Palin will WAIT to open the gifts to avoid disclosure?
    —ii.) It would seem to ME Palin has it wrong – the gifts ‘received’ date should be the post mark of the gift.
    —iii.) The IRS, banks, etc ALL USE the “POST MARK” as the date received – NOT the date “opened.”

    Next question:
    Roughly a week after Palin’s Personal Personnel Board dismissed the Arctic Cat walking billboard – Palin filed with the APOC a written request for EXEMPTION of Financial Disclosure regarding Arctic Cat.
    —i) What ever happened with that request?
    —ii) IF: APOC decides Palin must follow the AS 39.50 law, THEN: Will she be able to skip out on that disclosure after her “iQuit” date?
    —iii) Wouldn’t it be interesting if IN the secret Arctic Cat contract was a line suggesting the Gov wear the Arctic Cat logo.

    This is important because:
    a) Palin’s Personal Personnel Board SHOULD have investigated the Arctic Cat contract that Palin wants to keep secret and,
    b) AS 39.50 requires, by law, that Palin DISCLOSE ALL GIFTS/DISCOUNTS for her family.

  12. It seems odd that keeping Palin on the payroll until the legs can meet is being called a _solution_ to this problem. After all, if a gov. unexpectedly died Alaska would have exactly the same problem and keeping the corpse as gov. would _not_ be an option.

    Whatever the constitutional problem the good Senator Bill W. perceives, the problem is NOT Palin’s fault. As soon as Schmidt decided he did not want the job, he triggered the mess.

    After this tangle gets sorted out, the legs need to step up to their responsibilities get to work on a Constitutional amendment that establishes a chain of succession sufficiently long to cover any number of unable/unwilling to serve ploys. The US Constitution is set up that way, it might be a good model.

  13. I heard Joe Schmidt reversed himself and said he’ll go ahead and serve as Lt. Gov.

    Could it be so a special session wasn’t needed? Just in case after the confirmation they figured as long as they were there they might as well over-ride her veto of the $28 million in stimulus money.

    Personally, I don’t see a special session needed either way. There is no problem until AFTER Parnell is sworn in. Palin has nothing to do with this. There is no problem until AFTER she is gone. And after she is gone, it’s up to Parnell to sort it out.

    ***********Note from Shanny***********
    Already a legal leg. opinion on that: Once Joe declined he was out…unless the legislature re-confims him, which would require a special session.

    • If I recall correctly a Lt. Governor who is “acting” has no real powers until he is confirmed. If something should happen to Parnell, illness, death or something, there is no one to take over.

      Even if Parnell selected someone, that person still has to be confirmed before he/she has any power whatsoever, so a special session is going to be needed no matter what.

      As far as Schmidt goes, I believe that Senator Bill Wielechowski stated that the “I quit, No I don’t quit” has caused a basic feeling of no confidence in Schmidt and they have already accepted his “I quit” so it matters not at this point.

      It angers me that Schmidt asked for the job, and then quit when he was actually expected to do the job he had asked for. This is the person that Sarah Palin wanted for the job? This is the kind of person she recommended to serve the people of Alaska.

  14. Great post. I saw it very prominently at Huffington Post.

    Lieutenant General Craig Campbell to Lieutenant Governor…
    Seems qualified to me, after all he’s been a Lieutenant before, right ? 😉

    • Yes, BUT. He was bought off with a promotion to Lt. General And now to Lt. Gov????

      • You are absolutely correct Bones AK. Campbell was bought off and is nothing but a slick opportunist who cares only about power and to heck with Alaska. He ran the Guard unethically with his cronies and “yes” men and now he gets a chance to repeat history in a different capacity. The Legislature needs to get a clue or are they that easily deceived.

        • I’ll drink to that J.D. Alaska politics is the worst I’ve ever seen and no one knows what to do–maybe start from scratch and get new people with fresh ideas and ethics.

        • As the parent of an ex Alaska Guardsman, I have vital information on this phony, Craig Campbell. However, he has too much power and no one is willing to investigate this fraud and unethical man. He screwed the Guard for political reasons and Sarah Palin promotes him. Just what is their involvement with each other? Many of us have questioned their relationship. This man is a slick opportunist who will stop at nothing for power. Good Luck Alaska

  15. […] Sarah Palin’s Constitutional Train Wreck […]

  16. Okay lets suppose that Palin steps down as scheduled. Couldn’t Parnell nominate his own candidate? What would be the way to handle two nominations; one from a former gov, and one from an acting gov?

