Posted by: shannynmoore | July 15, 2009

It’s Not Sarah’s Fault…Just Ask Her

When it comes to taking responsibility for her failures, Sarah Palin is completely unaccountable. Her finger is always pointed at the most convenient scapegoat. Last fall, I said she was George W. Bush with lipstick; nothing is EVER her fault. With her resignation, she has set a new bar for blame.

A 10 Month Accounting of Blame…

Troopergate was her brother-in-law’s fault.

Walt Monegan was a rogue commissioner.

Neglecting a vetting of Palin’s appointed replacement of Commissioner Monegan wasn’t her fault, she didn’t know Chuck Kopp had a sexual harassment charge. His 14 day employment was rewarded with a $10,000 severance package.

Her public press conference, pro-Pebble Mine stance during a contentious election was the fault of a “Governor’s hat” wardrobe malfunction and possibly Tim Griffin.

The legislative investigation wasn’t her doing. It was a “Democratic driven, partisan witch hunt” voted on by 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats after Sarah Palin challenged them with Bush-like bravado “Bring it on!”

When her church was burned, Palin blamed it on the attention she was receiving from people who didn’t like her.

The Branchflower Report’s “guilty of abuse of power” findings weren’t her fault; she filed her own ethics complaint and would release those favorable findings the day before the election.

When an Anchorage based right wing radio host disagreed with her policies, in an email she blamed it on, “…some evil stuff going on with him.”

Her criticisms when her witch hunting, governor-anointing pastor, Pastor Muthee, was exposed, were the fault of people who hate Jesus.

Her failed interviews were Katie Couric’s and Charlie Gibson‘s fault.  She called them “Gotcha questions.”

The interview complete with compliments about the porno “Nailin’ Pailin’” with “Sarkozy” poser shock jocks was the fault of McCain Campaign staffers.

Her exorbitant wardrobe was the RNC’s fault.

Her charging the state per diem to sleep in her own bed and flying her family around the country at state expense were nothing more than petty ethics complaints from whiny constituents.

Her daughter’s problems are Levi’s fault.

Her VP political loss was John McCain’s fault.

Her image problems are Tina Fey‘s fault.

Turkeygate was the cameraman’s fault.

Her policy on aerial wolf hunting was Ashley Judd’s and other Outsiders’ fault.

Alaskans damn near starved in Western Alaska last winter because they didn’t have enough cookies or Jesus.

The resignation of Attorney General Talis Colberg had nothing to do with the advice he gave Todd Palin and aides to ignore subpoenas. She blamed it on the “harsh political environment”created by lawmakers.

Palin thought Ted Stevens should “step aside” when convicted last fall. When Eric Holder overturned Steven’s conviction, Palin thought Begich should resign.

When 6 million gallons of stored oil sat at the base of an erupting Mt. Redoubt, it was Homeland Security’s issue, not her fault.

The empty Juneau Senate seat wasn’t on her; it was the Senate Democrats’ fault.

When Palin blew off a meeting with lawmakers in Juneau to have a press conference with Wayne Anthony Ross, the legislative leadership called a  heated press conference of their own.  Palin blamed them for not having the meeting “telephonically”…then it got messy.

Her failed appointment of a “if you can’t rape your wife, who can you rape?”, secessionist, gun toting attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross, was the fault of the Alaska bloggers.

The failure of Palin’s bills last session were the fault of partisan legislators.

In March, the governor said she wasn’t “rejecting” the stimulus money, she just wasn’t “accepting” it.  It was Obama’s fault for the national debt.

The inability to follow through with multiple speaking engagements had nothing to do with Palin’s commitment phobia,. It was a misunderstanding with scheduling.

When a legislative aid made copies of an article Palin didn’t like, she went to his office and blamed him for letting his boss know she wouldn’t be in town for the last days of the session.    Really

After making a speech, Palin was accused of lifting words from Newt Gingrich and Craig Shirley in 2005.  Palin’s attorney said it wasn’t her fault, she said Newt’s name twice.

