Posted by: shannynmoore | July 21, 2009

Palin’s Meme Has A Crack…UPDATED

This just in from the ADN:

An independent investigator has found evidence that Gov. Sarah Palin may have violated ethics laws by accepting private donations to pay her legal debts.

The report obtained by The Associated Press says Palin is securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust, set up by supporters.

An investigator for the state Personnel Board says in his July 14 report that there is probable cause to believe Palin used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the trust as the “official” legal defense fund.

After driving home the Palin meme of vindication and the partisan “whiners” who file complaints, there is a crack in the lunacy mask. Palin’s supporters have hammered into talking points, her “unanimous innocence” and victimization of the left.  They are wrong.

The governor, in an attempt to derail the legislative sanctioned investigation into Troopergate, filed the most costly-by a country mile-ethics complaint to date.  She was forced to reimburse the state for the unofficial travel of her children; $8,100.00.

The ethics complaint system has, at times, been abused by both sides and by both parties.  Access to ethics complaint findings are controlled by the governor through her Personnel Board rather than an independent Ethics Board.

So much for open and transparent; open when it suits her, closed when it doesn’t. For days, Palin has withheld this latest condemning report while keeping her website up, and panhandling her supporters.

UPDATE: Since the AP story broke, Palin has responded through a tweet: “Re inaccurate story floating re:ethics violation/Legal Defense Fund;matter is still pending;new info was just requested even;no final report”

According to the AP, Palin has known of the potential of ethics violation of the legal defense fund for a week yet continued solicitation.



  1. I hope Queen Beehive Sarah gets smacked down good. She is so full of crap it ain’t funny. She has no concept of reality whatsoever. She really needs to be locked up in a psych ward or behind prison bars.

  2. Still to come…
    This should strengthen the complaint today of all those presents that have not been reported in a timely manner AND why shouldn’t the unreported income from Todd and his Artic cat snow mobile winnings and benefits count too?

  3. I figure after the Queen abdicates her throne, the servants will begin to talk. I don’t think she can hire all of her buddies over in SarahPac. Things will begin to surface. Does anyone have any lovely pictures of the tanning booth in the mansion and the costs for that perk?

    • The bed was NOT purchased with state money.

      Kind of surprising, isn’t it? This would have been a tough sell to the expenditure staff – even for Sarah the Twittering Nitwit.

    • I’m no Palin fan, believe me! But I guess she paid for the tanning bed with her own money. Hard to believe, I know!

  4. I could just hear the idiot Sarah singing Janis Joplin’s song “Oh Lord Please Buy Me a Mercedes Benz”.

  5. Excellent point, Shannyn, about the continued panhandling. Wonder when she found out about the violation charge; maybe the week she quit? Doesn’t she have counsel regarding these matters? I wonder if the trust violated IRS, too.

    Well, she has no one to blame but herself. The Palins brought a family feud into the Governor’s Office. That was her first mistake. And it continued from there. I don’t see how she can blame constituents she told to hold her accountable. Doesn’t she not respect citizens for exercising their civic duty? Guess not.

    *************NOTE FROM SHANNYN****************
    According to Kim Chatman, the woman who filed the complaint, Palin has known about the finding for a week. From the AP story:

    Palin was given a copy of the investigator’s report a week ago, Chatman said Tuesday.

    “It’s an absolute shame that she would continue to keep the Alaska Fund Trust Web site up and running,” Chatman told the AP.

    • Yes, you are right about the timing. The PDF shows that the report is dated 07-14-2009 and marked as being sent “VIA EMAIL”.

  6. Lonnie posted
    I could just hear the idiot Sarah singing Janis Joplin’s song “Oh Lord Please Buy Me a Mercedes Benz”.

    Lonnie, how about Joplin’s “Down on me”.

    You know they’re down on me,
    Down down down on me baby
    Down on me,
    I said down!
    Oh, oh!
    And it looks like everybody in this whole round world
    Down on me!!

    • Bob Dylan’s song: Positively 4th Street

      I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
      And just for that one moment I could be you
      Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
      You’d know what a drag it is to see you

  7. So, She has known for about a week. No wonder she was busy packing. She probably will never go back to Juneau after this. Of course, there may be more coming out also.

  8. Palin’s known for a week.

    And there have been NO tweets!

    And Van Flein has been silent!


  9. I just posted The Daniel Report at Progressive Alaska as a series of nine jpegs:

  10. Ah, la belle Sarah — toujours la “meme” chose …. la realite, c’est moi …..

  11. Well, aren’t we all shocked that Buttercup would still keep the begging cup out after having knowledge of this. The next few days should be very interesting. She just will not be able to keep everyone’s mouth shut.

