Posted by: shannynmoore | July 19, 2009

A Day of Rest…I Mean Work.

I wanted you to see why I haven’t popped a post up in a bit. I’m working on a few things, but mostly fish these days…

Kenai Red Fillet

Kenai Red Fillet

Lined up after brine...

Lined up after brine...

On the smoking racks...

On the smoking racks...



  1. Yum. Nothing better.

  2. Just gorgeous.

  3. A very basic question here….do the smoking racks result in smoked salmon? I love it on brown bread with a squeeze of lemon juice and some capers and a lovely green salad. (Not the word kind)!

    *************NOTE FROM SHANNY***************
    The smoke racks fit inside a metal box with vents in the top. The alder, apple, mesquite wood chips go in the bottom on a hot plate that has to be changed out every 35 minutes or so. The smoke and light heat seal the flavor in of the brine. I use a dry brine (salt & brown sugar). There is much debate and competition over wet brine vs. dry brine.

  4. Fantastic…my mouth is still watering!

  5. Looks yummy 🙂 enjoy!

  6. You fish those out one at a time or net?
    My friend who is gone now, used to bring home smoked salmon and halibut every year about this time. Great memories.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Looks great Shannyn!!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Smoked salmon is one of life’s great pleasures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am smoking my Kasilof sockeyes as we speak. Not nearly as many as you have, though.

  10. Dang…the last time I could afford to put several slabs of salmon on a smoking rack like that was 30 years ago when my husband and I went out on salmon fishing charters out of Westport, WA.

    That was before the Washington coastal charter fishing restrictions went into effect in the ’70s, and put a lot of the charter fishermen out of business.

    Now we get our $7.00/pound (with our Safeway “club card”) wild salmon from Alaska. Really, it irks me as much as it surely must irk the First People to realize how much salmon is wasted in the commercial fishing bycatch in Alaskan waters.

  11. This is how we AK chickees were meanst to spend our summers! Nice to see you enjoy a break from things that ONLY SMELL FISHY…

  12. Totally cool and beautiful! I’m happy for you. The grain is so fine. Is catching them at a river a better quality than ocean caught? It’s been awhile since my son has sent me salmon. I suppose the salt is needed to preserve them? Could a person smoke, then freeze or dry without using salt? (Obviously on a low-salt diet, here.)

  13. Great job Shannyn. Smoked AK salmon are THE best treat. Just polished off a fresh Kenai 1/2 filet prepped with fresh lemon juice, garlic salt, dill, and butter (optional) then baked @350 ~30 min on a bed of couscous. Going next weekend for another harvest of the greatest wild and sustainable food on earth!

  14. Hi Shannyn,

    Just wanted you to know someone is posting with your name on ADN. Won’t be long until they are bumped, as they are reviewing the comments as I write this. (See below)

    The fish fillets are beautiful. I smoke up king & coho, but never get any sockeye anymore.


    moore__shannyn wrote on 07/19/2009 06:37:13 PM:
    This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
    Dan Fagan’s a fagg, Sarah Palin’s a Queen, and ALL of the Ancient_Alaskans are DEAD!

  15. Shannyn,
    Wouldn’t your salt/brown sugar mix be a cure and not a brine? Isn’t a brine by definition a salt/water solution? In any event, it adds up to damn good eatin’ whichever method you use and whatever you call it. I’ve recently taken to curing and smoking salmon, but not on your scale. I am also sure that your salmon is much fresher than what can be had in the high desert of NM.

  16. Wow Shannyn- those salmon fillets were pretty awesome looking. I have never seen that much fish in my live (my biggest catch is a 27″ 7.5 pound Steelhead trout).

    A couple things, first I was totally speechless and less than noteworthy when I called in a couple of weeks ago. Buzzed and stupid does a writer make?

    Second, any suggestions on how to progress my blog?

    Not into a coat tails hanging on thing, just want to offer up and see what comes back.

    I just love to write.

    As well, I have pretty much read most of what you have delivered the past few weeks in lieu of SP histrionics, and thought you did a fine job on the Press Conference.

    The KO piece (at least the first one) I thought at the end he was a little smug. But you did it well.

    My 5 cents if you really need a critic.

    Come visit sometime- it’s a book and chapters not politics as usual.


  17. Nice!

    The fillets, I mean.

    The fish are awesome too.

  18. the salmon looks yummy! mouth watering here…wishing I had some!

  19. Thanks for the information Shannyn.

  20. Kathleen said, “Hi Shannyn, Just wanted you to know someone is posting with your name on ADN. Won’t be long until they are bumped, as they are reviewing the comments as I write this. (See below)”


    True. When I first saw these over at the ADN yesterday, I marked them “report abuse”, checked off the “plagiarism” subject, and said in the comment section, “this person is obviously not Shannyn Moore”. The comments were marked as
    hidden, awaiting review within a few seconds.