The ethics complaints against the governor were “unscrupulous” and Obama driven.

No one believes the governor’s “word salad” as an explanation for her resignation, but that’s the fault of an Alaskan blogger-me.

She blamed the ethics complaints for costing Alaska “millions of dollars”, except they weren’t. It was less than $300,000 and of that, $187,000 was from her own politically motivated complaint, filed on herself to distract an interested public from the damning Branchflower report.

Sarah didn’t want the travel costs of a “lame duck governor” to be billed to the state, and blamed her resignation on it in part…but she flew, on state dime, the equivalent of Miami to LA in the seven days since resigning.

She has half a million dollars in personal legal bills and must resign, blaming ethics complainers for her expense…but those legal bills will be paid in full, courtesy of her massive legal defense fund.

Levi says she’s out for the money…but his opinion doesn’t matter. She blames his opinion on having a movie deal in the works.

It’s Rahm Emmanuel and President Obama’s fault that Sarah Palin has constituents who think she sucks at her job.

Under the Palin Administration, the Department of Health & Social Services has been so poorly managed the federal government has forbidden the state to sign up new people until they get their act together.  So, I guess that would be the fault of people who are both poor and sick and old.

The Constitutional crisis created by Palin’s resignation isn’t her fault, the legislature should have seen this coming years ago.

No, Governor Palin, your losses are your fault.

Sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all full here.




  1. Has she ever taken responsibility for anything?

    • Here is something to start taking responsibility for:

      ***********NOTE FROM SHANNY************
      Thanks! I added it…there are so many! Keep ’em coming….I’ll keep adding them and put it over at HuffPo.

      • Someone posted this on Mudflats – it would seem to indicate that there had been an investigation PRIOR to a focused review otherwise you would have nothing to review:

        “Federal officials conducted their “focused review” in May and notified Health and Social Services Commissioner Bill Hogan of the moratorium in a June 26 letter”

        From the ADN article: In March, the state told officials with the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services about the huge backlog of people waiting to be evaluated.

        “Another sign of trouble for the feds: eight lawsuits against the state division. ”

        ” The common thread in the suits is that seniors and disabled Alaskans aren’t getting the services they are entitled to, under the law, Davis said. In one big win, the state Supreme Court ruled last year that the state had improperly cut off or reduced services to more than 1,000 needy people.

        State officials say they are trying to settle those lawsuits.”

        AND THIS:
        “Doctors and other health care providers wrote to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid with concerns that the state wasn’t responsive. Some alleged that the lack of state controls “has resulted in the death(s) of the active clients,” the federal review said”

    • Palin isn’t supposed to do any work other than performing as Governor. Last week she was on the boat Todd built as they fished. That was a state workday but she was doing working with Todd as “fishermen.” That violates her duty to perform for the State of Alaska. This is one more ethics violation.

      Palin is using her elected Gobernatorial office to obtain a private contract to write one or more books, all for personal profit. She is using time that she owes to the state in order to gain through a book contract. The income she makes from book sales should be paid to Alaska. In order to benefit from book sales, she is breaching her contract to serve 4 years as Governor.

      She is leaving her position as Governor because Alaska law prohibits her from writing a book for private profit while she is required to use all of her time to perform as Governor.

  2. Keep up the good fight, and thanks from the southernmost point of the lower 48 (Florida).


    Thomas Frank has the same idea you do about SP persecution complex.
    You were more specific and detailed exactly what Alaskan’s have been through since last year.

    Her biggest whine to me, when looking at her first speech as Gov. where she says, right on tape,
    “Alaskan’s hold me accountable”.
    You may also consider that a lie, because she sure did not mean it!!

  4. Brava, Shannyn, Brava!!!!

    Keep it going, please … we need to expose her for what she is…..nothing but a charlatan!!!

    Thank you for all you do!