  12. Typically Palin. Nothing new here. All of Alaska Political machine feels they are above the law. Alaska truly is the wild wild west where polititians will even threaten a citizen to shut them up…….hence as Palin did to Ms Moore. So it is typical of Alaska. Sad but yet true. The feds need to come in and do a btter job of prosecuting this time., and not make the mistakes they made in past prosecutions.

  13. All I can say is–that lying buscuit-eater. What she’s trying to do is buy more time so she, Stapleton, and Van Flein can come up with a way to spin it to Palin’s advantage. Usually she’s so quick to announce when another “frivolous ethics complaint” has been dismissed.
    Come out, come out, wherever you are, Sarah!

  14. And yet she twitters a link to a photo of Piper.

    I think that a whole floor of the IRS headquarters just went silent after receiving new instructions.

  15. The plot thickens. Just waiting for the spin. And she’s out of there Monday. I expect there will be more revelations.

  16. Keep on keeping on, Shannyn. Were it not for the daily pressure you and AKM and Andree and LKB and Phil and a host of others put on that unethical politician, she’d still be boinking the citizens of Alaska.

    Great job and comments, ya alls.

  17. Agreed with sauerkraut: MY HEARTFELT GRATITUDE for all that the bloggers have done to keep the light of truth on the political leadership of Alaska.
    How many did we lose to the federal investigation a few years ago? [It is not over yet.]

  18. Thanks for the report, Phil!
    I wonder how Palin is going to be able to still claim her trust fund was legal… but I am quite sure she, Van Phlegm and Meg will try to find a way to toss up a colorful verbiage salad and run with the money 😉

  19. Vanity, thy name is Palin. Miss Sarah, our own little Narcissus is smitten with her own reflection. She finds everything about herself endlessly fascinating and utterly important. She believes that she is truly great. Her self adulation has led to an extreme hubris that makes her incapable of self criticism. Because she is so special, she can do no wrong.

    Even when the Branchflower investigation found her guilty, she said that it had determined the exact opposite. She lives in Palinland, where reality is what she believes it is. She will NEVER accept that she has done any wrong and she will NEVER listen to those who say otherwise. That is why she surrounds herself with sycophants and toadies who cater to her every supercilious conceit.

    She is a delusional, egotistical, imbecilic clod who fancies herself cut from presidential cloth. She is not nearly smart enough to come to the slightest realization of her own rather considerable shortcomings. It is truly entertaining to watch her make an ass of herself.

  20. Okay I found this comment on Grphyen’s Immoral Minority blog. The post is titled:
    “Let’s take a mental health moment and enjoy…:dated Sunday, July 5, 2009.

    Syrin has left an extremely interesting comment on Shannyn Moore’s blog:

    “There are several more RUMORS going around.

    Such as: Palin was found guilty of abuse and misconduct for wrong doing with her ‘Legal Defense Fund” (WHY DOES SOMEONE ETHICAL NEED A LEGAL DEFENSE FUND?) millons of dollars are said to be un accounted for RUMORED embezzlement- Sarah Pac sponsored?… She was given an ultimatum (I think this is highly improper, possibly unlawful) by her appointed 3 member personnal board that she, if continues to be the Gov the TRUTH of the matter would have to come out and the whole mess and paper trail would have to be released to the public. However, it’s RUMORED if she RESIGNS she was told by that appointed 3 member board that determines ETHICAL matters in the State of Alaska that she can essentially TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a RUMOR”

    Hmmm…somebody knew something

  21. Mudflats,

    Seems to me that SarahPAC would be just as illegal and just as unethical, and for the same reasons, as Palin’s Legal Defense Fund.

    We already KNOW she used some of that SarahPAC money to 1) go to the east coast and 2) to PAY EMPLOYEES!!!!! OMG!!!!

    All PAYMENTS authorized BY Palin is found at the FEC website SarahPAC

    What do YOU think?


  22. Hi Shannyn, Great post as always.

    Have you considered the fact that John Coale, Greta Van Susteren’s husband helped Sarah set up her legal defense fund, as well as SarahPAC?

    He missed the fact that in Alaska, there is no law allowing legal defense funds to be set up.

    From the ethics report by Thomas M. Daniel PDF:

    “I also am aware of the fact that the creation of legal defense funds is a common practice for federal office holders… The ethics provisions governing members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives specifically permit members of Congress to have Legal Expense Trust Funds so long as they comply with certain restrictions similar to the ones that the Alaska Fund Trust has imposed.

    “However, there is not a similar provision in the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act or its implementing regulations that allows state officials to establish legal defense funds. Perhaps there should be, but that is a matter for the legislature to address. My job is to apply the statute as currently written.”

    I have more at:

    • Interesting point, William.

      Nothing which permits it, but our laws tend to allow that which is not explicitly disallowed. Or is there a specific law or reg which says “thou shalt not create”?

