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Sarah Palin’s “Quitstock” Speech Video

Palin Didn’t Quit “Quitting”…

There is so much to debunk here.  Word Salad…pass the dressing.  I’m going to a champagne party…you are welcome to start with your own analysis here.

First thoughts…

HOLLYWOOD? NRA President, Charleton Heston was from Hollywood…so was Ronald Reagan.


  1. How come none of the local Anchorage TV covered this? Instead we get pedophilia on KTUU.

  2. The KTUU truck with satellite dish was here in Fairbanks. Maybe they got bored waiting for her & went fishing.

  3. The pitbull with lipstick loves to attack. She had
    Ashley Judd and other Hollywood celebrities in mind who DARED to criticize her.

    • She’s soooo vindictive and petty. For woman with such STRONG religious beliefs, she should know that the lord said vengeance is his.

  4. Ice fogged presentation?! What the heck is she talking about…is she giving us a giant travel ad for Alaska? How did we go from Dinali to Tearing down our nation and American Apologetics? I swear she is either brain damaged and this is the result of the misfiring of her synapses or the woman is a complete moron. Does she really have a degree in journalism? How? Didn’t she have to learn how to create coherent material?

    Freedom of speech comes from the dead and reporting facts and informing the electorate? Our troops are willing to die for our journalists? Does this woman NOT have a speech writer? Please tell me what the heck is a “partisan opportist”? That is not even a word! Holy Cow!

    I can not even begin to follow what she was trying to communicate to her audience. Encourage new leadership…is she alluding to the separatists? Is she smart enough to even know how to “allude” to anything?

    What a farce she is.


  5. Watched 3 min. and then had to blow chunks for the next 5. This blabbering Barbie aligns herself with the troops like a cheap craigslist hooker, wished Youtube would attach a warning to something so obsene! Very painfull to digest!

  6. The Pitbull with Lipstick was on a rambling binge that used the troops as props and ammo, at the same time.

    She jumped from topic to topic like someone who couldn’t make a coherent thought.

    I watched the entire video segment. This woman isn’t well. Thank GAWD she’s gone from the Alaskan government.

  7. Well one positive thing – we won’t have to have a nightly news report about Sarah farewellin’ Alaska. Thanks again, Shannyn, for your intrepid and intelligent blogging! You rock!

  8. I like how she devoted an entire 34 seconds to talking about the incoming governor.

    • Was that when she said to leave his kids alone. I don’t see Parnell as a person to parade his kids around like political pawns. She brought that on herself but of course would never admit it. Admit fault – not in Palin’s DNA.

  9. I watched the speech from “Outside” for entertainment value. I feel like I need a decoder ring to understand. What does SP’s being upset about her media coverage have to do with the military?

    • It’s obvious………..she is mentioning the military as much as possible because she’s trying to get rid of the whole AIP secessionist connection. It’s all about her Plans For The Future. I thought she was quitting so she could take the money and retire into oblivion with it, now I’m pretty sure she’s going for 2012. I keep forgetting about her whacky religion, but in her heart she truly must believe that God wants her to be President.

      • Thanks for the explanation. Now you’ve gotten me truly frightened!

  10. I tried to listen to it, but I only got 1:23 seconds in. CANNOT listen to anymore. What the hell is she talking about? I love how she raises her voice in anticipation of the applause! LOL! God I hate her. I really, really HATE. HER.

  11. Did I mention I hate her?

  12. northernblight wrote on 07/26/2009 05:08:57 PM:
    Shannyn Moore for Governor!

    That from ADN…you have your PAC going yet Shannyn?

  13. I hope Parnell’s reference to sustinance fishing not being good and fuel costs being high was honest and that he will address it for this winter. He’s kept Moller on staff too.

    Hold his feet to the fire as it was in his first speech as Gov

    • We’ll all stand sentry together on that…
      Winter is not that far away.

  14. Congratulations Alaskans.

  15. Well, Shannyn: I thought we may have set ourselves up for disappointment if Sarah Palin delivered a digestable speech. I saw telepromters; crossed my mind maybe someone had written something sane for her to read. Then she opened her mouth and engaged her inner Slap Chop. You will have to parse her for me. Had I made that salad, my fingers would look like John Belushi’s doing Julia Child on Saturday Night Live.

    • LOL! You’re so right. And now John’s Julia is seared in my brain and will pop up like a Jill in the Box every time I see or hear her.

  16. Shannyn, your “boots on the ground tweets” kept us in stiches on our long drive and ferry ride. Way to go!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated in your special way of just plain calling ’em like you see ’em. You rock!!!

  17. It almost seems like she has Post Traumatic Stress disorder besides a few other things, narcissistic personality disorder..I can’t watch the whole thing, only watched a little here and there OMG

  18. I went out to the new website – Sean is out there. I thought about writing him about my concerns, but after hearing him today – I don’t know if he has a clue. I guess time will tell. I’ll be interested to hear what you think, Shanny, after he has been in office for a bit.

  19. “Word salad … pass the dressing” LOL!

    I stopped listening at 4:20 … but it struck me that ex-GINO (or whatever I’ll call her now) still does not “get it” about freedom of speech. “… and another important right is freedom of the press” (paraphrased). She doesn’t seem to grasp the whole concept to begin with, so I’ll not ever bother to explain it to her; it’s obvious that her journalism teachers never got through to her.