  5. Quit picking on the poor, little girl, Shannyn. You big bully!

  6. Thank you for putting her “leadership qualities” and work ethic into perspective.

  7. You say all this like it’s a bad thing………

  8. “Her policy on aerial wolf hunting was Ashley Judd’s and other Outsiders’ fault.”

    I think this one’s not Ashley Judd or us outsiders’ fault… it’s the WOLVES’ fault!

    Someone out there HAS to be putting together a psychological profile on this woman… I bet someone writes a thesis on her somewhere along the line to get their Masters degree in abnormal psych.

  9. Shannyn, you are priceless! Great post.

  10. Shannyn, what a great list you have laid out showing Palin’s lack of character and honesty.

    I am waiting for that Iceberg mentioned by Gryphen because Palin needs to be taken down, hard. Not because I am vindictive; but because Palin lied repeatedly for her own political gain. She uses her family, including Levi, as a distraction from her lack of aptitude and leadership skills. And she continues to collect monies from folks to pay for the consequenses of her own actions.

    Thanks, Shannyn, for all the good work. And kudos to all Alaskan bloggers and comment bloggers everywhere!!

  11. That was better than the 4th of July! Thanks!

  12. Wow, Wow and Wow! Absolutely outstanding.
    Thank You.

  13. Good job Shannyn. Thanks for putting this all together. What a big mess in such a short time! It is good for Alaska that she won’t be at the helm for the next year and a half. What a nut case!

  14. An excellent post. My first response to all this:

    Bring it on. The iceberg, that is…I have no problem admitting I’d love to see the Alaskan Airhead mowed down and brought to her knees for all the lies, manipulation, obstructions, obfuscation, and doofus-butt stuff she’s done to the citizens of Alaska, as well as to the American public and the universe, also, too. She’s just become a winking, hot steaming pile of moose poo (if she’s even that good). Karma needs to bite her in the butt. The sooner, the better.

    My second response is….yeah, that looks good. Let’s go with my first response.

    Love ya, Shannyn. You are one amazing person.

  15. Ok you’ve proven that you can derail a gubernatorial train with the flick of a pen. How about you tuck in that uberblogger cape and jump off the Palin scrap heap?
    The Palinator is done.
    Let’s focus on fixing the problem.
    So what are your thoughts on rectifying this constitutional vacuum the vortex of her departure has created?
    Just wondering.

    • Actually, I appreciate the spotlight remaining on this woman and her antics. Too often- especially in the recent past- those most responsible for wrong doing have been allowed to just walk away from their crimes. The public is made distracted by “looking forward” and new sensational stories. No, in this case I want to see this person ground down, pulled fully under scrutiny, and bound to face responsibility for her actions. Let’s see some justice for a change!

      • I second that!

  16. Everyone needs to rent the old film: A Face in the Crowd.

    It’s about a small town huckster, charming, hick-like and then he gets a taste of fame and power and well, you have lived the story in Alaska.

    this film is a warning to all of us about her and the heavily-armed people who love Bible Spice, takin back the country for Jesus to save the babies.

    she is very dangerous and that is why I keep going to these blogs to help keep the pressure on her. It’s all I can do!

  17. Shannyn thank you so much for putting “the list” together. I have bookmarked this page as a reference on Buttercup. I am sad to say but one of my dearest friends in Atlanta (of course a die hard Republican) still “just can’t see that she is all that bad”, which drives me nuts! Of course when you don’t watch anything but Faux News, I am sure it is hard to make intelligent decisions on Palin or anything else.

    If you ever decide to run for political office, I just might move to Alaska so I could vote for you! Keep up the good fight.

  18. Sarah Palin’s choice of General Campbell did not surprise me. They have been cronies for years. He has used her for his own political agenda and lacks integrity. His leadership in the Guard is less than exemplery as he is as a rogue leader as they come. This man will sell his soul for his own selfish advancement regardless of who it affects.

