Posted by: shannynmoore | July 23, 2009

Palin Info Leak–Unleash the Palinistas

The Washington Times is reporting that the source of the leak regarding Sarah Palin’s latest ethics complaint is the Personnel Board. WHAT? Is Thomas Van Flein going to sue the Personnel Board?

The Associated Press claims that outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be found guilty of violating her state’s ethics rules, citing a report leaked from the State Personnel Board on one of the 19 ethics complaints filed against her.

The governor may be counting down her final days in office, but she isn’t letting the accusations go unanswered. She’s even threatening to take some legal action of her own against the leakers.

Earlier, Van Flein, Palin’s personal attorney, threatened to sue Kim Chatman. Ms. Chatman had filed the ethics complaint in question.

I know what shrapnel comes with a “by-name threat” from the governor; a bunch of red and rabid kool-aid drinking emails and phone calls. It’s intimidating until you remember THEY ARE WRONG. Palin is the quintessential high school mean girl. Van Flein is the guy who cleans her lunch tray just to sit at her table. Meg Stapleton and Ivy Frye try to “out-mean” each other for the BFF status. I have yet to meet someone who has become their better self after working with Sarah Palin…she seems to bring out the worst. It’s no excuse. Van Flein knows what hellish dogs he unleashes when threatening individual citizens and facts be damned. Ms. Chatman’s father has just passed and I’m sure she has bigger fish to fry than the likes of the Palinistas*.

Palin has shat in the nest…again. If the Personnel Board leaked the information, perhaps it is because they have grown weary of a governor who lies.

*Palinistas: People who fight for Palin even if the facts prove she is dead wrong.  Not to be confused with Palinbots. Palinbots: don’t know much about her, but think she’s pretty and just like them.meangirls01



  1. Awesome post Shannyn.

    If we were playing Clue, my guess would be Van Flegm, in the GINO’s Office, with the HP9100, on July 14th at 2:18:04 a.m.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. To the Editor:

    Your statement, “Van Flein is the guy who cleans her lunch tray just to sit at her table” is just low down and mean. I’m not saying you’re not exactly right (because you are)–but that IS the lawyer’s job, ya know.

    Pushing it back up in our faces–that’s stone cold.

    I know the truth always hurts…But this much?

    Mr. Van Flein–I feel your pain. Of course, it still sucks to be you. But you knew that already.

    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

    **********NOTE FROM SHANNY**********
    Mr. Abendroth, you are one of the few who post your name here…if that is your real name…ha! When was the last time your mother had to explain to someone in a grocery store that what Mr. Van Flein and the ADN (Grimes) had said about you were complete crap. (My apologies if your mother is no longer able to have such a conversation.) You may have guessed my mother did. Don’t ask me to be sweet…not yet.

    • Mr. Abendroth responds:

      Yes, that is my own name. If I am going to take the time to write something, I’m going to make it something worth putting my name on it. If I write something that’s not worth putting my name on–odds are, I’m not going to take the trouble to write it to begin with.

      Second, my mother is alive and well, despite a hard go with breast cancer. She appreciates you asking after her. However, she will tell you that some time ago (but not long enough ago for it not to still be embarrassing), she gave up trying to tell me anything. In her words: “that dog won’t hunt.”

      Next–now with even Private Citizen Palin recognizing that she was in no position to do any good, so she should at least put herself in a place to minimize the harm–how many times will some girl (unspecified) from Homer have to be the one to point out Palin’s bullshit qua bullshit? To paraphrase: “How many? Way too many!” cf “How long? Not long!”

      Fourth, I am aware you are a one gal band. However, I was charmed by a character in John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, who wrote so many letters into the void c/o editors, she wholly lost the ability to write personal correspondence.

      No matter. Did you catch Sean Parnell on National Public Radio’s Sunday Edition? “Hello. My name is Sean Parnell. Welcome to Westworld….” (repeat).

      That Girl from Homer be sweet? Not while the planet needs you.