    It also strikes me that almost all of her speeches are done in some kind of “stream-of-consciousness” type of manner without any segue from topic to topic.

    • “It also strikes me that almost all of her speeches are done in some kind of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ type of manner without any segue from topic to topic.”

      Might we call that “the Twitter manic” style?

    • I seriously don’t think she has a concept of any concept. The 5 colleges she dropped out of (transferred) probably passed her to get rid of her. She sure didn’t learn anything did she?

      What a total pile of undigestible garbled word salad. She is well and truly completed bat-sh*t crazy and this proves it.

  20. She mentioned strength of character in leadership. Is that because she has lacked that trait?

  21. Shannyn You ROCK! I have followed you since your MSNBC appearance and you have provided a clear, rational, and coherent perspective of Alaska that has enlightened me to your state and it’s fine citizens. I applaud you.
    As for your now x-gov and those speeches… the wordsmithing alone left me curled up in a fetal position convulsing.

  22. “Ya quit makin things up….” That is when I lost it. On the salad spectrum, that “speech” was the mamma of them all…….the house salad with white lettuce, stale carrots and no dressing. Don’t get me going on her freedom of speech comments and how she still manages to invoke the military and our brave troops into her “Palin Doctrine”. Gawd, she really pizzed me off today.

    BTW….I love your tweets Shannyn. HIlarious!!!!

    It is official….Sarah has left the house!!!

    Congrats to all Alaskans for Palin leaving the house. I only hope Parnell will not be so bad for you.

  23. Good riddance! I couldn’t listen to her whole speech. This whole picnic should have been Parnell’s, but noooooo, she had to steal the show.
    From what I’ve read, all she talked about was herself. What an egotistical, lying hypocrite. This was Parnell’s day, at least she could have devoted more attention to him. I just can’t stand her. How much longer do we have to see and listen to her?

  24. I found that I can listen to a few minutes at a time before just having to ‘quit’ …

    So, Sean Parnell has a nice family and nice kids … “leave them alone”. I doubt that Gov. Parnell will relegate his family, including children, to being nothing more than props.

    (Agree with seattlefan on the salad, but think that there were a bunch of nuts in the salad also, too.)

    • I went to school with Parnell. He’s incredibly boring, extremely Conservative, and sometimes acts so awkwardly shy that he seems hardly able to get a word out (just the impression he gives, don’t know if he’s really shy or not, seems an odd trait for a politician). I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, but he’s a genuinely nice person. Never thought he was governor material but it is a relief to have him in the office after Psycho Governor. Hope he ends up taking the stimulus money, that he was just going along with it until she was truly gone. I believe that he has a very traditional family who will not draw the attention of the media to themselves, and that he won’t be dragging them into the spotlight either.

  25. Where were Bristol and Willow?

    I see no pictures of them—were they absent?

    You would think they would be there for mom’s big day unless they are both too upset with her.

    Dont know WHY they were not there.

  26. Okay, that was weird. Delicate, tiny, celebrity starlet using Alaska as a fundraising tool? Who exactly is she describing?

    • That would be Tinkerbell…..

      • You Betcha! Wink

  27. just got back from a wine and music festival and watched this….wish Ihadn’t ! I have SUCH a headache now, and lost my buzzz!!! AAARRGGHH!!
    ..Maybe the CIA could use her speeches as an interrogation tactic ?????..naaahh, I’m SURE it’s forbidden in the Geneva Convention !!

  28. Does anyone else think she sounds like she’s on speed? Just asking.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. To me it looked like she was so EAGER to take cheap shots at the “media” and “Hollywood”. I think the “media” should retaliate and stop reporting on her.

  29. From down in LA… where our disdain for her insanity and imbecilities knows no limit. Yet, she scares the heck out of us.
    Is our country truly stupid enough to allow her a place in the political scene? I think I know the answer. We can only hope an ethics scenario will be the stake in her political career.
    Anyway, congrats to you in the most beautiful state in the union; at least you’re done with her!

  30. Well, let’s see.

    Ashley Judd is 5’7″, Lindsey Lohan is 5’5″, Odette Yustman is 5’8″, Pamela Anderson is 5’7″, Bridget Bardot used to be 5’7″ (I imagine time may have taken a few inches by now, but she’s not exactly ‘hollywood’, more ‘international legend

    But $arah’s just 5’4+3/4″, so I’m not sure who she’s calling ‘delicate Hollywood starlet’. I guess the big bumpit inhibits cerebral blood flow.

  31. Bye bye, Crybaby Boobie!

  32. Sarah Palin is having sex with an AIP sympathizer – her husband!

  33. As a retired military vet I get nauseated every time she mentions the military. I refuse to give her permission to talk for me as a military member. She talks about volunteers sacrificing for our country. Well, these military volunteers can’t quit when the going gets tough. Some could not even get discharged after their contracted service requirement was fulfilled because they were involuntarily extended through the stop-loss policy which is a “backdoor draft.” So these men and women could not quit nor could they leave when their “term” was honorably completed. So these men and women put their lives on the line everyday so Palin had the freedom to quit. Don’t throe your quitting in the face of the US military members! You may have the freedom to talk about the military but you dishonor them, Palin, when you do! If you believe that the military members are willing to die for your freedom, Mrs. Palin, then you also must act honorably and ethically in your daily life because failing to do so dishonors the ones that give theirs so you can be free! I say this to you because you have taken their service in vain!