  19. Bush with lipstick, indeed.

  20. I’m old enough to remember Alaska and Hawaii becoming states. Honestly, I never paid that much attention to Alaska, other than thinking it must be beautiful and I’d like to visit some day. When SP was nominated I started reading the Alaska blogs, because I knew nothing about her (although I wouldn’t have voted Republican if McCain and Palin had walked on water).

    I’m SO GRATEFUL to you Alaska bloggers for patiently, consistently and thoroughly revealing Sarah to the Lower 48. The information is out there- but for some reason, there are people who just won’t pick up on it.

    And you’re right. She’s completely irresponsible. Thank fortune she’s resigned. Alaska deserves so much better.

  21. Kodiakgriff…..
    “Ok you’ve proven that you can derail a gubernatorial train with the flick of a pen”…

    how’s that for buying into Buttercup’s version of reality? Palin brought down Palin.

  22. Palin’s actions are driven by ego. Christianity is just a vehicle she uses to dupe her base.

    • I think you right on point.

  23. Right on !! sarah is a lame-ass who will never make it on the national stage. A lying , petty , flip-floppin’ punk. Grifter too.also.

  24. Spot on Shannyn.

    What upsets me as much as her bad behavior, is the people who continue to defend her and the Editorial staff of ADN and other news organizations and outlets that continue to promote her.

  25. I admire you Shannyn.

    Thank you for the hard work, and helping America see through our transparent soon to be former governor.

    We may be Alaskans, but we love our country.

  26. Sarah pales under Obama’s light. She has been trying her best since her resignation to emulate his words of hope trying to convince the political stage that she is somehow equal to him in ability and stature. She doesn’t even begin to understand how wide the gap is between who he is and who she is.

    I listen to her attempting to change her image using new words with an upbeat message and it feels like a fraud, still unknown to itself. But, she has always been transparent, unknown to herself, but known by all that see and hear her.

    She can mimic, pretend and try to show that she has grown, but that is what it is…mimicking and pretending to grow. Nothing has changed on the inside for Sarah Palin, except more anger and contempt for people who don’t think like she does.

    True growth comes from acknowledging your own weaknesses and not from pretending to be someone you are not. Sarah has yet to confront her own ego. She needs to realize that in order to grow she must first find her own humility and accept her own failings and acknowledge them. She should be able to hear her oppositions words and accept their messages to her. What she is getting back is feedback of “who” she is. But Sarah can’t stand seeing herself in that mirror and instead fights back instead of taking it in and using it for her own growth.

    Sarah’s biggest problem is her ego and her mouth. She just can’t let things go and she always needs to be right. Until she realizes that she is one of the most polarizing figures we have in politics, and that life isn’t about her version of “right”, she isn’t going to go anywhere other than into controversy and a constant stream of fighting and confrontations.

  27. This is a great reference piece. Brava!

  28. Shannyn: You are my hero! You keep reporting the truth and don’t back down from Ms. Palin!
    I now have hope for the future with young people like yourself.

    Your Friend from Oklahoma


    • Hello Candy from Oklahoma – I usually just come here to read all the comments but when I saw another “Okie” here I just had to say Hey! It’s great to know I’m not alone in this so very “red” state.

  29. Good write up SM.

    What more can I add? The whole thing is just effing crazy.

  30. Great, as usual, Shannyn! Maybe people could add even more Sarah unaccountability examples. It would be interesting to publish the first hundred or so. I’m sure, with her history, there are loads more from her days in the Mayor’s office and beyond. Then we can let her opponents as well as the electorate have a little insight into the workings of the real Sarah Palin during her presidential campaign!

  31. Great article Shannyn! There are actually so many more instances of her lying. This is just the tip of the “iceberg.” 🙂 How bout when she wouldn’t meet with the Legislators at the end of the session, to hold a meaningless press conference in Anchorage and then said THEY canceled the meeting? Finally they showed some cajones & called her a liar. (Loved IT!)

    You’re my hero! Mucho mahalos also to the continuing great work of all the family of bloggers who continue to amaze, amuse and so eloquently shine the light and help spread the word.