  17. Shannyn heard Bill W. on your show and it was a WTF? moment! I thought I read that xgino hs BF Joe had agreed to step in until the other one is confirmed?
    Boy what a clustf&*K! Chaos wherever xgino goes!

  18. Once Schmidt sent letters to the leadership of both houses, he was done. No way back.

  19. whatever happened to the rumors/facts that the Sarahpac paid her restitution to the state for the travel expenses not Sarah. If this is true she gets to keep the gifts, all the money, the book payments,ALL the fines applied that she didn’t pay and she winkwalks away happy, rich and thanks to her personally appointed crew of investigators, investigation free AND cleared of complaints and charges? Sorry if this is a rambling mess–it is why I am an avid lurker

  20. “AlaskaPAC”?
    Wait. Don’t we have the “Alaska Trust Fund”?
    Oh, sorry. I forgot- that particular misnomer has nothing to do with Alaska, or with “trust”.
    Keep ’em coming Shannyn.
    Thank you.

  21. Anonymous 6:18am:

    This IS Palin’s mess.

    1. She QUIT! Or, more appropriately-as Shannyn says, ABORTED HER TERM!

    2. This is what happens when you give ex high school boyfriends a job. Rather than hire someone qualified, Palin hired a crony-an unqualified crony at that with a near unanimous no confidence vote…

  22. Palin must really be some piece of work because good jobs can’t be that easy to come by and yet people up and quit on her.

  23. From Christopher Constant on FB:

    “The only impactful voices are those of the Governor and Legislature, as a body united. Not as the voice of the respected Wielechowski, nor either factions both sides of the aisle.”

    Bill expressed his opinion on Shannyn’s show after discussing things with several of his fellow legislators. I’m truly not being deliberately obstinate here by saying I’m not getting your point. What I read is “we need a special legislative session” because individual opinions on this don’t matter and don’t have the force of law. No argument here. Feel free to correct me if I’m mistranslating.

    Christopher continues:

    “”We” cannot call a special session. Further, we allow many acting commissioners to operate before confirmation.”

    By “we”, if in fact I even said “we”, I of course mean “the people of Alaska by and through their elected representatives”. In other words, contact your local reps and express your opinion, either way. IMO I happen to think having a special session would be worthwhile to handle a number of issues. I am not calling for a constitutional convention to make amendments.

    Also let me give a hypothetical: what if “we” allowed Wayne Anthony Ross to act as AG before being officially confirmed? What about the opinions of law issued by him before his rejection? Imagine the can of worms that would have opened! Remember that both Palin AND Ross were already acting like it was a done deal before the legislature said no. She called him her AG and he was already issuing opinions and responses to queries on official AG stationary! That is NOT the way the process nor how the laws surrounding the confirmation process work. The whole idea is that it opens up all kinds of legal and quasi-legal problems to “go along just to get along” with appointments. There is a legal process and everyone should follow that process, whether executive branch or legislative branch lest issues like these get tied up for YEARS being hammered out in litigation in the judicial branch.

    Lastly Christopher adds:

    “And with both Legislative Legal and the Attorney General agreeing that there is no statute or regulation covering this, then the Executive makes the decision until the Legislature asserts its domain.”

    What Attorney General? The unconfirmed, unspoken interim appointed one we have now? All I am saying and I am truly not trying to pick a fight here is that calling the session to order ASAP is a Good Thing(tm) for Alaska.

    Sure it isn’t fair for legislators on vacation to have to cut them short just because of Palin gaffes, but you know, they signed up for the job and sometimes legislative buttercups need to suck it up and do their jobs, too. Even though the regular session is only 90 days by law, they are still allowed to submit and collect per diem payments for state work they do AS A LEGISLATOR when they are NOT in session. They are legislators 24/7/365 until the end of their term, not just during the session.

    (hug it out now?) 😉

  24. I am in firm agreement we need a special session. Sooner is better than later. I just don’t feel a delay is in order, nor that a crisis exists.

    And I hope they opt to meet sooner than later.

  25. From Sean Parnell moments ago: “This is a win-win approach to ensuring a clear and secure line of succession to the office of lieutenant governor,” Lieutenant Governor Parnell said. “Alaskans’ interests are served by knowing a lieutenant governor is in place, and the legislature’s rights and responsibilities to confirm General Campbell remain intact.”