    • Too bad a petition couldn’t be started by the men and women in the miltary to stop her using their service in vain.

    • Ken–

      I had the same reaction to your distaste about Sarah Palin metaphorically wrapping herself in the clothes of “our brave soldiers.” If Sarah Palin really gave half a shit, she would not only be blasting “stop-loss,” she would would be ripping on the sorry ass state of the VA hospitals, call for beefing up benefits under the so-called “new” G.I. Bill, and speaking out on the high rate of suicides of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

      Imagine the difference between two statements that both begin by invoking the sacrifice of veterans–but with one statement ending with a demand for more research and treatment for PTSD, and the other ending with a demand that people stop making fun of the speaker. Guess which speaker needs their ass kicked?

      I was never in the military, and am a long time peacenik. In fact, I am one of those weirdos who gets angry and defends Ms. Jane Fonda’s work in Vietnam, long after she stopped trying to defend herself. Say what you want about Ms. Fonda, but back in the day, she and the Free Theatre Alliance (FTA! Get it? HA HA HA!) toured Vietnam, putting on shows “for the troops.” If you have not seen it, I recommend the documentary Sir! No Sir!.

      Ken–thank you for your service, and personal sacrifice.

  34. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”

    April 7, 1775, Samuel Johnson

  35. Hey does anyone know what her NEW Twitter Persona is going to be…cause I really can’t ‘wait’ to read the new politically incorrect tweets.

  36. Seen from thousands of miles away (Russia) the speech is still incomprehensible. “Self delusional” are the words that spring to mind.

  37. Hollywood? You wouldn’t dare! What has the lower 48 (btw – aren’t there 49 below y’all?) ever done to deserve that?

  38. I’m waiting for military members to come forward and tell Palin to quit lying and falsely accusing the media of lying while hiding behind the premise of supporting the military herself. As a former military man I don’t appreciate her theatrics.

  39. One good sign is that Parnell’s family page has one photo and it is only of him. His wife is mentioned by name, but not his children. So far, so good.

    But, why does the State of Alaska page not state that Campbell is “Acting Lt. Governor”??? I find it weird just like when WAR had the title of Attorney General even though he had not been confirmed.

  40. […] only we could tell ourselves that this video of Sarah Palin’s going away speech, of which I believe there were about 12, would be the last time we’d be subjected to her […]

  41. Wow. I listened to the whole thing straight through and I think now I can channel Russia through my tailbone.

  42. OMG….I just watched this vid for the 2nd time.

    First of all…….who is “we”?

    Second: Sounds like a stump speech. The only thing missing is her “palling around with terrorists) thing.

    Let’s face it folks, she is kicking off her new “Here I am America” tour. This had nothing to do with stepping down and quitting, it was all about her.

  43. Poolman-it’s 1:12 in the morning here and your comment made me laugh so loud I woke my hubby.
    Now he’s laughing too. Thanks I needed that.
    She was making so little sense I had to turn sound off during the “speech” and will maybe get the translation on line later.
    Check out MSNBC site, SP bio with pictures and polls. Very funny questions and answers.

  44. Just wondering…
    Do other people in Alaska have names like Trip, Track and Trig? No offense.

    • For some reason “Tripp, Track, Trig” always reminds me of the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale. Anyway, we have our share of different names up here but I’ve never heard of anyone else besides the Palin’s with those names. And I’ve been here for 45 years. I like the girls names a heck of a lot better, but names are very personal and you never know what will tickle a parent’s fancy. What sounds like “Clyde”(dorky, old fashioned) to me could be “Sebastian” (exotic, sophisticated) to your ears.

  45. I live in Fairbanks and was able to attend this in person. Judging from the audience response, her support is tepid at best. There’s a good chance this show is over, folks. I hope so.

    • Can you make a good judgment as to how many peeps were there? The tv (CNN) said 2000. Would love to hear a your estimate.

      • I’m not good at making such estimates. I’ve heard 5,000 were there…That seems closer to me than 2,000. This was definitely the biggest thing to hit Fairbanks since the Pope and Reagan were here simultaneously back in the early 80’s.

        Even so, the reaction was very subdued (in my opinion.) Prior to Palin speaking, it was downright quiet for awhile.

        What I noticed was that people weren’t passionate about anything Palin said, but reacted with passion when her detractors yelled, “boo”. Her supporters reacted to that. They reacted vehemently to her detractors, not to her. I think there’s a lesson in that for us detractors.

  46. Oh man, Cruella DePalin is coming to Southern California on Aug. 8th to speak at the Ronald Regan Library with John Ziegler. Why can’t she just stay in Wasilla?

  47. Hard to ignore the fact that Butter Cup is a quitter. The more she whines, the more pathetic she is.

  48. Sounds like she tried too hard to sound smart. Of course she failed.

  49. You gotta love the bit about “stiffening your spine” in her quitting speech. Palin has no sense of irony whatsoever.

  50. Has anyone noticed SP hasn’t worn a wedding ring since the day she resigned? Could that be the other shoe dropping?

    There is simply no manner in which anyone can analyze this speech. Perhaps after enough alcohol we could pretend it made some sense, but I don’t think it’s safe to consume that much.

    She is frighteningly ignorant.

    Palin resigns governorship

    BBC wants to hear from you!! Let them know what America REALLY thinks.

  52. Sounded like a session (AIP) speech to me. I watched the whole thing (yes, I stuck through it) via CNN, via KTUU. It was weird!