    • Good catch, it is updated

  32. She will be gone soon. The End of An Error. It can’t come soon enough.

  33. Yo Georgia in NC.
    Don’t they have sarcasm down there?
    The point was that maybe it’s time for Alaskans to shift focus to the new problem.
    BTW I haven’t bought into any of the Palinators whining since she traded her responsibility to our great state for a shot at the crown.

    • I’m mostly with you kgriff
      We have some grand old messes on our plate and not much attention thrown their way by the ghastly gov…
      Nor ourselves during Sarah Sentry Watch of the last 10 months.
      However , having Shannyn’s lovely well referenced list to share Outside for those who will have to deal with the quackdoodle is a must.
      Here in Juneau ,we have watched a strange group of folks arrive on crusieships this year. There’s a whole batch of folks who stand transfixed, staring at the door of our beautiful Governor’s mansion, hoping for a glimpse of the gov. (Can’t be Alaskans cuz WE all know she only stops in occasionally…)
      On the way home from work I see people leaning over the fence and touching the shrubs and pointing at the trampoline for the gov’s kids…
      Downtown they wander around asking “where’s Sarah’s house ?’ and don’t get it when you tell them it’s in Wasilla.
      She’s got a following, a besotted following and keeping Shannyn’s lovely clear list tacked up where we can refer to incidents and events is a good idea. I think we’ll be getting asked a lot of questions in about 2 1/2 years.
      Meantime, we’ve got a lot of work to do and I , personally, am a bit worried about Mr Parnell.
      Anybody know much about him?

      Good job Ms Moore .
      Troopergate through the eys of Mr Branchflower, lack of executive action to help our neighbors in rural Alaska last winter, and the shenanigans over my State Senate seat top my list of stinko gubernatorial hours we’ve choked our way through with the ghastly gov.
      it’s less than 2 weeks now… yarg.
      Can’t get here soon enough- we’ve got work to do. We’re WAAAYY behind .

  34. personally, I think she needs to be impeached. She should not be able to walk away scott free.

    and btw, Shannyn what do you suppose the bad gov has to say about this?

    and I like to know what your legislators say about it also, too.

    So the State of Alaska will be scoring very low on 2 issues.

    The native villages and the elderly, gosh what do they have in common, they are both neglected and forgotten.

    Please if there is anyway possible Impeach her.

  35. She is a sociopath, period.

    I really feel sorry for her children, especially the youngest. I can only imagine what she makes of all this insanity swirling around her.

    They deserve a sane mother.

    • Just think about all the damage these kids will suffer, all of them. You can already see it in Bristol – she’s just not a normal mom…like all kids want and deserve.

  36. W O W !!
    I’ll bet $arah will be impressed that you have been able to ‘ Update her resume ‘ for Her. Maybe you will get one of the ‘ handwritten Thank You notes ‘ she was sending out… Oh… you had to send Money to get one of THOSE.

    At least in writing this list you didn’t ” desecrate any Iconic images ” in the process.

    And July 26th…? where’s the party??? Take LOTS of pictures. Alaskan Mardi Gras… Woooo Hooo!!!

    • Perhaps we should have an altered Bastille Day and storm the closest prison and dump her in the arms of Com. Shmidt

  37. Well said Shannyn! Quite the damaging list and I agree with Kat – the list is longer (but would take all day to read!)

    I do wish Alaskans would email/write their legislature and ask that she be Impeached. It would certainly send a strong message even if it didn’t come to fruition. A sympathetic Sen. or Rep. saying ‘I got hundreds of emails requesting we Impeach Palin’ would surely make National news.

    The rest of the world would respect Alaskans a lot more if they would at least try.

    Pretty please… (o:

  38. Shannyn, I could not be prouder of you if you were my own daughter. Thank you for keeping up the fight to make everyone stay aware of what’s really going on with Sarah.

    It is only her agenda, not her looks or personality, that keep that small fringe happily shoving her in our faces on a daily basis.