    • What they are attempting to do is unconstitutional and not above board. Campbell needs a hearing because this guy has a lot of baggage. This must be the most dysfunctional Legislature ever. Where is government “of the peoplel, by the people, and for the people?” This has been a done deal all along. Sarah Palin’s lap dog gets to be Lt. Gov. without a hearing? How are Alaskan’s interest served without their approval?


    Much of what has happened since that time perhaps would not have happened had the legislatures unconscionable non-action not occurred.

    They, instead, sent her the clear message that they were nothing but cowards and would not punish her i.e. she IS above the law with their nonaction.

    Did she respect them for it, did she “play nicely with others” due to their letting her go?

    NO ! She lost respect and abused them worse than ever. When she abuses them, she abuses us.

    Our legislature acted like an abused women who goes back to the one who beat the crap out of her because, ” I love him.”

    I want a rational logical explanation from the legislature for WHY they took no action against Palin when they found her guilty re: Troopergate.

    They need to show Alaska voters at least that much respect !

  27. Another cost of Palin to Alaskans – per diem to live in her own home rather than the provided Governor’s Mansion. Governor Grifter at “work”.

  28. Thanks for hugging it out, Chris. Friends of Shannyn shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves unless it is over deciding who gets to buy us all the next round of adult beverages. =)


  29. Oh and btw, the SarahPac numbers were released today…


  30. Shannyn, Thank for the clear, concise article! After reading it, I have come to the conclusion that Sarah ‘half-baked Alaskan’ Palin has done nothing more with her resignation than to issue one big ‘screw you, Alaska!’

  31. Chris in AK is just flat WRONG.

    There is no crisis NOW. A constitutional crisis would occur if on the day Governor Palin resigns, we have an unconfirmed Lt Governor. The Lt Governor has 3 main roles; they guard the seal of the State of Alaska (whatever the hell that means); they authenticate documents; and, most importantly, THEY BECOME GOVERNOR IN THE EVENT THE CURRENT GOVERNOR CANNOT FULLFILL THEIR DUTIES!!!

    This is not opinion. This is FACT. Right out of the Alaska Constitution. If Campbell is NOT confirmed, he CANNOT serve as GOVERNOR. PERIOD!

    Chris in AK is a contrarian for contrarian sakes. Great. He is flat out WRONG on this point though. As Shannyn says…”Suck it up Buttercup!”

  32. lazarhat, thanks for the link to SarahPAC’s numbers….what I don’t get is this…wasn’t the purpose of SarahPAC to raise money for her ‘overwhelming legal bills’? And yet payments are going to everything else but that? I mean, it is set up as ‘not tax deductible, isn’t it? Can anyone clarify this for me?

  33. Nancy, Nevada on July 13, 2009
    wasn’t the purpose of SarahPAC to raise money for her ‘overwhelming legal bills’?
    That would be the Alaska Fund Trust.
    SarahPAC is for her political celebrity tours..

    The thing about the trust, is that it may be a violation of the ethics laws to have it, as these are donations to her in her official capacity as governor.

    It also insulates her from the consequences of her actions.
    It can also be seen as a way to pay her to commit the improper acts that have ethical implications.

    I believe the largest penalty that could be imposed for an ethics violation would be $5000, and double any money improperly taken.

    She could have just let the process flow, and dealt with the consequences, at a lower cost to her.

    Of course Ms Ethics wants a ‘spotless record’, so she pays insane amounts of money to help preserve it.

    • Thanks, DrChill!

    • This is what I have been saying to whomever might listen. That by using her Alaska Trust sham to pay Van Flein, as it is in her official capacity, and that having Van Flein attack Shannyn Moore personally through that press release, is a sure abuse of power, and in the worst way, against a private citizen.

      It is using political contributions to attack Alaskans.

  34. Sean,
    thanks for labeling me. I don’t really give a crap. And I am not a contrarian for fun. I am contrary when I disagree. And I disagree with you. I think you are wrong. So what. Again, it all boils down to the simple fact that in the face of no regulation or statute, when things are unclear, it will naturally default to the executive, who is given the power of Executor.

    Until such a time as the Legislature, as a body, makes a decision, then it is in the hands of the Governor. So simple.