    CNN reported that they searched all their comments and found only two (2) positive comments.

  53. I’ll weigh in on the campaign speech thought because in no way was she introducing the new governor. Instead, she shouted loudly, “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” throughout the entire speech. Which begs the question: If she was such a powerful leader and so very successful in her role as the commander, then why quit?

    As we know, her reasons don’t make sense. A strong leader doesn’t play to the distractions that elected officials are confronted with; THEY LEAD. A strong leader doesn’t QUIT.

    Her “lame duck” reasoning is getting so tiresome that I could scream. It’s rubbish to suggest that it makes any kind of sense at all. With her thinking, all elected officials that are either not running for re-election or are terming out should up an quit right now so they don’t waste taxpayers money. But true leaders are at their most productive when they know they don’t have the distraction of a re-election campaign to take them away from their stated goals. Ah yes, I almost forgot, Mrs. Palin’s goals have nothing to do with the office that she held–her goals have only to do with herself.

    She’s a raving lunatic!

  54. Welcome to Day 1 of ‘The Vindictive Tour’!!

    Her problem if you think back to the National Campaign — She’s a One Speech Pony!! Her stump speech was repeated ad nauseam which she will do again. All those same cliche phrases over & over & over again. She has no capabilities of writing or memorizing anything and will spew the same vindictive topics at every whistle stop. If she drags the kids around on stage like props — their fair game.

    Lower 48 Bloggers: Looking forward to your writings & pics when the Whistle Stop comes to you!!

  55. To the Editor:

    My thoughts while listening to Private Citizen Palin giving Alaska the long goodbye were the same as Ms. Shannon Evans: What the hell is Sarah Palin talking about?

    Ever since the Fourth of July bombshell, everyone of Private Citizen Palin’s statements, speeches, twitters, etc etc has focused on the military, and the sacrifice of the military peoples–even when the army has nothing to do with what she’s (ostensively) talking about. For example, in the twitter note about “suing” individuals who filed ethics complaints, Palin suggested a veteran who had seen combat would be in a better position to file such an action. Why? She doesn’t say (nevermind any notion of standing, mootness, or case & controversy).

    Akbatwoman suggests that Palin plays the army card to better distance herself from the AIP. I don’t know anything about the AIP (in Oregon, we’re part of Ecotopia anyway–that’s a hilarious joke. Go ask your grandparents), but there are better ways of kissing lower 48 ass.

    Still: The Special Palin Prize for Being Special: When Palin criticizes “the media” for “making things up,” and then in the same speech, she says she vetoed legislation saving “hundreds of millions of dollars.” As they say where I come from: magnitude, schmagnitude!

    I guess my favorite parts of her speech were the crap that had NO-THING to do with Alaska (the military, the second amendment, the skinny chics in Hollywood (I am not making that up)), followed by the stuff that actually WAS about Alaska. Specifically, how last year there was such a giant giveaway of state moneys–because Alaskans know better what to do with their money then the Government does. Thank you Sarah! Only now, Alaska is facing a $1.35 billion shortfall in the budget, reflecting 30% of the total amount. (That must have been what Palin meant when she yelled “Sucks to be you, Parnell!”).

    And what the hell is up with “We hunt–because we eat”? Alaskans don’t eat factory farmed food, like the rest of the developed world?

    But say what you want about Private Citizen Palin: she never disappoints. No one in anticipation of a Palin announcement has ever said “Gee. I wonder if she is going to say something stupid and inappropriate?”

    Holy sweet baby jesus: hasn’t her fifteen minutes run out yet? Why can’t we NOT have Palin to kick around any more?

    I remain:
    Sadly, still missing the Trickster.
    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  56. Am I putting 2 and 2 together, thinking SP will be on Murdoch’s jet Monday enroute to her new job with Faux News? I’m thinking that perhaps Murdoch sees himself as a kingmaker (well, queenmaker in this case), that regular exposure of SP as a commentator like Rush Limbaugh will keep her in the public eye on her way to a White House run.

    • Mr. Lewis:

      I disagree with you, about Palin getting a regular job at Fox “News.” Say what you want about Rush Limbaugh (like “fecal material eating fornicator of his own maternal parent dope fiend,” which is what I usually say (only not that nicely)), but the guy is not stupid. Mr. Limbaugh has a long time career in radio, and knows how to be an “entertainer.” The same is true with Michael Savage. Sure, Savage is completely batshit–but he’s still got the wherewithal to fill up a few hours a day, five days a week.

      If you listen to La Belle Palin, her talents lie in acting–not improv or even extemporaneous speaking. She is Ronald Reagan, but without Reagan’s extensive series of stories. She is even worse than George W. Bush at dealing with the public. While President Bush II protected himself by not speaking to “hostile” crowds (like the NAACP), and only spoke to carefully screened audiences (via “tickets” to attend), but Bush could at least do Face the Nation and Meet the Press. Sarah Palin cannot.

      Imagine Private Citizen Palin in an interview with someone not named Sean Hannity, following her stepping down speech. What’s the first question? “When you asked ‘the media’ to stop making things up, what did you mean? What is something that the media has made up about you?”

      She would play the straw man game (that Trig is really her grandson and not her son, that her Wasilla house was built by the contractors who built the Wasilla Sports Complex, the “bogus” ethics complaints, amorphous unspecified complaints about a double standard and attacks on her kids, etc), but after two minutes–those are gone (except for the house, and you know she’s not talking about that one).