    Please bear in mind that she is never going away, so I hope you have the strength and willpower to keep up the good fight.

  39. Kopp got a $10k “severance package”? You just can’t make up this kind of corruption.
    Thank you Shannyn, and keep up the good work!

  40. This is a great list. Keep it and add to it.

    Taking responsibility is so hard for her to do.

  41. 1 1/2 weeks away from “Screen Door Saturday”.

    As in, “Don’t let the screen door hit your backside on the way out, Sarah”

  42. Curious about whether Sarah’s resignation would make moot any impeachment effort, I read the pertinent section of the Alaska Constitution, compared it to the U.S, Constitution and reviewed (briefly) some case history.

    I found that under Alaska law, unlike Federal law, a ban on holding further office is not included as a legislative conviction possibility.

    Why is that?

    Is this a question that you can pose to your friend who among those who drafted the state’s constitution?

  43. There will be more shoes to drop after Gov Balin is out of office and can’t cover for her valley cronies anymore. Whether Parnell has the backbone to do anything about it will be a different question.

  44. Sarah is fighting for her political life right now and there is no doubt she is losing and losing big. She is too extreme for this country and her actions and behaviors just reinforce both conservatives and liberals, to dismiss her. She is the Paris Hilton of politicians, all smiles and coyness, with no substance or depth.

    She is fascinating to so many, and yet most people don’t know why that is. However, isn’t it true that when you come across an accident you slow down, because you just have to take a look? There is something fascinating about a train wreck, a bridge jumper, or a person who is self destructive and doesn’t even know it. We are fascinated by Sarah’s incredible naïveté, her righteous world view and her over-inflated ego. Her actions are so extreme they defy common sense and it captures our attention. Yes, we are indeed fascinated by Sarah but for all the wrong reasons!

    The reason why Sarah Palin and extremists like her are so fascinating for us to talk about and to watch is because their own understanding of life, has no intelligence in which to defend itself. It causes us to stop and stare, shocked with disbelief over statements or actions which make little if no sense.

    Extremists like Sarah Palin want so much to be “right” that they render themselves unable to learn anything new. Their reasoning consists of mindless repetition of the same old antiquated beliefs. Even their old bullying tactics no longer work, and they ultimately end up feeling defeated and afraid. This fear drives them to extreme measures without any conscious understanding of the cliff they are about to jump off of. Well, it seems Sarah just jumped off that cliff.

    This is not the rise of Sarah Palin or even the extreme right; rather, they are just reacting violently to their own political and social death. Their hatred of anything that challenges their own ignorance is a catalyst for their rage and it spills outwardly in the form of bigotry, intolerance and anger against those they hate and blame the most.

    These are the death throes of the extreme right and no matter how clever they believe their plans to be, they are lashing out mindlessly and ineffectively. Sarah Palin is headed to the outer fringes of society where extremism can live quietly, and by the rules of the wild without a political following shocked and awed at her level of ignorance and ineptitude.

    Whether Sarah Palin is a narcissist and or has a personality disorder, she certainly does not unite or attempt to unite anyone. All she does is polorize and and anger the very people she needs to draw in and win over.

    No one in this country will ever elect her for any office, until she looks in the mirror and finds out the truth about who she really is. And I am pretty sure she will never do that!

  45. Shannyn – can you run with THIS??????

  46. If and when she runs for president in 2012, I’ll have this post bookmarked to share with all the dumb bells who are stupid enough to believe her BS.

    Thanks for keeping up the fight Shannyn, I really enjoy your blog!!!

  47. Another excuse, Shannyn.

    Her last pregnancy was Todd’s fault.

    Thanks for the great job you do showing the woman for what she really is. Beauty is only skin deep on this woman. Under the smile and hair, there is one ugly warthog!

  48. Her wearing Artic Cat gear head to toe with her name printed on it was because it was cold. We are meanies to think she should wear something befitting her position and show dignity.