      I remain–
      Nonetheless bone-weary.

      Bill Abendroth
      Samsara Samizdat

  3. A concise breakdown of the differences between “Palinistas” and “Palinbots”… but they like the same flavored koolaid.

  4. Occasionally I venture onto the C4P website. It’s really scary how uninformed they are (and I don’t scare easily!) and yet they go ballistic when the facts are presented to them.

    I’m also sickened by their ‘holier than thou’ attitude which they combine with rabid declarations that anyone not regarding SP as an icon is hate-filled!

    This attitude from so-called Christians is really puzzling. Thank Goddess I’m non-religious!

    • Not all Christians are wacky like them……they are fanatical right wing lunies. God shudders by their acts and lack of compassion and the destruction they cause to our planet.

  5. “Leaked from” or “leaked by”? You have to be careful when interpreting meaning.

    • fifitrixiebelle on July 23, 2009 at 2:40 am said: ““Leaked from” or “leaked by”? You have to be careful when interpreting meaning.”



      “From” can be interpreted as the intrepid AP reporter lurking outside the Personnel Board doors after the 3 volunteer appointed-by-Palin Board members finished their business, then the 3 of them carelessly or purposely leaving the Board room door open as they left the building. They’ve left copies of the report strewn all over the table. The intrepid AP reporter then might slip in the room and pick up a few sheets of paper before the Board secretary/aide walks in to clean things up….

      “By” would be one or all of the Personnel Board members actually giving the intrepid AP reporter a copy of the report (or, if they were really stupid, e-mailing it to her).

      Disclaimer: the above is strictly my opinion, and imaginary scenarios 🙂

  6. Mean Girls

  7. Shannyn–terrific post which completely cuts through the b.s. and images to the truth. There’s a time for “sweetness” and a time when it’s far more important to call a mean girl or a sycophant out for what they are. You continue to have my admiration.

  8. I’ve said ti here before but it does bear repeating: The next time Palin takes responsobility for her actions will be the first. By the way I love the “mean girl” analogy. Great post Shannyn, keep up the good work.

  9. Shannyn, this is a great story. Since the election last fall, I have spent a lot of time watching the antics of Sarah Palin and I have been amazed at the degree of negativism which surrounds the woman. Your analogy about Sarah being the mean girl reminds of the high school elite cliques where those little rich, pretty and popular girls thought they could no wrong and bullied the rest of the girls and boys. Sarah and her Sarahsites (parasites) are truly the adult version of those nasty high school cliques.

    • “Adult Version” ??? Just because they may be in that age range, does not mean that they have reached maturity.

  10. Great post, Shannyn! I think that Palin has been using damsel in distress in order to manipulate others to come to her defense. Poor Sarah, she’s so stressed her hair is falling out!! I don’t buy it at all. I think she is that mean girl without a conscience. Don’t give her an inch!

    Anyway, why was the complaint regarding SarahPac dismissed by the Personnel Board since it would have violated that same statute?

    Since Mr. Daniels offered advice that the State should reimburse Palin for dismissed complaints, why should the State pay for the legal fees incurred by troopergate since Todd Palin was involved up to his neck? Seems he cost the State monies by pursuing the family feud. And didn’t troopergate end up being Monegan’s(sp) word against Palin’s word? If so, seems grossly unfair to Monegan when Palin has been caught in so many lies.

    Keep up the good work, Shannyn!

  11. I think I’d like to be the one who meets her in the bathroom, alone, during math class. I was always in a bad mood anyway in math.

    I did this once, in real life. I confronted a bully in 7th grade, in the bathroom. She had been telling people she wanted to beat me up, glaring at me in the hall, making snide comments…. She was alone this time. Guess what? Never bothered me again.

    Go Shannyn!