  21. I think it is the height of rudeness to display all of that salmon and fail to inform us at what time dinner will be served!

  22. It seems like your plate is full, of some savory things, and maybe some not-so-savory things as well.

    When you get some time … I’d like to see the graphics submitted for the contest.

    Maybe before Palin slithers away from her ‘actual responsibilities.’

  23. Oh, how beautiful. I won’t tell you how much we pay for just tiny bits of smoked salmon here.

  24. Ummm… your fingernails look too perfect and clean… send me some of those, willya? The fillets; the nails you can keep.

  25. […] und schreibt weiter unerschrocken über respektive gegen Sarah Palin – und Lachs: […]

  26. Shannyn, I am sick with jealousy, as someone else stated above, I have only had small, very expensive pieces of smoked salmon. My cats want to move in with you… they will be in the box with the holes in it at the airport. The white one bites, I’m just sayin’ 🙂
    *********NOTE FROM SHANNY*****************
    Sorry, your cats would kill me…I am so deathly allergic. Tell them hello from a long way away…

  27. wow, you’re putting me to shame…I was so proud of my cucumber pickles…these look so good. cool. 🙂

    **************NOTE FROM SHANNY******************
    I LOVE cucumber pickles! We should trade…or you should send me your recipe! Yeah! I’d love to give that a whirl. Do you make bread and butter pickles? That would just send me over.

    • haha…I followed the recipe on the back of the pickling lime, lol. I am no expert at it, but they turned out well. The recipe is online: (I would link it but right now I can’t remember the tag…)

      my mom tried them and said they reminded her of bread and butter pickles. i put dill and a few extra cloves in them though.

  28. ………………..yum……………………….you really should warn us – – now I have drool on my computer keyboard — how can I explain that to the IT department?!

  29. Awesome. Good work, however, now I miss fishcamp on the Yukon River.

  30. I think that Andree McLeod or Shannyn Moore should file an ethics charge for “engaging in commericial fishing, while holding the job of a Governor (July 6th, 2009) and must check to see if she and her parents the Heaths paid the special $350 per person to visit the McNeil River Reserve.
    ************NOTE FROM SHANNYN************
    You must be new here…I think the ethics complaints are a complete waste of time and energy. I have never filed one, and I think the system is broken. Besides, I’m up canning fish and running a smoker…do the math…I have a little girl to feed all winter and have convinced her that salmon is food from God; manna.

  31. Palin press release cited below:


    Governor Offers Support to Family of Captive Soldier

    July 19, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin offered her support and encouragement to the family of a Ft. Richardson soldier captured in Afghanistan.

    “Todd and I are praying for Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl, his family, and all of his fellow soldiers who are putting their lives on the line to defend our freedom and protect democracy abroad,” Governor Palin said. “The capture of Private Bergdahl and the bombings in Jakarta prove that we have not defeated terrorism, and that radical extremists will stop at nothing to attack Westerners and our ideals.”

    1) Does she not realize that in Kashmir, Kenya, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan etc more non-westerners albeit moslems have been killed in the past couple of decades or so?
    2) Never realized that freedom and democracy are “our ideals”. I thought freedom, etc., was universal.
    Can you please blog so that the other bloggers at large can follow suit, which will in turn place some sort of a check or balance on this woman’s yammerings..Please!

  32. I am so drooling. Reminds me of the good old days.

    From Hawaii

  33. My goodness, that is beautiful. These days my son does all the smoking of fish at our house. He uses a wet brine. No matter which brine you use, the fish is always good. He uses the seal a meal, and freezes it for use during the winter.

    I have been busy too. I made Raspberry, and strawberry freezer jam, and plan to get my blueberries at the end of the month.

  34. Shanynn, now I am not new around here. I do not live around there anymore, but I had colleagues and neighbours give me Salmon (smoked and other wise) and Halibut.
    Anyway take a look at her latest tweet:
    Rep Lynn issued a note about HB3 on Feb 8, 2009. Somehow Sarah did not notice it till about 8 hours ago. Every state Outside has had some sort of immigration document regulation for at least 12 years now.
    Five years ago in AK the folks on Benson and Northern Lights would simply accept your license from Outside and give you a new one.
    I even saw one relative “helping” or “take the test” with the applicant.
    I don’t think that the above two scenarios are true of any other state in the Union. This woman has no clue about the DMV requirements in some other states in the Union. She is acting as though she just stumbled on fire or the wheel (by proxy off course) and is announcing it to her lemmings.
    Looks like Sarah is trying the good old zenophobia-inspired-pogrom when all else fails.

  35. Oy, Shannyn!
    Been smoking and canning the salmon we caught here in Kenai as well. Just finished up a canner full from yesterdays catch and time for bed. Will do up today’s catch in morning.

    Have a great summer.

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