      Sarah Palin’s a one trick pony–she flat out doesn’t have the talent to even be an Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Now THAT’S the meanest thing I have ever said about Ms. Palin.

      I don’t know enough about Fox News to say how she compares to Gretchen Carlson–which just goes to show you there are lines that not even I am willing to cross.

      I remain:
      Bill Abendroth
      Samsara Samizdat

  57. As long as Gov Parnell doesn’t prostitute his children out for his own political gain, or put their personal issues on a national stage and call it “family values”, they should be juuuuuuust fine.

  58. […] the sound of her voice … here’s a transcript from Mudflats.  And a quick take from Shannyn Moore.  Word salad, indeed!  It would be nice to have a mental health professional somewhere offer up a […]

  59. Poolman, your comment, “I think I can channel Russia through my tailbone,” is priceless! Haven’t laughed so hard in days.

    Sarah’s speech is impossible to listen to or to read. It is just recycled “word salad,” like a day old, cheap salad bar that is not monitored. I took journalism in high school 52 years ago, and believe I remember more about it than Sarah does after six years in college.

    Alaska must be better off now without her in charge.

  60. She sounds just like she did on the campaign trail. I hope she just fades away into obscurity, but the bad ones never really do…

  61. My guess is that Palin is using her magic thinking when she praises people in the military. By doing so, she is trying to give the impression that she has something to do with them (she even references her trips to see the troops as if somehow she is their commander). I don’t doubt her admiration for those in uniform but I do think that she is trying to use them to make herself look somehow qualified. She, however, fails to make too much headway on that front when she continues to say that our troops are fighting for our freedoms? HELLO?! Attacking Iraq had nothing to do with our freedom of speech or any other freedom that we have. The men and women that she visited in Kosovo are there on a peace-keeping mission that has nothing to do with protecting our freedoms.

    By the way, great column in the NY Daily News today titled “Oh so fitting to see Sarah Palin quitting:

  62. The resignation ceremony itself was dignified yet highly emotional.


  63. Does anyone beside me suspect that Sarah is a drug user? Most of the time she seems agitated and nervous, speaks in a high pitched voice, and speaks very fast. When she is stumped for a word, she hesitates and then rambles on with too many words to express a thought. If she isn’t a drug user, something else is affecting this behavior. It is not natural or normal.

    • Yes definitely – not sure what … but she’s high as a kite pretty much all the time. No one NORMAL talks or sounds like that.

      Harkening back to the 60’s…..ahhhhhhhhhhh those were the days.

      I don’t know what substances she is using, but I wish she’d have an intervention – she’s looped.

    • No, greatgrammy1, you’re not the only one that is thinking along those lines. I see it everyday here in the Valley (Wasilla). So many people are hopped up on so much stuff out here and it’s a sad shame. The women that I KNOW(because of my line of work) are using behave just as Sarah does. It’s sad because most of them have decent jobs and families, but they can’t remain focused long enough to keep them. There is definitely something up with her because she’s TOO defensive ALL the time (feeling like everyone is out to get her) and she can’t string two coherent sentences together without being all high pitched and wildly. If there is something going on with her, I’m sure it’ll come out eventually. I’m not a big Palin fan, but I pray that she is not struggling with substance issues. Fame, fortune, or political office is NEVER worth that type of self-destruction.

  64. and when I took the oath to serve you, I promised…remember I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like that grizzly guards her cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own.

    From the Quitbull…………lololololololol!

    • Does a grizzly mama bear parade her kids and use them as props? After Bristol gave birth didn’t they accept $300,000.00 from People Magazine for pics of Tripp? Does a grizzly mama bear embarrass her daughter by having her be a spokesperson for abstinence after getting knocked-up?

      Yep, she sure is a grizzly mama bear that ought to go into hibernation.

      • Sarah Palin likes to SHOOT bears, and wolves, and she really wants to kill the cubs too, it’s the “mother instinct” since after she kills the mothers, the babies will die. She is very sympathetic.

        She also kills the elk and the moose so they won’t be killed by the bears and the wolves.

        It’s sort of a sick Wizard of Ego thing.

  65. I guess her Thanks But No Thanks tour has ended

    but the Palinectomy will not take as the Rupert Murdoch media empire will keep the monster alive since he has a vested financial interest because he owns her via the book deal so expect him to promote her via FAUX and his other media

  66. My Twitter style response, except for the character limitation. LOL.

    I am over Palin now that she is no longer a threat to us by pursuing a national office. How can you tell? I have not played her speech videos, at all. Have not even sneaked a peek.

    This is in contrast to November 2008 when I transcribed her turkey pardon speech (that on reading your comments here, seems the same speech she gave back then. It’s obviously something she has memorized, all that she is capable of doing). I digress, forgive me.

    As to Palin running for national office, she has no intention of holding public office, ever again. She can’t take the heat and does not like the work. She wants adoration and compliments, not criticism and ridicule.

    It’s because of this she chose to resign, there was no reason to continue in office. She also believes that resigning will deflect the heat of the investigations (remember, she knows what she has done wrong and she knows the odds of eventually getting nailed for her wrongdoing. I am sure her attorney has advised that her best move was to quit and run).

    So off Palin goes to grander, money making opportunities. Since Murdoch paid her money for the book (no one else wanted it) there is no doubt he will give her a show. She will fit right in with the talentless talent on Fox. And being chums with Greta, that’s what dreams are made of.