    So sorry you are wrong.

  35. PS The constitution, in no place, says that someone, as an interim appointment, cannot take office.

    The constitution is written affirmatively, except in very few instances, like the banning of fish traps.

    It states the powers of the executive, the legislature, etc…

  36. I love it how people get mad and start calling you names when you disagree with them.


  37. Sean. Put down the quad mocha, sir! 😉

    “Guard the Seal” means to make sure that it is not used inappropriately by non-official persons or institutions. The seal is used on most official documents to prove their source and authenticity.

    You also left off that his office has oversight of the Division of Elections, responsible for publishing voter pamphlets and overseeing the tabulation of votes during any election. I suppose generically speaking that could be covered under the “documents” part of your comment.

    The other all caps statement, thus prompting the suggestion you be cut off from any more coffee, is pretty much a no brainer. So the overly dramatic ad hominem attack on Chris is just silly. Hopefully you didn’t get spittle all over yourself and your keyboard/monitor while typing it in… I’m still wiping coffee off mine from laughing so hard at your post. 😉

    But in a good way. Decaf?


  38. Just jumping in to say two things:

    1) Be nice. Especially the Alaskans – we have a reputation to repair and don’t need any more “snarky” toward one another in public.

    2) People get confused about the two funds set up for quitter Sarah:

    SarahPAC = Official Political Action Committee

    Alaska Fund Trust = Official Legal Defense Fund

  39. @ Chris in AK

    “I love it how people get mad and start calling you names when you disagree with them.”

    You mean, like our soon to be EX-governor? It’s one of the things about her I detest the most. Not only does she use name calling and finger pointing to blame everyone else, she tops it off with trying to completely discredit the source of her anger forever more. I’m still extremely upset over what Sarah, Meg and the Truth Squad tried to do to Walt Monegan.

    The problem is, poor Sarah, there are too many people disagreeing with you, for you to discredit them all! It’s OUR turn to discredit you!

  40. I think it worth reiterating after Martha’s comment:

    This is what I have been saying to whomever might listen. That by using her Alaska Trust sham to pay Van Flein, as it is in her official capacity, and that having Van Flein attack Shannyn Moore personally through that press release, is a sure abuse of power, and in the worst way, against a private citizen.

    It is using political contributions to attack Alaskans.

    • Yes I agree! She has also used SOA website to attack Diva & Andree! I think if the leg. does a special session they should censure or flat out impeach her, just for the record! She has way too much baggage, and playing loose and fast with laws…abuse of power toward “ordinary citizens”.

  41. @ Chris in AK

    Since it’s a “legal defense fund”, do ya think Sarah and Van Flea decided in their infinite wisdom that a good defense is a good offense? Sarah has been using basketball strategy so far to run (ruin?) her political career, so it sounds like a Slam Dunk to me!

  42. That is the catch to me. If it is a legal defense fund and it was a decision to personally attack a citizen, I believe wholeheartedly that it is a violation of the statutory authorization of that fund.

    • By threatening to sue for defamation, their story will be that they are “defending” Palin since defamation is considered damages. I haven’t read the exact text of Van Flea – up to HERE with Palin the twit and her minions – but maybe it’s worth asking someone about. You know she’s going to cross every line she can – she has made a life habit of it now. She’s still up to “doing it til someone tells me it’s against the law” or whatever her crappy statement was exactly.

      Life habits =

      Annihilating all boundaries between personal and business
      Attacking opponents in any and every way possible
      Pretending to be a victim when she’s actually the vampire

  43. Column of Joann Grimes defaming Shannyn has been yanked by ADN and can’t find Grimes listed as a guest columnist at ADN now. Jhop made them ascared.

    • Thanks for the update – that’s great news!

  44. Someone falsely reported this earlier, but damn if they didn’t now. Good work standing up for yourself Shannyn.

  45. chris in ak…

    Relax dude.

    I have no quarrel with you. I AM A CONTRARIAN sometimes. Takes one to know one!

    AND…The Lt Governor CANNOT assume gubernotorial responsibilities without confirmation. period.

  46. Believe me, I am relaxed. But what I understand from reading both the Leg Legal finding from Tam Cook and the acting Attorney General’s position, the area is gray. Not black and white. Lacking any clear guidance from the code, it is a leadership decision.