    • I had that exact same experience in the 7th grade! She did have one ‘friend’ with her though, but I stood my ground and they never bothered me again. In fact, we had a weird respect for each other after that…

      • I had an experience like that, too, in a week-long day camp. I was a little bitty kid, shorter than most, and I guess she thought she could push me around. She tried to chivvy me with a broom when we both were sweeping out our dorm, and I clashed my broom handle against hers and pushed back.

        I didn’t intend to hurt her, just keep her from hurting me — but the end result was she had to leave camp early because I broke her little finger in the broom tussle.

        I got scolded, and put in “time out” for half a day, sort of — they assigned me to the guy who taught fishing class, and I got to tie flies for half a day. That was a lot more fun than what I would have had to do…

  12. Shanynn folks Outside do not understand the concept of Native Corporations, and how Natives (full blooded or any part) receive complete medical care at no charge.
    Now that Palin will be on COBRA or SOBRA or maybe Toad has some coverage, please explain to the world outside how Palin kids and grand children are eligible for full care at ANMC or Providence or elsewhere and do not pay a dime.
    Please explain to the world Outside how they receive a share from the corporations and what corporations they belong, and whether or not these corporations are beneficiaries of no-bid contracts in bed with KBR/Halliburton.
    Thank you for ending the Palin regime and saving the world from a potential 8-12 years of horror. You are the Lord’s instrument!!!!

  13. I heard the term ‘defamation’ tossed around a bit in favor of Kim Chatman. Will she be seeking legal counsel in order to put Van Fleabag back in his place? Seems as though she has a pretty good case here, but the time to act would be now, before all parties hit the proverbial road. She should ‘demand satisfaction’ as they used to say in the days of dueling! If, in fact, it was a member of the EB who let the cat out of the bag, no doubt that individual may be having a fit of conscious. Or may just be doing all they can to save their own arse! Yes, they would be canned, but the interviews, the quotes, the tell-all book deal must look as lucrative to them right now as it does to her ‘ness. Can’t say I would blame them. To quote a line from a movie… ‘there is no black… there is no white… there is only green… and it’s all about gettin’ yours!’

    Just sayin’

    • The C4Pers are saying “bring it on!” with regard to the possibility of Chatman suing for defamation, thinking that will open the door to the defense (Van Flein, Palin, Mansour) being able to subpoena Chatman’s e-mail, her computer hard drive, her bank account, her medical records, her educational records, etc. etc.

      I guess the reverse is true, too, from prospective plaintiff Chatman’s side, but the C4Pers haven’t thought about the implications of THAT.

  14. I’m a little confused here, so maybe you can clarify. As I understand it, this report would not have been made public unless $arah waved confidentiality, which she doubtless had no intention of doing. So does that mean we would never have heard of the results? What’s the point of having an ethics investigation if when the evildoers are found guilty no one hears about it? Does it follow that we only have the pretty little liar’s word for it that all the other complaints were dismissed? Am I missing something?

    • No you are not missing anything, just seeing through the smoke and mirrors. This is what most politicians do, spin the facts or distort them, while creating a diversion to take the msm off their trail.

    • I think like all the other complaints the personnel board would just dismiss them and no one would know. I think all the 20 + complaints should be reopened and reviewed by a new board, maybe State or Federal!!!!

      • I concur, you should not have a PB investigate or rule on a Governor that is beholding to that same governor. Sarah is right in saying that the ethics laws need to be changed. We the people need to be assured that complaints WILL NOT be dismissed out of hand and therefore swept under the rug.

  15. “Van Flein is the guy who cleans her lunch tray just to sit at her table”

    That was good writing, and funny, too.

    Pooh on Bill. Splat.

  16. Have you guys ever seen the movie “Mean Girls?” Staurday would be an X day to rent and watch it. The mean girls dress just like SP, or maybe that’s where she got her clothing clues?

  17. I agree with Candy. I’d like to see all the reports. Especially the one where she paid back travel expenses. I’m tired of the report that all these things are frivlous and have been dismissed, along with the notion that the complainants should be made to pay.