    I don’t care what she does, frankly. She can make $100 million, that’s fine. I only cared that she threatened to run for office. I was happy to see she was just pulling a con on people to preserve Palin brand value (fading over the horizon would decrease the dollars she can make on the national circuit, giving speeches, selling photos, peddling her book. People would no longer pay to see the carnival freak show. She would go the way of Paris Hilton, where no one pays attention. Palin knows that the only way to get attention is for her to create controversy). I digress again, slap me, I’ll get back on track.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Palin does now to get the cameras to pay attention to her. She is taking a big gamble by resigning. That was the last bullet in the chamber, that she could fire to get national attention, again.

    Now what does she have left? Unless she shoots Levi or pulls some Jerry Springer type stunt, no one will care what she does.

    Goodbye nut case. Stay out of Washington and I will stay out of your business.

    And sorry Alaska… Palin trashed your state’s reputation, cast it in a negative light and you will suffer in the end.

    • Just curious, is she eligible to run for Queen of some small European country???

  67. I have some photos of Anchorage’s screendoor party posted here at DU, if anyone is interested.

  68. I looked at the pics of Parnell being sworn in, with Palin in the background with a sheet eating grin on her face.

    One could play all day with photo captions on that particular pic, such as:

    “Oaths in AK don’t mean anything.”

    “New lame duck with outgoing lame duck in background”

    Palin has no pride or shame. How else to explain her making a celebration of stepping down, quitting office, and violating one’s oath.

    And what does it say to the Lower 48 about some Alaskans when we see all those people celebrating with her.

    Why is quitting and making AK suffer the expense of changing administrations something to celebrate?

    Hey, did Palin place her hand on a bible when she took the oath? If so, doesn’t that mean she also violated her oath to God?

  69. Take a look at Blue_in_AK’s photos: They are stunning and communicate so well many of the contradictions in the Palin mythology.

  70. Help me Lord. MSNBC news is running clips of her speech. Dang… I thought I could escape her nonsense.

    And you are all right, she sounded like an idiot.

    “In honor of the American soldier let’s quit making things up.” Huh?

    “Delicate, tiny Hollywood starlets” will be used to attack the Second Amendment?

    Hmm… maybe Palin was leaking a movie she intends to finance with her new found wealth:

    (In Stunning 3D)

    Palin can be in the trailers, holding the Bill of Rights, moving it back and forth toward the camera with scary music playing in the background. With Palin saying in an eerie voice “Watch in horror as the starlets zombie walk on Washington, looking for this Bill of Rights, to burn it. Will they? Watch the movie to find out.”

  71. The time goes all the way back to the surprise nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President. Not knowing anything about her except that she had just successfully negotiated a contract for building a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 I watched with interest her debut on the national stage. And there she came, complete with a baby, prominently displayed front and center. Suddenly I saw before my eyes the quote from Isaiah 11:6 (NIV + Septuagint)
    6 The wolf will live with the lamb,
    the leopard will lie down with the goat,
    the calf and the lion will feed together;
    and a little child will lead them.
    So I searched the internet for the importance of this baby. It was already buzzing with information. One of the first quotes I came across was that “she refused proper prenatal care”. This was when I found out this baby had Down Syndrome. Since we are talking health care reform, are we going to force everybody to submit to “proper prenatal care”? I do not know much about this except that three people I know had tested positive for having a baby with Down syndrome. All three chose to carry the baby to term, and gave birth to perfectly normal babies. One of the babies is now in middle school, one is in college, and one, my niece, just graduated from Med School. Those of you that want to kill babies to save wolves will never understand. She just loves life, liberty and the respect for law!

    • Its actually worse than that. It seems that there is quite a little industrial pollution problem in Wasilla and what may be a higher than normal incidence of Downs Syndrome. So, while she touts the wonders of Alaska, she and her predecessors have consistently avoided environmental and health issues up there in paradise. And one of her key props may be more of a symbol of that carelessness than an example of her motherly sainthood.

      Taking care of the planet does more for babies than the pro pre birth movement ever can.

    • “Those of you that want to kill babies to save wolves will never understand. She just loves life, liberty and the respect for law!”

      You have drank the koolaid, my friend. This is jibberish worthy of your idol. Caught that wink, did ya? Who wants to kill babies? What does that have to do with saving wolves? Another of God’s creation, I might add. She sounds like she is not loving her life, so she quit. She is for liberty if she can define it for us. Respect for the law? That’s funny. Which law is that?

    • oh dear…

      Looking for the importance of ANY baby on the internet doesn’t make sense to me.

      And it makes me very sad you still think SP “loves life, liberty and the respect for law…” after the last (almost) year .

      I don’t talk about the kool-aid thingy so many on both sides of the aisle do.
      That is a reference to the 900+ souls who perished in a mass suicide-murder along with their pastor, Jim Jones, whom those folks followed, besotted with the man, to Guyana and followed into death when his paranoid, egotistical side couldn’t be contained anymore…
      Beware besott-ment , neighbor…
      Beware following the PiedPalin into what she calls life and liberty…

      And PHHHHT on what she has in the way of respect for the law…

      Stay wary… stay awake…
      There are lots of folks who think folks who voted for Mr Obama are in danger of this kind of thing,. I think not… he’s too dadgum practical… SP is NOT!