  23. The Huffington Post also offers the following quote:

    John Coale, a Washington lawyer who helped set up the fund, called the probable cause finding “crazy,” adding that if upheld, it would mean that no governor could ever defend themselves against frivolous ethics complaints.

    “If this complaint is true, there’s no way to defend yourself” as governor, Coale said. “Anybody can keep filing ethics complaints and drive someone out of office even if you’re a nut.”

    Speaking as one of the nuts: WOO HOO! Yeah, Baby–

    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  24. This can happen when lawyers in other jurisdictions try to practice in ones other than where they are licensed. It sounds as if Coale assumed the law would be consistent in Alaska with what he was familiar with–and you can’t ever make that assumption as a lawyer.

  25. The claim of confidentiality violations by Palin and her crew brings to mind an important question: If Palin lawyers (and the Personnel Board) find that the report must be rejected because of confidentiality violations, then we must ask who actually leaked the report to the AP? Certainly no one who would want the report to stick, but perhaps someone, close to Palin, who does not. If so, this is a trick right out of the Nixon White House handbook.

  26. Palin took an oath to uphold all the laws of this state/country. She CHOSE to ignor laws and has had over 20 ethics complaints as a result.

    I can think of 2 more Ethics Complaints that should be filed.

    1. Palin should disclose the financial Arctic Cat contract between Arctic Cat & her family.

    2. Palin’s SarahPAC is just as illegal as her legal defense fund. Meg reported that Palin authorizes payments from the SarahPAC donations and is therefore violating state laws.

  27. Donna @2:42

    This happens when arogant governors ignore laws and when their lawyer does not bother to read the laws.

    I remember when the legal defense fund was first discussed and people were saying it would violate Ak laws. Greta’s husband – Palin’s lawyer should have looked at the laws AT THAT TIME he did not. That is HIS problem and Palin’s problem

  28. I hate to sound like a broken record re: SarahPAC but … here goes.

    While PACs are subject to federal codes. Gov. Sarah Palin is subject to STATE LAWS, Statutes & Codes.

    The same violations found with the legal fund, “Palin used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the trust as her legal defense fund” — ARE being violated when Palin USED her official position for personal gain to set up & raise $$ for HER PAC.

    We already know Palin has USED the PAC $$ for personal gain: 1)travel to east coast, 2) Pay HER PAC employees and 3) Authorize donations to McCain and Lisa Murkowski

    Also, when SarahPAC was set up, Pam Pryor said “now Palin can use the $$ to attend the Alfalfa Dinner, CPAC dinner & other functions.

    CLEARLY Palin used SarahPAC money as Extra INCOME – which is a violation of state Constitution, laws & codes.

  29. I have stated the obvious. Of course this report was leaked by sommeone in the Palin camp. That to me is very apparent.
    No if Sarah PAC is a violation of Alaska law why is a Prosecutor not involved.
    Another point, can the PERS Board act after Sunday?
    Also can Parnel or the Legislature assign a Special Prosecuter to look into yahoo emails, and contracts and possible violations of Alaska law?

  30. Sarah’s statemet on this miss says she’s informed that the Alaska Fund Trust is frozen. Well, as of this minute, the web site says not one little tiny word about being frozen. Maybe it’s just a little frozen? Like the good little slush fund it is.

  31. This Alaskan is thanking her lucky stars this is coming to light.

    You’d have to be deaf, dumb or blind not to see what has been going on in broad daylight the state of Alaska. I’m glad for all of my blogging friends who know when it walks like a liar, talks like a liar and smells like a liar it’s a LIAR. Thanks to the Personnel Board, her AG’s and anyone else in her clear and transparently corrupt administration for enabing this “joker” out of office.

  32. TeamSarah4choice – you do not sound like a broken record, your message has been received loud and clear.

    Thank you…very much for your insight.

    Happy Dancing in Alaska

  33. I’ve not kept up, didn’t know you were still around. I just wonder how many ethics violations it will take to keep her from getting a radio show. I’m mean she’s up in the category with Ollie North, the Watergate Bungler and a few other’s who’s names escape me. It amazes me the way the “right” will got to crooks and believe them before they will an honest woman/man. I guess it just shows the way they think.

    Glad your still around.

    David from Wasilla

    This sure explains why she was so wired at that impromptu news conference.

  34. I was under the impression that one of Palin’s motives for resigning was to halt the continued investigations into her behavior, Palin knowing that at some point the charges would stick and that could not be dismissed by HER Personnel Board (I am still amazed that the media never mentions that the complaints that have been dismissed were all done by people beholden to her for a paycheck).