  18. Go Ripley in CT. We’ve got your back!

  19. Palinista= Member of the Palin-Heath Tribe

    Either you are in or you are out

    For comparison (of the effects of tribe only) think Saddam Hussein and Tikrit:if you were a Tikriti you were in- if not you were out.

  20. I am going to go rent “Heathers” and watch it again. See you guys at the governess picnic.

  21. Keep up the good work, Shannon. The country needs more like you to keep us informed of the truth.

  22. from Gov. Palin twiiter –
    This wk saw add’l violation of law:filer of friv ethics complaint leaks confidential documents out of context 2 create false headlines, pre-

    Seems like Palin is accusing filer of violation of law for “leaks confidential documents”. Doesn’t even offer “proof”.

    Palin seems to think only stupid people will read her twitter output.

    • Hold on a second! Hasn’t it come out that the ‘filer’ was NOT the ‘leaker’? In Kims case, isn’t this just more of a reason to go forward with some sort of defamation action? After all, if her ‘ness says it’s so… ain’t it so? Is Saracuda stating a ‘fact’ here as they accused Shannyn of? Pot? Kettle? Black?

      If Saracuda is looking for a job, the PsyOps (Psychological Operations) School at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Ft Bragg needs instructors!! ‘Win Their Hearts And Minds’! Spin, Sara, SPIN!

      • Going out on a limb here, perhaps since Kim knows she did NOT leak this, she is simply biding her time and allowing Kristen, Ivy, Megamouth, and $P to bury themselves with slander and libel.

        My concern was – would that report ever be made public if it was not leaked? $P had it for over a week and never said a word.

        Kristen’s press release was way overkill. It has also been debunked on most of the other Alaska and pro-truth blogs. It’s full of lies, distortions, untruths – that is to say it is a normal $alin Press Release.

        A pathologic liar is unable to be truthful. Looks like there’s an entire nest of them up there.

  23. I don’t know how Palin and Van Fleabag think they have a hope in hell of getting out of this one!

    The personnel board has no choice but to follow through on the facts the investigator pointed out below.

    I think they let this out because they want everyone to know these facts.

    After all it is a fore gone conclusion that when they DO follow through Palin will come after THEM with everything she’s got!

    “I find the notion that I have taken any action pertaining to the legal defense trust fund misguided and factually in error,” she said. “I have not ‘acted’ relative to the defense fund, and it is misleading to say I have.”
    From the report:
    According to the funds website, it was created by Kristen Cole and other supporters of the governor who believe the governor should not have to personally pay for legal fees incurred in defending against a series of ethics complaints.

    I interviewed Ms.Cole, who confirmed that she and other supporters of the governor came up with the idea of soliciting contributions to pay the governors legal fees.Ms.Cole also stated that she and other supporters set up the Alaska Fund Trust.




  24. I also wondered if the Personnel Board (or someone who works for them) leaked it otherwise it would be buried or hidden. OR, another possibility might be that the Personal Personnel are getting tired of being blamed for all her antics and having to cover her ass?

    You would think after all of this, that even her paid flunkies would be sick of her manic episodes. She’s quittertwittering her brains out today – oh way, she has no brains, only thumbs.

  25. Is it Sunday July 26TH yet? Has anyone checked the mansion in Juneau to see what historic pictures, furniture, ect….ect…..are missing and headed to Palin home in Wasilla?
    Palin quits but isn’t a quitter? Palin authorizes this defense fund and the use of her picture but Cole claims she has never had contact with Palin? Palin is pro life but supports the death penalty?
    Palin wants it all both ways. Well my guess is that her words once she gets her not so politically correct twitter tweets going, will beb her down fall, if it is possible for her to get any lower that is.
    Her Attorney threaten to sue people who have done nothing as he claimed the have done. When does that turn on him? Sue him for defamation. Jeesh go away already sarah please!

  26. Basheert, are you implying that Palin has OPPOSABLE thumbs?

  27. no, just that she has 2 of them.

  28. Watching what is happening now in Alaska, I feel very much like I am watching an insane person gradually lose touch with any type of reality.