  72. And it is our men and women in uniform securing it, and we are facing tough challenges in America with some seeming to just be Hell bent maybe on tearing down our nation, perpetuating some pessimism, and suggesting American apologetics, suggesting perhaps that our best days were yesterdays

    Now this week alone, Sean Parnell and I we’re on the, um, on Ft. Rich the base there, the army chapel, and we heard the last roll call, and the sounding of Taps for three very brave, very young Alaskan soldiers who just gave their all for all of us. Together we do stand with gratitude for our troops who protect all of our cherished freedoms, including our freedom of speech which, par for the course, I’m going to exercise.

    Sarah Palin, if you had enlisted in the military, instead of swearing an oath to your GOD, to serve the folks of Alaska for a full four years, today you would be:

    ~~~~SARAH PALIN~~~DESERTER~~~~~~~

    Praise the troops all you like, to THEM you ARE:

    ~~~SARAH PALIN~~DESERTER~~~~~~~~~~

  73. Andrew Halcro has Wayne Newton’s “Danke Schoen” playing as a muscical send off to our favorite girl. PERFECT!


  74. Yes Martha, this is sickening.

    She’s so stupid she’s funny, but in her own sick and twisted way, she is a pathetic stupid sickening human being.

    She uses and abuses the military without even understanding what they do. And I agree she is trying to distance herself from the AIP.

    What’s Todd gonna do now that he can’t shag the Gov in the manse anymore???

  75. My husband said an interesting thing today. He tried to listen to the word salad last night to see “why she bothers me so much”. He lasted less than a minute and informed me that “if the American people are stupid enough to ever elect this dingbat-we will be retiring to Canada earlier than expected..”
    He actually thought that hate speech stuff during the campaign was her job/role for the repugs and otherwise she must be OK because she was voted gov. by Ak voters.

    BTW Shannyn, I was flipping thru channels and saw you on MSNBC and you were awesome. Everyone was yelling at each other and there you were so Ladylike and weighing in with well thought out remarks. As a plus, being polite got you the last word.. Way to go Shannyn.

  76. I don’t know why MSM does not comment on the contradiction of Palin’s flawed argument, that one of the reasons she is resigning is that she won’t be affective as a lame duck.

    That’s a ridiculous statement considering that Parnell then becomes the lame duck. How did her resignation solve what she perceived as a lame duck problem. Regardless of who is in office, they are suffering from the same lame duck status.

    Moreover, every politician has a period of lame duck status, when his or her term nears the end. Is Palin saying the new standard is when one enters the lame duck period that he or she is entitled to consider resignation.

    If that’s the case then let’s make all terms 2/4. Two years to serve, with two years remaining one can choose to resign, if not then he or she can serve the balance of the term.

    That sounds as nutty as squirrel sheet and Palin.

  77. Sarah said to MSM: “How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?” And I say to Sarah: “No, YOU!”

    • I can’t stand this woman. Can’t she just shut-up and take care of her family?
      Everytime I see Piper, she is taking care of Trig. She has a special needs child that needs a whole lot of attention but she is too busy “promoting” herself.

      • Exactly. Anyone EVER watch her body language around her own children? She acts like they have cooties. How does a grown woman still act like someone else has cooties?

        And that piece with Bristol and Trapp when Sarah just had to burst in – Bristol folded her arms across her chest and tried to get out of Sarah’s ‘sphere of influence.’ Or is that ‘effluence?’

        • Yes, I have watched her with her children around, she just grabs on to them when she needs them in the camera. I remember seeing one picture with Piper in front of her, I don’t think Sarah even knew she was there. Piper is too young to be raising a baby.

  78. Thanks, Liz I. 🙂

  79. Mr. Mortimer,

    I agree with your comments except for one thing: that you don’t care if she makes a hundred million dollars. I’m sure you agree there are better uses for a hundred million dollars. Almost anything would be a better use. Those who love her can really support our troops, and reduce the national debt to boot, by overpaying the IRS instead of indulging their appetite for political pornography.

  80. Glad to see you again on MSNBC today…

    Has your ex-governor ever been picked up for wandering around outside her home in the middle of the night talking to the tress or the sky?? After listening to part of her ‘word salad’ farewell address, it’s clear she needs some professional help

    I wonder what the professional health community thinks about this?? Do we know any mental help pros we can ask???

    • I believe at one point she was on the roof of the PalinDigs, twirling around with a flashlight.

      She thought she was a lighthouse.

  81. Chaim… what I meant by not caring if she make $100 million was a rhetorical or figurative way of saying I don’t care what she does in her private life.

    She can make millions for all I care, as long as she is not in public office, I will no longer follow what she is doing.

    And my statement also implies that I don’t wish ill on Palin. My bone to pick with her was the threat she posed when running for VP and the possibility that she could be POTUS. Now the threat is over so she can sip cocktails on the beach and appear on the cover of Time all she wants.

    About that $100 million, I can only hope the Republicans throw away that kind of money on Palin. Talk about a bad investment.

    Prediction wise I suspect Palin can make about $10 million before her brand fades.

    Since Murdoch loves her, he might increase that number if he gives her a TV show or teams her up with Hannity or maybe even Greta. If she gets a show then she might make $20 to $30 million over the next 15 years from the evil media whom she denounces.

    It will be interesting to see how her career develops. But even Murdoch is not going to keep paying her if she doesn’t make him money.