    The only way it will go differently is if the Legislature convenes. Otherwise, it is in the Governor’s hands.

    Which I 100% believe they should…

  47. Whenever I think of Sarah Palin, I think of ice cream. Because just like the soon to be former governor, it melts in the heat and leaves behind a sticky mess.

  48. I’ve never before heard of a member of the military holding an elected, or in this case, appointed, position. Wouldn’t it present a hugh conflict of interest and concentration of power in one person? He would have the power to send out the Guard rather than following the order to send out the guard. He would have the power to allocate funds to his units. Surely there is some law against this isn’t there? I’d assume a system of checks and balances. I recall discussion on the appropriateness of active millitary personnel endorsing particular parties or canidates in national elections…something about military members having the duty to follow the commander regardless of the commander’s political associations. Foreign countries have military coups to take over through their government. In AK the Gov just appoints and resigns?

    • I agree with UNHEARD OF to have Campbell, military commissioner, all of a sudden become LT. Gov. Doesn’t he have to resign his commission or is he always above the law? This guy should have been investigated a long time ago but no one appeared to either care or have the courage. Campbell isi the poster boy for CROOKS AND LIARS.

  49. Woops… I mean, huge, not hugh and …to take over their government.

  50. Thanks for the explanation Shannyn. This just proves more of Sarahs lies. Leaving for the benefit of Alaska my A. And wow Rachel Maddow did a great job tonight on Palins quitting. She said Palin quit because her term as governor was “a complete disaster” plain and simple. Everyone should watch the podcast if they can. In contrast on CNN Wolf Blitzer they did an awful job admiring her Sarahpac earnings which were not that great. Then they said Sarahs busy schedule is filling up and then mentioned her ONE scheduled appearance in similar Valley. My hope is she disappears although that won’t happen. Anyhow keep up the good work-you are a strong brave woman.

  51. Sarah Palin has left the State in a mess and her resignation is creating more or a fiscal disaster. However, the legislature can get a lot done in a special session. Why not add an impeachment vote to their schedule to use their time wisely? It won’t cost anymore and it would show the rest of the county what Alaska thinks about their soon-to-be ex-governor.

    She’s running from the State, leaving the scars to prove her ineptness. It would be fitting that she wear the brand of a failure in her flagrant attempt to claim her fortune and run for the WH.

  52. She’s gone or soon to be gone, can you give me a hallelujah? Did anyone really think she would NOT leave some kind of mess to clean up? The damage to Alaska has been done, and she won’t be around to take any of the blame in person. She will get beat down in the press/media and then she will blame someone, anyone. But what she won’t do is take responsibility for her actions and behaviors. She hasn’t to this point, and I personally don’t see it happeneing in this lifetime. It’s good she’s leaving, but it’s truly sad the mess she’s leaving behind her for someone else to clean up.

  53. Great article in Media Matters about Alaska bloggers by Eric Boehlert titled ‘Saradise Lost: How Alaska Bloggers Dethroned Sara Palin.’

  54. What do you think about this WaPo piece? Ghost writer?

    Make sure you play the song in the video while you read the piece.

  55. Great article by Senator John Kerry titled: What Gov. Palin Forgot in the Huffington Post. He talks about global warming in Alaska and how it is affecting the native Alaskans. Good read.

  56. NJ Liberal…I agree, now let’s hope that his or another’s is tomorrow’s WAPO rebuttal.

  57. re new deal with Exxon…
    well? this is a surprise?
    you realized, of course… that the whole hysteria over Letterman was “conveniently” going into high gear.. while Palin was in Texas.
    Little wonder that no one asked.. WHAT is Palin doing in Texas, this week?

  58. Now the birthers are arguing about Baracks birth certificate again on Huffington Post in the article about pAilins 18th ethics complaint,

    What a bunch of loonies…

  59. Meanwhile on Twitter, Sarah Palin is babbling on about mama bears.

  60. Dave Letterman settled this last week…
    1st runner up, then Miss Congeniality…

    Crisis averted…

    Next !

  61. The Alaska voters have not been shown respect. How constitutional is this little coup? Campbell has questionable ethics and is power hungry. Parnell is no stroke of genius. Is this still a Democracy? Alaska could be setting a whole new system for “screwing” the people.

  62. J.D. hit the nail on the head. He has stated it better than anyone so far. Alaska Legislature has set a new precedence in cowardice.

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