    She’s obviously in a manic phase – and she and her minions haven’t gotten it that she’s leaving bread crumbs as a trail to her stupid remarks. All of her communications are on record – and everyone has copies of everything she has said or done. She is being watched like a hawk –

    Even with written evidence, she denies what she has said in the past.

    She’s manic.
    She’s delusional.
    She’s sociopathic.

    Soon she may become dangerous to human life.

  29. Oh how we will miss Bailin’Pailin when she is gone…those insipid lies, those manic Mondays thru Sundays…at least we have her quitter twitters to keep her close to our hearts…you betcha

  30. I find it amazing that these women have been such big fish in their little pond for so long that they think they can spin what ever story they want and no one should be able to question them.
    I sincerely hope that this goes into a court situation where all these hens are sworn under oath, Palin will try to throw them all under the bus and in turn they will start clucking.

  31. She is already dangerous to human life.

    • …and to whales, wolves bears and anything else in her way. Despicable.

      There is actually a picture of her…black outfit portrait shot where she looks as if she is snarling. It really shows her soul and it is ugly. Actually frightening.

  32. Trial!

  33. What is in the water with these repub folks? Bailin’ Pailin, Michelle Bachmann, Anne Coulter, Laura Ingram are just a bit touched

    • They have all lost their minds. It is bizarre.

  34. It sounds like people are waking up to the fact that Pailin is on her way out and her power over them is waning.

    I expect some more of these types of revelations now that she is slinking out of the door.

  35. Enjoy:

  36. @ Helen: That video was great. Thanks for sharing. ROFL!

  37. Shannyn… you hang in there! Appreciate all you do to keep us Outside people informed!

  38. I keep saying this whole thing can not get any more bizarre and it does!

  39. I have a great respect for you and all the other Progressive AK bloggers.

    Good on ya mate! (Aussie slang meaning you done good)

    And I especially like your reply to bill @ 1:41 am. It really sucks about all the lies and intimidation going on. I left Alaska (home through 5 decades) to move to Oz back in 2000 and I certainly don’t remember the nasty vitriol coming from the wingnuts back then. Course, I wasn’t there during the Bush regime.

    Down in Oz (and my friends worldwide) we all watched in horror as the lead of to Nov unfolded. How anyone like SP could be gov of a State and then be nominated for VP was totally beyond the reasonings of rational folk worldwide.

    Keep up the good work and don’t rest till she’s in jail.

  40. lol…Helen, someone should deliver that video to the see of pee’ers. Their heads would be spinning thier necks.

  41. Their heads are already spinning. R.A.M. just stated as FACT that KimC leaked the document.

    Fact? No proof, nothing, just a wild eyed as usual, declaration from someone whose initials represent a male goat.

    Libel or Slander? Defamation of character?

    Is there is lawyer in the house? All the dialogue has been copied to Immoral Majority – have a ball.

    KimC should get herself an attorney, now. This stupidity should not be allowed on a public board.

  42. DocThom: How’d ya know that she was known as Bailin’ Palin? Back when she and Todd were on an old boat in Bristol Bay, ya know, back before they had money for a good boat and such, well, the old boat used to leak a bunch and Sarah would always be the one with the Hills Bros coffee can bailin’ the water out of the leaking boat and stuff.

    Now she’s bailin’ palin once again…thanks for making me laugh and of course, the story above is complete fiction, just for fun, ya know.

  43. Laurie… just how does one do that? Post it over there? Anybody game?

  44. Helen – don’t waste your time unless you like to be attacked and probably slandered.

    The Pee-ing in the Sea people are pretty “out there” … they are overdosing on their Kool Aid sugar.

  45. Thanks Shannyn for all you to to expose unethical behavior in AK governance.

    The other 49 benefits from AK’s exposure of Ms. Palin’s deliberate ignorance because it affects us all when she’s given a national platform by those who continue to negatively manipulate for personal $$$ gain.