    How about we mull over some titles for her TV show on Fox:

    American Quitter

    The Family Values Show

    The God, Country and Palin Hour

    The Wasilla Hillbillies

    PTV (Palin TV)

    Sarah and Friends

    Momma Grizzly & The Cubs

    Leave It To Sarah


    Palin PI (political investigations)

  82. BTW Michael Mortimer, I vote for the


    HOW appropriate!

  83. […] Sarah Palin’s “Quitstock” Speech Video Palin Didn’t Quit “Quitting”… […]

  84. I can barely stand to listen to her! Why does she always sound so sing song, cheerleader, pageantry like????? She sounds so juvenile ALL the time. She sounds as if she has never attended an English/speech class or a post secondary school in her life.

  85. Shannyn, you were great with Laurence O’Donnell tonight! You should add ‘reporter’ to your resume along with radio talk show host & blogger.

    • Yes Shannyn, great job! very smart! nice hair style, too.

  86. O’Donnell had a great piece at the end of Countdown, a summary of Palin since August. It was great and I taped it.

    You can bet I will be putting it up on my YouTube account with all my other Palin stuff!

    Hey people, log on to YouTube and give me some stars:

    • Shannyn did a great job on MSNBC. On Criticism: It doesn’t hurt me because I do not know anybody who is knocking me…” What a bunch of crap. Sarah, you nitwit, you’re blaming the media and according to you because of “frivolous” ethics complaints – you QUIT. Your feelings are HURT, you LIAR.

  87. I see on Countdown tonight that Shannyn was identified as a “Radio Host and Blogger.” Way to go Shannyn.

    That must frost Palin and her lawyer who wanted to go after Shannyn for defamation.

    Aside from the fact Palin had no case, Shannyn as a member of the media, enjoys an additional layer of protections against lawsuits by idiots like Palin who want to squash her critics.

    Under the Supreme Court case NY Times v. Sullivan, et seq. to win Palin would have to show that anything erroneous or unflattering (and even defamatory) Moore said was done with malice, a near impossible standard to meet.

    In other words, as a member of the media Moore is entitled to be wrong and make mistakes when talking about Palin.

    While bloggers are not media, radio hosts are. So Moore appearing on Countdown served a couple of purposes. One was our being able to shut Palin the hell up with her threats of lawsuits.

    I’m chuckling out loud at the thought of Palin seeing Moore’s appearance on Countdown, or hearing about it, and getting a call from her lawyer saying that little banner identifying Moore as a member of the media pretty much took away any possibility of suing her.

    I so LOLing my cats are wondering what’s so funny.

    (Sorry for this post, but the application of law amuses me).

    • Mr. Mortimer–
      Regarding your imagined conversation between Private Citizen Palin and her attorney on the impossibility of an action against Ms. Moore.

      I know you know this, but Sarah Palin never had any intention of suing anyone. Not only would Ms. Palin have to meet the hurdle created by NY Times v. Sullivan, but because Ms. Palin is a public person (Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc.), she essentially has lost her right to effectively sue anyone for defamation.

      But even if First Amendment precedents were completely different, what would a Palin v. Moore lawsuit look like? That Girl (Homer Edition) rolling out her July 15 column It’s Not Sarah’s Fault–Just Ask Her? Would Sarah Palin want anyone to go through that laundry list, point by point? Of course not–not when she can say something about how in honour of our brave soldiers, will the media stop making things up and report on how my vetos of stimulus funds have saved hundreds of millions of dollars….

      If any of this stuff interests you, Richard Evans’s “Telling Lies about Hitler” is a great read. Professor Evans’s book is about David Irving’s action against Penguin and Deborah Lipstadt for libel.

      I don’t know how old you are, Mr. Mortimer, but back in the day, Art Buchwald wrote one of his greatest columns ever, after President Nixon’s Enemies List was released. Buchwald furious when he saw the pedestrian nature of most the “enemies”–what the hell had any of them done, compared to all the nasty stuff Buchwald had written about Nixon? The bulk of the column was Buchwald calling prominent cartoonists and writers, all of whom were outraged about not being part of a list that included Herblock, Daniel Schorr, and Paul Newman. PAUL NEWMAN!

      Buchwald and his friends concluded that (obviously) the Nixon White House had TWO lists of enemies. The list that had been released to the media was a fake list, designed solely to embarrass the REAL enemies (the still secret list #1), all in a futile attempt to suggest Nixon’s most powerful critics had no effect.

      I mention this, not that I would ever for an instance take anything away from the good work and diligence of Ms. Kim Chatman and Ms. Moore–but you and I both know Mr. Mortimer, that the real reason Ms. Palin has not publicly threatened you and Samsara Samizdat is because Ms. Palin fears bringing attention to her REAL enemies.

  88. Sarah would never want to be in a court of law, under oath. She could Never answer a question truthfully or to the point. I would love to see her in court on either side, plaintiff or defendent.

  89. I have trouble with my perception of her depth. I could be wrong, but it appears she has strong, inflexible views about complex issues that are based on shallow thinking.

  90. It’s been asked if Sarah has ben doing drugs. If so we know who her dealer is (was).
    But there are two things we must do.One is make sure Parnell does his job. And the other is to keep a close eye on Sarah as she tries to “help” Alaska in the private sector.
    Knowledge is power!

  91. If you have not seen the take on Governor Palin’s Farewell Address from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you need to see it:


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