    Palin knows that e-mail evidence (that has yet to be fully disclosed) will show her using AK resources (staff and equipment) to handle personal business, specifically, the VP run, book deal, personal PR, vendettas against her enemies, selling pics of her family, speaking engagements, etc.

    That is what Palin fears, that the e-mail and paper trail will show her stealing thousands of government funds to finance her personal endeavors. In many states politicians have been imprisoned for such conduct. E.g., in California a politician went to prison for having her staff use govt. copy machines ($500 worth) for her reelection bid, plus she lied to investigators.

    That Palin is guilty of such conduct is evident 1) by the fact she was busted for this when she ran for Lt. Gov. and 2) when she set up private e-mail accounts thinking this would hide her personal activities being done on the govt. dime.

    From a prosecutor’s point of view, what I see her being criminally charged with is using govt. monies for personal gain.

    Her attorney may have advised her that this is where the axe would fall and that her best bet would be to resign to see if everyone loses interest and moves on.

    That’s why she resigned, a desperate attempt to halt further investigations into her conduct. It just may work since no one seems concerned about the fact that the people investigating charges against Palin are on her payroll.

    In any other state that kind of conflict would be addressed by saying ALL charges against a sitting governor shall be looked into by an independent counsel, not the Dept. of Law (whose head is appointed by Palin) and not by people who get a paycheck from Palin.

    And yes, it resigning is a win win for Palin because she also can 1) quit doing work, which she hates; 2) make millions on the private circuit; and 3) get back to doing that which she loves, posing for the camera.

    No way she runs for national office. She is only playing coy with that idea to keep interest in the Palin brand and maintain its value (related to her speaking tour, making speeches and book deal).

  35. Oh, what I meant by the media not mentioning about the Personnel Board dismissing the complaints is that recently they all keep saying that most of the complaints were dismissed, implying there was no merit to them.

    Without also mentioning that the people dismissing the complaints are people appointed by Palin (who also serve at her pleasure?), this creates a false impression (or at least inaccurate) that the dismissed charges were not justified.

    Society has always looked with suspicion any adjudicative process where the decision maker has an actual or perceived conflict with the accused. That’s why many judges will recuse themselves from a case when there is even the slightest hint of a conflict of interest, perceived or actual.

    It’s significant that the people deciding Palin’s fate were appointed by her (and who she can fire?)

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall and listen in on all conversations Palin has had with Board members regarding the complaints against her whether in their offices, Starbucks or in a secure room. I would be astounded to learn that Palin has never talked to anyone on the Board about the charges and what to do about them. Wink wink.

  36. TeamSarah4Choice–

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with Alaska Bissou (sic): You DO sound like a broken record. But what are you supposed to do?

    Tell me I’m wrong, when I say we’re moving from delusional into sociopath territory, when Private Citizen Palin continues to insist she has won all fifteen ethics complaints filed against her–All of them!–even though it has cost Alaska millions of dollars. I mean, playing “who can tell the most lies with the fewest words” is fun and all, but it gets dull after awhile.

    I am not asking a rhetorical question here. Honest, do you know a way to write about La Bozo Palin, and NOT sound like a broken record? I don’t think it can be done. Look at Shannyn’s July 15th column (“It’s Not Sarah’s Fault–Just Ask Her”). If Palin manages to stay in the public eye, I’ll give you better than track odds that Shannyn will have to write a similar posting AGAIN.

    Why doesn’t Palin just stand up and say “I am not a crook” and get it over with?

    I remain:
    Really cranky.
    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  37. I just read the report and had to re- read the last “recommendations” part of it more than once. I think she is going to get away with it –again! All she has to do is declare this was NOT her Official fundtrust site. She’s done that. Not take the money- she’ll say she didn’t. And she should APPLY to the State of Ak to pay her legal bills??? wtf? More money for her? Am I missing something?Please talk me down here,I am totally reading this wrong I hope.

  38. Palinbots: don’t know much about her, but think she’s pretty and just like them.
    and just like her ?

    Question1: So if Palin files an ethics complaint against the board, who will hear it?

    Question2: Whats with the typo on the report- 1st word on page 9. I wonder if that is a final draft, or is Daniels just not very professional and polished.

  39. and another thing…

    If Palin took action and stopped taking donations at the site, wouldn’t she be confirming that its her site and her fund?

    She’s going to sit back and play dumb.

  40. I’m sorry did I say “Play dumb?” (doh!)

    Her lawyers are going to tell her to stay away from it..

  41. I just visited Celtic Divas site (Great analysis from a real lawyer on it)and there appear to be MANY many blogs out there that have Sarah’s picture telling where to direct money for Sarah. I still think she may wiggle out of this as the Daniel Report is obviously telling her how to do it. The only hope i have now is April 15th 2010- the IRS doesn’t fall for winky winky pageant walking stuff. I hope.

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