  49. Brava, Shannyn! You rock!

  50. thanks shannyn
    another great read

  51. I wonder if it’s going to be Joe the plumber’s fault if she picks him as a running mate in 2012.

  52. thanks Shannyn you are the best

  53. Wow! What a list! It’s just stunning when you see it all together on one list.

    The cultivation of victimhood by this fraud is unbelievable.

    This list will follow her like a bad smell in the months and years to come.

    Always placing blame elsewhere is the mark of immaturity and lack of confidence. Certainly not a leader…or even a so-called maverick.

  54. Impeach!

  55. And who is to blame for the breaking health care crisis?

  56. Great list Shannyn! I have an addition. Hope it’s not a repeat (haven’t read all the comments yet).

    All the criticism and flack on her flip-flop WAPO OpEd….

    that was her ghost writer’s fault. She obviously didn’t write it and he/she forgot that she was for Cap and Trade before he/she wrote Palin was against it. Hehe!

  57. Brill, Shannyn and that’s just as gov.

    Let’s go back to mayor of wasilla — who strikes requiring permits off the record?

    Someone who’s stealing from the public coffers, that’s who. Follow the Money!

    I want to see the time sheets of those buddies who built Palin’s house a stones throw from the ‘community centre’. I want names. ALL of them. That glass railing looks very familiar, doesn’t it now?
    Speaking of the community centre, how much did that cost taxpayers, when Palin messed up a document [oops, didn’t file?] or was it a land transfer title or something…

    I want to see that criminal Palin frog marched into jail. Enough is enough. She can write her book from a jail cell, thanks.

    Ding, ding, ding.


  58. Indict!

  59. In Sarah’s mind she is doing God’s work, which justifies EVERYTHING she makes a mess of. God is her personal pal and immediately forgives her. In fact he has already pre-forgiven her for all of her future mistakes.

    When she gets furious over criticism it’s not just the criticism of her, but by extension, the criticism of God’s chosen (pre-forgiven) messenger that she simply cannot abide.

    • ..and which she will not allow to go unanswered.

  60. I think she sees herself through the same lenses that Michael Jackson saw himself through also.

    Will she get cards like this? Scary stuff:

  61. A friend sent me this link to a song entitled: “I Can See Russia From Here” – it is too great! Please follow the link and enjoy… Shannon maybe you can give it some airplay!

  62. Shannyn,

    Great post!

    Here’s a few more:

    Repeating (lying) even after the facts were known (that she was for it before against) her statement:
    “Thanks but, No Thanks to the bridge to nowhere!”
    (but we’re keeping the money) you bet’cha!

    I “sold that plane on Ebay!”

    Leaving the small town of Wasilla $22million in debt.

    Her hatred of Polar bears (lied about research on climate warming); Beluga whales, and salmon.

    Her lying about not cutting funding for rape kits was proven when a copy of the budget showed her “black line” with her own initials.

    Her Far Right Stand on reproductive rights; against all abortion even in event of Rape and/or incest.

    Her being so proud of Bristal’s “Choice!”

    Her speech to the fundie crowd telling the story: about how even she was tempted and considered aborting Trig; no one knew she was pregnant; she was out town; and no one knew who she was; no one would ever know; but she made the right “choice”! CHOICE!!!

    Encouraging and Using HATE speech a rallies.

    Lying about record of being Commander of the Alaska National Guard then promoting the officer who corrected her so he would drink the “kool-aid”

    Listing stop overs at airports as visiting a foreign country.

    Lying about Todd’s membership and her support of the Alaska Independence Party a secessionist group;
    “He just checked the wrong box!”

    Claiming Earth is only 6,000 years old!

    Yikes there are so many!!!

  63. Oh!; let us not forget her failure to release Emails and allow for true transparency in government!

  64. Should anyone be interrested in health care. Go to, Amy Goodman has a great interview with health whistle blower today.

  65. A little off topic but it kind of relates…does anyone know if Hays Research is going to announce new poll results? It would be interesting to see how people felt about Palin right before, then right after, her resignation speech.