  46. Maybe I’ll hit and run post it on her big farewell day…I’ve been over there before basheert, its not a place you post and then stick around to read the educated and literate responses.

  47. Thanks Shannyn for exposing “Show Me the Money” Palin. Keep up the good work. I admire your composure on interviews.

  48. Helen…I think you should post the video for the pee’ers….I can hear their banshee cries already!

  49. Questions I have:

    Who hears an ethics complaint against the personnel board?

    Has Van Flein defamed/libeled ALL the ethics filers who he claims: violated the law by revealing the complaint, and acted in bad faith by filing ‘frivolous’ complaints, and now claiming Chatman leaked the report?

    RE: By: KarenJ ===
    … thinking that will open the door to the defense (Van Flein, Palin, Mansour) being able to subpoena Chatman’s e-mail, her computer hard drive, her bank account, her medical records, her educational records, etc. etc

    I don’t think it works like that. Van Flain can’t just go poking around on a fishing expedition.
    Courts want specific and limited access to relevant documents.

    Were my other comments deleted?

  50. $ue, $arah, $ue. Money fixes everything. Keep counting those chickens…

  51. I’m not an AK lawyer, but in the classic common law of torts, the plaintiff has to be able to prove some monetary loss resulting from the defendant’s false statement, except when the false statement falls in one of the categories of “libel per se,” which as I recall include unfitness for one’s job, a crime involving moral turpitude, unchastity (if the plaintiff is a woman) or infection with a “loathsome disease,” i.e., VD. I don’t think just any lie that causes “emotional distress” will cut it. In most jurisdictions there is a separate tort of “intentional infliction of emotional distress” or the like, but it requires conduct much more outrageous than falsely saying someone broke a law. Any AK lawyer care to say a definitive word?

  52. Shannyn, you are awesome! Thanks for all the great reading material. I admire your courage and dedication.

  53. No need to be sweet, Shannyn. You tell the truth from a place of integrity and authenticity and with intelligence and wit. Alaska and the country benefit.

    Once again the mean team made matters worse for themselves. Keep at it. The truth squad will win in the end.

    Cheers to you!

  54. That picture is worth a gazillion words. Too perfect!
    I’ll probably giggle myself to sleep tonight.

    Shannyn, Please don’t ever feel the need to be sweet. Your truthfulness comes from a place of integrity and authenticity and with intelligence and wit. It’s just what Alaska and the country need.

    Cheers to you!

    • oops…and sorry! Thought the 1st response got lost when the pic posted.

  55. I can see why so many people have been afraid of the Palin regime, she names names, spews hate and wields her power. All the complaints should be revisited, most were valid. Ted was convicted on less. It may not be any better when she quits, because she will have millions of dollars to harass people with. This is one of the Scientology MOs and she is taking lessons from JC. What a nasty woman I hope she implodes.

  56. I just sent a ‘Letter to the Editor’ (ADN), which I’m not sure will be published, asking that all Ethic Complaints, that were filed and dismissed, be revisited in the open for all Alaskans to see and hear (Personnel Board). I also indicated being afraid that Parnell and the AG might suggest the complete silencing of past and future ethical charges, of top officials, to the public. These type things should be handled openly as they are in the private sector. Sarah Palin should be held accountable for her misdeeds with the Trust she established.

  57. Like Karl Rove, you’ll never see Sarah Palin in court under oath. If either of them put their hands on a Bible and swore to tell the truth the thing would burst into flames within nano-seconds.

    I’ve always wondered how a supposed woman of faith can be a pathalogical liar yet is still able to live with herself. Is there some little known clause that states a true believer can lie as long as they do so to bring power to God through them?

    Maybe we can ask Rev. Muthee for an explanation. That is if he isn’t holding an exorcism that is.

  58. […] Palin Info Leak–Unleash the Palinistas The Washington Times is reporting that the source of the leak regarding Sarah Palin’s latest ethics complaint is […] […]

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