  66. Hey, gang! Just read this at ADN. Apparently another “guest blogger” is curious about the complete disappearance of Joann Grimes. He speculates in this post. Verrryyy Interesting!!

  67. How do you keep up with this loony? It’s exhausting just reading about her. LOL.

    Keep up the great work, Shannyn! 🙂

  68. The next time she takes any kind of responsibility for any of her actions will be the first time. Keep up the good work Shannyn…

  69. Hey, gang! Just read this at ADN. Apparently another “guest blogger” is curious about the complete disappearance of Joann Grimes. He speculates in this post. Verrryyy Interesting!!
    It is, and I posted, but as someone later pointed out.
    He’s a troll, mentions AKMs name provides no new news, and just seems to be inviting comments.

    Read, it if you like but,
    I recommend not encouraging the troll by commenting…

  70. I know someone like Sarah. She is a very distinctive personality type. The best way to ‘deal’ with someone like Sarah is to avoid them. That is what I do with the person I know. It is harder to avoid Sarah because she is constantly in the news and I read ‘all’ the papers :-).

  71. NOBODY in the press has yet to make the connection that she reneged on an OATH! I have heard it asked “did (or didn’t) she ‘promise’ to be Governor of Alaska”, or along those lines, but I have yet to see it made a point that she betrayed an Oath of Office. That fact ALONE should disqualify her for ever holding ANY office again in these United States! It’s all about the keywords folks, and that one needs stressing IMO.

  72. As I pointed out with Reagan and Duhbya if your not responsible, and your the leader, then your irresponsible –
    and irresponsbile people should not be put in positions of leadereship.

    Once again Sarah defines her self – a failure.

  73. To the Editor:

    Here is a transcript of the telephone call from “President Sarkozy,” including some of the cultural references explained:

    Updated Transcript from Daily Kos.

    Some highlights:

    “…special American advisor Johnny Hallyday…”
    Hallyday is a famous French singer.

    “…I said to my great friend, the Prime Minister of Canada Stef Carse…)
    The Canadian PM is Stephen Harper. Stef Carse is a Quebec country singer, noted for singing a cover version of Achy Breaky Heart in French.

    “…the Prime Minister of Quebec, Mr. Richard Z. Sirois…
    Richard Z. Sirois is a well known Quebec radio host. Technically, there is no “prime minister” of Quebec. There is a Premier (“Premier Ministre”), and that person is Jean Charest.

    I would encourage you all to listen to the clip. YES, those French shock jocks do speak quickly, and they are really pouring on the accents. For example:

    For the line “I love the documentary they made of your life, you know, Hustler’s Nailin’ Palin…”, the DJ says “US-lairs nay-lon PAY-lon.” But instead of saying “Wat?” (as I like to think what we’d do in Oregon), Alaska’s Own says the following:

    SP: Oh good. Thank you, Yes.
    “Sarkozy”: That was really edgy (“Ed-shee”).
    SP: (laughs) Well, good.

    Another highlight is “Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit,” as the French equivalent to “Joe the Plumber.”

    Then there’s President Sarkozy’s noting that “from my ass (“ha-ASS”?) I can see Belgium.”

    There’s more. MUCH MORE. But the most shocking thing is that the Master Avengers have to TELL Private Citizen Palin she is being punked….They could have just ended the call, and Sarah would have thought she really was talking to Sarkozy.

    I would argue the real moral of the story is to always, always watch your ass around those French from Montreal. Any chance they have of making a pompous nitwit look like a fool–they’re all over it like white on the proverbial rice (don’t ask how I know this).

    I remain:
    In awe at the wonder of it all.
    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  74. Do forget it is the voterxls registration cards fault that todd was amember of AIP FOR SEVEN YEARS

  75. Why doesn’t the (people) state of Alaska sue this bitch for breach of contract and profiteering from her position as governor? Not to say I can understand WHAT you all were thinking when you elected her in the first place. But then again, your state has less population than the city I live in, so go figure, I guess….!

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